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Window of Opportunity Recap

Sarge goes to a convenience and picks out a pair of sunglasses. He then puts other goods in his bag, and Butterfly, Jaco, and Pax do the same. The clerk tells them to take what they want as leave as Pax trains a gun on him. Sarge tells the clerk not to go for the shotgun under the counter, takes it, and shoots open a case. Before he goes, Pax grabs a state map of Ohio and joins the others outside. They get into their truck and drive off, cloaking the vehicle as they go.

Mack holds a service for Fox and says that they can't bring him back but they can save other lives. He tells the agents to start the search for the truck. Once the others leave, Mack and Melinda discuss whether Coulson was driving the truck.

Cioulson parks the truck and joins the others. Jaco is breathing in atmosphere from their home planet, and Coulson tells Pax to check the engine. He points out that Tinker was the respect, and complains that Butterfly is going through Tinker's things. Butterfly says that they're out of PEGs, and Tinker had them in his pockets. Pax complains and Coulson asks him if he has something to say. He says that Tinker should have come through the truck, and they ended up at the museum killing a "talker". Butterfly insists that Fox will be reincarnated, and Jaco shows Pax a newspaper ad for watches. Pax quickly apologies to Sarge.

Mack and Melinda find Marcus examining Tinker and tell him that they got a lead on a convenience store robbery in Ohio. He removes a device from Tinker's body and suggests that Sarge might be a LMD, but he needs to talk to the idiot who designed them to confirm. Melinda warns that it might be hard.

On the ship, Fitz is knocking on the pipes and finally locates what he's looking for. He opens it up and removes the blockage, and tells his underlines to restart the compressor. They do so and a tank fills with water. A snail slams across the porthole, and one of the coworkers says that it's a Xandrian delicacy. As Fitz leaves, the woman asks where on Sivos Fitz said he was from. Fitz vaguely says "the far north" and leaves.

Fitz goes to a door and starts to pry it open. The foreman grabs him and says that he changed his eyes with an iriscope to look Sivian. She punches him and his eyes change, and she asks what else he's hiding. The foreman removes the panel, revealing Enoch inside. The leader, Viro, arrives and says that he didn't let any Terrans on his ship. He has his men grab them and orders them to be jettisoned into space.

As the men take Fitz and Enoch to the airlock, Fitz says that the ship won't survive reentry because their heat shields are misaligned. He points out that he's the best engineer Viro has, and offers to work free. Viro agrees to consider not killing him if he fixes all of the issues before they reach Naro-Atzia.

Sarge and Pax check the shipping yard they're holed up at and Pax admits that it'll be a shame to see Earth go. He tells Sarge that they should kick back a bit before Earth is destroyed, and asks if Sarge ever did that in his past life. A security guard comes up to them and asks for their ID, saying the area is restricted. Pax says that they were hired by the shipping department. When the guard doesn't believe him, Sarge fires a shot over the guard's head. By the time the guard recovers, Sarge and Pax have gone

Melinda suggests that Mack spend some time talk to Keller because he recommended Fox for the job. Mack figures that he'll go to someone else for comfort.

Elena finds Keller looking at footage from the museum. Keller says that Fox was from his hometown, and Elena says that she'll be there if she needs him. They get an alert on a sighting and go to the hallway, and Mack tells them that they got a report of a shot fired from the guard at the shipping yard. Mack wants Eelena to canvass the area and tell all agents that they're after a target that looks like Coulson. Marcus confronts Mack and says that the LMD theory isn't panning out and Coulson has died and come back to life before. Melinda says that she was there until the end and Coulson is gone. She demands a way to kill the duplicate, and Marcus says that he might leave. He shows them a sample of Sarge's DNA from the convenience store and says that it's an exact match to Coulson.

Sarge tells Jaco to keep an eye on Pax, and suggests they might need a replacement. He draws a red circle on the wall, and Butterfly tells him that once they have the PEGs, the device will be ready. Sarge says that first they lock in and then they rampage.

As Fitz works on the ship, he complains to Enoch that he didn't tell him everything he needed to know. Enoch notes that they've stayed hidden from whoever cut their first ship in chance. He's confident that they'll find a way to return Fitz to cyro-stasis. Fitz just wants to find Jemma. He finishes his repairs and the guards take them to Viro's cabin. Fitz reports that the repairs are made, and Viro admits that the rest of the crew is lagging. He's figured that he's letting the dead weight go and the engineering crew will be jettisoned before they land. Fitz offers to train them to be more efficient, and Viro tells them to be thank ful he let him live.

Marcus visits Mack in his office and asks who Coulson was to Melinda. Mack says that Melinda's pain is running around killing people, and Marcus realizes it's his job to help stop it.

Sarge enters a jewelry store and tells the clerk Dana that he's looking for something special. Butterfly comes in and looks at the jewelry, and Dana shows Coulson a necklace. He asks to see the pieces she doesn't keep in the cases, and the clerk offers to pull some items from the vault. Pax comes in, and Coulson tells Dana clerk that he'll be leaving satisfied and they're going to rob the place. He advises her to do save her own skin rather than worry about the guards. Pax and Butterfly kill the guards, and Sarge tells Dana that they'll keep her alive to get them into the vault.

Melinda and Elena drive to the shipping yard and find an opened cargo container. Melinda asks if Elena and Kelle are a thing, and warns that things can get messy. Mack calls them and says that the crew has been sighted robbing a jewelry store near them, and a tac team is on its way.

Dana takes the crew to the vault and opens it, and Pax attaches a device to the outside of the door. They go in and the device goes off, and Pax assures them that it won't open anytime soon. Butterfly wants to kill Dana but Sarge says that they might need him. He draws a red circle on the wall and Pax attaches a device to it, creating a portal. Jaco comes through and Sarge tells them to get to work.

The ship continues through space and the guards heard the engineering crew to the airlock. Fitz tells Enoch that they have to help, and suggests that they find weapons and fight. Enoch tells him that Fitz might as well kill himself if he's going to go up against Viro, and Fitz picks up a tool and says that he doesn't have a choice.

Melinda, Elena, and the tac team enter the jewelry store and confirm the guards are dead. They find the vault door and discover the door is sealed, and there are no other exits. Melinda figures that Sarge has an exit strategy, and uses a scanner to confirm there are no five heat signatures in the vault even though only four people went in.

Sarge realizes that they're running out of time and tells Dana that he wants PEGs. She has no idea what he's talking about, and Jaco describes PEGs as piezo electric gems. Dana directs them to a drawer with quartz and topaz. Sarge goes through the wall, and the team outside see him and realize that he has some kind of portal. Melinda figures the crew is based out of the shipping yard and drives back there. She gets up on a cargo container and sees a set of truck tracks that end nowhere. Using dust, she picks up the outline of the cloaked truck.

Fitz steps out in front of Viro and his men and says that he can't let them jettison the engineering crew out of the airlock. Viro doesn't figure that Fitz is a fighter and Fitz agrees, but says that he can make them money. The captain ignores them and Fitz says that Viro needs him and gets into the airlock with the crew. He says that it's about a woman who he wants to look in the eye. Viro tells him that the woman will have to replace Fitz and closes the interior airlock door. Fitz tells He says that Fitz is forcing him to make a point, and another door in the spaceship opens. Viro and the others are sucked out into space. Enoch is ready, braces himself, gets to the panel, and closes the door. Fitz and the engineering crew are safe in the airlock. Enoch release them and the foreman thanks Fitz for saving their lives. Fitz tells Enoch that he knows how uncompromising hateful men can be.

Pax tells Jaco to take everything, and goes into the truck with Sarge. There's a knock at the door, and Pax answers it. Melinda punches him and comes in, and demands to know where Sarge is. Pax attacks her and she easily fends him off, and sees the portal to the vault. Jaco comes through and Dana yells for help while the tact team burn through the vault door.

Jaco shrugs off Melinda's blows but and she manages to avoid his. He finally knocks her down, and Melinda grabs a pipe and knocks him out. Melinda hears Dana and goes into the vault, and tells Butterfly to drop the knife. She refuses, and Melinda hits her, gets Dana through the portal, and closes it. Jaco knocks Melinda down and sets the portal back up, and Butterfly comes through to fight them both.

Outside, Sarge uses the device he powered with the PEZs. Dana runs by and Sarge realizes that something is wrong.

Melinda fights Jaco and Butterfly, and Melinda knocks Butterfly back into the vault and knocks out Jaco. Sarge comes in and Melinda drops Jaco. Butterfly returns and Melinda mutters Coulson's name. The woman slips the portal under Melinda and knocks her back to the vault, then shuts it down. The SHIELD team burn through the door, and Melinda tells them that they lost.

As Sarge drops off, Jaco says that he froze briefly when he heard the word "Coulson". He asks what it means, and Coulson says that "Coulson" rings a bell.

Marcus tells Mack that he found a biological hard drive on Tinker's body. It has video of a world being destroyed, and Sarge telling his crew that they need to get out before it's too late. Marcus says that the crew destroyed the world they came from.

Enoch tells Fitz that they're approaching Naro-Atzia. He warns that they will be labeled mutineers and they might escape but the engineering crew can't. Fitz refuses to let them die, and Enoch suggests that they take the crew to Kitzen. He asks about Fitz's plan to join Jemma in the future, and Fitz figures that he has time.

In nearby space, a portal opens as the Zephyr comes through. Jemma tells the others that Fitz is alive and she can feel it.

Written by Gadfly on May 18, 2019

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