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Treason + Heartbreak + Gum Recap

In Los Angeles at a diner, Matty meets with Mama Colton. Mama says that she and Billy have been tracking a skip bail, Ryan Hayes, who the DOJ has been trying to make a case against the billionaire's son who has been funneling funds to terrorists. Ryan was busted, posted bail, and fled to Paris. The Coltons don't work internationally, so Mama thought that Matty would be interested. Matty asks what Mama needs, and Mama asks her to loan her Riley to help. The director points out that Riley and Billy are dating and could be distracted, but Mama assures her that the Coltons always get their man even when distracted, and she'll be along to make sure that Phoenix gets Ryan.

Ethan calls Matty and sets up a meeting. She points out that he's in WitSec and isn't supposed to contact him, and he says that S-Company found him and nabbed Mara and Deena. August Roth called him and said that if he involved anyone then he'd kill Ethan's family if he doesn't hand over the NOC list of moles within S-Company. Ethan admits that he needs Matty's help to get the real list and hand it over, and if he doesn't meet with Roth then he can't get Mara and Deena back. Matty warns that the Director of the CIA is the only one who has the list on his phone, and Ethan wants Matty to help him get it. He asks Matty if she'll help him.

Later at the war room, James calls Matty and she says that she couldn't make their meeting because something came up. She tells him that she's going off the grid, and James confirms via tracking that she's in Virginia. Matty asks James to trust her and they can't talk, and advises him to hang up the phone if he doesn't want to be associated with an act of treason. James wishes her good luck and hangs up. Ethan, listening, thanks Matty.

Mac, Wilt, and Desi enter the lab to get their equipment and prepare to meet with Matty. Desi wonders if they really want to get involved, and Mac figures that they won't get caught and nobody is going to jail. He tells Desi that the mission is volunteer-only, and tells her to leave when Matty calls. Desi says that her job is to protect them so she's going with them. Matty asks if Mac is sure he wants to do it, and they all agree that they do. She says that she traced the call where the ransom call came from, but it's probably not Andrew's phone. Matty has uploaded the information to their phones, and the phone call was made in Besarus. Matty tells them that they'll only hand over the file if Mac and the others fail.

In Paris, Riley and Billy set up in a hotel room and Riley gets surveillance on all of Ryan's locations. She and Billy kiss, but Mama comes in and tells them to cut it out and get on with the job. Rilkey and Billy go to the restaurant Riley frequents, and Mama spots Ryan on surveillance. She tells them to just watch and wait until Ryan is away from his security detail. A woman, Ava Malone, joins Ryan and Riley confirms that she works with terrorist groups.

Billy takes out a miniature bug and plans to put it on the sommelier's wine bottle. he goes over and chats with the sommelier, and asks for advice selecting a bottle of wine. He attaches the bug to the bottle that the sommelier is holding. Riley listens in and picks up Billy's text, which show a woman texting him. Ava says that they'll meet with her associate after dinner, and Mama tells Billy and Riley to wait until after the purchase so they can get Ryan and the package.

In Minsk, Mac, Wilt, and Desi arrive at a warehouse and spot a dozen cars parked outside. They go to the loading door and hear cheering, and realize that there's underground fighting going on inside. Desi tracks the phone to nearby and they split up to find Andrew's man. He runs when Desi spots him, and the trio go after him. Mac tackles him and demands to know where Andrew is holding Ethan's family.

Matty and Ethan arrive at the CIA satellite office in Richmond. Ethan goes in posing as an executive, drops his papers, and secretly swipes an agent's badge. He gets in and Matty directs him to Director Huang's office and says that Ethan has to get an access key fob from Brad Stewart. Ethan goes to the office and Matty calls to say that his mistress was downstairs threatening to call his wife. Ethan gets the fob and goes to Huang's office, bumps into the director, and takes his phone. The security agents tell Ethan to halt, and Ethan readily surrenders.

Down in the parking garage, Ethan dumps the unconscious Huang into the back of their van. He tells Matty that he had to take out the security detail and drives away.

Matty and Ethan take Huang to a nearby Phoenix safe house. Mac has called Matty and said they're heading for the home where Deena and Mara are being held. Matty suggests that they wait until they get the passcode from Huang, but Ethan figures that they should get it as soon as possible. She says that she trusts Mac and he'll get Ethan's family. Ethan says that he has to do everything possible in case Mac fails, and he's going to interrogate Huang to get the passcode.

The team go to the house in Minsk and check out the security forces guarding the place. They find the room where they're holding Deena and Mara, and Mac spots a bike and says that they'll get rid of the bars on the window. He has Wilt get him a nearby garden hose, and they use the pulleys and crank to use the garden hose to apply pressure to pull off the bars. Desi jumps through the window and takes out the guards, and Mac and Wilt arrive and barricade the door. Mac finds Deena, who says that they took Mara somewhere else. They leave out the rear door as the S-Company men open fire.

Riley and Billy follow Ryan and Ava to a club, and Billy points out that Riley is acting weird. She claims that she's just focused on the mission, and Riley spots Ryan making the exchange. They come out and Riley insists on moving in immediately. Ryan's security detail spots them and they drive off, and Matty follows.

Mac calls Ethan and tells her that they got Deena but not Mara. Ethan worries that August knows that Ethan brought people in, and admits that he hasn't got the passcode from Huang. Matty says that there's one thing that they haven't tried, confronts Huang, and admits that she kidnapped him. She explains that she has an opportunity to take out S-Company but she needs Huang's help. Matty asks him to give her access to the information on his phone so they can take down S-Company for good.

Riley drives through the streets after Ryan and his people. Billy suggests that she slow down, but Riley snaps at him that she's doing the driving. He warns they're going to draw police attention and Mama agrees, and Riley says that she has an idea. Riley speeds up and knocks out one of the escort vehicles, and directs Mama to a street ahead to box them in. When they do so, , Mama, Billy, and Riley move in and tell Ryan to surrender. He and Ava do so, and Riley cuffs them.

The team take Deena to a safehouse, and there's a knock at the door. It's Matty and Ethan, and Ethan goes to hug Deena. Mac tells Matty that August separated Deena and Mara shortly after he captured them. August calls Ethan and says that he betrayed them, and tells him to say goodbye to Deena. Ethan tells him that he has the NOC list August sends him coordinates and tells him to get the phone there in an hour. Matty tells Mac that she promised that they'd take down S-Company in return for his phone. James arrives and says that Huang sent him, and tells them they have the full resources of Phoenix and the CIA. August sends the coordinators for an amphitheater, and Mac admits that he has a plan but he'll need to make a stop.

The next morning, Mac buys gum from a street vendor and meets the others at the amphitheater. Ethan and Mac go in while the others set up. A man other than August arrives, and the man Kosta says that he has orders to take Ethan with him. Mac demands proof that Mara is alive, and Kosta take out a phone and shows them a livestream of Mara. Satisfied, Mac tells his people to sit down and Kosta promises that if he sees any signs of pursuit then he'll kill Mac, Ethan, and Mara. James tasks a satellite to track them.

Kosta drives Mac and Ethan to a parking lot while August is waiting. He demands the list, and Mac hands over the phone. August's tech checks it and confirms that the list is there, and August says that he'll let them go before the tech uploads the list. He tells Ethan that he's going to kill all of the operatives on the list, and Mac takes out a piece of chewing gum. The cell battery overheats when Mac takes out the gum's foil. The Phoenix team pulls up and takes on the S-Company agents, and the two sides exchange fire. Wilt checks the nearby cars for Mara, and August draws a knife on Ethan. A thug beats up James, and Mac runs over and knocks the thug out.

August prepares to stab Ethan, but Matty puts a gun to August's head and tells him to surrender. Wilt finds Mara and brings her to Ethan. As the Phoenix agents take August and his men into custody, Mac says that their techs used the attempted upload to track down S-Company's network so they could put them out of business. Ethan talks to Matty privately and thanks her for letting his family live safely for the first time in years. Matty warns that someone will have to go to jail for what happened, and the CIA agents arrive to take Ethan into custody. He goes over to say goodbye to his family as Matty watches.

Later back in LA at Mac's house, Desi says that she was wrong for questioning Desi's judgment. Mac says that Matty will always prioritize national security over her feelings. Riley is inside getting a drink, and Billy brings a pie from Mama as thanks. Billy tries to kiss Riley and she turns away, and says that they shouldn't see each other anymore. She doesn't want to talk about it or making it harder on either of them, and Billy leaves. Mac comes in and asks Riley if she's okay, and she says that Billy is seeing someone else. Riley admits that she feels lost without Jack, and Mac assures her that the rest of them are there for her. They hug and Mac promises that they'll help Riley find herself if she's lost.

In her office, Matty watches video of Ethan being taken to prison. James comes in and tells Matty that she took a big risk, and says that sometimes their job requires sacrifice. He assures Matty that the world is a safer place because of her, and cuts up a piece of Mama's pie.

Written by Gadfly on May 4, 2019

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