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11:53 to Odessa Recap

7,957 Years in the Future

Miko finds Gateway in the desert.


Outside of Moe's in Carbondale, Noah talks to Malina and assures her that she's safe and they'll find Tommy. He explains that they took Tommy to Midian, just as Luke comes over. He has Malina's things and explains that he owes her for saving his life. Malina says that Luke's wife Joanne killed Caspar, and Luke says that Joanne is his ex-wife. Luke says that he's an Evo and wants to help them find Tommy, and Malina showed him his destiny. Noah tells him to leave them alone and walks off with Malina.

Tommy wakes up in a guest bedroom at Erica's home and feels a scar on the back of his neck. As he discovers that he can't teleport, Erica comes in. She explains that he passed out the night before, and her staff ran some tests. Tommy figures that Phoebe is still nearby negating his power, and Erica admits that they're taking precautions. He vows that he'll never trust her and asks where his family is. Erica knows that Anne isn't his mother, and didn't tell Tommy that he has a sister. She assures him that Anne and Malina are save, and explains that Noah and Caspar bagged and tagged Evos and brought Tommy to Primatech when the boy was 7.

After Tommy gets dressed and joins Erica, Phoene, and Quentin, Erica explains that they can't stop a celestial event. She has a way to save some of humanity, using the time bridge that Hiro created to the future. Renautas has built a colony there, and Noah severed the connection when he freed Hiro from Evernow. Now she needs to reestablish contact with the scientists and engineers at Gateway, and reopen the bridge so that she can save humanity. Tommy says that the prophecy is that he and Malina stop the apocalypse, but Erica warns that if he doesn't reopen the bridge then humanity will be wiped out. The boy demands to see Gateway and asks for the coordinates.

Miko enters Gateway and several men approach her, asking if Erica sent her. She asks where Hachiro and Ren are, and they try to take her in. Miko knocks them down and runs further into the city.

At Sunstone Manor, Rene and his team take up position above the buildings. The sewer pipes look like the best way in, but Taylor figures that there's another way. Rene explains that Erica is using Micah to control the information coming in and out of Sunstone, and Taylor says that she has a better plan... and Erica will help them.

Inside Sunstone, Parkman is on the phone to Harris assuring that they'll have all of the Evos processed and sent to Gateway. Harris wants Malina, and Parkman says that he's working on it. He then goes to the cell where they're holding Farah, and says that her gunshot wound is healing. Farah doesn’t respond, and Parkman demands to know where Malina is. He removes the neutralizer and admits that she's tough, and tries to scan her mind without success. When his telepathy fails, Parkman says that he has Carlos and knows that he and Farah fought together. He boasts that once they break one of her secrets, the rest will come.

Noah and Malina drive across the country, and Noahspots someone following them. Malina asks what her mother Claire was like, and Noah says that she was tough but thoughtful. He says that Malina reminds her of Claire, and assures his granddaughter that it's fine. Malina knows from Angela why Noah left her and Tommy behind, and asks why Erica kidnapped Tony. Noah explains that Erica plans to use Tommy's power to jump a limited number of people over the HELE and restart the world. However, she's more interested in saving humanity than human beings.

Tommy teleports Erica, Phoebe, and quentin to the future. Erica says that the devastation is inevitable and proves that Tommy and Malina failed to stop the HELE. She points out Gateway in the distance, and says that he can save mankind if he chooses.

At the coffee shop in Midian, Ren posts online trying to find Katana Girl. None of the Evernow players have seen her, and someone in an Evernow shogun costume suddenly appears behind Ren. He walks out, and no one but Ren notices him.

Parkman returns to Farah's cell and has Carlos escorted in. He recognizes her and remembers how he froze in combat in Afghanistan. Farah found him and told him to get into battle, and he saw her turn invisible. Parkman relives his memories and reconstructs what happened, He continues probing Farah for Malina's location, and then says that Carlos wanted to run away with Farah. Parkman taunts Carlos, pointing out that he can't protect anyone that he loves. When Carlos charges him, Parkman drops him with a telepathic bolt and asks Farah what she was thinking. He confirms that she was in love with Carlos, and threatens to shoot him unless Carlos tells him what he wants to know.

Taylor goes in with the shapeshifter Henry disguised as Erica, and an orderly approaches her. Henry bluffs his way through with Taylor's help, and they go inside.

Parkman warns Farah that the only way she'll get out is to tell him what he wants to know. Farah finally begs him to stop, saying that she doesn't want Carlos to die. An aide comes in and tells Parkman that Erica is there to see him. He tells her to tell Eric that he's on his way and then orders Farah to give him the information he wants.

Malina and Noah stop for gas, and Luke parks nearby. Noah goes over and Luke insists that he's been protecting Malina. When Noah asks him how he knew where Tommy is, Luke admits that he and Joanne were hunting Evos and were going to kill Tommy. He figures that Noah understands loss, and says that what he did wasn't right. Luke admits that he tried to kill himself and Malina saved him, and figures there's a reason for it. Malina comes over and Noah leads her back to the car, warning that there's a big storm coming.

Miko climbs to the top of the command center and knocks out the maintenance workers taking the elevator down. She then makes her way through the building and finds a room holding Evos in stasis. Looking around, Miko finds herself on one of the gurneys. Hachiro approaches her and apologizes for Miko finding out so abruptly. He admits that the woman on the table is the real Miko, and Renautas kept her alive after the accident. They threatened to kill the real Miko unless Hachiro did what they said. Hachiro explains that he sent Ren to Miko and he will soon join him, and says that the avatar Miko must find Hiro , who will send her on her final mission. Mko refuses to leave her, and Haciro apologizes and then sounds the alarm. sShe has no choice but to run off as the guards come running.

Erica and the others enter the city, and Erica says that Gateeway is only the first of many cities that Tommy will fill. Meanwhile, Quentin feels guilty and Phoebe says that she would have held Tommy's family hostage to force Tommy to do what they want. Her brother wonders if she's okay with what's going on, and Phoebe warns that there's no going back. It's who she is, and Erica has found a use for it. she figures that Erica understands her better than Quentin does and walks away.

Ren walks down the street and sees the Shogun further along, and runs after him.

Parkman finds Erica and Taylor in his office, and "Erica" introduces Taylor to him. He picks up Taylor thinking about Francis, and Erica asks to speak to Micah. When Parkman realizes that something is wrong, Taylor tasers him and tells Henry to get the others in while she finds Micah.

The Shogun enters a martial arts dojo and Ren follows him inside. The students are fencing, and Hachiro comes in behind Ren, wearing the Shogun costume. He congratulates Ren on taking the first step and explains that he's a construct, and that real Hachiro in the future sent him back. Ren wonders if Miko is dead, and Hachiro warns that Ren is her only help. When Ren wonders how he will get to the future, Hachiro says that he must find a time traveler. He puts a key around Ren's neck and says that there is a time bridge in Odessa. Ren must go there and find a way to be sent with the others. The construct walks out and the students disappear.

Erica shows Tommy the Gateway greenhouse, and he asks about the scar on his neck. She admits that she put him on a machine to take his powers, but it didn't work because he's different. Tommy agrees to help but warns Erica not to lie to him. He wants his family and friends at Gateway, but Erica says that they need more supplies and resources. The head scientist runs in and tells Erica that Miko attacked their scientist. She tells him to hunt the Mmiko construct down and kill it, and bring her Hachiro.

Henry is going through Parkman's files when Parkman starts to walk up. Harris walks in and Henry takes Parkman's form. Harris immediately shoots Henry, and admits to Parkman that he wasn't sure if he shot the real one. The clone asks if Farah talked, and Parkman says that Malina is on her way to Odessa. He says that they're closing in, and warns Harris that Taylor is there. Harris assurs Parkman that they're already taking care of it.

A guard comes in to move Carlos out to his execution. Carlos knocks the man out. He then finds a sedated Farah in the infirmary and knocks the doctor out as he prepares to cut into her throat. When Carlos can't wake Farah up with a slap, he kisses her and she says that the slap did the trick

Noah and Malina come to a traffic jam because of a storm up ahead. Noah pulls over and Malina gets out and approaches the storm. She gets up on a truck and starts using her elemental powers.

Carlos and taylor find Taylor in the hallway. She explains that she doesn't work there, and shouts a warning as two guards arrive. After the two escapees shoot down the guards, Taylor explains that she's with Hero Truther and is there to rescue Micah. She figures that they're for the same thing, and Carlos shoots out a security camera on the wall above.

Parkman visits Micah in his cell and wants him to find the list of everyone going to the future. He wants to make sure that he's on the list, and Micah starts bringing up data. Parkman confirms that he and his family are on the list.

Ren is sitting on the street looking at the key when a bus to Odessa pulls up. The gamer realizes that it's a sign and boards it.

Miko secretly watches from above as Tommy starts sending people back. Erica asks him to send Quentin and Phoebe back, and figures that they can trust each other. Before Phoebe goes, Erica secretly tells her to contact Harris and find Malina. Tommy asks when they can bring his family to Gateway, and Erica says that it'll be soon. The teenager sends Quentin and Phoebe back, and Mikko jumps down and attacks the guards. She then tells Tommy that it's her mission to free him, and he teleports away with her.

Malina tries to hold back the storm, and a car flies toward Noah. Someone grabs him by the shoulder and teleports him away just in time. Meanwhile, Malina manages to dissipate the storm. Several people believe that she caused it and prepare to attack her. Luke fires a heat blast and tells everyone to take a step back. He goes to Malina, who wonders where Noah is. Luke points out the crashed car but there's no sign of Noah's body. The only thing there are his glasses, and Luke says that they have to go. Someone fires a shot and Luke says that there's no time to argue.

Carlos, Farah, and Taylor go to the front desk and order the guard to open the gates. As he does, he explains that the last transport for Odessa just left. The trio goes outside and joins Hero Truther, and they're forced to run as more guards arrive.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 20, 2015

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