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Fire and Ice Recap

Johnny goes to the pawn shop and complains to the clerk, Kyle, about the computer he bought. Lyle shows him how to turn the laptop on. Back at his office, Johnny boots up the laptop but can't get onto the Internet. He calls Lyle for help but Lyle says that he runs a pawnshop, not a computer store. Johnny eventually gets on the Internet, checks out porn sites, and watches fight videos. He eventually finds an ad for Daniel promoting his Miygagi-do dojo. Daniel insists that it's about the karate, not the money.

The next day on the beach, Demetri, Moon, and Hawk are playing volleyball and Demetri isn't having much luck. Demetri finally calls a water break and wipes himself off with a Cobra Kai towel. Two girls notice and Demetri takes credit for being part of the tournament. Once they leave, Hawk asks when Demetri is going to sign up. Miguel joins them and tells Hawk that Robby is Robby's son.

At the auto group, Amanda is preparing for ValleyFest. Daniel arrives and Amanda complains that he spent half of their marketing budget on his advertisement. He says that the commercial could be a game changer, and Amanda wonders if he's having a mid-life crisis. Daniel apologizes for making the commercial without discussing it with her, and says that they have to amp things up now that Kreese is back. He points out that Kreese has faked his death twice. Anoush comes over and congratulates Daniel on the commercial, and says that he's not guilty of cultural appropriation. Daniel discovers that people are calling him a racist , and Anoush assures him that he'll get lots of students.

At Cobra Kai, Miguel wonders why Johnny wouldn't tell them Robby was his son. Hawk figures that Johnny wants them to show mercy to Robby. Aisha asks if they've seen Daniel's commercial dissing Cobra Kai.

In the office, Johnny wonders how he's supposed to compete with Daniel. Kreese is with him and says that it's an act of war and demands an immediate response, and Johnny tells him that he knows what he's going to do.

Sam and Robby spar, and Robby thanks her and her family for taking him in. Daniel comes over and has them demonstrate their skills, and two students come in and want to learn. He tells them to start by painting the fence, and Robby assures them that it will make sense later. One of them figures that it's a scam to get kids to do his lawn work, and they go to check out Cobra Kai.

Aisha films Johnny making a commercial about how people need to learn "self-offense" and he'll teach them the Way of the Fist. He goes into the storage locker where the workers are clearing it out, and Hawk and Miguel follow him and say that they know Robby is Johnny's son. Hawk figures that's why he got mad at them after the tournament, and Johnny says that Robby being his son has nothing to do with how he runs his dojo. He tells them to get out and clean mats, and Hawk leaves. Miguel starts to say something but then goes. Kreese watches the exchange.

At ValleyFest, Amanda and Daniel are preparing and Daniel says that kids have no patience. She suggests that Daniel give a demo and Daniel figures that it's a good idea. Amanda says that she was kidding, but Daniel wants to synergize the karate demonstration with their auto group. Considering it, Amanda agrees.

Johnny leaves his dojo and Lynn banters with him. Kreese is there and tells Johnny that Daniel training Robby doesn't look good. He wonders how Johnny puts up with it, and tells him that he should train Robby. Kreese says that Johnny was the one who reminded him that anything is possible, and it's good that Johnny has Miguel... and Johnny should hope Daniel doesn't get hold of him.

Later, Johnny goes to the Diaz apartment and tells Miguel to go to a ride with him. They go to a diner and eat, and Johnny points out the hospital where Robby was born. He explains that he wasn't there because his mother had died and he was a mess, and being a father scared him. Johnny went on a bender and tried to work up the courage to go into the hospital, but never got there. He explains that he failed Robby on his first day and has been failing him ever since, and admits that he should have told Miguel a long time ago. Johnny says that teaching Miguel has been one of the best things in his life, and promises that he'll always be on his side and have his best interests at heart. Miguel thanks him and gets a call from Aisha saying that she heard about the Miyagi-do demo at ValleyFest.

The next day at ValleyFest, Sam and Robby are practicing for the demo. They tell Daniel that they have it, and he says that he has the finale covered. There are sheets of ice nearby, and Daniel tells them that they'll see what it's for.

That night, Sunny Mitchell introduces the demonstration. Daniel, Robby, and Sam do their moves, and then Robby and Sam come after a bo-wielding Daniel. He fends them off and the audience applauds, and then brings out a rack with six slabs of ice. The Cobra Kai students jog through the crowd to another stage and the audience follows them. Johnny yells at them to show the audience what real karate looks like, and the students "fight" as the crowd cheers. Miguel is the last one standing, and then Aisha breaks boards. Hawk pulls Demetri out of the audience and has him hold a board that he breaks in half with a flying kick. The students toss Cobra Kai towels out to the audience, and Johnny breaks six burning concrete blocks in half. Miguel tells Johnny that he did it, and Johnny says that they did it. Disgusted, Daniel goes off with Amanda, and Robby and Sam follow them.

Written by Gadfly on May 4, 2019

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