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Penultimate Patrol Recap

Chicago, Illinois: 1946

Millie is at a restaurant reading a newspaper article about how the Brother of Evil threatened the city. Eric comes in and tells Millie that the Brotherhood didn't like his presentation. He explains that they fired him despite all of his plans. The Brain didn't think Eric had enough zip, so he replaced Eric with an intelligent gorilla. Millie tells Eric to go back and make the Brain rehire him, and Eric tells her that he got off evil and can't do it without getting killed. He's only a threat because they don’t' consider him a threat physically or mentally. Millie says that she can't do it anymore and starts to go. Eric insists that it's a minor setback, but she doesn't believe it and just follows him around even though he's a failure. As he follows her out, Eric insists that he'll be a somebody but Millie tells him that he's a nobody and always will be.


The group drive to the location they found for Beard Hunter, where he's been for over a week. They wonder how much use Flex will be to them, and Larry apologizes to Flex about Dolores. Flex says that what happened to Dolores is his because the device went off once he and Flex recognized each other. Larry insists that the Bureau is responsible for Dolores death and once they get Niles back, they'll make the Bureau answer for everything they've done.

There's a street in the middle of nowhere, and Larry explains that it's Danny the Street and he forgot to tell them. Cliff drives the bus onto Danny and Danny "greets" them. Flex recognizes Danny, and Danny asks how Dolores is doing. The hero says that she's gone, and Danny offers its condolences. As Flex and Danny mourn, Rita tells Danny that she hates to interrupt but they're looking for Beard Hunter. She sees Earnest walking down the street and runs over to him. He says that he doesn't hunt beard anymore, and Rita demands to know where Niles is. Earnest says that Niles wasn't there but Danny was, and it got him off of the beard eating. Hammerhead threatens to ram bananas up Earnest's answer if he doesn't give them answers.

Danny says that it knows where Niles is, and that it didn't tell Larry because it's afraid of Nobody. Rita convinces it to tell them Niles' location, and it says "White Space". Flex knows what it is and how to get there.

Vic looks at his injured father and remembers how he attacked him at the Ant Farm. Silas wakes up and Vic hugs him in relief.

Flex uses a comic book to explain that the White Space is the border where there's no story. He has a flex to get them there. Rita wonders what happen when they get there, and Larry figures that they need a strategy. They figure Nobody will separate them and use their past to torture them, and they haven't been able to do anything. The three of them argue until Cliff yells at them to knock it off, He admits that their win/loss relationship is shit, but they're past that and now they're there to save Niles.

The loinclothed legend tells everyone to focus on the White Space and flexes. Nothing happens at first, but then everyone but Cliff and Flex have orgasms. Flex realizes that he flexed the wrong muscle, and Cliff tries to play along. Once everyone is done, Flex apologizes and tells everyone to take as much time as they need.

Vic makes Silas comfortable, and Silas confirms that his son reinstalled Grid. When Vic admits that he screwed up by taking out, Silas assumes him that it's all right. Vic explains that Nobody got into his head and twisted his mistrust, and Silas says that he knows what Vic was thinking and he was right not to trust him. He explains that not all of Vic's memories are real.

The group agrees to let Flex try again, and Jane realizes that Cliff faked an orgasm. He finally admits that he didn't want to feel left out. Flex tells them to focus, and flexes, but nothing happens at first. Larry suddenly finds himself in his human body seated at the breakfast table with his family.

Rita is in her tent getting ready to film the scene where she fell into the African river.

Jane is in a barricaded asylum room, and the orderly outside knocks on the door and says that she has to go to bed.

Rita finds himself back in his human body. Nobody boasts that they walked into the trap they all hoped to avoid. He says that each of them is on the day that their origins began. Nobody offers them their old lives back minus the tragedies that destroyed them. Their lives can be whatever they want, and all they have to do is stay where they are and stop looking for Niles. They don't worry about Niles because they'll have never met him and he'll fade from their memories.

Larry tells Nobody that they're stronger now, but Nobody points out that they've sat in a circle and whined to each other.

The first assistant director tells Rita that they fired the focus puller who was distracting her.

Larry washes dishes and Sheryl joins him.

Cliff has sex with a mistress.

Larry wonders what Sheryl is going to do after his test flight.

Cliff says that sex doesn't feel right.

The FAD assures Rita that people across the world adore him.

Sheryl tells Larry that he should go on his flight.

Cliff considers how life would turn out and moves away from the mistress.

Larry figures that he should go.

Rita checks her makeup in the mirror, and Nobody tells her that she'll become a monster if she leaves the tent. She says that she became a monster long before her accident.

Cliff figures that he's still a piece of garbage.

Larry tells himself that he was selfish and dishonest and he ruined the family long before the day he's in.

Rita tells Nobody that she's become a better person and her stay with Niles has been a big part of it.

Cliff goes to find Niles, and Nobody tells him that it's all real and he can save his family.

Nobody asks Larry about John, and Larry says that John has lived his life and he should as well

Jane stays in her ward room, and Body praises her as "Sensitive Jane". She screams in rage, reverts to Hammerhead, unbarricades the door, and yells in defiance at Nobody. Jane briefly switches in and says that they're safer there, but Hammerhead tells her that it's safer for others but not for them. The two selves argue with each other, and Hammerhead says that she's supposed to protect the girl.

Vic tells Silas what he remembers after the accident, and Silas says that Vic's mother was still alive. They rushed both of them to STAR's surgical experimentation center, but Silas could only save one of them. Niles argued that Vic was the better physical candidate to accept the biotechnology, and made Silas realize that saving Vic was the only choice his wife would let him make. He told Vic the same story until that was what he remembered. Vic says that he carried it for years, and Silas admits that he was afraid that that Vic would hate him for letting his wife die. His son gets up, saying he has friends that he can actually trust, and leaves.

The group find themselves in the White Space as Nobody narrates that they gave up the happy endings that he gave them. Now they're lost and alone with nothing but Nobody's narration to keep them company. Rita takes over, narrating that deep down she knew everything was fine. Nobody wonders what she's doing, and Rita says that she'll narrate her own story despite Nobody insisting that she can't. She narrates how the group finds each other, and Larry and Cliff find her.

Niles appears and says that they shouldn't have come there. Nobody appears and says that they'll have to go through him to get Niles. He takes on his Nobody form for the climatic showdown, and Jane appears in her Dr. Harrison persona and asks what Nobody is overcompensating for. Nobody insists that he can control the streaming service if he wants to, and Harrison tells the others that Nobody is delusional because of his lifetime of inferiority. She points out that Rita took control, and Mille appears and says that Nobody is a nobody. Millie walks away and Nobody reverts to his human form, and the group dismiss him as basic and sad.

Nobody insists that he has power and it's time to fight, but the group feels bad about fighting him now that they know him. He says that he's going to fight them whether they want to or not and Vic arrives and blasts him apart. The group figures that's it, and Cliff warns Niles that they trashed Doom Manor. He figures that they’ve found much more than him.

One year later at the manor, Niles summons the group for the morning briefing. Larry serves breakfast and Niles tells them that the Brotherhood of Evil is on the move again in Brussels. The alarms go off and the team head to the nearby city. People are running in panic, and Cliff points out the giant robot marching across the field. Niles tells them to try talking to it, and Cliff asks the robot if it's friend or foe. The robot throws a tree at them and then disintegrates them with its eyebeams.


Niles summons the group for the morning briefing. As Larry serves breakfast the alarms go off and the team head to the nearby city. People are running in panic, and Cliff points out the giant robot marching across the field. Niles tells them to try talking to it, and Cliff asks the robot if it's friend or foe. The robot throws a tree at them and then crushes them with a giant foot.


Niles summons the group for the morning briefing. As Larry serves breakfast the alarms go off. Niles realizes that everything seems familiar and tells the team to be careful. Niles tells the team to run, but the robot fires missiles at them blowing them up.


Niles summons the group for the morning briefing. As Larry serves breakfast the alarms go off. At the park, The robot crushes them with a giant foot. The sequence repeats over and over, the team being killed each time. Niles finally tells the team to stop as they respond to the alarm, and says that it's a trap and Nobody is doing it. He explains that Nobody is making him watch them die again and again, and he should have known that they didn't beat Nobody. The real arrives, and the fake Vic says that Niles finally figured it out and reverts to his real form of Nobody.

The group appears in White Space, and Nobody tells the team that there's no beating him ever. They can be free of him and turns to Niles, asking for the truth. Niles realizes that's been all about getting him to tell the team the truth, and Niles says he can't. The group tells him that he can tell them anything, and Niles finally says that he caused all the "accidents" that afflicted them.

Written by Gadfly on May 18, 2019

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