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Two Player Recap

Baron Samedi plays a pinball machine in an arcade. Once he finishes, he finds a cloaked figurine on a game and wonders who it is.

Tandy tries to wake up Tyrone, who is "bleeding" dark energy.

The next morning, Brigid arrives at the motel and finds the police securing the scene. They figure that there was a prostitution ring there and will it have moved up.

A man stops by the street corner where Lia is standing. He stops and talks to her, and Andre tasers him , dumps him out, and drives off with Lia in the stolen car.

Evita gets a call from Tandy, grabs her Voudon supplies, and leaves. She's unaware that Chantelle is on the floor in the next room, unconscious.

At the church Tyrone coughs but doesn't wake up. Brigid comes in and tells Tandy that she was at the motel, and figures that Tandy was there. Tandy shows her the unconscious Tyrone.

Adina goes to see Delgado at his home, and he says that he's strong enough to let in the person that he let down. She tells him that he still has a job to do, and says that she found a way that they could save him. Adina asks if Delgado will hear her out.

Evita arrives at the church and tries to tend to Tyrone. They're unable to raise Chantelle, and Evita says that Tyrone is "transitioning" like his fight-or-flight response is broken. Tandy figures that he's stuck in the darkness that he tapped into, where Mayhem is. She describes who she met and Evita recognizes Papa Legba, and figures that Tyrone is trying to tell them that they have to go in. Evita explains that Legba is a Voudon Loa and marries to Chantelle, and draws Legba's veve on the floor. She warns that if they want something from Legba, they'll have to offer him something.

The girl calls on Legba to present himself., giving him an offering of rum in exchange for the way in. A portal opens on the floor, and Tandy tells Brigid that she's jumping in and Tyrone would do it for her. Brigid insists on going with her, they hold hands, and jump in together. They find themselves in the same black void that Tandy saw further, and find Legba waiting for them, wearing a ballet instructor's form. Legba takes the candy, and Tandy discovers that there's an arcade there instead of a mall like there was the first time.

Tandy disappears, and Fuchs steps out of the darkness and confronts Brigid.

After arriving at the arcade, Tandy calls to Tyrone but gets no response.

Fuchs tells Brigid that she has to know what she's willing to give up to get what she wants.

Samedi confronts Tandy.

Brigid offers "Fuchs" some gum and realizes that it isn't Fuchs. She says that it's nice to see him, and Legba takes the gum and walks off. Brigid goes to a pay telescope and sees Mayhem at the mall.

Tandy says that Legba sent him, and Samedi introduces himself. He says that he resides over the dead, and Tyrone is close enough and made his payment. Tandy offers to pay Tyrone's debt, and Samedi chuckles and says that each action has its own reaction. He says that Tandy can play Tyrone's game, and if she convinces him to leave then Samedi will let them both go. However, he warns that it's Samedi's house and the house always wins.

Adina offers the file with the evidence to Delgado but says that she can't give it to them without having to say where she got it. However, Delgado can claim church privilege. Delgado tells her that she's no longer a priest.

Andre pulls over and clutches at his head in pain. He tells Lia that he needs more, enough to get them somewhere safe, and assures her it will be the last time. Lia braces herself and Andre finds himself in his record store as he touches her. He' surrounded by broken records, and he takes out a record with Lia's name on it and plays the music of her memories. The sound soothes him and relieves his headache, and he sees the veve on the door. Andre tries the door but it's locked.

Brigid hears the music and looks around the mall. Mayhem grabs her and drags her away.

Evita casts the shells and calls on Legba to show her how to get Tyrone back, and is shocked at what he shows her.

Tandy tells Tyrone that she's there to take him home. He's playing a video game, and says that he has to finish it first. Tyrone says that if he's going to beat the game, he'll need Tandy's help. Tandy joins him and they play themselves in the game. The cut scenes show them meeting, and then says that they've been injected with radioactive heroin and have to defeat the bag guys. They manage to clear the stage and Tandy tells her that they have more to do.

Tyrone and Tandy find themselves on a street fighting thugs who are all dressed the same. The thugs get defeated and disappear, and when Tandy says that it doesn't make sense, Tyrone tells her that there are no gray areas and when they fight, they win. Exasperated, Tandy follows Tyrone as he fights his way down the street. They come to a door marked "Level 2" and go inside, and the cut scene says that they've found the source of the radioactive heroin.

Mayhem takes Brigid into the record store and Brigid talks about how her mother gave her money to get a manicure. Her counterpart says that they have bigger fish to fry, and shows Brigid the records belonging to all of the girls. Mayhem explains that the records are of the missing girls in the fliers, and Andre is taking them. He plays the music to make them feel pain and uses them up, and can get to anyone. Brigid suggests that they find something strong enough to stop him.

The wind blows in the church, and Chantelle appears to Evita. She says that it's her time to dance with the ancestors, and Evita has to take her place as Mambo. Evita insists that she's going to college and medical school, and Chantelle tells her that she was born with the sight and she was chosen to guide people. Chantelle says that Evita has all of the choices, but only one will save Tyrone. She has to marry Samedi because he has dominion over the dead. Evita stares at Tyrone's body and turns to discover that Chantelle is gone.

Delgado tells Adina that he killed a girl and was to look out for Tyrone to atone. He ended up telling Tyrone to go, and Adina says that the police and politicians destroyed her boys. Delgado insists that there have to be consequences or they won't make the world better, and Adina says that's the man Tyrone needs new. He says that he can only invoke privilege if she confesses, and asks if she has anything to confess.

Tyrone says that they have to make it to the far door to complete Level 2, and that it wouldn't be any fun if he teleported. They fight their way to the door as more thugs appear, and they go through the door to Level 3. They find themselves at the motel.

Evita softens a white wax candle and shapes it into the form of Samedi.

The TV in the motel room says that they have to break the walls to find their greatest foe. More thugs appear and Tyrone fights them, and Tandy says that she can't do it. Tyrone insists that he won't leave her, and says that they're going to fight and win.

Evita looks at a ring and dead flowers.

Tyrone tells Tandy to cut through the wall, and she summons a light dagger to do so. She tells him that it's a waste of time and he has to stop playing, but Tyrone insists that fighting through the walls is how they win. He bursts through the wall into the next room.

Evita takes Tyrone's hand and wonders if she's imagining what's happening. She then goes to the church altar.

Tandy and Tyrone keep fighting until they win, and Tyrone says that just have to defeat the boss. Andre comes in and Tyrone says that they have to kill him. Tandy disappears.

Brigid and Mayhem go to a manicure shop and as Mayhem gives Brigid a manicure, they reminisce about their shared childhood. They talk about their father, and Mayhem says that he only took them to the mall to flirt with the bookstore manager. Brigid tells her that she sees the world through a warped perspective and their father deserved what little relief he could get. She admits that the world needs Mayhem, describes what happened at the motel, and says that Mayhem gets to drive. She offers her hand and Mayhem paints the fingernails green. Brigid disappears and Mayhem paints her own fingernails.

Tandy finds herself back at the arcade, playing the video game. She tells Samedi that his game sucks, and she tells him to hate the player who chose it.

Evita puts on the ring and picks up the flowers, and prays to Samedi.

Tyrone tells Tandy that now they have to start over, and he's tired of working their asses off just to tie.

Evita pledges herself to Samedi, looks at Tyrone, and wonders if it worked.

Tyrone wonders why he should come back to a world where pain is all that there is.

Voudon dancers appear in the church.

Tandy tells Tyrone that he's dying, and asks what happens to her and Evita and Adina. She wonders why Tyrone came to the motel to save her, and explains that Andre made her see Tyrone die in front of her.

Chantelle leads the dancers.

Tyrone says that Andre made him believe that Tandy never cared about her. Tandy tells him that she'd rather fight a hundred times with him than one time without him. If Tyrone is staying there, then Tandy says that she'll stay with him. Samedi asks Tyrone if he will return to the harsh world or stay cozy with his friends, and then tells them that it's too late. The flowers appear in the prize case and Samedi explains that it's the bouquet for the cloak. Samedi tells them to leave and take their friends with them.

Tandy reappears in the church and Tyrone wakes up. Mayhem steps out and says that she was pulled out with them. Tandy says that Andre is on the run, and asks if Brigid made it out. Mayhem tells her that Brigid is inside of her and leaves. Tyrone notices Evita's ring.

Adina confesses to Delgado that she captured the man who murdered her son and framed Tyrone for murder Delgado asks her what she did, and Adina remembers shooting Connors dead. She tells Delgado that Tyrone needs someone to make his case to God, while she just needed a priest. She leaves the file with the evidence and walks away.

Andre works out a song in his head and writes the notes down on a piece of paper. He then starts the car and drives off, leaving Lia on the side of the road.

Tyrone approaches Evita, who smiles at him and walks away.

Tandy goes home and calls to Melissa, but gets no answer. She finds alcohol bottles on the counter.

Mayhem goes to the motel.

Tandy clears away the bottles.

Mayhem pours gasoline out on the motel room and then sets it on fire.

Tandy finds a bottle of pills and looks at them, crying.

Tyrone finds Tandy and holds her. She says that they'll get him.

Written by Gadfly on May 17, 2019

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