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All In Recap

Eli's mother is on the phone to the school principal complaining that Elis bullied and called names every day. The principal says that he'll make an announcement., and after she hangs up Eli tells his mother that they'll never stop making fun of him because he's a loser. He goes to his room crying.

Hawk goes to the tattoo parlor and gets a hawk tattoo on his back. Moon comes in and sees the moon tattoo on Hawk's chest, he says that he might have got it for her, they kiss, and they leave with Chris and Mitch carrying Hawk's bags for him.

Daniel has Eli paint his fence, and Eli suggests that Daniel just teach him the moves. They continue and Eli admits that he has trouble maintaining balance because of his disproportionate limbs. They continue training, and Eli gets a splinter and tired arms.

At Cobra Kai, Johnny and Kreese spar and ask the students what they do when they face two difficult choices. Johnny tells them to damn the consequences and power forward, and nobody wins by doing nothing. Afterward in the office, Johnny and Kreese share beers and Kreese points out that it's not right that Robby is with Daniel. When Johnny says that he's tried, Kreese tells him to go all in.

Sam, Aisha, and Tory go to a diner to eat, and Tory flicks water at Miguel, who is sitting nearby working on his laptop. She asks what he's doing, and Miguel works with a photo of Sam and says that he's going all in. Hawk goes over to where Chris and Mitch are sitting. Mitch shows Hawk a Yelp review of Cobra Kai dissing the place, and Hawk realizes that Demetri posted it.

Robby and Sam practice their moves on the platform, while Demetri comments from the side. Daniel calls Demetri over and Demetri gives him a note from his mother excusing him from extensive arm and leg movements. Daniel has his rehearse the movements from his chores and Demetri fails to block. He says that his whole life he's been less than popular but at least he had friends. His friends joined Cobra Kai and became alpha jerks, and Demetri wants to show he can fight back. Daniel tells him that Miyagi-do is about self-defense, not showing off, and Demetri says that his self is too weak and walks off.

Johnny goes to Robby's old apartment and finds an eviction notice on the door.

Robby and Sam go to eat at the mall courtyard and he shows her his driver license. Demetri sits down with them and tries to bond with them, and then goes to pick up the new arrivals at the comic bookstore.

Tory offers Miguel some of her brownie sundae, and then asks what he's doing. He shows her the video he's made of him and Sam, saying that his heart is broken without her. Tory tells him that it makes him look desperate, and he should act disinterested to get her back. She says that he should have fun and knows just the place.

Johnny drives to LaRusso Autogroup and Anoush realizes who he is. He's looking for Robby and asks where he is, and when Anoush refuses Johnny slams him against a car, punches him in the side, and demands to know where Robby is. Anoush says that Robby moved in with the LaRusso, and Johnny walks off in disgust.

At the comic book store, Hawk, Mitch, and Chris approach Demetri and Hawk tells him to take down his Yelp review. Demetri refuses and Hawk shoves him into a rack and repeats his order. Two more students move in, and Hawk says that either Demetri takes it down or they'll take him down. Demetri assumes a fighting stance and Hawk easily takes him down. When the owner yells at them, Demetri runs out and the five students go after him. He manages to lose them, and Chris has second thoughts, but Hawk tells them to split up and search.

Demetri arrives at the courtyard and discovers that Robby and Sam have disappeared. Hawk and his students move in, and Sam knocks them away. Robby joins them and Chris sides with Demetri. Using what Daniel has taught them, Robby and Sam take on the Cobra Kai students and win. Robby knocks out Hawk with a kick and Sam gives Demetri his meal.

Johnny drives home, drunk, and Carmen sees him. She figures that he's been drinking and takes him to her apartment.

At the LaRusso home, Robby and Sam are talking about what happened. Daniel arrives and confirms that they're okay, and assures them that he's proud of them because they protected others. He tells Robby that he's glad he's part of his family, and sees Robby sitting by himself in the next room. He goes in and says that some people learn faster than others, and he shouldn't be discouraged. Daniel bonds with him over Game of Thrones and says that it's taught them that anyone can be the hero. He has Demetri show him "sand the floor" slowly.

Moon is angry at Hawk when she learns what he did to Demetri. Hawk insists that Demetri is a nerd, and Moon tells him that she's not dating a bully and drives off. He goes into Cobra Kei and beats a bag in frustration. Kreese sees him and Hawk admits that they lost a fight against Miyagi-do. The older man says that they didn't lose and the fight is only over when Hawk says it is.

Johnny sobers up and admits that he and Daniel have issues and Daniel made his life miserable in high school. He just wants to finish it, and Carmen warns that she's seen similar situations where it doesn't end well. The only way to end a rivalry is to rise above it, and Johnny has to be the bigger man.

Miguel and Tory go to an abandoned playground, and Tory shoves him on his back and they watch as a jet passes directly overhead. She explains that the last flight over Burbank passes over at the same time every night. Miguel starts talking about him and Sam, and Tory complains. He says that he's still trying to figure out what Johnny meant by making a move, and Tory tells him to do it. After a moment, Miguel kisses her.

Robby finds Sam sitting by the fireplace toasting s'mores with peanut butter cups. She sets a marshmallow on fire and Robby blows it out, and they start to kiss. Robby stops after a moment and says that he doesn't want to mess up a good situation. They admit that it's awkward and stare at the fire.

Hawk and his students spray-paint the Miyagi-do sign and then go inside to "finish the fight".

The next morning Robby finds the dojo torn up. Daniel in inside and discovers that they took Miyagi's Medal of Honor. Sam calls them out and they discover that the words "Cobra Kai Never Dies" is spray-painted on Miyagi's yellow car. He gets in and drives off without a word.

At Cobra Kai, Miguel and Hawk are sparring when Daniel storms in and accuses him of tearing up his dojo. Johnny has no idea what he's talking about, and says that a mentor elevates rather than teach destruction. Daniel says that he doesn't earn a Medal of Honor by stealing it, and tells the class that Johnny doesn't know how to win at life. When Johnny objects, Daniel asks him what he's going to do about it since he won't throw the first punch. Johnny backs off, saying that he's going to be the bigger man. Once Daniel leaves, Chris says that he never liked it there and leaves. Other newer students go with him.

Written by Gadfly on May 5, 2019

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