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Baron's Night Out Recap

At the house, Nandor tells Guillermo to get some roses the next day to liven up the Baron's attic.

Nandor admits that things have been stressful since Afanas arrived, since he's taking up attic space.

Nadja wonders when Afanas will leave, saying that she's not scared of him. His familiar comes in and nods, apparently. The vampires work out that Afanas is arrive, and Colin says that he can feel the Baron's anger and it's aimed at them.

Laszlo says that Afanas used to be a fun guy and Nadja agrees, but he has old-fashioned ideas about vampires taking over humans, and they don't know why.

The vampires go to see Afanas, and he emerges from his coffin. He wants to see more of the New World and have a night on the town. When Laszlo points out that it might be a bit difficult given Afanas' appearance, Afanas levitates him against the wall until he agrees. He eats a sound recordist, and afterward the vampires assures the rest of the crew that they'll look after them even though they're not sure how. They figure Afanas will kill them once he learns how little they've done, and consider killing him. Guillermo comes in and tells them that Afanas is ready to go out. Laszlo suggests that they "accidentally" kill Afanas, but the others refuse to discuss it... unaware that the Baron's familiar is listening in.

The vampires and familiars arrive, and Afanas arrives wearing two ruffs. Laszlo hesitantly explains that two ruffs mean that they're ready for anything, and they should just blend in. Afanas agrees, and Colin comes in and Nandor asks if he can loan some human-type clothes to Afanas. Colin says that he'll help and tries to work out what to bring him.

Laszlo explains that vampires have hidden among humans for community, and Afanas thinks that they should rule humans.

The vampires go into NYC and walk down the street. Afanas loudly announces that he's a vampire.

Nadja admits that it's hard to pass off Afanas as not a vampire.

Sean comes up and greets them, and Afanas levitates him into the air. Laszlo hypnotizes him into forgetting what happened, but Afanas does the same thing.

The vampires go to a bazaar and Afanas discusses which humans to make slaves and which to make food. He goes off and the vampires consider how to kill him. Outside, Afanas feeds on a human and the vampires try to cover up his murder.

Nandor complains that Afanas is being very loud and obvious.

The human Afanas killed was drunk, and it takes a few minutes for the Baron to overcome his alcohol imbibing... right before Laszlo can kill him with a stake.

The vampires go to a bar and Afanas wants to liven things up. He suggests that they do shots, goes into the bathroom, and prepares to feed on a drinker. The vampires close the door and take Afanas to another bar, and they get drunk. Afanas says that "Barren" is an insulting name because he can't bear children, and drops his pants to show his lack of genitals. Laszlo suggests that they be his children and the others agree, and they begin to sympathize with him.

At another bar, Afanas admits that he's bored with killing humans and he was thinking of killing all of them that night. He wonders what he's become, and Nandor says that they were going to kill him. Laszlo and Nadja laugh and Nadja says that it was Laszlo's idea. Afanas is not amused, and Laszlo tries to pass it off as a joke. The baron finally laughs at their faces, and says that he would have done the same thing if he were them. Next Afanas wants to try pizza pie. They go out and Afanas eats pizza pie despite the vampires warning him not to. He vomits himself across the street and around the block.

The vampires finally find Afanas unconscious on the ground. He wakes up, says that it was worth it, and asks what's next. The group goes to a rave and Afanas dances. They drink the blood of some people but they're on drugs and they get high. The group goes to a karaoke bar, and Nandor notes that it will soon be sunrise and they should go home before they fry. Nadja sings a song about a girl in the village with one small foot, and Nandor says that the party is over.

They go back to the house and get inside before the sun comes up, and Colin greets them. They explain that they're on drunks, and help Afanas up to the attic. Afanas taunts a beam of sunlight coming in through the roof and burns his hand, and he falls down the stairs as he tries to get his jacket off. He falls through the balcony and tells the others that he's just a little sore, and Guillermo comes in with the roses and opens the door... incinerating Afanas in the sunlight.

Written by Gadfly on May 2, 2019

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