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Take a Right Recap

Miyagi builds the dojo.

Daniel looks at the destruction done to the dojo and goes to work cleaning it up.

At Cobra Kai, Johnny puts his students through exercises and tells the person responsible to admit that he trashed the Miyagi dojo. Hawk remains silent, and Johnny sys that they don't teach bullshit like that anymore. Raymond gasps out that he wouldn't do it, and Kreese wonders who is going to break as he glances at Hawk. Johnny takes a phone call from his friend, who says that it's bad.

Mitch asks for a water break and Kreese gives them a two-minute break. He then tells Hawk to say nothing and he'll handle it, and Hawk agrees. Johnny comes out and tells Kreese that he has to deal with something, and tells Kreese to do what he has to do to figure out who did it.

Demetri, Sam, and Robby clean up the dojo, and Sam assures Robby that nothing happened so there's no reason to feel uncomfortable. Chris and the other former Cobra Kai students arrive and say that they want to train. Robby remembers Chris from the attack at the mall, and Chris insists that they had nothing to do with dashing Miyagi-do but they want to learn Miyagi-do karate. Demetri warns about letting Cobra Kais in, but Daniel says that they're happy to have them.

Johnny drives to the San Bernardino Hospice Center and his friend Bobby greets him. Bobby admits that he's been doing a lot of praying recently, and says that "he" will be glad to see him. Johnny goes into the room and finds his high school friend Tommy lying in a bed. Tommy is glad to see Johnny and they talk as Bobby watches from the door. Bobby reminds him that he's a pastor, not a priest, and Bobby figures that he's done fighting. He says that Johnny was always the easiest fighter. Jimmy comes in and greets his friends. The nurse comes in to tend to Bobby, and Johnny and the others go out to wait. Jimmy says that Tommy can sign out for 24 hours, but wonders if he can make it to the car. Bobby says that they're going to take Tommy on a road trip to give him a wild night to remember. They hear Tommy's monitor flatline, and go into find him removing the monitors. Smiling, Tommy says that they should get the hell out of there.

Kreese runs the students through exercises, and Miguel tells Tory that they need to figure out who did it. She says that Mitch did it, and Mitch takes offense. Kreese stops and says that it was all of them. When one of them makes a move, they all make a move because they're all Cobra Kai. He then tells them that they're about to begin their real training.

Daniel calls Amanda and says that he's going to miss a second sales meeting because he has to deal with the students. He hears arguing and hangs up on his wife. Outside, Demetri and Chris are arguing., and Daniel tells them to pick up an overturned stone together through teamwork.

The four friends get on their motorcycles, put on their skull masks, and ride to Big Bear Lake. They go to a bar and talk about old times in high school. Johnny mentions Ali dumping him, and Jimmy apologizes for bringing it up. They share a toast to Dutch, who is in prison, and Johnny says that he opened a karate dojo and it's called Cobra Kai. His friends are surprised that he brought back Cobra Kai, and Johnny says that's not all that's back.

Kreese has Tory and Mitch spar, and after Tory takes down Mitch, Kreese tells her to hit him again and show her enemy no mercy. As she prepares to strike, Miguel says that it's not what Johnny is teaching them. Kreese says that in the real world it's about not scoring points and there are no losers in Cobra Kai.

Daniel asks his students what the purpose is of karate. One student recites the Cobra Kai mantra, and Daniel tells them that they've been brainwashed.

Outside, Robby tells Sam that he can't believe Daniel let the Cobra Kai students in there. He doesn't believe that they'll change.

Demetri tells Chris that brute strength will only get him so far, and suggests that they use a fulcrum. He improvises a fulcrum with a board and rock but the board breaks. Demetri says that it's all just some scheme and Chris shoves Demetri down. Daniel comes out and says that he used to be a Cobra Kai so he knows people can change.

Johnny's friends warn that Kreese is bad news, but Johnny insists that people can change and he's trying to change Cobra Kai and Kreese is onboard. They figure Kreese has something up his sleeve, but Johnny figures everyone deserves a second chance. Tommy says that he's going to pool and invites his friends to play with them, and Johnny agrees.

A bar thug is hitting on the world, and Johnny gets in his face and says that they're next. The thug insults Tommy and grabs Johnny, and Johnny punches him. A bar fight breaks out, and Jimmy and Bobby jump in. The older man defeat the thug and the other clients that jump in thanks to their karate training, The waitress slides a beer mug to Johnny, who breaks it over the thug's head.

Daniel tells his students that Cobra Kai sells power and he was weak when he joined them. He explains that after he won the championship, he joined Cobra Kai and learned to strike first without mercy. It turned him into an angry kid, and warns that anyone can be seduced by Cobra Kai. Daniel admits that Cobra Kai makes people feel stronger and tougher, but Miyagi took him back. All that matters is that right now, they are all Miyagi-do.

Miguel is hitting a bag when Tory comes in, kisses him, and hands him some blocking pads. Tory kicks them and says that Kreese was right, and Miguel wonders if what Kreese is telling them feels wrong. The girl says that when she was young, her mother worked at a restaurant and brought her and Tory's brother leftovers. The manager found out and fired her on the spot, and Tory says that the world shows no mercy and they have to fight for everything.

Working together, Demetri and Chris raise the stone enough to move it back into position. Daniel says that when they work as a team, anything is possible.

That night, Johnny and the others make a fire and Johnny assures Tommy that he still has some moves. Tommy tells Johnny that he was in love with Ali in freshman year, but Johnny asked her out first. He joined Cobra Kai to get the balls Johnny had. Johnny says that he never really got over Ali, and Tommy tells him that Johnny still has time to meet someone new and change his life. He advises his friend to do what he wants to do, and Johnny tells him that he wants to make sure his students don't look back at their lives like he does, filled with regret. Tommy assures him that he'll do it because he's the champ.

The next day, Daniel has his students old and new perform katas with him.

Miguel approaches Kreese at Cobra Kai and apologizes for what he said the day before about challenging his lesson. Kreese tells him that he honors Johnny with his allegiance, and Johnny's heart is in the right place but he's a little mixed up. He says that together they'll make sure that Johnny gets back on track, and Miguel agrees.

At the fire, Johnny wakes up when he hears Bobby and Jimmy trying to wake up the dead Tommy.

Kreese tells the students that Cobra Kai is not a hobby or a club. He says that they're their brothers and sisters.

Johnny and the others call an ambulance, and they confirm that Tommy is dead.

Kreese says that they're Cobra Kai for life, because Cobra Kai never dies.

Written by Gadfly on May 5, 2019

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