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Fear and Loathing on the Planet of Kitson Recap

A hunter, Malachi, checks his weapons and goes through the files on wanted individuals. Fitz and Enoch come up and Malachi uses a device to create a teleport portal and departs.

At the customs station on Naro-Atzia, Piper and Davis complain to Daisy about Jemma endangering their chances of getting home. They want to confine her to the cargo hold, and Jemma insists that they can't give up. Daisy tells them all to calm down and Daisy says that Jemma is right and finding Fitz is the mission, but she's the mission leader and her call to make. She tells the team that they're going home, and Jemma says that she's staying. The Zephyr shakes, and the customs officer Pretorious Price signals to greet them. He requests permission to come aboard for their welcoming inspection, and Daisy says that they won't be visiting after all. Price insists that they're in the system and Daisy agrees to the inspection. once Price signs off, Jemma suggests that he inspected Fitz's ship and might know where he went.

On Kitson in Kitson City, Fitz and Enoch tell the engineering crew that they're heading to Naro-Atzia and then the solar system. They tell the duo that they're heroes, and Fitz notices a cylinder of wrapped snacks. Enoch says that they're not met for human consumption and stops Fitz from eating one, and the engineers say that they're taking the ship and the cargo. One of them, Toad, explains that there's a price on Fitz and Enoch's heads. Fitz says that the ship is the only way off of Kitson, and takes out a chip. The leader says that it isn't enough but tells them that fortunes are made on Kitson and maybe Fitz will get lucky.

Later, Fitz and Enoch go to the House of Games and Enoch gets in despite the mechanical-being scanners. He tells Fitz that he has mechanisms that disguise his artificial nature, and says that their experiences have been stimulating and informative. Enoch says that Fitz has become his best friend and asks if he feels the same, and Fitz tells him that it feels like they're not getting anywhere. They enter the casino and Enoch says that he knows of thousands of games of chance. However, he admits that he has no experience, only knowledge.

Price comes aboard and tells the team to hand over their weapons per protocol. Jemma asks if he's seen Fitz, and Price says that he's there. Malachi comes in and stuns Daisy and Piper. Jemma and Davis take cover, and Jemma goes for a gun while Davis clubs Malachi unconscious from behind.

Enoch orders drinks and Fitz wonders how he plans to pay for them. The Chronicom takes Fitz's one chip, bets on a game, and wins. Fitz realizes that Enoch is essentially a computer and can win them what they need, and says that best friends are for breaking the rules.

The team chain Malachi up, and he warns them that they're out of time. He says that Fitz is wanted for tampering with the universe and knows that Fitz was scheduled to arrive on the next incoming vessel. Daisy goes to question Price, and Malachi says that Fitz died on Earth a year ago.

Fitz and Enoch drink their drinks, and then Enoch sits down at the high-stakes table. Enoch starts winning.

Daisy tells the team that another ship was supposed to arrive but turned around at the last minute and went to Kitson. Price overhears them and says that Kitson is a nasty place.

Enoch continues winning and one of the players buys drinks and starts acting chummy with the Chronicom. Fitz advises Enoch not to go in, warning that the gambler isn't their friend. Enoch refuses and the gambler wins. He admits that he bluffed, realizing that Enoch knows nothing about people.

Someone tries to contact the ship, and then Daisy and her team blast their way in. The new captain, Boyle, tells them that they're trespassing. When Toad goes for his gun, Daisy easily disarms him. Jemma asks about Fitz, and Daisy shatters Boyle's hand when he tries to negotiate a price. He says that they let Fitz and Enoch go, and Davis takes the canister full of the snacks, "puffs", and eats one because he's hungry. Jemma and Daisy take some to eat, and Boyle says that Fitz either went to the casino or the brothels.

At the bar, Enoch complains that his opponent deceived him. Fitz tries to explain "bluffing", and Enoch realizes that he disappointed him. He suggests that they work in the brothels, and Fitz insists that brothels are not an option. Enoch suggests playing a game based purely on mathematical odds, but warns that the stakes are very high. They use Fitz as collateral, Enoch warning that he'll be sold into slavery if they lose. He says that he'll monitor the chips and signal Fitz with a high-pitched tone that only humans can hear. Fitz sits down and is locked into the chair.

Daisy and Jemma prepare to enter the casino to search for Fitz, and they start giggling. The Greeter welcomes them and the two women start tripping. Jemma figures that their bodies will eventually adjust to whatever is affecting them, and they go in staring at the lights. They figure the puffs are affecting them.

On the Zephyr, Davis starts tripping and hugs Piper. She goes to find Jemma and Daisy.

Jemma and Daisy climb up to the bar and try to remember their mission. Daisy figures the mission is ladies night and talk about how they first met. Jemma leaves when she remembers Fitz, and the gambler sits down with Daisy. He invites her to his ship, and Daisy passes out.

Malachi extends his arms through the chains as a blissed-out Davis, watches, amazed. A few minutes later, Piper comes in with animal crackers and realizes that Malachi has escaped and Davis is out on the floor. She wakes Davis up and he explains what happened.

Daisy goes off on her own to find Jemma, and finds her beneath the bar. Jemma talks about how much she misses Fitz, and says that Daisy has had awful luck with romance. As they break into tears and say how much they love each other, Daisy hears a high-pitched noise. Jemma hears it as well and figures that it sounds like a dolphin.

Enoch makes dolphin noises to signal Fitz, and Fitz wins. The greaseball next to Fitz bets next and loses. A dart shooter emerges from a table and shoots the greaseball dead, and the dealer Montalban tells Fitz never to hit on a 4. Guards toss the body in a corner, and Enoch says nothing. Fitz stalls for time until Montalban calls him on it, and Enoch's chest glows and he collapses. An alarm goes off that only Fitz can h ear, and Montalban tells everyone to vacate the room. He figures that Fitz and Enoch were together, and tells the guards that Mr. Kitson will want to deal with them personally.

Malachi accesses the ship's computer, and Piper arrives and tells him at gunpoint to back away. The hunter creates a teleport portal and teleports away. Piper wonders who he was trying to contact.

Daisy and Jemma clutch at their ears, hearing a loud alarm, and notice that no one else is bothered by it. They notice that no one else is hearing it and figure Fitz is involved.

Fitz reboots Enoch and complains that it sent off his alarm. Enoch explains that the alarm is a remote override of his system, caused by another Chronicoms. He says that some Chronicoms are hunters and they're coming there.

The hunters arrive at the House and shoot the Greeter.

Daisy and Jemma stagger out and see the hunters, and figure that they're there for Fitz. When Daisy tries to blast them, she misses.

Enoch realizes that the hunters are there to decommission him. Fitz figures that they need to focus on escaping, and tells Enoch that he's not useless. A stench is coming from the greaseball, and Enoch explains that the alien's blood 75% sulphur before passing out.

Daisy manages to blast the hunters, and tells Jemma that she's got it. Jemma runs off, and Daisy takes on the hunters in hand-to-hand.

Enoch questions why he exists when he's nothing, and Fitz uses the sulphur in the alien's arm to rig the door lock. He tells Enoch that his purpose is to be his best friend, and admits that the Chronicom has grown on him. Enoch perks up and says that he would do anything for Fitz.

Jemma confronts an alien security guard and says that her future husband is behind the door. he says that she needs to lay off the puffs.

Daisy fights the hunters and is forced to knock one out with her powers when he goes for his gun.

Enoch sparks the sulphur, shorting out the circuitry

The guard tells Jemma to go home, and the door bursts out and knocks him out. Fitz emerges and stares at Jemma. Malachi grabs Fitz and teleports away. Enoch comes out and tells Jemma that she shouldn't be there.

Sarge and Jaco go to a parking lot and Sarge activates his cannon. He fires it into the sky and creates a glowing screen, and then checks a monitor and tells Jaco that he's seen better and worse. They then leave.

Written by Gadfly on May 25, 2019

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