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No Mercy Recap

Daniel and Amanda wake up together in bed, and Amanda says that the night before was fun. Amanda wonders if the kids heard them. Daniel goes to check on Sam and discovers that she's not there and her bed hasn't been slept in. Anthony comes by and says that he hasn't seen Sam since he comes home from camp. Amanda tries to call Sam and gets her voice mail, and she can't reach Robby. Moon asks Sam if she is okay after drinking, and Daniel locates Sam's phone and finds out where she is.

At Johnny's apartment, Sam sleeps on the bed and Robby looks at Johnny's old trophies. There are also sketches that he made for Johnny as a kid. Johnny is making breakfast, and Robby comes out and thanks him for letting them crash there. His father says that he's going to have to tell Daniel about Sam, and Robby asks his father to let him take the blame.

Daniel drives up to the address and sees Johnny's car parked outside. He knocks at the door and Johnny tells Robby to go in the other room. Johnny then opens the door and says that Sam had a crazy night. He refuses to let Daniel come in until he cools off, and Daniel kicks the door and barges in. Johnny attacks him and Sam hears the noise as Johnny knocks him into a shelf. Sam and Robby come out and tell them to stop, and Robby says that it's his fault and he brought Sam there. Daniel says that if Robby wants to end up like Johnny that's up to him but he's not taking Sam with him, and takes her home.

At West Valley High School, the students arrive for the first day of class. Miguel texts Tory but gets no response, and Aisha says that she won't text her either.

Daniel pulls up with Sam, and Sam apologizes again. Her father tells her to come to him or Amanda when she gets in trouble, not Johnny, and Sam says that it's her fault. Unimpressed, Daniel says that he needs to focus on his family rather than Robby and tells her to focus on class.

Johnny drives Robby to school, and Robby says that he feels bad about what happened. He says that Daniel was good to him and Miyagi-do helped him out. Miguel calls Johnny, but he ignores it. Robby suggests that Johnny and Daniel could learn something from each other, and thanks Johnny for driving him there.

Miguel gets Johnny's voice mail. Meanwhile, Robby finds Sam and she tells him that she should have just gone to her house and been honest with her parents. He says that it's his fault as well and says that they shouldn't lie from now on. Robby then tells Sam that Miguel gave him the Medal and he put it in the backyard so someone would find it. He admits that he didn't want Miguel to earn any points with her, and he felt insecure. Sam thanks him for his honesty and starts to tell him about kissing Miguel. The bell rings and Robby goes to his class.

Alice welcomes the students to their classes over the intercom. Miguel tells Hawk that he kissed Sam but is still dating Tory, and Hawk doesn't see the problem. A teen comes over and tells Hawk that he wet his bed until he was 13 and there's nothing to be ashamed of. Hawk tells him to get out of his face.

Principal Lopez meets with Raymond, who wants to get a job as a security guard. Raymond admits that he has no experience but boasts about winning the Coyote Creek contest, and says that he'll eventually have a yellow belt.

Tory grabs the loudspeaker mike and tells Sam that she's going to pay for what she did, and she's coming for her. The bell rings and the students leave their classes. Tory confronts Sam in the hallway, and Miguel and Robby run to the confrontation.

The students watch as Sam and Tory circle each other, and Tory says that she saw Sam kiss Miguel. Robby arrives in time to hear it and stares at Sam in shock, and Tory punches her. The two girls fight and Robby pulls Tory off. Miguel tackles Robby, and Demetri runs to get a teacher. Hawk arrives, says that it's on, and he and the other Cobra Kais start attacking the Miyagi-do students. Mitch comes after Chris and knocks him away when Mitch throws the first punch. Nicholas and Bert fight, and Aisha gets into a girl who tries to stop her when she tries to stop the fight. Moon yells for everyone to get along, and then ducks.

Lopez and Raymond arrive and Raymond says that he'll handle it. He uses his own martial art skills to take down the Miyagi-do students, high-fiving Hawk as he goes. The fighting goes into the lobby and everyone gathers to watch. Demetri returns with Mr. Palmer, who sees another teacher get beaten and walks away. Hawk spots Demetri and goes after him.

Robby fights Miguel and says that he can't cheat his way out of it. Miguel knocks him back and then goes after Tory and Sam, and Robby renews his attack. Two Cobra Kai students grab Robby and tells Miguel to get to Tory.

Mitch knocks Chris down and says that he should have stayed in Cobra Kai and been a bad ass. Chris grabs a book and hits Mitch in the face, knocking him out.

Hawk follows Demetri into the computer lab and says that he's coming for him. He finds Demetri and Demetri runs.

Miguel tells Tory to stop, and she kicks him in the back. He stares at her in shock.

Robby breaks free and goes after Sam, and Miguel trips him.

Bert knocks Nicholas' glasses off, and Nicholas beats him to the floor and punches him until a security guard pulls him off.

Tory grabs Sam by the hair and drags her down the stairs, and Sam shoves her away. Tory puts on a spiked wristband and says that there are no rules.

Hawk catches up to Demetri, who manages to block him. He finally knocks Hawk into a trophy case with a spin kick, and then apologizes.

Tory cuts Sam's arm and knocks her down, and prepares to punch her in the face. Sam blocks her blow and kicks her down the stairs.

Miguel takes Robby down and beats him. He says that Sam doesn't want Robby, and Robby renews his attack. Miguel finally pins him to the floor and remembers what Johnny told him about the difference between mercy and honor. He says that he's sorry and releases Robby, who kicks him over the railing. Miguel falls onto the railing two floors below, hitting his back. A security guard calls an ambulance, and Sam asks Robby what he did. Robby runs off as the students gather to look at the unconscious Miguel.

Daniel finds Robby's book about the history of Okinawan karate. Amanda runs in and says that she got a call from the school.

Johnny gets a call but can't figure out how to answer it. He hears Carmen scream. When he takes Carmen and Rosa to the hospital, the doctor tells them that the next 24 hours are critical and that they're doing everything they can. Johnny apologizes to Carmen, who says that Miguel was a sweet boy who avoided fights until he met Johnny. She tells Johnny that she never wants to see him again and walks off.

Daniel and Amanda check on Sue, who is having her arm stitched up. She doesn't care about Tory and blames herself, and Daniel assures her that it isn't. Johnny watches from the doorway and realizes that he got a voice mail from Miguel. He checks it and Miguel says that he'll come by the dojo after school so they can talk about his girl problems.

Johnny takes the elevator down, and Daniel gets in with him. They go down without a word and go their separate ways.

That night, Johnny drives to the dojo with a bottle of alcohol. He discovers that the door is already unlocked and goes in. He hears students chanting and goes into the converted storage room. Kreese is training his students there, and he says that they have a visitor. Kreese tells Johnny that he let his student down, and they needed someone to remind them what it takes to win. Hawk tells Johnny that Miguel is in the hospital because of what Johnny taught Miguel, and Kreese says that it's his dojo now. He explains that when Johnny was out of town, he talked to the landlord and got the man to rent the place to him. Kreese tells Johnny that he founded Cobra Kai and it belongs to him, and always has and always will. He promises that he will never let his students lose, even if they have to learn the hard way. He says that Johnny will thank him one day for what he's doing, and Johnny tells him that it's a mistake and Kreese can have Cobra Kai. As Johnny leaves, Kreese has his students continue their lesson.

Daniel goes to the hospital and discovers that Sam is gone. Amanda is there and says that she's having x-rays because she might have cracked a rib. Daniel promises that Cobra Kai won't get away with it, and Amanda tells him that their rivalry has put Sam in the hospital. She insists that the karate is over and leaves.

The next morning, Johnny sits on the beach and drinks. He remembers mentoring Miguel and sharing his triumphs, and how he promised he'd always have his best interests at heart.

Daniel takes down the photo of MIyagi, says that he did his best, but failed, and puts the photo away.

Johnny remembers telling Carmen that he wouldn't let Miguel go astray, and smashes his bottle against his car. When his phone rings, Johnny throws it down the beach and walks away. On the beach, the phone shows that Ali has sent Johnny a friend request.

Written by Gadfly on May 5, 2019

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