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The Girl with the Red Lightning Recap

The timer on Eobard's cell counts down to zero, and Shinick comes in and asks how it feels to know he's going to become extinct. Shinick activates the "rehabilitation" torture and Eobard screams in pain. Guards come in with a portable chamber and say that it's time, and Eobard secretly chuckles.

At the cabin, Cicada works on the atomizer. Orlin says that they have to wipe out all of the metas on the planet, and Cicada assures him that it will work. He tells his daughter that it's time to finish it and ensure their legacy. Cicada summons her dagger to her hand.

At STAR Labs, Caitlin explains how the atomizer works and how Cicada can use it to spread the meta kill virus. Sherloque figures that Cicada isn't ready to carry out her plan yet or she already would have done something. Barry warns that she's out there looking, and Iris says that they give the cure to everyone to counter the chemical. Joe suggests that they administer the antidote at the CCPD as soon as Cisco and Caitlin create enough. Sherloque goes to warn Renee, while Joe and Cecile talk to Singh.

Cisco shows the others the satellite core and explains that it contains the same allow that Cicada's alloy is made of. If the Mirror Gun works on the core then it will work on the dagger. Cisco tests the gun and it destroys the core. Barry asks Nora if she's okay to get out there given she had red lightning like Eobard's, and Nora insists that she's back to normal and she doesn't have negative emotions.

At the CCPD, Joe and Cecile explain their plan to let all of the metas loose. It would take weeks to get the authorization at a medical facility, and Singh agrees to it but warns that there will be a lot of political navigating. While he's away, Joe is in charge.

Sherloque finds Renee outside the CCU library and he wonders if she doesn't want to respond to his texts because they would have to discuss her secret. Before Renee can respond, Cicada lands nearby and Sherloque sends out a distress signal, then tells Renee to run.

Nora gets the alarm and notifies the others.

Renee uses her power to magnetically deflect Cicada's first dagger throw.

Flash and XS run across the city. She is mentally linked with Cicada and sees what she sees, and Cicada sees what XS sees. The speedsters, Vibe, and Elongated Man arrive, and Cicada recovers her daggers and escapes. Flash sees that Nora is glowing with red lightning.

Later, the team check the site and Cisco says that Cicada stole a Quantum Tunnel Converter from CCU. It can transform dark matter energy to practical energy, and it will let Cicada use her dagger to power the atomizer. The last thing she needs is a hyper-conduit, and Ralph and Cisco go to find out where one is.

Sherloque brings Renee some coffee, and she's in shock over Cicada trying to kill her. Renee admits that she didn't want to tell Sherloque about her powers because of what he might think, and he assures her that he thinks the world of her. He warns that Cicada will come after her again, and that he can help Renee with protecting herself.

Iris arrives and Nora tells her parents that she and Cicada are still psychically connected. The anger that caused the red lightning is Cicada's, not Nora's, and Nora figures that it's the key to finding her. Iris warns that it's too dangerous and Barry insists that they'll find another way.

The next day, Caitlin begins administering the cure to metas. Joe is busy coordinating the search for Cicada, and Cecile asks if he's good. He says that they are, and the news runs one of Iris' stories on Cicada's. The newscaster mentions the cure, and Cecile telepathically feels a wave of panic. Dozens of metas arrive to get the cure.

Cisco tells the team that he's been unable to find a conduit. Ralph wonders why Eobard sent Nora back to create Cicada only to create a more powerful one. He confirms from Nora that Ollins Laboratory in 2049 would create the conduit, and Cisco recognizes the name of his college roommate, Sebastian Ollins. He discovers that Ollins is renting a warehouse on the south side to test out his experiments on a conduit. Barry goes to get it and suggests that Nora sit it out. She wonders why and Barry says that her connection with Grace makes her a risk.

Flash arrives at the warehouse and finds the conduit case. There's a bomb inside, and Flash gets out and tells the others that Cicada has the conduit.

When Barry returns to the lab, Barry and Cisco figure that with the super-charge, Cicada will kill every meta in the country. Ralph brings in the whiteboard and wonders what happened in the original timeline when Grace didn't kill Orlin. Barry says that it doesn't matter because they have to focus on stopping Cicada's plan. Once Cisco and Ralph leave, Iris wonders if they're making the right decision to keep Nora off the case. Barry says that as parents the best they can do is keep her away from harm. Once they leave, Nora vibrates back into visibility and looks at the whiteboard. She goes to Cisco's workshop and use the telepathic link that Caitlin used with Killer Frost to connect with Cicada.

Joe tells the panicking metas that they're doing everything they can. Sherloque and Renee arrive and he introduces Renee to Joe, Caitlin, and Cecile. They tell her that they can permanently remove her powers, and Cecile can tell she's feeling nervous. Two metas start arguing and the dissension spreads. Joe finally yells at everyone to be quiet and give him a minute to think. Renee gets in the elevator and leaves before Sherloque can stop her.

Cecile calls Barry and tells him what's happening,. As he meets with Iris, the alarms go off. They go to the workshop and find Nora surrounded by red lightning. Flash speeds in dodging the lightning and removes the device from Nora's head, and she collapses.

Once Nora wakes up, she explains that she was trying to find Cicada. Barry points out that she could have given away their location, but Nora says that she made sure there was nothing she could see. She explains that she saw that Nora has almost completed the atomizer, and Barry tells her not to intervene. Nora says that she's not the person who rushed in like she was, because they showed her to make the right choices. She tells her parents that she's an adult and has made her own decision, and asks them to help her face the danger whether than keep her away from it. They say nothing and Nora walks away.

Cecile warns Joe that the people are overwhelmed and he walked away, and Joe admits that he's not cut out for being the chief. Cecile points all the times that the team have come to him to get answers to their problems, and they all know that they're going to get an honest answer straight from the heart. She assures him that he'll never lead anyone astray as long as he speaks from his heart.

Sherloque finds Renee on the street and suggests that they go to STAR Labs to administer the cure where it's safe. Renee says that she doesn't want to take the cure because she loves having her powers and doesn't want to change who she is. Sherloque tells her that Renee is brave and then gets an idea for her to have her powers and be free of Cicada... on a different Earth. He explains about the multi-verse and shows her the portal device, and says that she can't tell anyone or Cicada would go after them. Renee asks Sherloque to come with her, and he says that he has to stay to fight alongside his friends. When he's done, he will find Renee because she's the woman he's been waiting for. They kiss and then Sherloque opens the portal. Renee goes through and blows Sherloque a kiss.

At STAR Labs, Barry and Iris tell Nora that she's right and they shouldn't be angry when she acts like a hero. Nora asks them to keep their home safe while she reconnects with Cicada, and they take her to the containment chamber they used to trap Reverse-Flash. Cisco has built a new version to account for Nora's negative energy.

At the CCPD, Joe introduces himself and tells the crowd that everyone is there to help the metas. He promises that if they're patient then they'll get through it together. Cecile smiles as the officers get the line moving.

Nora puts on the mental amplifier and Cisco activates the containment chamber. Cicada senses the link and the red lightning glows, and Nora finds herself in the empty hospital room. She tells Cicada that she won't let her release the virus, and Cicada insists that people with powers are ripping families apart. Cicada rages at Nora, who in the real world glows with power.

Cicada blames Nora and her family for creating the metas, and Nora tells her that she's still the angry girl that she met when she came there. She tells Cicada that she'll have to carry her own anger because she's decided not to be like her, and Nora catches a glimpse of Cicada taking the atomizer to the CCPD. Nora then tells the others where Cicada is.

At the CCPD, Nora breaks in through the skylight and removes the powers from all of the metas. She prepares to activate the atomizer as Joe and the officers draw their guns.

Nora says that Cicada is going to use the metas' dark matter. Barry suggests that they breach the atomizer to Earth-15, a dead Earth where they sent Fallout's energy. Nora agrees to stay behind but gives Barry the Mirror Gun to destroy the dagger.

Cicada deflects Joe's bullets, and Flash gets him out of the way before she can stab him. Killer Frost blasts Cicada and Flash punches her, and Cisco and Elongated Man breach in. Orlin's dagger is in the atomizer, and Vibe tries to work out a way to remove it. He warns that breaching it away could set it away, and Sherloque tells him to use his mind.

Cicada wakes up and says that she doesn't need her dagger. She blasts back the heroes, knocking the Gun out of Flash's hand. She grabs her own knives and goes after Frost and Elongated Man, and the three of them fight.

Nora uses the blueprints to direct Cisco to defuse the atomizer, and sends him her quantum computer.

Cicada knocks out Frost and Elongated Man,.

Cisco hacks the atomizer and bypasses one of the three connections. Cicada knocks Flash through th3e ice barrier Frost created, and she comes in just as the atomizer activates... and then shuts down. Flash recovers and slams Cicada across the room, and Frost gives Flash the gun. Elongated Man realizes that Eobard set the whole thing up because Cicada didn't have the dagger in the future.

Shinick puts Eobard in the chamber... the dagger strapped to his chest.

As Flash prepares to shoot the dagger, Elongated Man yells at them not to destroy it.

Written by Gadfly on May 8, 2019

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