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Glory of Love Recap

Johnny leaves his apartment and goes to Carmen's apartment, and says that he's there for her. He comes in and kisses her, and Carmen kisses him back. A music video begins, and Johnny and Carmen alternating between kissing and fighting, and Carmen sits on a table and pours beer into Johnny's mouth.

Laying in his bed, Johnny sleeps and dreams.

Daniel is sleeping on the couch and wakes up when his mother Lucille comes in. She assures her son that she has everything she needs, and Daniel claims that he's working on a fever and that's why he's sleeping on the couch. Lucille doesn't believe him

In the dojo, Sam and Robby are kissing. She finally says that he should be leading warm-ups, and they'll have to tell her parents at sometime. He says that it's not the right time, and they'll wait until it is. Demetri finds the Medal sitting on the rocks, and Sam and Robby come out. Robby claims that it was there the entire time.

Johnny leaves his apartment and goes to Carmen's apartment. Before he can knock, Carmen and Graham walks up and kiss. Carmen figures that Johnny is there for Miguel, and introduces Graham. They go into Carmen's apartment.

Amanda arrives at the auto group and finds lunch on her desk. Daniel comes in and says that he already finished the inventory statements. Amanda says that she has lunch with the sales team elsewhere and tells Daniel to enjoy.

At Cobra Kai, Miguel suggests that they have a date at the roller rink where Tory works. She agrees but tells him that it's 80s night. Hawk comes in and Miguel asks if they're cool after Coyote Creek. His friend says that they were enemies for a day but they're Cobra Kai for life.

Johnny cleans Kreese's stuff out of his office, then goes out into the dojo and tells the students that they're going to learn the most important lesson a Cobra Kai can gain. Hawk and Raymond ask where Kreese is, and Johnny tells them that Kreese will no longer be joining them. He says that he's looking out for their best interests and explains that Kreese didn't have their best interests. Johnny explains that Kreese no longer represents Cobra Kai, and Kreese refused to move forward. Miguel says that they have to move forward to adapt, and Johnny tells them that following the "strike first" creed will make them strong but also an asshole. He says that in Cobra Kai they look at the grey area, and have to use their heads as well as their fists. Johnny snaps a board with a head butt and tells them to grab a partner.

As the students break boards with their heads, Miguel approaches Johnny and offers to listen if Johnny wants to talk about Kreese. Johnny says that he's fine and tells him to focus on class in class rather than Tory. Miguel offers to set Johnny up with women via an app, and says that Carmen is doing well with Graham.

Amanda is showing workers in and discovers that Daniel is having his students wax cars. He tells Amanda that he's trying to apologize and asks what else he can do, and Amanda says that eventually he'll go back to his old ways.

At Johnny's apartment, Miguel downloads a dating app and tells Johnny to take it seriously. Johnny insists that he's an 80s kind of guy and Miguel says that he'll figure out what to put in, gives Johnny the phone, and picks out his clothing. A woman sends a photo of herself, and Miguel asks to borrow one of Johnny's jackets for 80s night.

Sam and Robby are kissing in the kitchen when Lucille comes in with groceries. She asks Sam to bring in some bags, and Robby goes with Sam. Robby suggests that they go out some night.

Johnny meets with a woman who shows him photos of kids. He talks about how he body slammed a kid in his class who was texting. The next woman reads email on her Smartwatch and isn't impressed when Johnny talks about his Smartphone. The next woman talks about all of her modern issues, and doesn't fall for Johnny's line. The fourth woman, Judy, arrives and Johnny realizes that she's the woman that had him fired when he put in her TV. They argue and Judy walks off.

Daniel is looking through a scrapbook including photos of their family. Lucille comes in and they find a photo of the auto group grand opening. His mother says that Amanda will eventually come around, and reminds him of when he and his father went to Coney Island. Daniel points out that he got sick about that time, and Lucille talks about the line at a ride and the smallest moment. It was just the three of them, and Lucille's husband held her hand , put his head on her shoulder, and told her that he loved her.. Lucille says that she only wanted to know that he was there for her no matter what, and Daniel says that he loves her.

At the bar, Johnny texts Ali and says that he signed up, and suggests that they connect sometime. He figures that he's too desperate, and a woman--Melissa--bumps into him and offers to make him a drink to make it up to him. Johnny accepts.

Sam and Robby arrive at 80s night at the rink in costume. Tory roller-skates by and Sam asks her for a menu. Miguel comes over and they all recognize each other, and Tory tells him that she and Sam had a run-in at the beach club. Tory goes back to work and makes a show of kissing Miguel, and Robby leads Sam off.

Johnny bonds with Melissa, who says that she dumped the apps completely and dating should be sample. He agrees and Melissa asks him to get her a beer. Once she leaves, Graham is at a nearby table and telling a friend that Carmen is good for a few bangs and then he'll drop her.

At the rink, Robby and Sam skate and Sam admits that it's weird running into his ex and Tory is the worse. Robby tells her that there's good in everyone and she has to be shown the right way. The DJ plays a song Robby requested for Sam, and Sam's skate breaks. She goes over to the rental to get a new one, and Miguel comes over. Sam says that she knows enough about Tory, and Tory sees them talking. As she comes over, Miguel accuses Sam of dating Robby and she says that it isn't a date. He doesn't believe it, and tells Sam that he wanted to clear the air but figures that it's a lost cause.

Melissa talks Harleys with Johnny, but he's too busy watching Graham pick up a woman. Johnny apologizes and says that he has to go, and follows Graham out into the alleyway. He advises Graham to just break it up with Carmen if he's going to dump her later, and Graham tells him to bugger off. Graham shoves Johnny in the chest, and Johnny drops him. He tells Graham to leave her, and Graham promises that he'll leave her alone.

As Sam puts on her skates, Robby comes over. Tory knocks Sam over and claims that it's an accident, and Sam knocks her over. Miguel blames Sam and helps Tory up, and the security guard figures that Sam is responsible and orders her out. Sam glares at Tory as she leaves.

Daniel goes to Amanda's office wearing a tux and tells her to forget the business and remember 16 years ago at the grand opening. He shows her the photo of the two of them.

Daniel takes a pregnant Daniel out to the back seat of a car, pours sparkling cider, and says that he's toasting to them having something of theirs. They drink and Daniel turns on the music, and pours real champagne.

Amanda admits that it was a good night for the dealership, and Daniel tells her to forget the dealership and he remembers the two of them together mapping out their future. He admits that he's been MIA at the business because of Cobra Kai and missing Miyagi, and opening up the dojo made it feel like Miyagi was back in his life. Daniel figures that if Miyagi was there he'd tell him to forget karate and focus on what's important. Amanda wonders what that is and they kiss in the back seat of a car in the auto group.

Johnny is going home and finds Carmen waiting outside her apartment. She says that Graham stood her up and Johnny tells her that she deserves a guy who shows up and anyone would be lucky to go on a date with her. Carmen wonders if she's asking her on a date, and Johnny asks what if he is.

Written by Gadfly on May 5, 2019

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