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Gone Rogue Recap

XS runs to G. Simone & Associate--an architecture firm and has Gideon obtain information from the databanks on McCulloch Technologies. Once XS has it and fries the computers with a lightning bolt, Gideon says that XS can't break into the facility the plans cover on her own, and XS refuses to call on Barry for help.

The next day, Barry plants tachyons canners throughout Central City to detect Nora. The team searches for sonic booms and sets up the satellites to look for Nora's lightning flashes. Nothing is revealed, and Sherloque and Ralph come in and reveal that they haven't come up with anything on Grace. Barry suggests that Caitlin take some time off to deal with the death of her father, but Caitlin prefers to continue working. Sherloque admits that he feels responsible for the situation with Nora and goes to continue the search. They get a report about a break-in at Simone and Barry and Cisco head there.

As Caitlin and Ralph get an alert that someone has broken into Thomas' arctic facility, Sherloque gets a text from Renee. Cisco joins them and says that he completed the Book of Ralph, and Ralph offers it to Sherloque. He figures that Cisco is afraid to tell Kamilla about his superhero life, and Cisco insists that he can tell her anytime he wants to but then quickly leaves without doing so.

At Simone, Cisco, Joe, Barry and Iris check the banks. Iris discovers that they've been working with an anonymous client and don't know who it is. Barry discovers that the servers were destroyed by a power surge, and figure that Nora was responsible. Cisco says that he picked up negative tachyons and suggests that they siphon speed from the Speed Force. Barry realizes that XS is using negative tachyons to avoid their scanners.

At a farmhouse outside of town, Jocelyn meets with Brie Larvan as she arrives on a bright yellow motorcycle. They admit that Silver Ghost tried to recruit both of them. Rag Doll crawls out of a crate and comes over, and he asks who invited him. Jocelyn and Brie confirm that they got invitations as well, and XS steps out and says that she invited them.

XS explains that she wants them on one big score to split four ways, and the only condition is that there's no killing. She points out that the cops would be all over them if they kill, and points out that Jocelyn spared her life. XS says that she's not the same person that she is, and Jocelyn tells her to prove it. The former heroine shows them the blueprints of McCulloch Technologies, which builds military technology at a special lab, the Forge. The company has meta-human dampeners, so she needs Brie and Jocelyn's technology. Each of the weapons will go for millions on the black market, and first they need to rob Flash.

Ralph and Caitlin go to the base and confirm that Cicada II was there. Caitlin says that Killer Frost won't emerge because she's dealing with Thomas' death, and Ralph shows Caitlin his "27 Steps to a Better Mourning pamphlet. Frost manifests, freezes the pamphlet, tells Ralph to disappear, and disappears.

At the apartment, Cecile tells Iris that G. Simone & Associates has been working for McCulloch, and the blueprints are missing. She figures that XS is going to steal something from McCulloch, and Iris figures that XS is up to something more than weapons. She suggests that the two of them talk to a whistleblower at the DoD, and Cecile asks Iris if there's something else she'd like to talk about. Iris wonders why Nora didn't come to the rest of them even if she hates Barry, and figures that there is a good reason.

Barry continues scanning Central City for Nora, and admits that he was pissed. He figures that if he tells Nora she can home, she'll stop working with Eobard. An alarm goes off at the Starchives and Barry speeds there.

At the Starchives, XS is obtaining Spencer Young's cell phone when Barry confronts her.

Sherloque runs out to go to the Starchives, and Cisco goes with him. A motion sensor goes off in the sewer system where no one human could fit, and they realize that Ragdoll is responsible just as he jumps down out of the ceiling.

Barry asks XS to come home if she'll stop working with Eobard. Ragdoll radios to XS that he's acquired the target, and she figures that Barry doesn't trust her. She figures that Barry has given up on her like he does every time, and her face starts vibrating as she complains that he pushed her away when she came to meet him. XS's eyes glow red and she releases lightning, blasting Barry back before speeding off.

Later, Barry meets with Iris and Cecile at Iris' office and tells them what happened. He figures that Eobard got to Nora, just as a STAR lab alarm goes off. The monitors show Wizard Witch and Ragdoll taking Sherloque and Ragdoll, and they realize that Nora is working with them.

The villains tie up Cisco and Sherloque at the farm, and XS comes in. She wonders why they brought Sherloque as well as Cisco, and Weather Wizard says that Sherloque was with Cisco so they had to take him. XS explains that they need Cisco to hack into Spencer's DNA tying her to the phone. Cisco says that the Rogues have tried it before, and XS threatens to vibrate her hand into his chest. Sherloque apologizes for exposing XS's secret, and says that Barry is her father. The villains realize XS is Barry's daughter, and she tells them not to worry about it and to work on the phone.

Ralph and Caitlin discover that Cicada II took medication designed to treat coma patients. Caitlin wonders if Ralph brought her there to help them deal with their loss, and suggests that he try to find someone special for himself. Ralph says that his advice never worked for him, just another people, and says that he's not built for love and that's okay. Caitlin tells him that he's kind and compassionate, meaning that he's built for love and deserves someone who loves him back. Ralph figures that Caitlin is coming on to him, and Caitlin steps back in disgust. She spots the fridge that Cisco rewired as an incubator, and discovers that it's empty. The prototypes for Cisco's metahuman cure were inside, and Caitlin figures out what Cicada II is planning.

As Cisco works, Sherloque says that he's not the one keeping secrets and discovered that she's a metahuman. Cisco points out that Sherloque is being dishonest if he knows the truth and isn't telling her, and Sherloque asks if Cisco isn't sharing his secret identity with Kamilla because he's not happy with it. The detective suggests that Cisco has either been avoiding his powers or trying to find a metahuman cure.

Iris and Cecile tell Joe what Nora is planning, and figure that McCulloch has harvested the black matter shards from the satellite. They figure that Nora wants to catch Cicada II, and Barry suggests that she wants to do something worse. He points out what she's done and that they don't know what Nora is capable of, and says that they're bringing her in because she gets to McCulloch.

Barry leaves and Iris goes after him and says that they need to figure out what Nora is doing. She suggests that if it's Eobard's plan then maybe it's not so bad, and figures that Eobard is worried about Nora. Iris suggests that Eobard has changed and says that Eobard convinced her to go back home and patch things up with Barry. She wonders if Nora is right and Eobard is trying to redeem himself by helping Nora stop Cicada II, and Nora only won't come home because she knows Barry won't trust her.

At the hideout, XS shows Jocelyn, the fake IDs that she's created to get them into McCulloch. Jocelyn knows who Nora really is, and Nora removes her mask and says that Barry left her after everything she's done to help her. There's a part of her that still wants Barry to take her home. Jocelyn says that her father left her mother at the maternity ward and she made sure Jocelyn knew her husband had abandoned her. As Brie and Ragdoll come in, Jocelyn explains that she ran away from home and knows that family won't always be there for them. Ragdoll and Brie agree, and Jocelyn says that they have to stick together.

Cisco says that he's reprogrammed the phone with visual and auditory hypnosis ability. Jocelyn handcuffs Cisco and Brie confirms the phone isn't bugged. She summons her robot bees to guard Cisco and Sherloque, hypnotizes them, and leaves.

At the police lab, Joe finds Barry reviewing video of Cisco's speedster trap, and Barry apologies about how he was acting earlier. The detective says that Nora broke the law and there should be repercussions, but notes that his father says also considers what's right and he always chooses to be Barry's father first. Barry admits that he was ready to give up on Nora and it makes him feel like he's not a good parent. Joe assures him that he'll be a good father, but Barry says that he always wanted Nora to leave and it doesn't feel right for her to call him "Dad". The detective notes that Barry treated him the same way but he had a father, and says that he trusts Nora even if he doesn't trust Eobard. He tells Barry that he'll have to trust Nora as well.

The hypnotic signal drones cuts off due to the spotty reception Cisco programmed into the phone. Sherloque escapes from the handcuffs and breaks the bonds on Cisco, and then uses an aerosol can and a match to try and burn the bees. It doesn't light and Cisco breaches the drones away as they move in on them. Sherloque says that Nora is in great danger and they leave.

At McCulloch, Nora, Brie, and Jocelyn arrive in military uniforms and present their fake IDs. Once they get in, a McCulloch executive takes them on a tour. They pass the Forge and the executive says that it's only accessible to employees with the highest security clearance. The Rogues knock out the guards and find an access pipe, and Nora opens her case. Ragdoll climbs out, enters the pipe, goes into the Forge, and opens the door for the others. Inside the Forge, Weather Witch and Queen Bee draw their weapons on XS.

Queen Bee and Weather Witch soon transmit to the city, announcing that they will kill their prisoners unless Flash arrives in 30 seconds and reveals his identity to the world. Once they cut off the signal, Weather Witch explains that they want the money and to build their reputation by outing Flash. Flash arrives and Weather Wizard tells him to remove his mask. The hero loudly proclaims that he has to do it and talks about parenting. Weather Wizard blasts him, revealing that "Flash" is a hologram and Sherloque is modeling it from STAR Labs.

Flash, Joe, and Iris drop their hologram disguises to reveal that they're three of the captive employees. Iris and Joe get the hostages out, and Ragdoll emerges from a garbage can.

XS and Flash dodge Weather Wizard and Queen Bee, while trying to knock out the meta dampener. Flash calls Cisco for help.

Ragdoll knocks out Iris and goes after Joe, easily dodging his blows and dislocating his alarms.

Flash tells XS that he'll cause a diversion.

iris knocks Ragdoll out when she recovers.

Cisco shuts down the bee drones and XS runs out to shoot Weather Wizard. Flash jumps in the way, deflecting the lightning into the meta-dampener. He tells XS that he isn't going to abandon her again, and the two of them take out the two Rogues at superspeed.

Later at STAR Labs, Nora admits that she thought she could control the Rogues and steal the weapons back afterward. She explains that she needed a weapon built from solar reflector panels from the satellite. It's the only thing capable of destroying Cicada' II's dagger. Barry figures that Nora didn't tell them because it's Eobard's place. Nora explains that she had to stay in a negative head space to use the Negative Speed Force, and is okay with not following Eobard's plan. Barry figures that they should use the gun to stop Cicada II because it's their best shot, and says that he believes in Nora even if he doesn't believe in Eobard. He admits that he deserves what Nora said earlier and shouldn't have left her in the future, and apologizes. Iris promises that they'll never leave Nora again.

Later in the cortex, Cisco confirms that the gun can destroy the "mirror gun". Ralph and Caitlin arrive and explain that Cicada II took the cure prototypes. Cisco realizes that if a metahuman takes it without the proper treatment then they would die. Cicada II stole the weaponizer to spread the "virus" and kill every metahuman in the city.

At the cabin, the adult Grace recites a limerick and works on the atomizer. Orlin looks on approvingly.

Written by Gadfly on May 1, 2019

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