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Will the Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up? Recap

Kara and Lena prepare to leave on Lena's private jet, heading for Kaznia, and Lena insists on going along so that Lex knows it was her.

Alex and Kelly go juggling and notice the military out for the martial law. As they talk about how James has superpowers, Alex gets a call. Once she hangs up, Alex tells Kathy that the adoption agency called and she's going to be a mother.

At the funeral service for Lydia, George talks about his mother. Ben sits in the pews and listens as George says that Lydia will always be there for him and he loves her. He then stares at Ben as he leaves the church.

At the DEO, Ben asks where they are with finding Dreamer. Reiff isn't sure, and Ben reminds her that they monitor aliens and hunt them down, and Dreamer is an alien. He asks Reiff about the alien who killed his wife, and then tells everyone that an illegal alien has commandeered their airwaves and called for an uprising against the government. Ben orders them to find every alien and human she's working with, and find out how James got superpowers.

At the Fortress of Solitude, Brainiac-5and Nia test James' fireproof skin with flamethrowers. She prepares to hit him with a weapon, and Brainiac-5 gets a text that Ben is at the DEO. Alex is dealing with a personal matter and Haley is in DC trying to get Ben's clearance revoked. Brainiac-5 heads to the DEO to handle Ben, and Nia prepares to hit James with a weapon to test him further.

On the flight to Kaznia, Lena explains that they're on auto-pilot. She apologizes again for telling Kara about Lex, and Kara assures her that they're always on the same side. Purple lightning hits the jet and knocks out the engine, and Lena goes to the cockpit to line the plane. She tells Kara to brace herself for an emergency landing, and Kara flies out of the plane and lifts the plane up before it crashes. By the time she restarts the plane and goes back, Kara has taken her seat and feigns waking up.

Lena and Kara get off of the plane at the Kasznian airfield and find no one there. They wonder where everyone is and explore the base, and find a lab. Lena figures that Lex was trying to siphon and harness alien powers. The equipment is from Amertek, and they find Eve's files and start reading.

Alex shows Kelly the file on the birth mother and says that the girl is in labor. Since she's about to have a baby, she's only chosen one mother: Alex. Alex has 12 hours to decide if she wants to be a mother and go to Portsmouth where the birth mother is in labor. Kelly asks her if she wants to be a mother, and Alex insists that she does. She explains that her fiancée didn't want to have children, but is worried that with Lex on the loose and martial law, the world is upside down. Kelly tells her to look at the issues one at a time, and Alex says that she has to talk to Kara but she's unreachable. Her friend asks what Kara would say if she was there, and Alex figures that Kara would tell her that it has always been her dream and it's never going to be the perfect time. Kelly tells her that she has her answer.

At the DEO, Cooper tells Ben that he found some information confirmation that Lena has been working with the DEO. Braianiac-5 secretly listens as Cooper suggests that they check Lena's lab. Brainiac-5 cybernetically closes the door and says that Ben doesn't have access, and Ben takes Cooper's gun and shoots open the window.

Kara finds a file on Kopy, the alien that she fought months earlier who can divide himself. Lena finds DEO power-dampening cuffs and realizes all of the prisoners were at the DEO desert facility. There's a bang at the door, and they order the person to come out, and find Eve inside. Eve says that she was scared, and explains that she couldn't stand by when Lex tortured aliens. She then admits that she is still on Lex's side, and Lena tells her to help them or go to jail.

Alex and Kelly go to Portsmouth and check into a hotel, and Alex confirms that the pregnancy is going normally. However, the birth mother doesn't want to see Alex until after she has the baby. Alex says that it's understandable and tells Alex to relax. Alex worries whether her apartment is child-safe.

Lena and Kara handcuff Eve and question her, and she says that someone inside the DEO authorized the transfer of aliens to Lex. She glances at claw marks on the wall leading to a door, and Kara goes to investigate it.

As Ben goes through Lena's files, George arrives and says that he left him alone just after he lost his mother. Ben says that they need justice and insists that everything he's doing is for her memory and his father's, as well as George's. Cooper calls Ben back into the lab to show him something.

Alex worries that she'll fail as a mother, and wonders if she can be as good as her mother. Kelly assures her that she'll be an amazing mother and is more caring than anyone she knows.

Kara and Lena take Eve with them and follow the marks, and find a lab with Harun-El samples. There is green Kryptonite there, and Kara figures that it's all equipment to hurt Kryptonians. There is a map showing that Kaznians are invading Americans, and Eve cheerfully says that's the plan. She starts repeating the word "tank", and Lena figures that Lex did something to her. Kara finds a Kaznian S symbol on the wall, touches it, and brings up footage of Red Daughter.

Alex shows Kelly photos of baby strollers she's considering buying for the baby. The doctor hospital calls Alex and tells her that the grandparents had a priest convince the birthmother to change her mind and keep the baby.

Lena examines the medical readings and confirms that the Harun-El split apart Red Daughter from Supergirl. Lex then indoctrinated Red Daughter and created a weaponized Kryptonian. Kara insists that there has to be some part of Supergirl still in Red Daughter. They ask Eve where Red Daughter is, and another Eve comes in and says that Red Daughter is with Lex. Kara realized that Lex used Kopy to create the duplicate Eve. The clone triggers a self-destruct device, knocking the Kryptonite out of its case near Kara. The original Eve absorbs her duplicate and leaves, and Lena tells Kara that they have to escape.

Ben finds the Harun-El that gave James superpowers. Brainiac-5 says that James was given a concentrated dose during a medical emergency. He warns that it could kill Ben, and says that George needs Ben now. Reiff comes in and says that they found the alien that killed Lydia, and Ben tells Cooper to assemble a DEO strike team and he'll lead.

Lena and Kara try to find their way out of the base, and they split up. Kara finds Red Daughter's room with photos of Kara, Alex, and Supergirl.

A steam pipe rupture cuts Lena's escape off and she goes back.

Kara finds a photo of her and Alex. Lena returns and Kara tries to keep her from seeing the photos. She suggests that they go up via the air vent, and Lena goes first. Kara says that she forgot her tape recorder and goes back to the room to destroy the photos with her heat vision before returning to Lena.

The DEO break into the alien safehouse, find the woman who killed Lydia, and orders them to arrest the other aliens. Brainiac-5 objects but Ben tells him that they were harboring a murderer.

Lena and Kara emerge into an upstairs office and find the DEO prisoner transfers signed by Sarah Walker,. They realize that she's the mole, and Eve runs by. Lena goes after her, and Kara reluctantly follows.

Dreamer and James confront the DEO as they escort the aliens to a van. Ben tells his people to arrest them.

Eve goes to Lena's jet, and Lena draws a baton. The two women fight.

Another Eve confronts Supergirl, manifests three more clones, and they all four attack Supergirl with electric prods.

Brainiac-5 says that they swore an oath to defend the U.S. and the Constitution, and tells the agents to follow their hearts. Many of them walk away, and Ben injects himself with the Harun-El. Cooper tackles Brainiac-5 when he tries to stop Ben.

Supergirl defeats the first wave of clones, but more arrive.

Ben gains superpowers and resists Dreamer's power.

Lena and Eve fight, and Eve insists that Lex loves him.

James grabs a truck and throws it as Ben. He picks it up and shoves it back at the heroes, and Brainiac-5 manages to deflect it. Ben puts his foot on the stunned James' chest.

Supergirl knocks off the clones and flies out of the base just as it explodes. Lena sees the explosion and calls Kara's name.

As Ben crushes James' chest, J'onn flies down and tells him to stand down.

Eve stabs Lena in the chest with her prod, but the flash drive with Eve's information blocks the blow. Lena punches Eve unconscious.

J'onn tells Ben that regimes change even if he is a law. Ben punches him and J'onn phases through the blow. James tells him to throw Ben into a tanker, and J'onn does so. They release the aliens and take them somewhere safe.

Kara finds Lena and says that she's okay, and they go back to the plane. Eve disappears and they realize that she's a clone. Kara tells Lena that now they know everything.

Ben crawls out of the tanker wreckage, unharmed.

As they fly back to the U.S., Kara assures Lena that she's fine. Lena admits that she wasn't thinking clearly confronted with the woman who betrayed her, and Kara starts to reveal that she's Supergirl. Her back turned, Lena says that Eve lied to her every day to her face, and she admits that she couldn't trust anyone ever again if it wasn't for Kara's integrity and friendship. Kara changes her mind and assures Lena that she'll always be there for her.

Alex tells Kelly that after she left her fiancée, it felt like she would never heal. Kelly tells her that there are always second chances, and explains that she was engaged once to her sergeant. They couldn't be out while serving abroad, and the sergeant died on patrol. Kelly couldn't mourn her and she was alone in her pain, and she didn't face it until she returned to the States a few months later. The sergeant sent a post mortem note saying that she had every faith that Kelly would find another woman who makes her smile. Kelly tells Alex that she'll find someone eventually and shouldn't lose hope, and someday her pain will be a faded scar.

Ben approaches George at the church, and George says that his father turned away from him. He says that he saw Ben as another bitter, angry man, and did it all for himself. George tells his father that he got Lydia killed with his fight, says that he hates him, and leaves. Ben looks at the photo of Lydia and looks at the vial of Harun-El he's holding.

Kara tells James about Red Daughter and admits that she feels bad about her. She explains that Lex knows that Kara is Supergirl, and she couldn't tell Lena that she had lied to her for months. When it's all over, Kara promises to tell Lena the truth even if she hates her. James agrees and asks what she's going to do about Lex' plans.

Kara goes to President Baker at the White House, and notices a piece of Kryptonite. Baker explains that it's a necessary precaution to keep him safe, and Kara says that the U.S. is in danger. The President has his Secret Service agents leave, and Kara explains about Lex's plan and how Sarah is working with him. She gives Baker the file that she got from the base, and Baker pouts it in a desk drawer and asks if anyone else has seen the evidence. Once she says that she hasn't, Baker triggers a device on the desk and tells her that she did the right thing.

Written by Gadfly on May 6, 2019

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