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The Quest for Peace Recap

24 Hours Earlier, DC

Kara escapes from Red Daughter, and Red Daughter reports to Lex what happened. Lex assures her that she didn't fail him and figures however that Supergirl's weakness is her heart. He tells Red Daughter to get Eliza and finish what they started.

Amertek Energy Refinery, Six Hours Earlier

Lex and Eve seal an alien in a chamber and drain his powers, transferring them to a gauntlet. He blasts a guard to test the weapon, and Eve tells him that Ben killed Otis. As Eve goes, Lex tells her that they're close to ruling the world and they kiss.

The White House, One Hour Earlier

Baker pours himself a drink and tells Lex that satellite imagery confirms the Kaznian fleet is amassing off the U.S. coast. He wonders if he should be in a bunker, and Lex reminds him that he brought Baker out of obscurity, brought down Marsdin, and made Baker President. He insists that his plan is perfect. The Kaznian general calls and says that they're ready, and Lex tells him to go ahead. The foreign army launches air attacks on the U.S., and the Army mobilizes.

Supergirl and Red Daughter fight.

Power goes out along the coast cities. Lex flies down out of the sky wearing her Lexosuit and defeats the Kaznian forces.

Alex helps Supergirl revive.

Red Daughter hears the explosions and flies to confront Lex. She says that she was supposed to attack, and Lex tells her that she did what she was supposed to. Lex boasts that he's proud to be an American and shoots her with his Kryptonite blaster.


The next day, Supergirl and Alex meet with Eliza and watch the broadcast of Lex defeating the Kaznians. Eliza warns that Baker has convinced the American people that Lex is a hero, and Supergirl insists that she won't let fear win. She insists that with Alex at her side, anything is possible.

At Amertek, Lex checks the imprisoned Red Daughter and tells her that she's either dumb or naïve. She could have found out who he really is but didn't, and Lex insists that he hates Kryptonians and Red Daughter is a Kryptonian. He says that he has bigger plans than death for Red Daughter and seals her canister.

Ben goes to a Lockwood steel factory and sees a newscast about Baker pardoning Lex and appointing him the new Secretary of Alien Affairs. Ben injects himself with the Harun-El, and when Lex's masked men come to kill him, he easily defeats them with his superpowers. The "men" disappear, revealing that they're Eve's clones, and Ben asks the prime one why Lex has been using her for a year.

More aliens, including J'onn and Dreamer, are delivered to the Amertek refinery. The guards put them to work, and J'onn realizes that they're on Shelley Island surrounded by power-dampening pylons. The two heroes spot Al, who says that he and his friends will help them with any diversion they need to escape.

Lena and Brainiac-5 watch news broadcasts about Lex being sworn in that afternoon. Kara and Alex arrive, and Brainiac-5 says that he's recovered Kara's evidence that Baker had wiped from the CatCo servers. Brainiac-5 then tells them about Lex's plan to siphon alien powers, and J'onn and Dreamer are at the facility. They will signal him when they can to tell them the location. An assistant brings Lena an invitation from Lex to come to the White House. Lena figures that she has to go or Lex will target her friends.

At the White House, Lena arrives at the Oval Office and finds Lillian there with her son Lex. As Eve looks on, Lena tells Lillian that Lex has convinced the world that he's a hero. Lex insists that he did it for them and the Luthor name is cleared. He explains that he's rounding up aliens to use as "power batteries" to sell to the world. Lena wonders why Lex thinks Superman won't intervene, and Lex says that the he'll destroy Argo with a satellite powered by the alien energy. Eve asks to talk to Lex privately, and he leaves with her.

Once they're alone, Lillian tells Lena that she's poisoned Lex's tea but he was too busy talking to drink it.

Eve wonders why Lex didn't tell him he was going to kill Superman. She tells him use up the power destroying Argo, but Lex insists that he will wipe out Superman and assures Eve that she'll love it.

Al and another alien stage a fight, and then attack the guards when they intervene. Dreamer and J'onn slip away in the confusion, get to the pylon control room, and shut the devices down. She astral projects to Brainiac-5.

Alex assures Kara that her article is historic. Brainiac-5 confirms that Lillian's extraction device is finished and they can extract the Harun-El from Ben. Dreamer's astral self appears and tells them that they're on Shelley Island. Brainiac-5 says that Dreamer has arrived just as he anticipated. He says that she can't interact with them or even be seen but can ionize electrons. He breathes on the window and has Dreamer ionize the water vapor and write her location on it. They go to get James.

Back in the Oval Office, Lex pours champagne and tells Lillian that he knows she tried to poison him. Lillian wonders why he hasn't had them killed, and Lena warns that Lex is planning genocide. Lex doesn't care, figuring that he provided humanity with a hero and facts are irrelevant.

Kara's news articles go out about how Lex betrayed America, and people start protesting.

Lex says that nothing can stop him.

The team land on Shelley Island and confirm that the pylons are off. Brainiac-5 determines that Lex has built a more powerful Claymore Satellite and is targeting Argo. As Brainiac-5 flies off to find it, Ben and his superpowered men step out and say that they came to defeat Lex but are glad Supergirl is there and attack.

Brainiac-5 arrives as Dreamer and J'onn find the core. He explains Lex's plan and discovers he can't get into the system, and says that there is nothing they can do to stop Claymore. J'onn figures that they can overload it, and uses his psychic powers to do it. Brainiac-5 warns that there's only an 18% chance J'onn's plans will succeed and a 98% chance it won't succeed. J'onn refuses to let his new homeworld die.

Lex tries to activate Claymore, and when it fails he calls in Eve. She explains that there's a problem at Shelley Island, and Lex puts on his Lexosuit and flies there. Lena disarms Eve and Lillian knocks out her guards.

Supergirl tosses Ben back, while Alex and James defeat the CoL. James bleeds from the nose but assures Alex that he's okay. Supergirl knocks out Ben and as Alex runs over to extract the Harun-El from him, Lex arrives in his suit and opens facility on the island, and James tells Supergirl to deal with while they finish off Ben and his men.

Lex and Supergirl fight, slamming down into the Amertek facility. Shocked, Lex wonders how Supergirl survived. She tells him that truth and justice always prevail. Lex just laughs and activates his Kryptonite blasters. Supergirl dons Red Daughter's protective suit and blocks the Kryptonite blasts.

Dreamer lends her energy to J'onn's efforts. Brainiac-5 tries to regain control of his personality, and then tells his friends to stop because what they're doing doesn't make any sense. He says that he's realigned and assures Dreamer that she can do it. The core overloads and Brainiac-5 yells that they're astounding and tells Nia that he loves her. The energy knocks them back, and the core overloads.

James and Ben fight.

Supergirl and Lex fight.

Alex tries to use the extraction device on Ben. He takes it from her and knocks her back. Ben injects James with the device, and he manages to grab the backup and inject it with Ben.

J'onn and the others evacuate the prisoners. Red Daughter, unseen, climbs out of her cylinder and hears Lex blast down Supergirl.

Lex advances on Supergirl and prepares to deliver a final blast. Red Daughter arrives and knocks Supergirl out of the way and through a wall, taking the blast. Dying, Red Daughter tells Supergirl that she was right and should protect her people like she protected hers. The clone disintegrates and the energy flows into Supergirl's body. Lex arrives and blasts her, but Supergirl shrugs off the energy and then repels it with her heat vision. She blasts Lex back through the wall, and he flies off in his suit. Supergirl blasts him with her heat vision as he goes, and Lex flies into the sky and then hiss suit gives out and he falls. The heroine catches him and tells him to let her save her, but Lex tells her that he's rather die and plummets to the ground below, disappearing in an energy blast. The people gather and applaud Supergirl.

Lex teleports to his lab, and Lena is there and says that she took his superpowers. He says that he left the clues to bring Lena that in the hopes that she'd come there, and asks for her hand. Lena draws a gun and aims it at him, and Lex says that she's not ruthless enough to pull the trigger. His sister shoots him in the chest and says that the world will never be a safe place with him in it. Dying, Lex tells Lena that she killed him and provided that he's underestimated her. He asks who will be proud of her when he's gone, and the joke is on her. He plays video of Kara using her superpowers and says that all of Lena's friends have been lying to her. Lex says that Kara is Supergirl, and she's left with no one and nothing. Lena stares at him in shock and cries.

Baker is removed from office. James and Kara watch from James' office, and James has an eyepatch from his injuries fighting Ben. Nia comes in and says that they're happy James is okay. She's glad that people are listening to facts, and Kara is happy that the Fourth Estate saved the day. Haley is the new press secretary, and announces that Vice President Plastino has lifted martial law and reinstated the Alien Amnesty Act. She thanks Supergirl on behalf of the nation for her service.

That night, Alex and Kelly go for a walk. Kelly says that she doesn't want their time together to end, and Alex kisses her and says that she feels the same. Brainiac-5 and Nia go by, holding hands.

Later at game night at J'onn's office, Brainiac-5 wins. Lena arrives with wine and says nothing about what she knows, and Kara asks if Lena is with her in the game. Her friend says that she always is. As Kara goes to get wine, Alex comes over and Kara says that she's worried about Lena. She figures that she has to tell her the truth about her secret identity. Her foster sister suggests that Kara let Lena enjoy the evening before they take it away, and Kara agrees to wait.

George talks on the news about how there must be a better way than turning against each other. Ben is in prison watching the news, and sees George as he says that aliens and humans have to come together. Supergirl hovers above, listening, and smiles.

At the transit building, an older woman approaches a disguised Eve and says that they'll always find her. Eve says that she did everything they asked, and the woman says that Lex was supposed to move the needle and failed. When Eve begs her to let her go, the woman says that it's not on the agenda. She warns that Leviathan is everywhere and everyone, and Leviathan is coming.

The Monitor arrives in National City and approaches a man who was trapped. He tells the man that he is on Earth and brought him there, and the man has been a phantom to his people. Now it is time for the man to avenge him against the brother who hurt him. He tells the man that he must walk the path himself and he has one more path to visit. The man--a Martian, Malefic J'onzz--promises that he is coming for J'onn.

Lena sits at her desk drinking and slams the glass down on a photo of her and Kara.

Lex's body lies in his lab. The Monitor arrives and his hands glow.

Written by Gadfly on May 20, 2019

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