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Alignment Chart Recap

Tandy says that the best place to start is with a story.

Otis stitches up a cloak.

Brigid goes to the police shooting range and fires repeatedly, but misses.

Tandy talks about a winter storm came and a Farmer needed firewood to survive. He went outside to brave the cold.

Connors goes to an old building and recovers a gun from a cache.

The Farmer stumbled and fell to his knees, came face-to-face with a Viper.

At the church, Tandy tells Tyrone what happened in his darkness, and that Connors managed to escape. He complains that she let it happen, and Tandy says that she didn't get anything on the missing girls. Tandy's phone rings, and she discovers that she's received another call from Melissa. She tells Tyrone that her mother is having a meltdown, and he advises her to go check on her while he searches for Connors.

Later at the trailer, Tandy tells Melissa that she was with Tyrone. Melissa says that she went out with some of the girls from group and had a good time, and a doctor asked for her number. Tandy points out that Melissa stayed with Nathan because he kept them well provided, and it doesn't matter if he occasionally hit her. Melissa says that she stayed because it was hard for her to leave, and Tandy tells her that she should have just left and walks out.

Brigid is watching home when her tea kettle goes off. She goes to shut off the stove and there's a knock at the door. Brigid lets Tyrone in and he tells her that Connors is back. Tyrone figures that the three of them should find her, and Brigid says that she can't because she's not the person that she used to be. She refuses to explain further, and Tyrone wishes that Mayhem was there before teleporting away.

Later, Tyrone calls Tandy and gets her voice mail. He sends her a text asking where she is, then puts on his cloak and takes the bullets out of the guns that he's taken and removes the gunpowder from the shells..

Connors goes to a tree and starts digging at a precise spot. He then puts the duffle bag that he's dug up in the trunk of his car, and drives to the dock.

Tyrone lays out a circle with the gunpowder, and says that he wants to find the man who killed his brother. He lights the gunpowder, laid out in the voodoo symbol, and teleports to the docks. Connors is there and aims his gun at Tyrone, and says that he's been waiting for him. The former detective lowers his gun and says that he wants to help Tyrone put him behind bars.

The Farmer looked at the Viper and though the Viper was going to kill. However, the Viper didn't bite him because it was near-frozen from the cold. The Farmer could have killed it but didn't since that wasn't who he was.

Tyrone wonders if it's some kind of a setup. He demands answers and Connors says that the gun was the one that went off the night that Billy died. Tyrone tells him that he killed Billy, and Connors says that DNA is all over the hacksaw that he dug up. He used to cut off the railing to beat Fuchs to death, and it should almost be enough to exonerate Tyrone. Connors says that he's trying to make good, and he doesn't know how he went to the other place. It was a waking nightmare, and he lived with all of the lies he told and misery that he spread. Connors says that he's no longer the guy that murdered Billy, but the man who wants to make it right.

Tyrone grabs Connors and says that he doesn't believe him, and Connors explains that he's not there to change what he did., However, he came out of the other place knowing that he had to stop as much of the suffering as he can. Connors handcuffs himself and says that he's starting with Tyrone.

Tandy goes to the community center and meets with Andre. He says that someone rescued several women from a human trafficking organization, and he's calling lawyers to help them. Andre says that some of them said that a boy and girl took down the bad guys and freed them, and is grateful that they're on the side. Tandy wants to talk to them, figuring that they know something about the people who abducted them. Xxx tells her that it isn't appropriate.

Brigid looks at the clothing in her apartment and the news clippings that Mayhem was using. She finds a clipping about a police officer and studies it.

Choo Choo talks to Otis as he works. There's a knock at the door, and they realize that it's Tyrone. Tyrone comes in and when Otis sees Connors, he grabs him and puts a knife to his eye. Connors says that Otis might want to listen to what he has to say.

In group, Tandy says that there's a guy who expects him to be good.

Choo Choo tapes Connors to a chair, and he says that his uncle, State Senator Asa Henderson, won't let him get indicted to protect the family name.

Lia tells Tandy that she has own regrets.

Connors says that he was looking at prison so he called Henderson, and he spent an afternoon with the Promenade Society and then covered up Connors' involvement with Billy's murder. He says that there's a "Monopoly" file that Henderson has hidden away that is what Tyrone needs to prove his innocence.

Tandy figures that she needs to tell the guy goodbye, and asks Lia to come with her in case something goes sideways. Lia assures Tandy that she has her back.

Brigid puts the clipping away and then looks at the notes that Mayhem made. She takes out an assault and breaks it down.

The Farmer knew that if he left the Viper there, it was as good as dead. He decided to pick up the Viper and take it home.

Tyrone meets with Tandy and says that he found Connors and he needs to steal something to clear his name. He notices Lia watching them, and Tandy explains that her ex-boyfriend might know something about the missing girls so she needs to find some common ground with her. Tyrone realizes that Tandy called him so she could claim that he's her boyfriend. Disgusted, Tyrone figures that he doesn't need Tandy after how she's been acting and walks off.

Lia tells Tandy that she did it, assuming that Tandy broke up with Tyrone. The woman says that it's not over yet and asks if Tandy wants to talk about it. She assures Tandy that she would understand because her ex Eric was everything to her and asked her to "sell" a deal to one of his clients.

Tyrone asks Otis if Connors is serious, and his father says that he doesn't trust Connors.

Lia says that she finally said now, but Eric saw her as a prostitute and hurt her. He said that he'd leave her with nothing.

Otis admits that people change, and says that he's been making a new costume.

Lia tells Tandy that she had no family and friends, and when Eric asked again she said yes. She finally found Andre.

Tyrone wonders if Connors deserves justice.

Tandy tells Lia that she hopes justice found Eric.

Otis agrees but wonders what "justice" actually means.

Lia says that he runs the best growhouse in the city.

Otis figures that Tyrone has the chance to exonerate himself and should take it.

Eric is the mainline supplier for all the drug runners in the city, and knows everybody.

Otis says that if Connors is lying then he'll kill Connors.

Lia wonders all the time what it would be like to make Eric pay, and Tandy asks where the growhouse is.

Tyrone questions Connors, who says that first Tyrone will need the key. Henderson keeps the key on him all the time except when he's in the steam room. Tyrone teleports in dressed as an attendant and turns the steam up in the steam room, then teleports in and steals the keys from Henderson's robe under cover of the steam. By the time Henderson looks up, Tyrone has teleported away. He then follows Connors' instructions but needs help so he calls Mayhem, who arrives at the Promenade Club house with her gun.

The Farmer placed the Viper near the hearth in his home, but needed more wood so went out in the storm. He nearly froze, but when he returned the Viper bit him. The Farmer knew that he was dying.

Mayhem goes into the Promenade Club building, flashes her badge and says that they're threatened with a bomb threat. She says that everyone has to evacuate. Henderson says that he hasn't heard anything about a bomb threat.

Tandy breaks into the growhouse.

As Henderson argues, a bomb goes off in the building's parking garage. Everyone runs out as Tyrone watches.

Eric confronts Tandy while wielding a pickaxe.

Tyrone teleports into the house and joins Mayhem, who says that the security cameras have been shut down. He figures that whether Connors is lying or telling the truth, the problem is solved.

Eric attacks Tandy, who cuts his weapon in half. Another man comes in and Tandy knocks the shelves over on him. Eric sprays her with mace.

Tyrone teleports to Henderson's personal wine storage where he keeps the Monopoly file.

More men close in on Tandy, who summons a ball of light and blinds her attackers. She then knocks them out despite being half-blinded herself, beats Eric, and demands to know who is taking the girls and forcing them to turn tricks. Eric says that he doesn't know and does his own thing, and she tells him that she can get to him despite his security and he should remember it. Tandy punches him unconscious and leaves.

Tyrone uses the keys to unlock the cabinet and finds the fake bottle containing the file... but there's no file.

Most think that the moral of the story is that no one can change a person's nature. However, the Farmer is the hero of the story, representing the best while the Viper represents the worst.

There's a knock at the door, and Otis looks out. There's no sign of Tyrone, but when he looks back, Connors is gone.

Tandy says that Tyrone is good compared to the rest of them, and offers a toast to him.

Tyrone teleports Connors to the church and beats him, saying that he's a liar. He figures that Connors set him up, and says that the bottle was empty. Connors remembering being in the darkness standing over a pile of handcuffs, and Tyrone checking Billie's body. The trail of blood leads to a statue of Justice, and a heart sits on one of her scales. Connors is nearby, a hole in his chest and handcuffs dropping off of his hands to join the pile.

Shocked, Tyrone backs away from Connors. He says that he's ready for judgment, and Tyrone tells him that he's not the one to judge him but there's someone who can.

At the shooting range, Mayhem hits the target every time.

Adina is at home going through her files, and picks up her gun when someone knocks at the door. Tyrone knocks and says that there's someone she needs to talk to, and shows her Connors and says that she needs to talk to him about justice.

Tandy leaves the growhouse and Lia walks up and asks if she's okay. The girl says that she's better than the other guys and wonders why Lia is there, and says that sometimes bullies need someone to punch them. Lia is surprised that Tandy attacked Eric, and Tandy says that Lia has to refuse to be a victim and take away their power. An ambulance pulls up and Lia tasers Tandy unconscious.

Tandy goes to the Johnson home and meets with her family and Tyrone's. Tyrone is dressed as a policeman, and he and Tandy hug. Nathan is there and Tandy hugs him. She then sits at the table and says that it's time to start with a story.

Tandy lies in the back of the ambulance, unconscious.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 26, 2019

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