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Five, Six, Seven, Ate! Recap

Nancy Duvall and Gulliver Marlowe are discussing their personal lives and then rehearse their dance routine at the studio. Afterward, Nancy tastes her protein powder and has Gulliver take a sample to confirm how horrible it tastes. They both start choking and then die.

Later at the morgue, Clive meets with Ravi and Liv, who confirm that they were poisoned with cyanide. Clive explains that they were dance partners who were going to complete for a spot on the show Dance of a Lifetime, with tickets out of Seattle the prize. Nancy and Gulliver were the team to beat, so all of their competitors had a strong motive to kill them. They flip a coin to determine which brain Liv will eat, and she ends up eating Nancy's.

At school, the students are checked for lice. A teacher calls over the principal, Moseley, and a group of FG troopers come in and tell them to stop because they're IDing zombies. One teacher objects, and one trooper, Ames, sarcastically jokes that they should grab lunch. A student films him, and when one student grabs for his gun, Ames goes for his rifle.

Peyton sees the videos and calls the teachers in. Mosely tells Peyton that they can't create an atmosphere conducive to learning when armed men aim guns at the students, and one teacher says that her child doesn't want to go to school. Peyton says that she'll do what she can.

At the morgue, Clive tells Ravi that the poison was in Nancy's protein powder so she was the target. Liv dances in. She suggests that shew and Clive go in as undercover dance partners. Clive has already interviewed the suspects so they know him, and Ravi volunteers. She figures that she'll wear a wig so people won't recognize her as Renegade, and tells Ravi that he just has to pose as a dancer because of his physique. Clive starts to objects but Liv goes off to pick their dance outfits.

Clive briefs the show manager, Miss. Everly, and Ravi and a disguise Liv confirm that Clive has set up everything. Ravi confirms with Liv that he won't be dancing, and the manager has them pretend to use the studio after two of the dancers, Lars and Tina. Liv and Ravi watch Lars and Tina, who don't watch them to see their routine. Tina wants to see half of their routine since they saw theirs, and Ravi nervously refuses. Lars mentions that Tina uses a walking app. Once they're alone, Liv tells Ravi that they should get hold of Tina's tracker to see if she was near Tina's house so she could poison Nancy's drink.

Clive talks to two of the other dancers in the each room, and Clive watches Liv dance and Ravi not. The dancers say that Nancy and Gulliver were co-dependent.

Peyton barges into Major's office and says that he was supposed to have his men behave themselves. Major says that Peyton didn't keep her bargain, and she shows him the video that he wasn't aware. Before she goes, Peyton tells Major that he might be out of his depth. He angrily says that the school does "lice checks" to identify zombies and isolate them. Peyton points out that the video doesn't show the student grabbing Ames' sidearm, and leaves.

Clive and Dale go to Lamaze class. As they practice the exercises, a pregnant Michelle comes in alone. Dale notices that Clive is staring at her. As they go with the slow massage, Clive continues staring at Michelle. Once the class ends, Dale suggests that they say hello. Michelle is talking to instructor, who says that she should find a partner. Things turn awkward when Dale and Michelle confirm that they're giving birth at the same time. Once Michelle leaves, Dale figures that Clive did sleep with Michelle before they got together. He admits that he did, and that there's a chance she's pregnant with his child. Dale isn't thrilled to hear that Clive slept with her, then broke up with her and proposed to her. She tells him to work things out with Michelle.

Liv and Ravi go out with Tina and Lars for drink, and Ravi nervously uses the character from Billy Elliott for his own backstory. Music starts up and people begin dancing, Liv insists that Ravi come dancing with her, and won't take no for an answer. The two couples dance, and Liv says that she'll dance for both of them. Ravi plays along as best he can, and Lars and Tina figure that Ravi isn't giving anyway. Liv complains when Ravi wants to check out Tina's phone, and he tells her to focus on that rather than dancing.

As they head for Tina's phone, Tina suggests that they room together when the show puts them up in a hotel room. Liv gets a flash of Tina seeing that Gulliver and Lars were having an affair. Liv talks to Ravi privately and says that she should switch brains, and being roommates will give her access to Tina's phone. Ravi agrees and Liv complains that he isn't spending enough time with her.

At the station, Clive approaches Michelle in Vice and "accidentally" bumps into her. Michelle doesn't believe him, and he asks if the baby is his. She admits that she doesn't know and was with an ex-boyfriend after she broke up with Clive. Michelle doesn't figure that it matters, and Clive says that it matters to him and asks if she wants to take a DNA test. She refuses, saying they add unwanted risks to a pregnancy, and tells Clive that he'll know when she does.

In the morgue, Ravi watches video of Gulliver and Nancy's dance routine, and says that there's no way that he can learn it. Clive comes in and sees Ravi trying to learn the routine, and says that he hasn't solved the case and needs Tina's phone. Ravi insists that he doesn't have the time or skills to learn the routine. Liv gives him dance clothes and assures him that he can do it.

They rehearse their salsa dancing, and Ravi isn't very good. Clive demonstrates with Liv and does much better. He lets Ravi and Liv try it while providing guidance. Ravi slowly improves, and Peyton comes in and asks if they have information on one of her cases. Ravi gives her a quick report and she lifts, and then they celebrate Ravi doing the lift.

At school, the students taunt one of the students, Michael, who was being checked for lice. Michael starts to rage out.

Peyton meets with Mosely to confront him about using the lice checks to screen out zombie students. As she tells them to put the students back in their classes, they hear screaming outside. Michael is threatening to bash in the head of one of the bullies tormenting him, and yells that humans are the real monsters.

In her office, Peyton is on the phone when Major comes in. Michael and her sister Jalen are there, and Michael recognizes him and says that he wants to join FG and kill humans. Peyton finishes her call and thanks Major for coming over. Major explains that he has a lot of crap in his job and thought he was the only one who had a tough job. Peyton says that she confirmed that the "lice check" was a zombie check, and Michael is Jordan's siblings. Major offers his condolences for their loss and Peyton tells him that there's a youth shelter that takes zombies. They both figure that the two children need a nurturing environment, and Peyton asks if he has any ideas.

One person on Gulliver's water polo team, Renaldo, talks to Clive and says that everyone loved Gulliver. Dale goes to her office and Clive follows her. She asks if he talked to Michelle, and Clive says that he can't do it. He says that Michelle has no one and they have people excited that they're having a baby. Dale says that she's doing her best.

The dancers perform, and Liv and Ravi come in. She assures Ravi that he's the prettiest one there, and then goes to the restroom. She tells him that they just have to look competent, and assures him that it will be his moment. Liv insists that he's dancing for justice. Miss Everly calls them up to dance, and they take the floor. Clive comes in and watches them as Liv whispers to Ravi to let the music take control. They salsa and Clive takes photos. Liv has a memory flash of Renaldo telling Gulliver that she will ruin his life. She walks over, leaving Ravi on the floor, and he dances by himself and then walks off.

Liv tells Clive what she saw, and she picks out Renaldo. They go to Renaldo's apartment and Clive asks him about his relationship with Gulliver. Renaldo says that it was amazing until Nancy broke them up, and Gulliver never came back to Renaldo. He takes a drink of his water and then starts coughing, and dies before Clive can call it in. The police secure the crime scene, and Ravi is still in his dancing costume. He says that he stayed to watch the other dancers. Once Clive leaves, Liv asks Ravi if they won.

At the Lamaze class, Michelle comes in alone and the instructor tells her that she should settle on a birthing partner. Dale volunteers to partner with Michelle since Clive is running late. Clive gets to the door and mouths to Dale that he loves her.

At Baron's wake, Liv watches as Stan gives the eulogy. Peyton and Major arrive via the tunnel and have Michael and Jalen with them. The two children take a seat with the other child zombies, and Major explains that they're orphan zombies. Liv agrees to take them in even though Peyton and Major only came to get her advice. Michael asks Oliver who died, and Oliver explains who Baron was. Jalen is surprised to learn that Baron was a human and died for zombies.

Written by Gadfly on May 17, 2019

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