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Pulpo Recap

Sam performs katas on the beach.

Tory beats a bag.

Sam works with the other students at Miyagi-do, and performs katas with Robby.

Tory spars in the dojo, and she kisses Miguel.

Robby and Sam kiss.

Miguel takes video of Tory beating a bag, and Sam sees it.

Sam and Robby return home and Sam asks if Robby is ready to tell her parents about them. He agrees and they go to living room and find Daniel and Amanda talking with Shannon. He sits down with his mother and Shannon apologizes to him for abandoning him and not being there for him. Shannon says that she wants to make things right, but she has to leave again. Robby wonders where she's going, and Shannon explains that she's going into rehab. She wants to change for her son, and Robby says that it's great. Daniel and Amanda have said that Robby is welcome to stay with them, and Shannon suggests that he could stay with Johnny. Robby refuses, and Shannon says that part of the reason for their bad relationship is her fault. She insists that Johnny cares about Robby and wants him in his life.

Carmen is preparing to go out to dinner with Johnny, and tells Rosa that she's not sure how she feels about him. Rosa doesn't believe her, and Johnny picks up Carmen.

Sam Skypes with Moon and tells her what happened at the roller rink. Moon points out that they both moved and invites Sam to come over for a party. Amanda knocks at the door and after Sam signs off, she tells Sam that she and Daniel are going to the club for dinner and dancing. She tells Sam to have fun and make good choices. Once Amanda leaves, Sam texts Moon that she's in and picks out an alluring outfit. She sees a stuffed octopus on the closet floor and remembers when Miguel won it for her.

Johnny takes Carmen to a Spanish restaurant and says that Miguel is a good man. Carmen explains that Miguel has a new girlfriend. Daniel and Amanda come in, and Johnny and Daniel see each other. Amanda tries to make the best of it and introduces herself to Carmen, and the hostess says that the only table they have is the one next to Johnny's. Daniel asks Johnny if it will be fine if they sit there, and Johnny says that it is. Amanda tells the hostess that they have warring karate dojos and orders a strong drink.

Sam and Robby arrives at Moon's place as the other dojo students arrive Robby says that he could use a distraction from the situation with Shannon. They go in and find the Cobra Kai students there drinking. The two sides glare at each other, and Tory and Miguel come in. Tory says that they should go, and Moon comes over and greets Sam. She says that she figured they could stop all the fighting and be friends again, and get rid of all of the negative energy. Moon tells Sam to clear her chakras and have some fun.

The hostess brings the drinks and Daniel glances at Johnny's beer. He tells him to enjoy it, and Johnny talks to Carmen about how so many kids want to join his dojo. Daniel talks about how his students have heart, and Amanda figures that it's happening. Johnny and Daniel spar back and forth until Amanda asks if they're done. Carmen explains that she's MIguel's mother and talks to Amanda about dating in high school. She suggests that they push the table together despite Daniel and Johnny's objections.

The partygoers watch a student dance, and Nathaniel goes next. Raymond arrives with his date Fawn, who thought she was going to an adult party. Demetri and Tory have a drinking contest and Tory wins. Sam and Robby come out and Tory invites Sam to play. Sam tells her to give her a cup, and the two of them get up on stools and drink.

Carmen and Amanda talk while Johnny and Daniel glare at each other. They order and Johnny suggests that the hostess write it down but she says that she has it. Daniel also wonders if she should write it down, and after she leaves Daniel figures that she'll screw it up. Amanda and Carmen go to the restroom despite Daniel's objections.

Tory and Sam drink, and Sam insists that she can handle it. Inside, Hawk and Mitch glare at Moon as she talks to a boy. A girl, Piper, comes in and Hawk tells Mitch the best way to get a girl is to make her want what she can't have. He goes over and compliments Piper on her hair, and says that she can touch his hair. Moon comes over and kisses Piper, and then introduces her girlfriend to Hawk. Hawk says that it's awesome and leaves.

Johnny eats appetizers and Daniel says that he's surprised to see him at a restaurant. When Johnny says that he's just trying to run a business, Daniel accuses him of vandalizing his dojo. Daniel says that Kreese showed up to threaten him, and Johnny tells him that Kreese is gone and not coming back. He thought that Kreese could change but he was wrong so he pushed him away, and wants Cobra Kai to be better. Amanda and Carmen come back and the two men say that they were just catching up. Daniel explains that they enrolled Robby in high school, and Johnny says that it's good and Robby should never have dropped out. The waitress brings their food and Carmen realizes that she screwed up her offer. Once she leaves, Johnny and Daniel agree that waitresses have to write down the orders.

Hawk watches Moon and Piper kiss, and Demetri sits down next to his former friend . He asks if Hawk checked out the new trailer, and Hawk says that he doesn't watch "nerd shit". Despite that, he's interested in what Demetri has to say and asks about the new Doctor on Doctor Who. Demetri sees Hawk watching Moon and tells him to move on, and Hawk insists that defeat does not exist. His friend tells him that he needs a dose of inner peace and it's worked for him. Hawk dumps his beer on Demetri's head, says that he's a pussy, and walks away.

Sam and Tory continue drinking, and Tory calls for vodka instead of beer. Using her training, Sam keeps her balance and finishes off the shot. Tori falls off of her stool and tells Miguel to leave her alone while she goes to clean up.

Johnny and Daniel drink and talk about old times, and music starts playing. Daniel invites Amanda to drink, and Carmen offers to show Johnny how to dance. The couples go out on the dance floor and dance, and Carmen shows Johnny the basic steps and tells him to look at her eyes instead of his feet. Johnny gets into it and orders another round.

Robby finds Sam drinking and tells her to stop. Sam asks if he's her babysitter or her boyfriend. He goes to get some food, and Aisha comes over and tells Sam to slow down. Sam accuses her of tearing up Miyagi-do, and Aisha insists that she, Miguel, and Tory had nothing to do with it. Aisha says that Miguel took the Medal to the LaRusso house and gave it to Robby, and Sam says that she needs some air.

Demetri goes to the mike and makes a toast to Eli, then says that he calls himself Hawk now. He says that Hawk is still Eli, his former binary brother and now a zero. Hawk tells Demetri to stop, but Demetri describes how Hawk cried when Dobby died in the Harry Potter movies. Hawk wants to shut him up, and Mitch reminds him what Johnny said about showing mercy.

The two couples leave the restaurant and Daniel tells Johnny that it was kind of fun. He says that they don't have to be at war just because they have rival dojos, and Johnny says that Kreese is the one who cares about war. Daniel offers his hand and Johnny shakes it. Johnny and Carmen leave in Johnny's car, and Daniel and Amanda kiss.

Miguel finds Sam out at the pool and asks if she's okay. She dismissively says that she's fine, and then says that she didn't know he returned the Medal. Sam says that it was important to her family and to her, and Miguel says that he's glad she got it back. She stumbles and falls, and Miguel kisses her. They kiss and Tory watches them from inside. After a moment Miguel pulls away and says that they shouldn't have because they're with other people, and Sam walks away.

Demetri continues talking about Hawk's past and how he wets the bed. The guests live, and Hawk heads over to Demetri. Chris and Robby block him, and the two sides face off. Moon tells them to stop because they're friends. Before a fight can break out, the cops arrive outside. Hawk yells to Demetri that he'll see him in jail, and everyone runs out. Robby finds Sam and says that they have to go, and she says that Daniel will freak out if he finds her there.

Miguel asks Aisha if she's seen Tory, but she hasn't.

Johnny takes Carmen home and after a moment they kiss at her door. Johnny wishes her good night and Carmen goes inside. At his apartment, Johnny gets a beer and complains to himself that he should have invited Carmen in. Robby arrives at his door with a drunken Sam and greets his father.

Written by Gadfly on May 5, 2019

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