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Code Yellow Recap

Deke and Trevor run down a series of hallways, shooting at their pursuers. They take cover and Xxx runs out of ammo, and someone shoots him in the back. Deke takes him out, and another man arrives. Jumping into the air, Deke shoots him down and walks over, but a third pursuer comes up behind him and Deke slides along the floor behind him and guns him down. Deke then walks to a cabin and joins Daisy, and they kiss.

Sequoia calls to Deke, who ends the Framework. She points out that they're supposed to get boba tea together, and Trevor tells Deke that he did a good job. They walk out into their company and Deke figures that the game system for the Framework will make money and provide enough to pursue his initiatives. Sequoia takes video of him talking a future where no one goes hungry due to mushroom pellets. A researcher, Kaya, offers Deke a wristband but Deke refuses at first. Kaya assures Deke that his other ideas are being developed: all of the ideas based on what he saw in the future.

Mack meets with Diaz, who tells him that so far they haven't spotted the crew. She assures Mack that Melinda is on it. Mack goes into his office and finds Keller waiting for him. Keller asks for some time with him and starts to tell Mack about his relationship with Yo-Yo. Mack says that he'd have to separate two agents if they were together, and asks Keller if he believes that he's compromised. Keller says that he isn't, and Mack drops it.

Yo-Yo comes in and says that all the readings from when Sarge fired the cannon suggests that they may be making a map. She figures that they're looking for something but they don't know what it is.

Pax and Jaco walk past a bus terminal in Reno, and they spot a man. He sees them and runs when they draw their guns, but Snowflake and Sarge easily catch him in an alleyway. Sarge draws a knife and jams it into the man's chest, and spikes shoot out of his face. The man collapses and Sarge asks who's next.

Kaya offers Deke some pellets to taste. He easts one and tells her that it's closer. An assistant, Lindsay, arrives and tells Deke that someone arrive and said that he has an appointment, Deke sends Trevor and Kaya to get to work for the meeting, and asks Sequoia to get the boba so he can work on closing the deal. She agrees and Deke goes to the conference room. Sarge is there with a knife and says that he's been looking for Deke. Deke assumes that Sarge is Coulson, and Sarge hides his knife before Deke sees it.

Deke explains about how their corporate profits are going to the Better Future Foundation, and Sarge plays along. He comes over and Deke tells him that he looks good. Deke asks how they saved his life, and Sarge asks him what they told him. When he plays ignorant, Deke figures that they wiped Sarge's memory and Sarge asks him to fill him in on what he does know.

Melinda brings the body in and says that they got a report that the crew killed him. She insists that they don' call Sarge "Coulson".

Keller and Yo-Yo meet in the hallway and take the elevator together. Yo-Yo says that she wishes Keller had talked to her before talking to Mack, and Keller figures that Mack isn't over her. Keller says that Yo-Yo should know, and says that he will fight emotionally for her if he has to. They arrive at Marcus' labs and he shows them the body, with the spikes jutting out. Keller notes that the man was heading to Sioux City, which is a convergence point of three Ley Lines. Mack tells Melinda that the two of them will head to Sioux City.

Deke asks Sarge how his grandparents Fitz and Jemma know, and Sarge assumes that they're elderly. Realizing that Sarge doesn't know what he talks about, Deke tries to leave. Sarge grabs him and says that Deke doesn't belong there, and Deke stabs him with a statue to the hand and runs. He bumps into Jaco outside, and Pax opens fire on a security guard who comes over. Deke runs and Snowflake cuts him off, drawing her knives.

Sarge bandages his hand and Jaco tells him that the tracker says that Deke isn't from Earth but his readings are different than the others. Pax figures that he's still a target, and Sarge says that Deke is a talker so they should kill him slow and make him bleed.

Marcus autopsies the body, and Keller identifies the dead man as Harold Simcoe. Simcoe was reported a week ago when he abandoned his friends and family in Sacramento. Marcus has Keller help him pry open Simcoe's ribcage, and they find an alien parasite inside.

Deke ducks through the cubicles, and Sarge comes in and calls out that there's no use hiding because they'll always find him. Deke calls back, saying that he's not Coulson. He leaves his wrist player to play his voice. Trevor finds Deke and tells him to head for the exit and he's called for extract. Deke wonders who he is, and Trevor introduces himself as an agent of SHIELD before tossing a flash-bang at Coulson.

Marcus tells Yo-Yo and Keller that the blood panel results determined that Simcoe's body is flooded with a combustible neurotoxin that is like an accelerant. He has seen similar results in Amazonian ant and that the neurotoxin is used to turn the victims into zombie-like creatures. Marcus pulls the knife out of the parasite and it flies into the air. Keller draws his gun trying to get a clear shot. It flies into a vent and escapes.

Trevor takes Deke out via the loading dock and Trevor tells him that they have to move. A Quinjet lands nearby, and Trevor takes Deke aboard. Trevor explains that it's more of a Code Yellow, and one of Deke's attackers looks like Coulson. Mack tells the team that it's now an assault, and Deke wonders why Coulson is trying to kill him. Melinda and the others leave without answering his questions.

Yo-Yo, Keller, and Diaz move down the hallway hunting the parasite. Yo-Yo sends Diaz down a side hallway to flank it, and Keller lifts Yo-Yo into a vent when they hear the creature. The parasite slams into Keller's face and crawls into his mouth. When Diaz arrives, she and Yo-Yo take Keller to Marcus. The scientist examines Keller and the chest on his skin moves. Keller tells them to do what they have to so he doesn't turn into a creature like Simcoe.

Mack and his assault team enter the company and the crew toss a smoke grenade out and open fire. They spot Pax and Snowflake, but no one has seen Sarge. Melinda goes after Snowflake.

Deke hears the gunfire and says that they should go. He gets a call from Sequoia, who asks where everybody is. She says that she came in the back and wonders if they're doing a surprise retreat, and Deke tells her that the office was attacked. he says that she has to find a place to hide, and he'll come and get her. he discovers that the guns are out and sneaks out before his SHIELD guard notices.

Marcus tells Yo-Yo that the creature is growing and attaching itself to Keller's vascular system. He says that Keller doesn't have time to get Keller to a hospital, even if anyone there could deal with the problem. Yo-Yo tells Keller that he'll be fine, and Marcus gives Keller a sedative. He goes into convulsions and then flatlines, and Keller grabs Marcus by the throat. Yo-Yo manages to break his grip and strap him in at superspeed, and asks Marcus if he can operate. Marcus says that he can even though Keller is conscious.

Pax finds a tech working at his console, headphones on. The tech doesn't notice Pax, and Pax keeps tracking Deke with his device as he enters the building.

Deke finds Sequoia hiding in the restroom, and she slaps him and asks what took him so long to find her. he figures that since he doesn't exist in the present, the crew are after him. Sequoia doesn't care, and Deke tells her to follow him out after leaving the boba behind.

Melinda goes up the stairwell and spots Snowflake ahead, and gives chase. Snowflake doubles back and attacks her with a knife. They fight and Melinda finally takes her opponent down. Sarge arrives and puts his gun to Melinda's head.

Deke leads Sequoia out and realizes that she's posting their escape. Pax attacks Deke, and Mack punches him from behind, gives Deke a gun, and tells him to keep Sequoia safe. Mack and Pax fight and Mack finally slams Pax to the floor and punches him unconscious. Deke comes over and shoots Pax repeatedly until Mack stops him. Sequoia freaks out and Deke explains that Mack is an agent of SHIELD. Trevor joins them, and Jaco comes over and says that he wants Deke. Deke is out of ammo, and he tells Mack to come with him because he's got a plan.

Melinda tells Sarge to do what he's going to do or go to hell. Snowflake wants to kill her, but Sarge tells her to back off and says that Melinda is going to find out why they want her alive.

Jaco follows Mack and Deke into the Framework and finds himself in the hallway. The virtual Daisy comes out and slaps him, and then asks what took him so long.

In the real world, Deke and Mack look at the unconscious Jaco and watch what he's experiencing on a monitor. Deke offers him 2% of the company if he keeps it between himself.

The anesthesia doesn't work and Yo-Yo holds Keller down as Marcus starts cutting. The neurotoxin burns him, and Marcus tells Yo-Yo that they have to get Keller into containment or he could explode and take out the whole facility. They take him via gurney to the containment unit, but Keller breaks free of his straps. Marcus tells Yo-Yo not to help him, and Keller stands up and starts sprouting bioorganic spikes. Marcus tells her to get away, but Yo-Yo gets Sarge's knife and stabs Keller in the chest, killing him before he can "spread" further.

Snowflake drives the truck away and confirms that they're clear. In the back, Sarge contemplates the tied-up Melinda

Sequoia makes a video of her visiting Deke at his company and everything that happened, and their subsequent escape. When Trevor gets her out, they fall in love and have boba together.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 1, 2019

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