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Thug Death Recap

Six Months Later

A woman discovers that the local convenience store is almost out of supplies. She finds root beer and the cashier Dusty talks about how zombies never come in there and they're not welcome there. They joke about whether she's a zombie, and Dusty cashier notices on the monitors that two zombies are driving off fast after attacking a human woman. The girl leaves and Dusty notices that she took tanning fluid with her.

At the morgue, Liv is cooking Thumbbreaker Barnes' brain. Ravi runs in and sees it as she steps out, and starts eating. Liv returns and complains that Liv is eating her meal.

At home, Blaine picks out some brains from the refrigerator, tells the two women in his bed to leave, and goes for a swim.

At the Scratching Post, Don E reminds Candy that Blaine is in charge. Blaine comes in and Don E tells him that the video is killing them. He takes Blaine to the restaurant kitchen and says that the video shows two zombies tearing apart a human woman who got in their way. Don E says that six Border Patrol agents who they pay to look the other way are having second thoughts about ignoring the smuggling.

Major and Xxx are going over the requests to leave the city. Blaine comes in and greets Major, and Major tells him that the brain plant told him that they delivered fewer brains the week. Blaine suggests that Major arrest a couple of zombies and blame them, but Major isn't interested. Major advises him not to screw up the good thing he has going, and leaves with Xxx. Blaine releases a low rider video about how he's an outlaw and a rebel.

The next day at the station, Liv, Ravi, Clive, Dale, and Cavanaugh watch the video. Ravi loses his temper and punches the wall because he's on Barnes' brains. The surveillance cam video of the attack runs, and Peyton comes in and Ravi notices that she's cut her hair. Ravi is unhappy that they didn't discuss it, and Liv explains about Ravi's current brain.

Peyton says that they're a task force to find out who killed the woman. She says that they need to bring the zombies responsible to justice and deal with the Dead Ends. Clive and Liv go to the gas station to check out what happened, Dale keeps Clive back and tells him to find her some chocolate.

at the convenience store, Clive looks for chocolate and then talks to the cashier. He has the cashier show him the original videos, and Clive and Ravi come in with blood samples from the pavement. The cashier attacks her, and Ravi intimidates him into backing down. Liv calls Ravi off and Clive shows them what he's found. The video shows the victim is on their town, and they figure that they can ping the cell phone tower to find out who the victim is.

At Major's office, Major and Justin go over the requests. Jordan comes in and shows him a deck of cards with the "famous faces" of Major and others on the cards. She sees an application for Cynthia Rybnicki to leave the city, and Justin says that since she doesn't require medical assistance she's rejected.

At home, Liv and Peyton go over requests to get into the city to get medical treatment. Liv finds a boy with brain cancer who is in a group home, and asks someone to come get him in Sacramento. Peyton asks what Liv is waiting for.

Liv takes a secret tunnel to the Renegade operation, and Micah and Baron ask her to brief them.

Johnny Frost meets with Peyton for his show and introduces her as the acting mayor. Also there is Dolly Durkins, a human local business owner. She insists that there's no improving human-zombie relations and the clock is ticking.

At the CDC in Atlanta, Dr. Collier arrives for her first day. She asks about Ravi's paper about the chance of a zombie outbreak, and her guide Dr. Saxon admits that they fired him. Saxon says that Collier will be working closely with Ravi by Skype, and Collier says that she's his fan.

Dolly says that the zombies are already dead so they can wipe them out. Ravi is in the morgue watching when his meal arrives. Colier calls and introduces herself as her new liaison. Ravi yells at the sub delivery man and runs off. Blaine and his bodyguard Crybaby Carl come in and Ravi notices that Carl is crying and insults him. Ravi goes back to the computer and sees Johnny flirting with Peyton and leaves.

At the station, Clive and iv go through the list of 38 people who pinged the tower when the women did. Blaine comes in and offers them $10,000 to find out who killed the woman and bring them to justice. He points out that zombies are going hungry and he's making less money, and gives them 48 to solve the case. Clive gives him the money back before he leaves.

Peyton reviews everything that Major has done to improve human-zombie relationships. Dolly isn't happy, and Ravi arrives and glares at Johnny as Johnny ends the interview.

In the park, Baron meets with the kid, Oliver. Two women arrive and Oliver says that they're going with him into Seattle because they're also being abused at the foster home. Baron reluctantly agrees to take them into Seattle even though Baron only has one ID.

Ravi is arguing with Peyton over the phone about the interview, and she hangs up. Collier calls back and says that she has a theory about the cured brain he sent them. She says that if they could produce the glycoproteins that the cure produced in her brain, they could create a mass cure. Collier suggests that sufferers with Freylich Syndrome have the proteins in the brain. However, the condition is in rare. Ravi tells her that he's already tried it off and snaps at her. Collier insists that she's onto something and will ask Saxon to give her a new superior. Ravi fights off the brain's influence and says that he has the syndrome and there's a cure, but warns that the kids will be hunted and their brains will be worth millions so they'll have to go into hiding. Collier says that Ravi has given her a lot to think about and Ravi loses it, saying that she's thinking about the money. Liv overhears the conversation, and Ravi worries that he's sentenced three hundred kids to death.

Dolly is working her food truck, and a customer comes up and gives her a specific requests. She says that it might take a while and the man walks off. A man arrives and tells the customer that his order is ready. The man gets into a SUV and finds the keys in the ignition. Dolly is there and asks if he made the video and a will, and the customer gives her a chip with the info. She assures him that he's a hero, and says to show them what one good human can do. Dolly gives him an order with an address written on the container, and the customer checks the bomb in the back of the SUV.

While they're out on patrol, Justin tells Blaine that several of the border agents have disappeared and Major figures that Blaine is responsible. Jordan and her men arrive and say that humans are taking photos of zombies in a brain line and threatening to out them. It's legal, but Major suggests that they take a look anyway.

Bix Cahill arrives and tells Clive that he had a message on his door for his girlfriend Lisa Gertz to check in. He says that Lisa has been gone for a few days, and they explain about the video and that she may be dead.

The customer waits until the time is right and drives at the brain line. As Major and his people arrive, the van drives past them and Major realizes that something is going on. The soldiers open fire but the customer drives into the line and blows it up.

Bix checks the locator app on his phone and gives Liv and Clive Lisa's phone address. As they say they'll look into it, the police head to the brain line.

Blaine has the five captured border agents brought to the Scratching Post and tells them that they had a deal but they broke their end of the deal. One agent, Willilam Fife says that they saw the zombies eat the woman alive, and Blaine explains that zombies go berserk when they get hungry. He says that if the agents blockade Seattle then more zombies will go hungry, and he knows all of the agents' personal lives. Blaine recites the agents' personal facts and makes it clear he can find them. Fife says that he still won't work for zombies.

Saxon and his people Skype with Ravi, and Ravi secretly texts Collier not to reveal what she's learned. She says that she miscalculated and the cure she found is impractical, and Ravi thanks her and says that it's the start of a beautiful resource. She tells him not to be such a jerk.

Justin tells Major that four of the border agents are back on the town and the brain plant is back at capacity. Major notes that there were five agents, and Justin tells him that he did what he had to.

The troopers check the Bus with Baron, Oliver, and the two girls on it. Baron's ID passes inspection, and the trooper checks Oliver's ID. Oliver claims that his grandmother lives there and the trooper move son. The trooper checks the restroom and finds the two girls hiding there, and figures they don't have ID.

Liv and Clive go to Lisa's ping address, and Liv says that she doesn't want to see another dead body. They find Bix sobbing and kneeling on the ground. Lisa's jacket and phone are nearby, and Bix figures that she's dead.

Written by Gadfly on May 3, 2019

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