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Everything's Okay Recap

Lucifer plays the piano at Lux and sings about how he doesn't belong to different crowds. A masked man puts a gun to Lucifer's head and Lucifer concedes that he's sung the song too much. The shooter is Lee, who tells Lucifer that he and his three accomplices are there for revenge. Unimpressed, Lucifer points out that Lee is only alive in the desert because of him, and Lee says that he wandered in the desert and hallucinated that Lucifer had wings. As he gets a drink, Lucifer says that he had wings but since then he's changed. He casually bends the gun barrel as his eyes flare red, then picks up Lee and Lee realizes that he didn't hallucinate. The accomplices open fire but the bullets have no effect, and Lucifer wonders if Chloe felt terror like Lee is feeling. When the men attack Lucifer, he sends them flying across the room and says that Chloe left LA on a vacation a month ago.

Lucifer advances on Lee and wonders if Chloe has decided that he's evil incarnate... and wonders if she's right. Lee begs Lucifer not to kill him, and Lucifer tells him that he's more than a thief. He takes Lee up to his office and gives him money and gold bullion, and says that he deserves the chance to prove to people that he's more than a thief. Lee figures that it's a trick, and Lucifer gives him his trousers since he left him trouserless in their last encounter. Lee would rather just go, and Lucifer lets him and the others leave.

Maze comes in and wonders if Lucifer is upset about her betraying him and trying to kill him. She figures that he's still worried about Chloe, but Lucifer insists that Chloe is processing his devil face. Maze suggests that he's trying to avoid things, but Lucifer figures that Maze is looking for an excuse to find Chloe since she took Trixie with her. The demoness says that Chloe will be back soon and then she can apologize to Trixie. Lucifer suggests that they might not come back.

The next day, Dan is supervising the crime scene at a beekeeper's death. Lucifer arrives and Dan tells him to go home because they don't need him. Lucifer points out that Dan has no authority over him but Dan isn't impressed. Ella is nearby and says that Dan doesn't mean it, and losing Charlotte is getting to him bad. She warns that it will take them all awhile to get over what happened, and wonders if she's straight with God. Lucifer figures that it's time coming to crime scenes, just as Chloe strolls up and apologizes for being late. Ella asks what she's doing, and Chloe asks what's happening. The tech explains that the victim is Bob Goldbach, a 55-year-old beekeeper, and he was killed with a honey scraper to the neck. One of the hives was attacked, and Chloe suggests that Bob caught the attacker and died in the ensuing struggle. Chloe goes over to talk to Bob's wife Lenore, ignoring Lucifer.

Lenore tells Chloe that Bob had no enemies, and Lucifer comes over and stares at Chloe. She tells him that she's in the middle of something but he keeps staring. Chloe finally talks to him privately and he asks if Chloe is okay. She says that she's fine, and Chloe explains that she took Trixie to Europe and it gave her time to process what she saw. He asks if she's okay with what he is, and Chloe points out that he's always told her the truth and deep down she always knew. Chloe says that she just wants to get back to work and goes back to the case.

Later, Lucifer meets with Linda and figures that Chloe is in denial. He asks Linda to help him help Chloe, and Linda asks what he wanted to hear from Chloe. Linda tries to focus on Lucifer since he's her patient, and wonders if he expected Chloe to reject him or maybe even wanted it since he's refused to talk about the return of his devil face. Lucifer figures that he simply killed a human, but Linda points out that killing is against God's rules not his, and he's learned that angels self-actualize. Linda suggests that he's punishing himself for enjoying the killing, and that's why he sees himself as evil and wants Chloe to reject him. She suggests that it's just the truth, and if isn't then she'll let him know. Lucifer suggests that he play along and continue poking at her supposed self-denial, and Linda asks that he take it slowly.

Later at the station, Lucifer tells Ella that he's the Devil as Chloe looks on wondering what he's doing. Ella figures that he's playing a practical joke, and Chloe focuses on the case and asks Ella what she has on it. Ella says that the honey scraper had honey on it, but Bob and Lenore produced mixed honey rather than pure honey. Chloe figures that the killer brought his own tool.

Lucifer and Chloe go to the farmer's market that the Goldbachs frequented and Lucifer tells Chloe that now she can watch humans justify what they tell them instead of considering the obvious answer. Chloe tells him that no one will believe that he's the Devil without proof, and admits that she's smarting a little bit for not figuring it out herself. Lucifer invites Chloe to watch his "mojo" in action, and they question Glenn Dobbs at the neighboring stand. When Lucifer asks what he desires, Dobbs shrugs off Lucifer's ability because Lucifer is too busy looking at Chloe. Lucifer focuses and Dobbs says that he wants Bob to die. Chloe questions him and Dobbs says that he's terrified of Bob, and shocked to learn that he's dead. Dobbs talks to them privately and explains that he destroyed the bee hive because the Goldbach's "gimmicky" honey is going too far. However, Dobbs denies killing Bob. Dobbs went home and Bob arrived at his home and calmly beat him. The man went to the hospital, and Lucifer says that he's seen similar marks in Hell. Bob beats Dobbs with a bag full of doorknobs.

Chloe confirms that Dobbs was at the hospitalwhen Bob was killed. She spots someone following them in the reflection of her sunglasses, and they duck into a shack. Lucifer offers to use his "devilish strength", and Chloe finally gives in. When the man comes in, Lucifer lifts him up and Chloe sees the man's marshal badge. The man, Luke Reynolds, explains that Bob was in witness protection. He introduces himself and explains that he was Bob's handler, and says that Bob was really "Bob the Knob". Bob was an enforcer for the Paradiso crime syndicate and beatpeople with a bag full of doorknobs. No one should have known that Bob was there, and they came to town a few days ago. They won't talk to him, but Lucifer figures that they'll talk to the Devil. Smirking, Chloe whispers to Lucifer that it's fun being in the know.

That night, Chloe returns home and finds Maze there. She says that she knows Chloe knows about her and Lucifer, and reveals that she's handcuffed as a good-faith gesture. Maze tells Chloe that she would never hurt her or Trixie even though she's a demon. Chloe says that she knows, and Maze casually breaks the handcuffs and asks where Trixie is. The detective says that Trixie is with Dan and going to stay with him for a bit. When Maze offers to swing by and say hi, Chloe tells her that it's not a good idea. Maze figures that Trixie is still upset with her, and Chloe warns that her daughter isn't going to get over it anytime soon.

Lucifer goes to his penthouse and Amenadiel flies down to the balcony. He says that he's there so Lucifer knows that angels have control over themselves, and to gloat. They both agree that Charlotte belongs in Heaven and share a toast, and Lucifer figures that Amenadiel will go home for good now that he has his wings. Amenadiel admits that the Silver City is just as he remembered it, and Lucifer tells him that Chloe knows he's the Devil. He says that she's fine with it, and Amenadiel emphatically says that he'll stay if Lucifer needs him. Lucifer tells him to go home to where he really wants to be.

The next day, Chloe and Lucifer approach Frank "The Pool Boy" Paradiso at his private spot on the beach. She points out that Bob was murdered and Frank was in the same city on vacation. Frank dismisses it as a coincidence and goes to play bocchi, and Frank claims that he hasn't seen Bob since he testified against him. Lucifer figures that he's lying and points out that Frank has Bob's honey on his cheese bar. Frank admits that he and Bob had a rivalry, but as they got older they learned to respect each other. The gangster says that Bob did everyone a favor by testifying against his uncle, who was a bastard, and a few weeks ago they got an anonymous note that Bob was in LA. Frank gave the note to Bob, and as they leave Chloe calls Dan to have him check the surveillance cameras at the market to see if Frank was there. When Lucifer touches Chloe's shoulder to get her attention, she jumps and then says that everything is okay.

At the station, Chloe meets with Luke, who doesn't believe that Frank told her the truth. Chloe disagrees, and wonders if Lenore knew about Bob's past. Luke says that people like Bob can't help, and Chloe figures that Lenore might have seen the truth. Meanwhile, Lucifer asks Dan for advice on what it means when a woman recoils from his touch. Dan says that he's not going along with Lucifer insulting him and insists that they're not friends. However, he tells Lucifer that the recoil means the woman wants the toucher as far away as possible from them. Lucifer is taken aback and leaves, and Chloe comes over and tells Dan that they were supposed to talk to Lenore together. Dan is happy that it'll be just the two of them.

Lucifer meets with Linda and she suggests that they use Lucifer as an example of how to deal with it. She asks what he would do if he was in denial and was forced to face a truth he didn't like, and suggests that he would project his issues onto whomever he was dealing with. Lucifer figures that Chloe is projecting her feelings onto the case so he needs to use the case to understand Chloe's feelings. Linda suggests it would help him understand his own feelings as well, and Lucifer snorts in disbelief and leaves.

As they arrive at Lenore's house, Chloe apologizes for not being there after Dan lost Charlotte. Dan says that the job is his therapy, and he asks about Trixie's obsession with gelato. They find the front door open and go inside, and discover that someone has torn the place up. They call in Ella and her team, and Dan talks to the neighbors. They saw Lenore leave carrying a gym bag and going in a hurry. Lucifer suggests that she found out the truth about Bob and asks Chloe what Lenore might have felt. Chloe admits that it might help and that Lenore might have run because she was scared of Bob. However, she figures that there's something more involved. Ella reports that Lenore took her wedding album with her and Dan says thathe saw Luke several times on the surveillance footage. Luke talked to Lenore once, even though earlier Luke said that they had never met.

Maze meets with Linda and says that she's fine, but Linda tells her that she needs to make up with Trixie since Maze backslid into demonhood. Linda paces nervously and then suggests that she talk to Maze in her own language of violence. Maze refuses, saying that she doesn't want to kill her best friend, and Linda assures her that she has kick-boxing moves. The demon walks over and Linda punches her, just as Amenadiel comes in and objects. He says that he can't allow them to fight over him, and then realizes that they aren't. The women say that they made up a month or so ago, and Amenadiel plaintively asks if they need any help. They don't, and Amenadiel says that he went back to the Silver City but it didn't feel like home to him. Maze tells him that Earth is now his home.

At the station, Lucifer eats honey as Ella tries to triangulate Luke's phone. Dan tells them that he called the marshal's office and two ex-cons under Luke's protection have died in the last two years. One was an angry girlfriend and the other looked like a mob hit. They figure that Luke leaked his knowledge, but nobody took his bait with Bob and killed the man himself. Lucifer wonders why Lenore ran, and Chloe suggests that Luke reached out to her to offer her protection. Ella gets a hit on Luke's GPS, and Chloe and Lucifer quickly leave.

Luke lures Lenore to a community swimming pool, handcuffs her to a chair, and prepares to shoot her. Lucifer and Chloe come in and Lucifer figures that Luke is using Frank's "pool boy" MO to make it look like he killed Lenore. Chloe aims her gun at Luke and tells him to drop his, and Luke says that he's seen the criminals being rewarded for their crimes with government protection. He tells them that Lenore forgave Bob even though he beat Dobbs. Lucifer suggests that Bob slipped up but at least he was trying to make a better life for himself. He walks over to Luke, who aims his gun at him. Lucifer says that it's his job to punish and blocks the gun with his hand. Luke shoots, wounding Lucifer, and then shoves Lenore into the pool.

The marshal runs out and Lucifer goes after him while Chloe dives in to save Lenore. Lucifer smashes the rear window of Luke's SUV and holds it in place as the marshal tries to drive away. Chloe comes out and sees Lucifer jack up the front of the SUV by pulling down on the back, and Luke finally stops trying to get away. She orders him out and as she handcuffs him, realizes that Lucifer has gone.

Maze drops a target at the police station and finds Trixie waiting at Chloe's desk. She starts to walk away, but Trixie approaches her. Maze tells her that she's sorry and Trixie hugs her. Trixie assures her that she couldn't stay mad at her, and Maze realizes that Chloe lied.

Dan is going through Charlotte's office when Amenadiel comes in, startling him. The angel says that he went home for a bit, and asks Dan what made him choose to live in LA. Dan finally says that he met people there that he cares about, and Amenadiel says that it's become his home and it's time for him to stop making excuse to stay. He then tells Dan that Charlotte is in Heaven, and Dan says that he hates it when people say that. Amenadiel tells Dan to trust him and Dan, crying, hugs him.

At Lux, Lucifer plays the piano despite his injured hand. Chloe comes in and Lucifer tells her that his monstrous side isn't all that he is... at least he hopes not. He figures that it's unfair for her to accept it, and doesn't know when he can. Chloe tells him that what she saw was her partner, and takes his hand. Lucifer, surprised, says that the problem is solved and that she can accept him is all that matters.

Later, Chloe goes to a church and sits in a pew. Crying, she stares at the image of Christ on the altar and then prays. Father William Kinley joins her, takes her hand, and says that they knew it would be difficult. However, what she's doing is the best thing for everyone on Earth, including Lucifer. William asks if she's ready for the next step, and Chloe says that she is.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 1, 2019

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