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Maiden Quest Recap

After three days and nights, whoever tries and does not succeed shall be put to death.

At Nick’s fortress, Adalind is trying to get Kelly to settle down. Nick is busy making rice for his son and Adalind takes over while Nick holds the baby. She finally calls Rosalee, who is relaxing at home with Monroe. Rosalee takes the call and says that there’s nothing they can do if Kelly has colic. Kelly stops crying when he sees the lights on the phone, and the rice boils over, and Adalind thanks Rosalee for her help and hangs up.

At the home of the Troyers, mobster Daniel Troyer speaks to three men about how his son’s blood calls to him from the grave concerning their sacred ceremony. Daniel explains that with his son dead, he must turn to tradition to choose which of the three will receive his daughter Emily’s hand in marriage. One of the three must prove their worthiness to marry her. Emily presents a griffin statue and each of the three draws a golden feather from it. Each one Woges into their Weten Ogen form and Isaac Proctor draws the longest feather so he will have the first chance to prove himself. Isaac asks what he’s to do, and Daniel tells him to kill the man responsible for his son’s death: Frankie Adkins. Before he goes, Isaac tells Emily that he’s loved her for years and now he’ll be able to prove it.

Nick and Adalind are eating and Adalind is happy to hear that Nick is happy with her food. She talks about Nick’s mother and how she cooked and thanks Nick for taking care of them. Adalind admits that she doesn’t like to rely on anyone, and explains that she ran into Lane at her former law firm. She doesn’t want her old job back--yet--but she wants to contribute. As Nick considers that, Adalind asks him to sleep in their room that night as well.

Isaac goes to a club, F Bomb, which Frankie owns. Frankie is celebrating a girlfriend Lola’ birthday, and leads her out with his bodyguard Luis Lopez. Isaac takes out the bodyguard as he goes to the HUMMER, and then attacks Frankie from behind.As Isaac prepares to decapitate him with a sword, a Wesen attacks him and rips his throat out.

The next day, Renard meets with Andrew Dixon and his PR man Jeremiah Rogers, and they explain that Andrew plans to run for mayor of Portland. They want Renard’s support, and he wants to know what Andrew has planned.

Nick and Hank arrive at the club and Wu explains that they ID’d Isaac’s body. He’s the son of defense attorney Amanda Proctor, and the murder weapon is an old-fashioned sword. They figure Frankie for the murder, but Wu informs the detectives that Frankie reported the killer was wearing an animal mask. Nick and Hank go into the club and introduce themselves to Frankie. Frankie tells them what happened and that Isaac’s killer saved his life.

Back at the station, the detectives confirm that Isaac was arrested for aggravated assault five years ago there’s no connection between Isaac and Frankie, and remember that Renard knows Amanda. They talk to the captain, and Renard confirms that Isaac and Amanda are Wesen. He insists on going with them to talk to Amanda.

At Nick’s house, Adalind describes Diana to Kelly, and admits that she hasn’t seen her daughter in a while. Rosalee calls to check in and says that she has a basket of things for the baby. Adalind insists on coming to the spice shop,

Daniel tells Emily and the other two men, Eli Kemper and Amos, that Isaac is dead. He figures that one of them killed Isaac, and that it’s Eli’s turn to kill Frankie. However, Daniel warns Eli that Frankie will be on his guard and wishes him luck. Before Eli drinks, they drink to Isaac. As Eli goes to his car, Emily follows him and says that he doesn’t have to kill someone for tradition. He assures Emily that she’s worth it, and that he has a way in. Eli insists that he won’t make the same mistake that Isaac did, and when they marry they will bring the two families together.

Renard and the detectives talk to Amanda, who doesn’t believe that Isaac tried to kill someone. She suggests that Frankie is the killer, and Nick admits that he’s a Grimm. Amanda defiantly woges, and Nick insists that he wants to find out who killed Isaac. Hank notes that the killer is Wesen, and Amanda confirms that Isaac was invited to Daniel’s home for dinner and that he’s also Weten Ogen like her. As they leave, Renard explains that Daniel has been investigated for mob ties, and tells the detectives to push Daniel.

At the spice shop, Rosalee gets a letter from guy she used to know in Seattle. She hesitates to open it but finally does, assuring Monroe that she has no secrets from him. The writer, T, says that Carlos died and he knows that Carlos used to mean a lot to Rosalee. She stops reading and says that she’d rather forget that part of her life, and Monroe assures her that he’s fine with both of them forgetting everything before they met.

Nick and Hank go to Daniel’s home and Emily answers the door. She takes them to the back to her father, and Daniel admits that he has known Daniel since he was kid and played with Emily. Emily says that Isaac came to see them and he’s a friend, and breaks into tears. Daniel denies knowing Frankie and Emily says the same. She says that Isaac left around 11 and there were no threats against him, and claims that there was no one there except the three of them. As Nick and Hank leave, they figure that it’s all connected. Wu calls and tells them that the ME found a golden feather on Isaac’s body. He figures it’s tied in with the Wesen somehow,.

Frankie meets with his two new bodyguards... and one of them is Eli.

At the fortress, Nick is contemplating Trubel’s chess piece. Adalind asks how his job was and then apologizes for how domestic she sounds. Nick wonders why Meisner hasn’t called him, and Adalind hopes that Trubel is okay.

At F Bomb, Frankie is working in his office and tells Eli and Luis that he’s leaving early. They leave through the dance floor. Eli drives away with Frankie.

Nick checks out the old Prohibition tunnel beneath the fortress and discovers that there’s an old vault door at the end. When he comes back, filthy, Adalind is getting ready to take a shower. Nick insists that she go first . As she showers, Adalind says that she didn’t bring any clothes. The Grimm confirms that she doesn’t have any clothes and gets her one of his shirts. As she dresses in the bathroom, Nick suggests that she use his credit card to get some clothes. Adalind reluctantly agrees and comes out. As Nick washes off, he notices Adalind’s bra hanging on a hook.

Eli drives Frankie home, and Frankie tells him to park the car and stay outside. Instead, Eli sneaks inside and takes out one of the bodyguards. He goes into the kitchen and takes out Luis, and then delivers a sandwich to Frankie. Frankie wonders where Luis is, and tells Eli to get outside. Eli punches him and prepares to decapitate him with an axe, and the same Weten Ogen jumps Eli. The two men fight and the Wesen rips out Eli’s throat.

The next day, Nick and Hank arrive at the new crime scene and explains that Frankie’s new bodyguard tried to kill him. Frankie has been drinking and tells them what happened, and sis sure the same creature saved him. He tells the detectives that his savior kills and leaves without saying anything, and has no idea who would want to save his life. Shell-shocked, Frankie insists that his savior is just wearing a mask.

In the bedroom, Wu shows the detectives Eli’s body and confirms that he’s the son of union boss Lionel Kemper. They figure Eli was connected to Daniel, and find a golden feather on him. They show the feather to Monroe and Rosalee, and give the couple Frankie’s description. They figure that it’s a Weten Ogen, and figure that Nick and Hank are dealing with the ancient Weten Ogen tradition. Weten Ogen would go on a “maiden quest” to win the hand of a maiden and her dowry. The quest didn’t end in death, but Rosalee figures that if it involves the mob the4n the stakes have been raised. Hank figures that Emily is the maiden, and Monroe suggests that the third competitor is the killer. The couple warn that Daniel will have to bless the third competitor, but won’t tell outsiders anything about the ritual.

Daniel meets with Amos and notes that he has no competition. They drink to Eli’s honor, and Amos swears that he had nothing to do with the murders, and tells Daniel that he’s gay and his mother made him participate in the quest. Daniel warns that no one backs out of the ritual and tells him to kill Frankie or he’ll kill Amos himself. Amos has no choice but to drink the toast. As he drives away, Nick and Hank follow him. They radio ahead and Wu cuts him off and orders him out. Nick searches him and finds the feather,

At the station, Nick and Hank interrogate Amos. He denies knowing Isaac and Eli, and claims that Daniel is a friend of his father’s. He went to Daniel’s home to see Emily, and Nick says that they know all about the quest. When Nick says that he’s a Grimm, Amos woges briefly and insists that he had nothing to do with the two murders. They wonder who killed Isaac and Eli, and Amos suggests that it might be Frankie’s hitman or Daniel.

Frankie is in his office when Amanda comes to see him. She says that she knows who is trying to kill him: Daniel. One of Frankie’s goons killed Daniel’s sons, and Amanda wants Daniel dead because he had her son killed.

Daniel is at home on the phone when Frankie comes in with a gun and tells him to put the gun down.

Nick and Hank pull up at the house and spot Frankie’s Hummer parked nearby.

Frankie knows that Daniel tried to kill him and prepares to shoot him, and says that the guy in the costume saved his life. Daniel woges and advances on Frankie. Another Weten Ogen leaps on Frankie from behind, and he fires, hitting Daniel. Nick and Hank come in and the killer woges back to human form: Emily. She goes to Daniel and Nick goes to Daniel to try and keep him alive. As Frankie has a breakdown from seeing the Wesen, Nick tells Emily that he knows she’s Weten Ogen. Emily explains that she didn’t want to marry anyone, and Daniel tells her that the quest was for her. He had to make sure she had the strength to take over for him. He’s satisfied that she proved herself worthy, and then dies. Nick says that they’re not going to arrest her because she acted in self-defense: they’re arresting Daniel for soliciting the murders.

Back at the fortress, Nick finds Adalind with Kelly. He takes the baby for her and puts him to bed. Adalind admits that she was worried about Nick. Nick hugs her reassuringly, and a motorcycle crashes outside. The Grimm goes outside and finds the motorcycle lying in some garbage cans. Trubel stands around the corner, badly injured, and passes out in Nick’s arms.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 21, 2015

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