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The Trial Recap

At the house, the vampires stare at the Baron's ashes and try to resurrect him despite the fact they're on drugblood. It doesn't work. Guillermo is hiding outside after what he did.

That night, the vampires gather in their backyard to commemorate the second death of the Baron. They don't remember how he died because they were messed up on drug blood. They bury him between the vagina hedges of Laszlo's wife and mother. They're pretty sure that they didn't murder him, and Laszlo suggests that they not tell anyo0ne. A raven looks at them, and Nandor figures that it's a bad omen. Colin arrives and the vampires insist that they didn't kill the Baron, and they see the Baron's familiar in the window.

More ravens arrive and the vampires quickly retreat inside. Guillermo comes in and tells them that there's a floating woman on the front porch who wants to talk them. They go to the door and the Guide tells them to come to the Vampire Council at the Temple of Blood-Devourers. She explains how they could have sent a message via the ravens, and disappears.

The Vampiric Council is an ancient organization that travel from all corners of the globe to administer extreme and violent justice on any vampire who commits the ultimate crime. Laszlo turned a baby into the vampire and abandoned it in the Bronx.

The vampires go to the Temple of Blood-Devourers and Nandor says that they should say nothing about the Baron. The Guide calls them inside and takes them up to an elevator. She says that the Council of Judgment will hear their case, and find two other vampires waiting. Guillermo isn't allowed to enter, and the Guide tells him that he'll see what happens and gets a blood bubble in her throat. She takes him to the Familiar Lounge.

The two vampires, Vasillika and Garrett, introduce themselves. Vasillika asks what happened to the Baron, and Nandor blurts out that they killed him. Laszlo tries to cover and says that they're taking it serious.

Guillermo tries to warm his face on a LED torch.

Garrett and Vasillika figure that the vampires are innocent but say that they're prisoners and not the council. Garrett is imprisoned for turning a baby into a vampire, and promises that he would torture the vampire responsible. Laszlo remains wisely silent. The guide arrives and says that the Council will see them because they were on break.

Guillermo finds himself in the familiar room with the familiars, who welcome him.

The guide takes the three vampires to their trial chamber, and the elders present them with an elaborate ceremonial dance to celebrate their possible last night on earth. The vampires wonder what is going on, and the Guide calls the hearing together. Viago then takes over, explaining that they're there to judge the three accused of vampire murder. He introduces Tilda, the leader; Deacon, Valadistav, Evan, Danny, and Paul. Rob, Keifer, Tom, and Brad didn't bother to come. Wesley the day-walker calls in via Skype.

Viago introduces the local vampire, Colin, who is among the Elders per tradition. They call the first witness, Afanas' familiar, and she describes how the three vampires let Afanas partake of human food. She accuses them of plotting against Afanas and the Council dismisses her.

The familiars talk about how their vampiric masters will turn them into vampires, and Guillermo confirms that none of them have actually met a familiar who became a vampire.

The Council vampires admit that none of them liked Afanas, but he was a vampire. They call in Guillermo as the second witness and ask if the vampires murdered Afanas. He says that they didn't, and finally admits that he did it. The Council doesn't believe him, and Guillermo explains about opening the door and letting the sunlight in. They consider killing Guillermo and having him for lunch, and Nandor speaks up and says that he won't abide it. He says that they killed Afanas, and Tilda pronounce them guilty. They will be killed in the same manner as their victim was, exposed to sunlight. Colin doesn't think he can do anything.

The Guide leads the trio to their doom, and Laszlo turns into a bat and flies off. Nadja runs away, and Nandor tries to grab a decorative sword from the wall. Nadja and Laszlo are quickly recaptured.

Guillermo tries to find the way out, and he holds up a crucifix. The vampire accidentally impales himself on a pipe and Guillermo runs away, insisting that it was an accident.

Viago tells the camera crew that they're sending the vampires to a well to die when the sun comes up.

In a park, the vampires scream at the bottom of the well and see the skeletons of previously executed vampires.

Guillermo runs through the park screaming.

The vampires exchange their last wishes, and Nandor wishes he had been better to Laszlo and Nadja. Laszlo has nothing to say in response. The sunlight pours in and the vampires burn, and Colin raises an umbrella to block the sun. Guillermo is with them, and Colin explains that he went by a hardware store and thought that he should get an umbrella. They turn into bats and escape, and Guillermo carries them back to the house in a covered box. Colin asks if the deal is that Nandor eventually turns Guillermo into a vampire, and a disgruntled Guillermo says that's the deal.

Written by Gadfly on May 9, 2019

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