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B Sides Recap

A person wearing gloves puts on an album titled "Perfect Life", about Tandy.

As the music plays, a young Tandy lies on a beach holding a young Tyrone's hand. Tandy wakes up as Nathan and Billy run over. Later as an adult, Tyrone proposes a toast to Tyron--her hero. The other guests join in the toast, and Connors comes in. Tyrone thanks him for coming and Tandy congratulates Tyrone on becoming a member of the New Orleans Police Department. Otis thanks Connors for being a mentor to Tyrone, and Tandy walks around listening to the people talk. Nathan says his New York partner is asking him to hook her up with some tickets for her performance.

Adina plays the piano and everyone gathers around her and sing along, some dancing. When Nathan says that he doesn't dance, Melissa asks Duane to dance with her. As they dance, Nathan reaches over to remove some confetti from Andrea's hair, Tandy yells at him not to hurt her.

Tandy goes out on the patio and Tyrone joins her. He thanks her for flying in from NYC and asks her what's wrong. Tandy insists that there' s nothing wrong, and Tyrone asks her to go for a walk with him to get some ice at the store. As they walk along, Tandy admires Tyrone's bad and asks if he's ready to grow up. He says that he's not the only black cop in the city and wonders why she's worried, and she talks about the day they met, when Tyrone dived in to save her when Nathan's car went into the lake. The crash made her parents get their shit together, and Tandy wonders what she's done with her life.

Tyrone and Tandy enter the store and a man watches Tandy. As they look for ice, Tyrone says that he always thought Connors didn't arrest him because Tyrone saved Tandy. He notes that Tandy has always had his back, and she's been saving his life every day. They go to the counter and the man hits on Tandy, saying she shouldn't have to settle on guys like Tyrone. The cashier joins in, saying that it's the way the world is where black men take their women. When the cashier sees Tyrone's police gun, he draws a gun and figures that Tyrone is there to rob him. Tyrone asks Tandy to take the badge out, and she drops the ice. The cashier instinctively shoots, and darkness comes off of Tyrone as she materializes a light dagger. When the two of them touch, there's a burst of energy.

Tandy finds herself at home with Melissa making lunch for her before she leaves for Roxxon.

The gloved person puts on a new record, "Fractured Family".

Melissa says that she's prepared air-sickness pills for her, and Tandy says that they're getting weird reports from the rigs so Scarborough is sending her out there and no one else wants to. A siren sounds nearby, and as it fades her phone rings. It's Scarborough, who tells Tandy that they've moved the departure time up. Melissa assures Tandy that she's competent to fix the job, and it's been ten years since Nathan moved to Silicon Family. Tandy doesn't want to discuss it, and Melissa agrees and tells her to kick some ass.

At the rig, Tandy looks for the machine shop and a technician—Tyrone--offers to take her there. Mina arrives and complains that Scarborough sent a spy to her rig. She recognizes Tandy's name and admits that she borrowed Nathan's research, but isn't impressed by Tandy. Once she leaves, Tyrone takes Tandy to the Core Room As they go, Tyrone explains that Billy has been working there for years and got him the job. They see a man emerge from a door marked "Ambulance", but the sign disappears after a moment and only Tandy sees it.

In the Core Room, Tandy confirms that there's a spike and Tyrone explains that there's always one before a kick. Tandy explains that Melissa called in every favor she had to get Tandy the job, but she isn't thrilled with it. She realizes that the pressure is rising, and Mina comes in and tells her that she's not welcome. Tandy tries to warn her, calling her "Mina", and Mina takes offense at her being informal. Tyrone agrees with Tandy, and Tandy tells Mina that once she stops drilling it will cause a large explosion. She sees a figure standing in the shadows and asks who he is, and Mina and Tyrone don't see him.

The alarms go off and the rig starts to collapse. Tyrone and Tandy touch and there's a burst of energy. Tandy insists that there's something not right, and Tandy is caught under debris. Tyrone and Tandy try to free her, and Tandy summons a light dagger to cut throiugh the support.


Tandy lies in the back of the ambulance, strapped to a gurney with a light dagger in her hand. Lia injects her with a sedative and the dagger disappears.


The gloved person puts on the B side of "Fractured Family".

Tandy walks down the streets, trying to get people to sign a petition to save the native shorebirds. Everyone ignores her, and a man--Liam--drops a piece of paper. She calls him over and he says that it isn't his, and Tandy assures him that she's not staring at his butt. Tandy tells Liam about the shorebirds, and his fiancée comes over and isn't impressed. She wavers briefly and says that she's been out trying to meet her quota, and Liam signs the petition. As he leaves, Tandy has another dizziness spell and stares at the wallet that she pickpocket from Liam. Liam realizes what she's done and chases after her, and a policeman joins them.

When she ducks down a street, Tandy sees Tyrone stealing a car. She runs over and gets into the car, and tells him to drive. Tyrone refuses and Tandy threatens to either yell for a cop or stab him. Tyrone drives off as Liam runs up, and the policeman calls in the car.

The car heads across the bridge and Tyrone says that he wasn't going to give her up. Tandy explains that she was lifting wallets and doesn't usually get spotted. Tyrone notices that she's picking at her arm and figures that she needs a fix, and explains that his brother went into prison and came out a drug addict. Tandy has a flash of memory and says that it's not right and she can't trust anything. She assures Tyrone that she trusts him and Tyrone talks about how he got into boosting cars. He wonders if she steals from the world to get back whatever it took from her, and Tandy mentions Mikayla. Tandy calls Tyrone by name and he points out that he didn't say his name.

Tandy remembers someone injecting her in the arm, and an ambulance starts chasing them. She insists that it's not real, and Tyrone pulls off as police cars pursue them. He turns off the lights and drives down a side road, and Tandy sees a figure standing in the road, grabs the wheel, and manifests her light daggers.


Tandy starts to wake up, and Lia tells Andre that they have to put Tandy again. Andre says that they're close to finding Tandy's breaking point.


The gloved man--Andre--puts on a new record, "Jam Session".

Tandy walks down the streets, trying to get people to sign a petition to save the native shorebirds. She remembers doing the same thing before and that it's not right, and approaches Liam and his fiancée. Tandy admits that she's flirting with Liam to distract him, and sees the figure—Andre---watching her down the street. The fiancée sees Tandy take Liam's wallet and calls for the police, and Tandy summons a light dagger. The police run over and Tandy ducks into a building and finds herself on the rig. Mina complains that everything was fine until Tandy started messing around, and Tandy figures that she's trying to mess with her head.

Tandy ducks through a curtain and finds herself back in the house. Adina and Evita have no idea why she's running around screaming, and Tandy tells Melissa that it's not real. Nathan asks Tandy why she's making a scene, and says that he's tired of her embarrassing him. He says that Tandy is just like Melissa: a useless drunk. Tandy has flashes of Andre standing on the street.

The scene changes again and Tandy finds herself in the record store. Andre tells her not to touch the record playing on the turntable, and Tandy realizes that Lia tricked her. She figures that Andre used Lia's weakness against her, and throws a light dagger into Andre's shoulder. Andre shrugs it off and says that he collects women's despair. His headaches got so bad that he tried to kill himself. But the rig explosion happened that night and the fates gave him a way to stop the headaches temporarily.

Tandy sees an album with her face on it as a child, screaming. She figures that Andre makes people suffer to take away his pain. Andre says that 10% of the people he can't help, he used to help him. He tells Tandy that she stole other people's hope, and asks what she's going to do when she draws a dagger on him. After a moment, Tandy stabs the daggers into the record...

... and wakes up in the ambulance. She cuts herself free and goes out, and sees Lia and Andre drive away.

At the church, Tyrone calls around and confirms that there's no one matching Tandy's descriptions at the hospitals. Tandy arrives and Tyrone hugs her in relief. She says that she found out who is moving the missing girls across the city and they have to stop her. They go to Brigid and explain what happened, and Tandy figures that they need to cover their tracks first. Police arrive and Brigid admits that she called them and that they'll handle the situation. Tandy tells Tyrone to leave before the police see him, and figures that they'll have to deal with Andre on their own. Tyrone assures Tandy that he's got her back.

Tyrone and Tandy teleport to Andre's office, and Lia holds a knife to Mikayla's throat. Tandy throws a light dagger, distracting Lia long enough for Tyrone to teleport Mikayla away. Lia runs out and Andre draws a gun on Tandy. Tyrone returns and Tandy tells Andre to shoot. He says that everything she felt bad came from her and she knows that she has no one. Tandy tells him that she has one person and looks at Tyrone. Andre admits that he came to the same conclusion and shoots Tyrone repeatedly in the chest.

Tandy goes to Tyrone and begs him to hang on, but he dies. Crying, Tandy says that she can't do it without him. The record store appears around them, and Andre tells Tandy that Tyrone would be alive if she hadn't brought him into it, and it's time for her to give up before she hurts someone else. Tandy gives Andre her light dagger, which fades away

Tandy sits alone in the darkness, while her body remains in the ambulance. Andre tells Lia that Tandy is right and has his people wheel Tandy out to the Viking Motel.

Written by Gadfly on May 3, 2019

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