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The Moment of Truth Recap

Demetri goes to Cobra Kai and finds Kreese there, and says that Johnny is unhinged and is glad he's not there. He explains that students have been telling him to lie, and lays out how he doesn't want to be hit and has personal space issues. Demetri admires Kreese's cobra tattoo, and finds Kreese glaring at him. A minute later Demetri comes out with a bloody nose and runs off.

At Miyagi-do, Robby suggests to Sam that they take a video of them sparring and post it on the Internet. He figures that people show up for the offense and they need to show people that they can fight. Sam warns that it's a bad idea to start picking fights, and goes over to where Daniel is working on the car. She suggests that he teach them some karate, and Daniel talks about his first job as a car salesman. Daniel outsold the boss by treating people honestly, and figures that they need to get students by using the personal touch. He starts up the car and says that the three of them are going to take a drive.

Kreese tells the students about his military exploits. In the office, Johnny meets with Armand, who is raising his rent because he has more students. Johnny squeezes his hand and tells him to get out via the back door. Meanwhile, Miguel points out that Kreese has contradicted himself, and Kreese quickly agrees. Johnny goes out and tells everyone to fall in.

Johnny looks over the new recruits, and tells Raymond that he's too old. Raymond says that he's there to kick ass, and reminds Johnny that he sold him the mirror. Johnny warns him that he's too old, and Raymond says that he has plenty of cash to burn. After Johnny takes the money, he tells the new recruits that they have to fight and asks which one can take on Miguel. One of the students, Tory, says that she'll take him on. She asks if they can actually fight, and says that she likes a challenge. She starts by kicking Miguel, and the two of them fight. They exchange blows and Tory takes him down. Miguel takes her down and helps her up, and she pins him to the mat.

Daniel, Sam, and Robby drive along the beach, and Daniel explains that he's going to reach out to the parents and promise them he can help their children protect themselves. They arrive at the beach club and Amanda is waiting for him. Robby looks nervous and tells Sam that he used to work there and it wasn't a pretty thing.

Aisha runs into Tory at the convenience store, and Aisha says that her mother wants her to go to the beach club with her. She explains that she and Sam aren't on good terms, and admires Tory's bracelet. Tory explains that she fended off some guy who harassed her at the mall, and Aisha invites her to go to the beach with her as backup.

Demetri calls Hawk and says that Kreese committed aggravated assault. Hawk warns him not to do anything stupid, and Miguel comes out. His friend tells him that Demetri isn't Cobra Kai material. Miguel goes back inside and tells Johnny that Kreese roughed up Demetri. Johnny figures that Demetri deserved it, and Miguel says that Kreese's stories don't add up. His sensei says that Kreese has his issues but deserves a second chance, and he's on top of it.

At the club, Daniel talks with one of the fathers, Jack, about his son Kevin. He says that he's going old school at the dojo. Tory and Aisha arrive, and Sam sees Aisha. Robby notices Sam watching Aisha, and Sam figures that she should clear the air with Aisha but is pissed at Cobra Kai for upstaging them at ValleyFest. Robby says that she should talk with her friend, and Sam goes over to Aisha at the buffet table. She tries to make conversation with Aisha, who says that they're not okay. Aisha points out that Daniel attacked Cobra Kai, and Sam says that he's just trying to do the right thing. She starts to argue and then says that they should be fighting about boys and food rather than karate. Aisha notices Sam looking at Robby and figures that the two of them training together must be hard.

The manager, Marshall, spots Robby and reminds him that he told Robby to never come in. As he starts to call the cops, Amanda comes over and says that Robby is their guest. Marshall quickly apologizes and leaves, and Amanda asks Robby what was going on. He says that he before he met the LaRussos he was a different person, but he did bad things. Amanda says that they all mistakes and what they do next is what counts.

Johnny overhears Kreese threatening someone over the phone and comes in. Kreese says he was talking with the manager at his hotel and figures housekeeping walked off with one of his watches. Once he leaves, Johnny picks up his car keys.

Daniel continues talking with Jack and other fathers about bullying, and talks about his own dojo. Aisha's mother Sandra comes over and talks about how Johnny made Aisha tough. The fathers start talking about Cobra Kai and Sandra shows them video of the Cobra Kai's students demonstration.

Sam tells Aisha that Robby moved into their house, and insists that they're just friends. Tory comes over and shows them a bottle of vodka that she swiped from the bar. Sam warns that she could get into big trouble, and Aisha introduces Sam to Tory. Tory invites Aisha to drink with her and they go off together.

Johnny secretly follows Kreese and calls the hotel that Kreese claimed he was living at. Nobody there has heard of Kreese.

Daniel walks along the beach and sees a man who looks like Miyagi, fishing. It's not, and Daniel says that he looked like an old friend. The fisherman says that he hasn't had any bites but eventually the fish will find him as long as he's patient. Daniel says that he's more like his friend than he thought and walks off.

Robby tells Sam that he's sorry about Aisha, and Sam says that she can be friends with whoever she wants. Amanda notices that her wallet is missing, and Robby says that he'll check with the lifeguard. Tory and Aisha are laughing, and Sam goes over and asks if Tory knows where the wallet is. She threatens to call security if Tory doesn't hand it over, and Tory insists that she didn't rob Amanda. When she turns around, Sam grabs for her bag and Tory shoves her into the buffet table and walks off. Aisha tells Sam that she shouldn't have accused Tory of stealing and goes with her new friend.

Johnny follows Kreese to a building and watches as he goes in.

On the beach, Robby checks underneath the boardwalk and finds a stash of wallets. His former friends Trey and Cruz come down and Robby remembers them threatening him. He sets up his phone on record and then confronts them. Robby tells them that they're going to give everything back, and their friend Derek knocks Robby out from behind.

Johnny goes up the stairs and realizes that it's a halfway home. Kreese is confronting another man he thinks broke into his footlocker, and the manager Kathy comes in and warns Kreese to control his temper or she'll kick him out. Kreese apologizes and after Kathy and the man leave, Johnny comes in.

Derek grabs Robby as he wakes up, and Cruz prepares to cut Robby up. Daniel arrives and tells them to let him go. He takes down Cruz and Trey, and Derek drops Robby and comes after Daniel. Daniel drops him and leads Robby away.

Kreese tells Johnny that it was hard to tell him that he was down, and admits that all the stories he told were lies. Things got tough after he lost the dojo, and the army wouldn't take him because of the psych reports. One of Kreese's war buddies offered him a job but he refused it because he thought it was a hangout, and then Kreese got old and has been living in halfway homes. He heard about Johnny and figured that it was his second shot. Kreese wonders if he can be fixed, and Johnny tells him that it sounds like defeat and he was taught that fear doesn't exist. He says that Kreese has to do things his way if he wants a second chance, and offers his hand. Kreese takes it and calls him "sensei".

Sam ignores Aisha's text to her asking to talk. Robby goes into the dojo and Daniel tells him that he was doing what he thought was right. The teenager shows him the video that he took and figures that it could go viral, bringing in the students. Daniel considers it but refuses, saying that it's about defending oneself and others, not seeking credit. Miyagi took him in because he needed him, and they need to be patient and let those who need them find them. Demetri comes in and says that he wants to learn karate. Daniel tells him that he's come to the right place.

Johnny teaches his students and has Kreese take over. He whispers to Miguel that Kreese has it, and Kreese says that they have to strike the hardest when their opponent's guard is down.

Written by Gadfly on May 4, 2019

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