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Dot Zom Recap

In his lab, Cornell Piercey works on equations, looks up, and sees an unexpected visitor.

The next day, Liv and Ravi arrive at PierceyCorp. The company does apps like Path-Seeker and Shopulent, but Ravi insists that Piercy was a futurist and a fascinating guy. Clive is talking to Nora Shaw, Piercey's personal assistant who found his body. She takes them down to the bunker and explains that Piercey calculated that some kind of apocalyptic event was coming so he was preparing an underground shelter, Project Z. On the board in Piercy's lab are several names including Peyton's.

On the set of Hi, Zombie, Ravi talks to Peyton and says that it gives him solace that she'd be safe in a bunker. Jimmy presents an introductory scene of the sitcom about humans and zombies living next door. and his zombie character rages out. Peyton says that they don’t want to portray zombies as rage monsters, and Jimmy insists that comedy has to challenge the audience. Peyton has to leave and Ravi says that he'll talk to Jimmy about it.

Later at the morgue, Liv and Ravi check Piercy's body. Ravi says that Jimmy took the notes reluctantly. When Clive arrives, Ravi says that Piercey was poisoned with a mushroom-based poisoned deliver by pills he took. Clie says that they found a blue-tinted dried contact lens at the crime scene. Liv cuts up Piercey's brain to eat on the go as they meet with PierceyCorp's new CEO.

At PierceyCorp, Liv starts acting highly intellectual. Melissa Schultz, the acting CEO, meets with them and gives them a compiled file of information on the company. She admits that she and Piercey were in a relationship up until a year ago, and says that she is a zombie but they parted amenably. Liv starts writing on Melissa's whiteboard, talking about ideas. Melissa insists that she doesn't want publicity, and wasn't on Piercey's list because she is a zombie. She confirms that Piercey took hallucinogenic drugs for mental clarity and it was public knowledge.

Liv and Clive talk to Piercey's neurochem consultant, Dalton, who says that he dropped off the pills with Nora. Clive confirms that Dalton is now in "smart drugs", and offers some of the pills to Liv. Clive takes them away and asks if Dalton knew about Project Z, and Dalton says that he did.

Principal Mosely calls in a teacher, Graham Moss, and says that parents complained that he's a zombie so Mosely is firing him.

As Blaine goes into the Scratching Post, Dead Ends take photos of him and say that they're going to publish them. Inside, Blaine tells Don E that he's going to meet with a writer, Al Bronson, for an article on up and comings. Blaine sees an attractive woman and hits on her, and she says that she's Al, short for Alice. Al gets down to business and starts interviewing B laine.

Liv arrives at the motel and finds Major watching TV with Jalen and Michael. He tells Liv that their teacher got outed and fired, and that he's going to visit Mosely in the morning. Liv starts talking about decision points, and Major figures that she's on a new brain. She suggests that they hire Moss to tutor Michael and the others.

As Al interviews him, Blaine propositions her again. She confirms that she's a zombie and says that they'll continue the interview later.

Lambert wakes up the two soldiers who were "frozen" after killing the humans at Warmbloods, and says that they've been chosen as shadow operatives to save zombie-kind from extinction. He says that they'll be allowed to use whatever force is necessary, and asks if they want to meet their new boss. They go to a parking garage and discover that their boss is inside of a van. The soldiers get in and the man, Honcho, snorts drugs from small vials. He says that he needs killers and says that they're the next step of human evolution. Humans will soon become extinct as zombies supersede them. Voss immediately says that he wants it to be them. His buddy says that he doesn't know Honcho and is passing, and Honcho's eyes turn red and he kills the man.

Liv and Ravi argue about nootropis, and Ravi dismisses them as placebos. She has a memory flash of Nora meeting with Piercey as he replaced her name with Peyton's on his whiteboard. Liv figures that Nora hid the information for a reason and they go to PierceyCorp to talk to Nora. She admits that she and Piercey were lovers and he thought she deserved to be on the list, but then replaced her with Peyton after he saw her give a speech at a fundraiser. Liv asks if Nora was upset about being replaced, and Nora tells her that Piercey made all of his decisions on purely logical terms. She says that Piercey was nearly broke funding Project Z, and Liv gets a flash of a man promising to sink Piercey and demanding his product. As they leave, Liv tells Clive what she saw.

Al comes back to interview Blaine, who says that his brand is based on him being a rogue like Renegade. Don E says that Dead Ends are back taking photos and spooking customers, so they don't have any business. Blaine tells him to calm down and call over the Brazilians.

Liv and Major have Moss brought in and he says that they want to hire him to tutor the kids. He immediately agrees, but Major tells him that secrecy is the key because Renegade's operation--and lives--depend on it.

As two customers arrive at the club, the Dead Enders threaten them. Blaine, Al, and Don E come out and call over the Brazilian musicians, and Blaine goes over to the leader and fights him while the musicians play and Blaine uses the capoeira brain that he ate. Blaine defeats the three Dead Enders and tells the customers that the first drink is on the house. Al says that she gets the appeal of the Blaine brand, and agrees to meet Blaine at his apartment the next night.

On the Hi, Zombie set, Liv is having Jimmy do a sketch of the man she saw in the memory-flash. Once they start the sketch again, Peyton stops them and says that they just switched around the rages. One actress, Yasmine, suggests that they have the humans make the jokes, and Jimmy tells her to write it. Peyton says that Yasmine is the new head writer. Two of the three actors leave, and Yasmine stays.

Liv and Clive show the sketch to Melissa, who takes them to the bunker to check the computer records. Nora joins them in the elevator, and recognizes the man in the sketch as Sheldon Drake the Fixture King. Clive calls in Sheldon and Liv joins them. Sheldon refuses to talk to a zombie and Renegade, and Liv confirms that she saw Sheldon in a prison. He takes offense at her eating Piercey's brain and refuses to answer their questions. As he goes, Sheldon says that Liv's time as a zombie is almost up.

Later at the motel, Curtis tells Liv that the Dead Ender site is a doxing site. Eventually they're going to out every zombie in the month. Liv dismisses their methodology, and Clive calls Liv and says that Sheldon's eyes are brown but blue in the commercials. She figures that the Sheldon was playing Piercey for user data from his apps, and Clive says that he'll try and get a warrant.

Al arrives at Blaine's place where he's holding a party.

At the Scratching Post, Moss tells a friend that he's working with Renegade. A man ahead of them overhears Moss talking and secretly takes his photo.

Blaine gets a call, and Al talks to people at the party. She discovers that no one knows Blaine personally. She sneaks into Blaine's office and sees a mask on the wall.

The next day, Moss is going to his car. Voss has his photo, grabs him, and tosses him into a van.

The police bring Sheldon in, and Clive says that they found the lethal mushroom in Sheldon's backyard. Liv waves to Sheldon.

In the van, Hondo tells Moss that he works for them rather than Renegade, and reveals his tied-up friend from the club.

At the house, Curtis tells Liv that Moss isn't there yet. She gets a memory flash of Melissa telling Sheldon and Piercey that if Piercey does it, zombies are doomed. Moss arrives and nervously says that he thought he was being followed but isn't. Liv goes to the station and tells Clive about the vision and that Melissa lied to them about knowing Sheldon. She figures that Sheldon was paying Piercey for the data-mining system so that he and the Dead Enders could ID zombies throughout Seattle. Liv warns that if Sheldon is released then he could plot the murder of all zombies.

Peyton and Ravi convince Yasmine on her script. They realize that they don't have a cast, and Jimmy and his comedy troupe actors come in. Jimmy admits that he sees what Peyton is trying to do, and he isn't going to let a comedy troupe screw it up.

Al asks her editor for an extension on Blaine's profile as she checks the photos of the mask that Blaine used. Once she hangs up, Al tells Blaine that she'll have to get to know him better.

Clive and Liv question Melissa, who says that Piercey didn't fully appreciate what Sheldon intended to do. Piercey just wanted the money to finish Project Z, and she wanted to save zombie-kind. Melissa asks Liv if she understands, and then says that she put the mushrooms in Sheldon's yard in the hopes it would incriminate him. She asks why Liv is trying to get Sheldon out of jail.

Written by Gadfly on May 24, 2019

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