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Hey, World! Recap

Sara makes her way through Waverider, dodging the magical refugees. Mick is drinking with the ogres in the mess room, and Gary comes in and tries to corral the ogre into the lab.

Nate assures Zari that she's not a horrible mother just because she lost the dragon egg. Ava tells her that they need to get the dragon before Neron grabs it.

Tabitha confronts Charlie in her cell and tells her that she's more than a shape-shifter and they both know what Charlie is capable of. She reminds Charlie that she's meant to show humans their greatest fears and she's going to help her do it.

Nora arrives in Hell and tries to wave someone down. Her wand leads her to Constantine.

Neron and Tabitha kiss in front of Charlie, and then Tabitha turns Charlie into Senator Wellington and leads her off.

Calibraxis is torturing Constantine when Nora comes in. The demon isn't impressed, and Nora sends him away and frees Constantine. Constantine says that Ray doesn't have a body so they have to find the soul token representing it. Nora's magic isn't powerful enough to take them into the vault where Neron has it locked away. However, Constantine knows someone who can help them break in.

Nate and Zari go to a schoolyard park to find Young Zari, and Zari says that kids used to gang up on her. Young Zari is showing off the young dragon, that she's named Mithra, to the kids. A woman comes up and tells the kids to run, saying that it's a monster. She uses the Eyes app to report it, and two men arrive via courier, grab Mithra, and leave.

Gideon tells Sara that it's located Neron. Neron is testifying before Congress about the "crisis" as Tabitha watches from the audience. "Senator Wellington" tries to protest and Tabitha transforms her into a monster and forces her to go berserk, while Neron addresses the cameras saying only normal people can stop them.

Sara and Mick arrive but can't fire on the monster for fear that they'll hurt Charlie. They spot Tabitha but the security guards open fire, forcing Mick to take cover. Sara attacks Tabitha, forcing her to drop her staff. Charlie reverts to her human form, and Mick knocks out a guard who draws on her. He grabs Charlie and they leave with Sara, while Tabitha tells Neron that Charlie has served her purpose.

Astra is drinking at a bar when Neron comes in. She realizes that it's a magically disguised Constantine, and he drops his glamour. Nora comes in and Astra asks what Constantine wants. He says that the Triumvirate are too short-sighted, and he'll kill Neron so that they can be back on top. Astra reminds Constantine that he let her go to Hell and she had prospects until Neron destroyed them. She agrees to help Constantine.

Panic spreads through 2019 as rumors of magical creatures spread. Charlie tells them that Neron and Tabitha want fear because it's energy. Gideon reports that a mysterious red storm is forming over the Time Bureau HQ in DC.

Tabitha uses her magic to channel the power of fear, and tells Neron that it's time to send a message to his legion below.

Astra, Constantine, and Nora head for the soul bank. A red portal opens and Neron speaks through it, saying that soon a door will open and they can make Earth Hell again. The trio keep moving before it's too late.

Mona and Gary bring food to the creatures. They then meet with the other Legends and warn that the creatures are turning monstrous, and Charlie says that they are monsters. Sara wonders how they'll deal with the fear, and Zari has Gideon play video of Mithra dancing for the kids. The video has gone viral, and Zari says that even for a day the dragon changed her world. Nate realizes that it sounds like Hank's pitch for Heyworld, and says that the world needs a place for people to see creatures the way that Charlie helped them see Charlie: misfits trying to fit in. Nate warns that it'll take months to build the park.

Astra drags Constantine into the bank and tells the clerk that it's Constantine. She says that Constantine owns the marker on Constantine's soul and wants him in his vault, and the clerk quickly gives in and takes them to the vault. An invisible Nora knocks the teller out and they sort through the t6okens. Astra takes a couple for the future.

Zari suggests that they use Bridget's Diary to create the park, but it's in the Time Bureau. Ava suggests that they break in, and Mick arrives and reveals that he already broke in and stole it. Nate takes the diary and starts wishing, Mona and Gary go to dress up the creatures to be more kid-friendly, and the rest of them dream up a marketing plan.

As Nate and Zari work, Gideon reports that in one potential future, building Heyworld changes her future because the antimetahuman act never passes. Nate figures that it's great news, and Zari says that Behran would survive but she'd never get the totem and the last two years would never happen. Sara comes in and says that she'll be her because she'll be on Waverider on the temporal zone and immune to the timeline change. Zari seizes on the idea and figures that she can hack the Eyes app and transmit the images from Heyworld worldwide.

Nora finds Ray's coin and Constantine demands that Astra free Ray's soil. She takes the token and uses it to teleport Constantine and Nora to a prison. Constantine warns that what they do to souls isn't pretty. When they break in, they find Ray playing Giant Jenga with his captor, Vandal Savage

Sara, Nate, and Gary dress up as Supergirl, Arrow, and Flash to film an ad to promote Heyworld. Ava warns that Heyworld isn't a superhero park, but Sara says that people need franchise superheroes to feel safe.

Mona tries to determine what the creatures can contribute to the Heyworld Review. Mike the Spike says that they shouldn't help, and Charlie comes in and says that it's their chance to show people that they're more than monsters. Mona turns into Wolfie and agrees, and Charlie says that there's more to all of them than meets the eye. The Ogre, Frederic, wonders what the point is and humans run away from them. He just wants to sing, and the minotaur agrees to perform with him in a duet. Charlie figures that they have a show.

Ray kisses Nora, who slaps him and complains that he domed the planet. He says that he had to do it to save Nate, and Constantine tells him that he's a softie. Vandal says that they got talking when Ray arrived. Nora's wand glows as she realizes that she fulfilled Gary's wish, and they teleport back to the real world. They appear on Waverider and Gary hugs Constantine. Constantine explains that Ray has turned back into the soul token because he can't leave Hell any other way. Gary wishes for him to have his real body, but Nora's magic isn't powerful enough.

Nate and Sara tell Constantine their plan, and he suggests that there's another way to fight Neron. He explains that if Neron breaks the deal because Neron kills him, then all of the souls he holds would be released. Sara refuses to consider the idea and Constantine hesitantly agrees. Once he leaves, Sara tells Nate that she's not going to lose another Legend and he has a theme park to build.

Nate and Zari go to the park site and Nate worries about fulfilling his father's expectations. Zari assures him that he's got it and they kiss, and then Nate writes in the diary. The park materializes and is soon open for business. there's a state of Hank, and Nate welcomes the guests. Nasreen and Young Zari are there, and Nate tells Zari who is aboard Waverider hacking the app. Ava is recording the events, and Gary is the ringmaster pushing the superhero-vs-monsters show.

Mona and Charlie are backstage with the creatures, prepping them for the show. They assures them that everyone will love them. The show begins and Gary introduces the Legends. White Canary and Steel go out and display their skills, and the ogre, minotaur, and puca come out. The Legends ask what they have, and suggest that they get to know them so they have nothing to fear. The Monitor watches from the shadows, and the audience starts booing as they realize it's not a superhero show.

The fully-grown Wicksty flies in, and Tabitha follows it in and says that the creatures will serve their hellish ends. Gary tells everyone to stay calm, and then faints when the demon growls at him. Nora is powerless with him unconscious and drags him off. Tabitha says that the audience will witness their triumph, and Constantine warns the Legends that she's going to open the portal.

White Canary tries to get the staff from Tabitha, who blasts Steel back. Mick and Ava get the kids out, but Wicksty flies out and prepares to fry them. Ava orders everyone back inside.

Tabitha blasts White Canary back and starts draining the fear from the audience. A magically-transformed full-size Wicksty comes in and Tabitha orders it to burn them all. The dragon advances on White Canary, but Young Zari steps out and tells it to dance. It does, knocking Tabitha unconscious. it then eats her as she tries to recover her staff. Neron is watching and yells in protests, while Mithra reverts back to its younger cuter form and flies off.

Neron grabs Tabitha's staff and uses it to open a portal to Hell. Constantine confronts the demon and says that it's time for them to fight. Neron immobilizes him with a spell and says that he's always won, and as he kills Constantine the demon hunter says that the Legends already win. "Nate" drops his glamours, revealing that he's Constantine and that "Constantine" is Nate.

Zari, watching, tells Gideon to take her there. The AI warns that if Zari leaves the temporal zones then there's no choice.

Constantine tells White Canary that it was Nate's choice. Neron leaves Ray's body and Constantine casts a spell to destroy it. He then uses the token to restore Ray's soul to his body. Nora and Ray go to Nate's body and Mick yells at Constantine to bring Nate back to life. Constantine says that it takes magic beyond his means, and Nora weeps over Nate's body.

In the rafters, the ghostly forms of Nate and Hank watch. Hank assures Nate that he hasn't been far, and admits that it sucks to die before he's ready. However, he had faith in Nate and was right to believe that Nate and the Legends would see it through. Hank says that the only thing missing from the show was music and starts singing. Below, Mick sings briefly and Constantine realizes what's going on. The Legends and the monsters join in, and Tabitha's staff glows. Ray realizes that love is energy, and Constantine grabs the spell. The Legends tell everyone to hold hands and sing to bring Nate back, and everyone joins in

Hank tells Nate that the singing is for him. The energy of love flows through the tent, and Hank tells Nate that he loves him and then shoves him down to his body. Nate comes back to life and Zari arrives to kiss him. He realizes that they've changed her memories, and she says that she couldn't let him die. Behrad appears, wearing the totem, and no one remembers Zari. Nate and Ray hug, and White Canary says their work is done and leave.

In Hell, Astra informs the new teller that she's there to make a withdrawal and presents all of the coins that she collected of the evilest souls in Hell. The teller releases the souls.

Written by Gadfly on May 21, 2019

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