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Vikingtown Sound Recap

In a motel room, Andre plays the trumpet. Tandy lies unconscious on the bed.

Brigid checks out the growhouse that Tandy attacked. Tyrone teleports in and Brigid figures that Mayhem attacked the men involved. He figures that Tandy was involved when he finds a shovel blade cut by one of Tandy's light daggers. Tyrone tries to call Tandy but gets no answer.

Tandy wakes up in the motel room, and Andre advises her not to get up too quickly. She insists that the visions he showed her weren't her life, but Andre says that she lived all of them.

Tyrone tells Brigid that Tandy was running a con on Lia, trying to get at Lia's ex-boyfriend. He admits that he told Tandy that he'd be better off without her, and teleports away.

Andre tells Tandy that he shot Tyrone is dead, but Tandy figures that Andre is messing with her mind like he did with Mikayla. He insists that he understands people's pain and that's how it tamps down his migraines. Andre explains that the only way he can survive his pain is to share it with others. Tandy tries to draw a light dagger but nothing happens, and Andre says that she needs hope for that and she doesn't have any. Lia arrives with a thug, Bo, and asks if Tandy is good to go.

At home, Adina lays out a pot and a paper to cook on. Connors wakes up and Adina explains that she sometimes cooks when she's working things out in her head. She says that Connors is the only one she can talk to about her dilemma, stuck between Billy and Tyrone. Adina tells Connors that she wants to make sure Tyrone doesn't have to look over his shoulder ever again, and points out that Connors killed Billy. Connors admits that he did, and Adina says that she has to decide whether his value to Tyrone outweighs what he did to Billy.

Lia introduces another girl, Del, and says that they help around the motel until night. Tandy points out that they're holding the girls against their will, and Lia invites Del to leave if she wants. Del refuses, and Tandy says that her friends are going to find her. Lia asks what friends she has anymore, noting that she's seen all of Tandy's anger in group. The therapist says that when Tandy and the others have nobody, nobody is going to save them.

Tyrone searches Andre's office, and Andre arrives and asks if he can help him. When Tyrone says that he's looking for his friend Tandy, Andre tells him that she's not there and Tyrone can't have her number. He says that he's spoken to Tandy at length and never heard her mention Tyrone, and threatens to call the police if Tyrone doesn't leave. Tyrone thanks him for his time and offers his hand, and Andre introduces himself. When they touch, Andre looks through the "records" in Tyrone's mind, and finds one labeled "Tandy and Tyrone". Tyrone hesitates, and Andre tells him that he and Tandy live in different worlds and play by different rules. He says that Tandy takes what she wants from the world, and Tyrone would be in jail if he did what she did. Andre warns that they only live in the same world because Tandy wants it, and Tyrone will be left with the bill. Tyrone doesn't believe it, but Andre suggests he think about life without her. The teenager admits that Andre might be right and leaves.

Del says that about a dozen girls live there. She says that her father left and her mother abandoned her, and they forgot about her. Andre found Del at a hallway house and helped her, and Tandy says that Andre and Lia are bad people. Del insists that it's not all bad and she gets used to the bad parts.

Connors explains how he found Billy, shot him, and called his uncle the senator. He was too concerned about himself at the time to worry what his uncle would do to Tyrone. Connors explains what he did after the shooting, and then how he spent the last eight months trapped in silence with nothing but his thoughts. Otis knocks at the door, saying that they need to talk about Tyrone. Adina answers the door and brings him in, and Otis realizes that Connors is there.

In his record store, Andre looks at an album of Tyrone's life. He goes to Chantelle and says that Tyrone advised her to meet her to find a cure for his migraines. Andre shows her the voodoo symbol he saw in Tyrone's mind, and Chantelle says that she needs to learn more about him and invites him to have a seat. Back in the shadows, Mayhem watches them.

Tandy tells Del that they have to leave when she sees that the coast outside is clear. Del refuses to go, and Tandy slips out the window. She sees other girls around the motel, and a bus stop nearby. As she runs over, Bo grabs her and drags her back to the motel room. Lia is there and says that there is only one way out. Del admits that she told Lia because those are the rules, and Lia says that it's time for Tandy to learn what the penalty is. She has Bo hold her and Del breathe smoke into Tandy's face. Tandy inhales it and passes out.

Adina and Otis talk in the next room, and Connors works his way over to the knife on the counter that Adina left behind. He picks it up with his teeth, but then drops it as the couple come back. Otis leaves and Adina asks Connors where he hid Billy's body after he replaced it with a dummy.

Mayhem steps out into the record store.

Tyrone takes the trolley.

Mayhem goes through the records until she finds one of Tandy's and puts it on. In his head, Tyrone hears the music play through his mental link to Andre. Young ballet dancers sit down on the trolley around him and he smiles. When they're not looking, he teleports to the street.

When Tandy wakes up, she can't move. Lia talks about how she used to dress up when she was a girl. Tandy fades in and out of consciousness, and Lia lies dresses on the bed. She talks about how she just trudged along in her life until she met Andre, who taught her power. Lia puts a dress and tiara on Tandy, and tells her that she just needs to let go to understand that pain is power.

Mayhem finds another Tandy record and plays it. Sirens blare out.

As night falls, Tyrone sees ambulances drive by, its sirens blaring. He calls Brigid and says that he has an idea about the ambulances. Tyrone then goes to a rooftop with a can of spray paint.

Chantelle realizes that Andre has powers and says that the veve tells him that he's on the cusp of becoming a god. The pain is a distraction from his journey, and his symbol is the indication of his loa. Chantelle refuses to tell Andre more, and says that she can see through his bullshit. Andre insists that he's not messing around, and Andre grabs her hand and sees her records. There are dozens of albums scattered on the racks, and when he wonders what is going on, Chantelle is sitting there and asks him the same thing. She points out that Andre's veve is on the door, and it's a lock rather than a key.

Tyrone draws the voudon symbol on the rooftop and concentrates. He teleports in front of an ambulance and when the driver stops, teleports inside and demands to know where Tandy is.

Tandy tells Del that she's not sure if she's feeling anything, and says that she would have gotten out and saved her. Del fixes up her face and says tit would have gone wrong, and doesn't believe that Tandy couldn't handle it. Tandy insists that they can get out, and Del says that the lucky girls get locked up and the others are killed. Andre and Lia were bringing the girls a few days ago and then said that they tried to escape and were killed. Tandy tells her that she and Tyrone saved them, and that Lia is wrong to say that hope is bad. She suggests that Del can get out even if she can't, but Del finishes applying the makeup and says that Tandy looks pretty.

Chantelle asks if the various symbols mean anything to Andre, and if he can figure them out then he can open the door and become a Loa. Once he becomes a Loa, his pain would be gone. Chantelle says that he could also walk away, pointing out all of the pain he curates and plays with. As Mayhem secretly watches from the door, Andre explains that he brings back memories, and wonders what kind of god he'll be if he can't show mercy when he isn't. Andre invites her to pick out a memory, and Chantelle sees Mayhem watching from the door.

Chantelle picks out a record and plays it, and Andre plays one of her own. They listen to Chantelle telling Chantelle that Evita has the veil, and Chantelle says that she's not scared. She motions to Mayhem to stay back, The baby's heartbeat slows down and they both stop their records.

Adina doesn't believe Connors when he says that they couldn't find the body where they dumped it in the bayous. She picks up a knife and says that she doesn't like him because he has the face of the system that have held her people down. Adina admits that she feels powerless stuck in a system she can't control, and just wants to bury Billy proper. Crying, she sits down and Connors tells her that Billy's body is in a horse stall at the fairgrounds. Adina gets up and puts the knife on the counter, and then thanks Connors and puts the food in the stove.

Chantelle lies unconscious on the floor of the record store.

At the motel, Tandy looks out the window. The other girls get dressed for the night, and Del goes out first. Bo is trying to get the vending machine to work, and Del spots his cell phone in his nearby jacket pocket.

Tandy hears Lia outside.

Del takes the phone, goes to her room, and stares at it. Lia comes in and asks her what she's doing, and Del tells her that Lia lied to her about everything.

A man enters Tandy's room.

Del discovers that her mother has been lying to her, and her mother has been putting up posters and visiting chat rooms.

The man puts money on the dresser next to Tandy.

Del tells Lia that she has hope.

A light dagger appears in Tandy's hand.

Mayhem destroys the records in Andre's record shop.

Tyrone drives the ambulance to the hospital.

Tandy lunges at the man.

Lia asks Del if her family will want to take her back. Tyrone drives into the motel parking lot, crashes the ambulance, and teleports away.

Lia insists that the motel is Lia's home. Tandy cuts through the wall, drags Lia through, and asks Del if she's okay.

Bo attacks Tyrone.

Tandy cuts her way through the motel door and tells Del that she's going to mop up the floor.

Mayhem continues destroying the records.

Tandy cuts her way into the other motel rooms, attacking the johns. She cuts her way through the walls, and Tyrone teleports to her and asks if she's okay. She says that she is and Tyrone collapses. Tandy cradles him in her arms and wonders what's happening to him.

Written by Gadfly on May 10, 2019

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