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Lull Recap

Amanda wakes up in the morning and discovers that Daniel has already gone. She calls him and Daniel says that he's at the dojo and wanted to get an early start on the lesson plan. Amanda asks if he's coming into the auto group and reminds him that they have a meeting with Anoush, and Daniel says that he'll be there. He hangs up and finds Kreese hitting one of his sparring bags. Kreese thanks Daniel for taking their weakest "soldiers" from their ranks. He says that he won't let Johnny lose again, and peace is just the lull between battles. Kreese says that there will be consequences for attacking Cobra Kai, and tells Daniel that his students will be ready.

Moon invites Sam over to try her new smoothie, and Sam admits that she's been missing her. She realizes that Sam has a crush, and Sam finally admits that she has one on Robby. Sam says that they haven't kissed yet, and Moon wonders if Miguel knows. Moon tells her that she can't hide from her heart, and helps her pick out clothes.

Johnny returns to Cobra Kai after Tommy's funeral and Miguel offers his condolences. Miguel says that Kreese is tough but knows what it takes to win. Johnny goes into his office and Kreese says that he cleaned up the place and dealt with the bills. He's hung a photo of himself as a soldier up on the wall, and Johnny tells his students that training starts. The students come over and Miguel says that they were going into the woods for special training. Kreese tells Johnny that he thought it was a good time to separate the men from the boys at Coyote Creek. When Johnny worries that they're not ready, Hawk says that they're ready and Kreese tells them that it's up to Johnny. Johnny gives in and thy pack to leave.

The students wait out in the garden in the heat wave, and Daniel wonders what he's got them into. He then tells them that it's time to get to work, and he says that they're going to exercise during the hottest day of the year like the Japanese do. Daniel says that he wants to see if they're ready.

At Coyote Creek, Johnny and Kreese divide the teams into the black and red. The goal is to capture as many headbands as possible from the other side. Kreese says that the people on the other side are the enemy, and the last team standing wins. They get the headbands by any means possible, and Johnny tells them to use their judgement. Kreese says that if they lose, they die. Raymond arrives late with his beard trimmed, and says that they can call him "Stingray". Johnny puts him on Kreese's team.

Daniel has the students come at Robby, and Sam manages to tag Robby. Demetri enters the circle next and has Chris attack him. Chris hits him and another student comes at Demetri and takes him down. Sam suggests that they take a break, and Daniel says that he can help them col off.

Tory and Miguel go off and Tory says that if it comes down to the two of them then she'll go for h is headband. Miguel chuckles, and an opposing team member comes at them. They easily defeat him and take his headband, and walk off. Johnny secretly watches them.

Daniel takes his students to a freezer and says that they have to adapt to the environment around them. He tells them to lean into the cold and heighten their senses, anticipating their opponent. Amanda calls Daniel and he steps aside to take it.

At the auto group, Amanda and Anoush wait. Daniel texts Anoush, who tells Amanda that Daniel says that he' not coming. Once he leaves, Amanda calls Daniel and gets his voice mail.

Mitch moves through the woods, and Hawk drops down on him and takes his headband. Hawk shows him the stolen Medal of Honor and says that he's earned it. Miguel sees Hawk as he walks off.

Daniel returns to the locker, and Sam defends herself against the attacks. Robby attacks her and the lock up, and Demetri goes into the circle next. He takes a kick and Daniel tells him to focus, ignoring more calls from Amanda.

Aisha returns to the others, and says that everyone is out except Hawk and Miguel.

Demetri tells Daniel that he can't do it, and Daniel tells him that he's neurotic and should use it to his advantage. The teenager gives it a try and this time he anticipates the attacks against him and defends himself against Chris. The next student kicks him and Daniel tells him that it takes baby steps. He checks his phone and sees Amanda calls. Samuel comes over and asks if everything is okay, and Daniel says the exercise is over and leaves.

Miguel and Hawk confront each other and Miguel says that he's the one who trashed Miyagi-do. Hawk insists that they're the enemy and figures that it's about Sam. He tells Miguel to come and take the medal, and the two fight. The other students hear them and go over to investigate. Miguel finally takes Hawk down and takes his headband and the Medal. He holds up the headband to the other students, and Kreese tells him to finish Hawk. Miguel knocks out Hawk and declares his team the winner, and the students congratulate him. Kreese tells Johnny that Miguel is developing a killer instinct. Raymond emerges from the hole he dug for himself, grabs Miguel by the neck, takes his headband, and declares his team the winner. Kreese congratulates him and Johnny tells Miguel that's not how he taught him to fight. Miguel says that it's not what Kreese taught him, and Johnny asks him if that's how he wants to live his life.

Sam approaches Robby in the dojo and they talk about the training. Robby says that he likes the heat and they kiss.

Daniel arrives at the auto group and Amanda tells him that Anoush quit because Cole offered him more money. They were going to offer Anoush more money, but Daniel bailed. Amanda points out that Daniel promised that he'd balance them, and says that she's been running the business by herself and waking up to an empty bed. Daniel insists that he's been giving the kids a means to self-defend himself, and his wife tells him that he's lost focus on everything else that matters before walking off.

Robby is in the LaRusso home and hears a knock at the door. He opens it and finds Miguel there, and he says that he came to return the Medal. He insists that he had nothing to do with what happened to the dojo, says that they're not all assholes, and asks Robby to tell Sam that he's sorry. Robby closes the door, and when Sam comes down says that they had the wrong house and hides the Medal. She kisses Robby and goes to her bedroom.

At Cobra Kai, Johnny tells Kreese that they need to talk about what he's been teaching the students. Kreese says that he's been training them to strike without mercy, and Johnny tells him that Cobra Kai needs to change and what Kreese taught before didn't work then. He insists that Cobra Kai will always be bad-ass, but there's a difference between mercy and honor. Kreese tells him that in a war the enemy doesn't fight with honor. Johnny doesn't care, saying the students don't need to learn from their mistakes. Kreese tells him that he's weak, like when he backed down from Daniel's challenge. He insists that he's responsible for Johnny and he's still his student, and figures that Johnny will let his guard down and it will make him vulnerable. Johnny tells him that it's his dojo and he makes the rules, and then says that he thought it could work but he was wrong. He orders Kreese out, and Kreese leaves without a word.

Written by Gadfly on May 5, 2019

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