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Dead Lift Recap

The next morning, the police secure the crime scene and continue searching for the body. Lisa arrives in hippy garb and her coworker, Glenn, moves out of the woods and wonders what's going on. Clive tries to get information from Lisa, who is spaced out.

At the Pierce County station, a trooper brings in the two girls, Annie and Pippi. As he gets them out to his car to take them to Child Services, Oliver walks up and engages the trooper, keeping him distracted. In the car, Baron hotwires the car and drives off, and Oliver runs off as the trooper realizes that he's been tricked. In a nearby alleyway, Oliver meets up with his friends and

At Fillmore-Graces, Major holds a staff meeting to review the losses at the recent Dead Ender attack on the brain lines. Hobbs notes that some of the trooper felt safer when the curfew was still in effect, and his community outreach programs are a waste of time. The committee disagrees on what to do, and Major insists that they'll hold themselves to a higher standard. When one solider angrily objects, Justin tells him to sit down and Major orders him to sit down. He notes the history of the soldiers who were injured and killed, and promises that they will find the ones responsible. However, Major notes that they're outnumbered hundreds to one and if the humans think that FG only has zombie interests at heart, they'll attack.

Major returns to the house and finds Liv making break cannelloni to sooth him. They eat dinner together and he explains how Dance of a Lifetime! is offering FG in return for them letting people out of the city. Major admits that things aren't going well and thanks Liv for the dinner. Liv says that she picked up some fitness-guru brains at the Scratching Post. She finds a brain tube in the garbage and Major admits that he replaced her brains with brain tube brains because he can't have anyone living in his head at the moment.

Peyton and Ravi begin to have sex, and Ravi complains that she doesn't ask how his day was. When she does, he says that it was good and she suggests that he ask about hers. When Ravi does, Peyton says a teen interviewer asked her some crazy questions about how zombies attack people. She suggests that Seattle could use some zombie PR and solicit ideas from the public. Peyton notes that there are only two City Council members, Mort and Zed, because the other five escaped the wall.

The next day, Peyton suggests to Mort that they have a special election for City Council members. Zed talks about how Mort is racist and wants to separate humans and zombies, but Mort wants the ballot to show the nature of candidates. Both of them say that it's not in the budget for a PR campaign.

Liv and Clive go to check out Mrs. Jones and Liv talks about fitness. When they find Jones, Clive explains that they're tracking down every phone that pinged the cell tower near the convenience store. Liv does exercises while Jones talks about her answering unsolicited calls. Clive leaves and Liv jogs with her.

At the lab, Ravi tells an exercising Liv that they'll be getting the blood test results from the convenience store murder. Liv asks if Peyton is "underwhelmed in the sack", and suggests that he's overdoing it. She advises him to focus on the eyes, and Ravi suggests that Peyton is overwhelmed at work.

That night, Ravi and Clive roleplay with their friends Jimmy and Steve. Jimmy mentions that he's in a comedy troupe, and Ravi picks up on the fact they do sketches about zombies. Clive and Ravi object to him appropriating another culture, but Ravi wants to hear more about the sketches.

The FG troopers are on patrol, and Jordan says that they can't push humans too far. A shot rings out and one soldier goes down, and the others take cover. The sniper gets a clear shot at Jordan and fires again.

At FG, Major and Justin consider people to let into the city when they get a report that their squad was ambushed and Jordan didn't make it. Major goes to the restroom, looks at himself in the mirror, and breaks into tears. He hears the soldiers come in in the next room, and complain about Major's approach. Major finally goes over and tells one of them, Spud, that he brought Jordan out of the gutter. He asks what Spud was doing when Spud was taking enemy fire, and asks him to be smart. He warns the soldiers that the humans want to provoke violence, and asks if they're going to give the Dead Ends what they want. Major admits that some of them are going to die, and tells them all to sign on or go. A soldier asks what they're going to do if they find the shooter, and Major says that they'll turn them over to the human courts because it's the law and it's what they do.

Oliver, Annie, and Pippi go to an abandoned railroad yard and Oliver coughs as they talk. Baron arrives and reviews their plan if they get split up, and they head out.

As they drive, Liv reviews the calories in ranch dressing for Clive as they check the people that were pinged. They get a report about a shooting at a bar, Warmbloods, and as they drive there someone speeds by. When Clive and Liv arrive, they find one man down. They refuse to let Liv tend to the injured man, and say that zombies have done enough damage. Clive tells them to let her through, and the wounded man dies of his gunshot wound.

Major and Lambert arrive, and Clive and Lambert tell them what happened. One club patron asks how FG is going to cover it up.

Peyton is in her office and tells Ravi over the phone that she can tell him about her problems. Ravi comes in, talking on his cellphone, and asks if she's still hearing presentations for the PR campaign. Peyton agrees and Ravi calls in Jimmy, who explains about his troupe doing sketches about a zombie couple living next door to a human couple. Ravi suggests that they produce videos and post them online, and call it Hi, Zombie. Peyton loves the idea and Ravi gives her a figure to produce the show, but Peyton says that it's too much.

That night, Dale serves food to her guests and provokes them into attacking zombies.

The next day, Baron and his refugees arrive at the wall. Pippi runs to the wall and a human shoots at her with an arrow. Baron tells them to get to the SUV, while the human militia pull up in a pick-up truck. Baron shoots at them and runs, and the humans gun him down as Oliver and the others watch from hiding. The militia confirm that Baron is dead and drive off.

At the station, Liv does hand grips and Clive reads about intimacy. Steve comes in and says that Lisa's photo was posted months ago. He's confirmed that the photo was recently taken. Harris says that Dale is in interrogation with another cop club guy. Dale and Cavanaugh are questioning Victor Ruiz, the founder of the Seattle Lowrider Consortium. He recognizes the low rider from the convenience store murder, but says that the person who owns it left town but knows where they can find it.

Clive and Liv go to the address and find the car. It's been hotwired and there are apparent blood splatters on the window. Ravi arrives and says that there was blood from a dozen humans but no zombie blood at the convenience store. He samples the blood and confirms that it's corn syrup, and Liv finds a wig that matches the hair of the supposed victim at the store. They tell Peyton and Major, and figure that the "murder" was a hoax. Major is there and figures that someone is trying to provoke the human/zombie conflict. He warns that their words won't trump the images, and they need some evidence. Major suggests that they get the pe3ople responsible to confess. Ravi asks if he's sure about it, and Major agrees. He warns that they'll have to get the people out of Seattle discretely, but Liv refuses to help with her Renegade operation. Major tells Liv that he wishes that he lived in her world, says for Peyton and Clive to await his instructions, and leaves.

Later, Major and his people confirm that two troopers, including Spud, did the drive-by shooting at Warmbloods. They wish that they had Chase rather than Major, and Lambert tells Major that it's his job to decide what to do next.

When Liv returns home, she meets with Oliver, Annie, and Pippi. They tell her that Baron is dead and explain about the militia. Annie asks if Oliver can get a scratch because he's sick.

Major overseas the execution of the two troopers.

Peyton meets with a couple and they make an arrangement involving the Space Needle

The news reports on the video hoax. The Seattle Police department have arrested the supposed victim and her two brothers for executing the hoax, and the woman, Cynthia, gives the Dead Enders hand sign as she's brought in. Peyton says that they'll get 15 years each. The humans and the FG soldiers applaud.

Dolly watches as the news reports about the Warmbloods shooting and the execution of the troopers. The reporter interviews Major, who says that anyone who breaks the law will pay the price. At home, Major and Liv watches, and Major says that they got the couple out of the city. He wonders why Liv changed her mind, and she says that she already lives in his world but just didn't know it. Meanwhile, an infected Oliver scratches Annie and Pippi after confirming that they're sure.

Ravi and Peyton have sex while looking in each other's eyes, and collapses in exhaustion. He asks how she got the money, and Peyton explains that she sold the naming rights to the Space Needle and has a few months before it's discovered and she's wiped out by the Seattle. Peyton figures that they only have a few minutes and warns that DC is planning to wipe DC out of the map.

The next day, a woman, Cathy, says that she's the one who faked the convenience store murder. Dolly says that Major set up the family as patsies, and swears Cathy to secrecy. Cathy figures that she has to tell the public, and Dolly has her man Benny drive Cathy home. As they go, Dolly nods to Benny.

Written by Gadfly on May 10, 2019

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