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Not All Men Recap

At a cosmetic company, Annie is on the phone confirming that her boss Phil Smith is comfortable with her staying late and administering tests. Once she hangs up, her coworker Dylan tells her that she doesn't have to say "yes" to everything Phil tells her to do. Annie explains that she doesn't want them to think she's not a team player, and Dylan asks if she wants to see the meteor showers that night. He convinces her to see them with her and leaves.

Later, Annie goes to Dylan's place and checks her makeup before she goes in. Over dinner, Dylan serves wine with the meal and points out the meteors coming down. One hits the nearby water tower and another lands in the lake nearby, and Dylan convinces Annie to come check it out. They find the small meteorite and Dylan jokingly refuses to let Annie hold it. They leave and behind them, small bubbles form in the brownish puddle where the meteorite landed.

Back at the house, Dylan puts on a record and admits that he's been dying to ask Annie out. He talks about how she's super into her job, and then kisses her. Annie returns the kiss but when Dylan starts to caress her breast, Annie says that she has to go. Dylan says that they experienced something literally cosmic when watching the sky, and tries to hold her down. He kisses her again but Annie says that she has work to finish and has to go. Annie stands up and tells Dylan that she has to go, and Dylan wonders what he did wrong. She assures him that he did nothing wrong, and Dylan insists that he isn't trying to fuck her and it hurts. Annie says that she likes him again and wants to see him again, and Dylan apologizes and says that it's totally cool. He thanks her for coming over and says that he'll see her at work the next day.

Annie goes to her car and hears Dylan scream. She glances back and sees Dylan tearing up the place in a rage.

The next day, Annie is getting ready for work and notices a bruise on her arm where Dylan grabbed her. She goes to work and sees Dylan talking with a coworker, and he glances at her briefly. Phil comes over and tells her that she wants Dylan brief her on the upcoming testing. Annie tries to put Phil off, but he says that they have protocols and the protocols dictate Phil brief her. He tells Annie that he and his wife Olivia will see Annie at her sister Martha's birthday dinner and leaves.

Later, Annie attends exercise class. She goes and sees several men acting angry. A man pulls up and honks at her, telling her to move. Annie drives to Martha's house and sits in her car, and his nephew Cole knocks on the window. He opens the car door for her and as they go into the house, and Cole talks about the meteor shower. Annie mentions that she was with a guy, and says that the situation got weird with her.

That night, Martha and her husband Mike serve dinner for Annie, Cole, Phil, and Olivia. Annie gives Martha a skillet and the couple talk about their trip to Paris. Martha brings up how Annie has said that she loves her new job, and Phil says that Annie is the best girl they had their in years and he's thinking of pairing her up with Dylan. Before Annie can say anything, a lawnmower outside hits a garden hose and the owner curses. The group goes out and the neighbor Larry angrily says that he's mowing because his kids didn't. The grass is flooded and Larry neighbor says that it's the same everywhere. The garden hose is chewed up by the mower blade, and Annie sees more of the bubbles and brown liquid that were at the meteorite crash site the previous night.

The women excuses themselves and go to a bar with a friend, Robyn. At the bar, two men are taunting a third man to drink a bar made with a piece of meteorite rock in it. The women realize the third man is "Zeke the Geek", who was in high school with them and bullied. Robyn notices Dylan at a nearby table, talking to two women, and Annie quickly turns away. Martha teases Annie but then realizes that her sister is uncomfortable. Despite that, she suggests that they invite Dylan over and Annie insists that everything isn't about sex.

Annie goes out for a smoke and sees Cole having his friend Steve buy some beer. She says that she won't tell, and Cole thanks her for being cool. Steve says that they're going to their father's boat at the docks to drink. Annie goes back inside and Zeke says that he wants another. Martha figures that Zeke is wasted, and the bartender tells Zeke that he's had enough. Annie wonders what's wrong with Zeke as he throws money at the bartender, and then breaks a glass. As Annie and Martha leaves, Zeke starts fighting with the other men in the bar who try to calm him down. Other men, including Dylan, start fighting. Outside, a man from the company, Perry Sullivan, recognizes Annie but she quickly moves on. He yells at her, calling her a bitch and telling her to stop ignoring him.

As Annie and Martha drive home, Martha dismisses it as everyone having too much to drink. Perry drives up behind them on his motorcycle and continues following them. Annie finally manages to lose them and says that something is happening. Martha picks up on the fact that Dylan apparently attacked Annie, and Annie says that she gave him a confusing vibe.

They pull up to the gate at Martha's house, and Martha discovers that the remote doesn't work. Annie admits that she didn't say anything about Martha, and her sister dismisses it as a shitty date. She tells Annie that she doesn't have to handle everything on her own, and Annie thanks her for the support. Annie suggests that the meteorites are causing the aggressive behavior in males. Perry pulls up and Martha manages to get the gate open.

Annie drives in and the women run to the house as Perry pulls up behind them. Inside, they tell Mike that a man is following them. Mike angrily says that he'll handle it and goes outside. Annie watches from the window as Mike grabs Perry and starts beating him. She tells Martha to call 911, and she gets a busy signal. There's a yell from Perry outside as he goes down, and Annie runs to the front door and locks it. She tells Martha that they have to go out the back, telling her that Mike is sick. Mike tries to open the door and then yells at Martha to open the door.

Martha says that Mike doesn't have it and they have to let him in. She opens the door over Annie's protests but when they open the door, there's no sign of Mike. Annie closes and locks the door, but a blood-covered Mike comes in behind them and says that Martha should have seen him. He goes to wash up in the kitchen, and says that it felt good to let Perry have it. Mike drinks a glass of tap water, which has the same brown tint as the meteorites. Annie and Martha notice, and Mike lights the candles on Martha's birthday cake and sings to her. He tells her to blow out the candles and make a wish, and yells at her when she says that she doesn't want to. Martha nervously does so from a distance and fails, and Mike tells her to come closer. She does so and blows out the candles, and Annie suggests that they wait until Cole comes home to have the cake. Mike grabs a knife and says that he saved them from a psychopath and they should thank him, and tells them that they were asking for it drinking at a bar. When Martha objects, Mike tells her not to interrupt him and angrily vents on her.

Annie tries to explain what is happening, and Mike comes at her with the knife. He drops it and starts choking Annie, and Martha hit him over the head with the skillet. Annie tells Martha that they have to get Cole at the docks, and they run out to the car past Perry's broken body. As they back out of the driveway, another car slams into them. Once they recover, Annie and Martha check the other car and find the male driver slumped over the wheel. A bloody woman holding a hank of hair walks past them, dazed, and the two sisters walk to the docks.

As the women go through town, men slam car into each other, get out, and fight. Men are running everywhere, rioting. Phil runs up to them and says that he doesn't have it, and two men grab him and start beating him. Martha and Annie run off and hide behind a gas pump. Martha picks up a meteorite on the pavement and tries to get the same infection so that she can fight back. Nothing happens and Martha throws the meteorite away in frustration. Annie says that it only affects men. The male owner orders them off of his property, wielding a large piece of meteorite on a chain.

Annie and Martha continue running and see men jumping into the town fountain after shoveling meteorites into the water. They continue running to the docks.

On the boat, Steve is drinking meteorite shots and tells Cole that it makes a person stronger. Cole refuses to drink, and Steve tries to kiss him. When Cole says that he's not in the mood, Steve tells him not to be a prude and Steve glares at him, furious.

Annie and Martha arrive at the docks, and Cole comes out of the boat after locking Steve up. He says that Steve went berserk, and Martha explains that the meteorites are responsible. Dylan walks up, singing and swinging a piece of meteorite on a chain. He asks why Annie doesn't like him, and then starts strangling her with the chain. Cole tries to fight him and Dylan shoves him back, and Cole goes berserk. A helicopter flies overhead and shines a spotlight down, and Annie breaks free while Dylan is distracted, grabs the chain, and hits him with the meteorite and then shoves him into the brown-tainted water. She tosses the rock in after him, and the weight drags Dylan to the bottom.

Cole gets ahold of himself, and Annie waves to the helicopter pilot. National Guardsmen arrive and take them to an Army shelter where doctors are running tests. Percy says that he had a piece of meteorite in his back pocket the entire night, but the doctors confirmed that he was uninfected. Annie figures that they won't find a cure because there's no disease. The meteorites were a placebo that gave the men a chance to express their inner rage. She says that Cole controlled his rage, and Cole says that he chose to.

As the trio go, the National Guardsman at the door asks for their IDs. He suggests that Annie try smiling, and Annie refuses and takes her ID back before leaving.

Written by Gadfly on May 10, 2019

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