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Somebody's Been Reading Dante's Inferno Recap

In the church library, Chloe pores through the church books on the Devil and remembers when Lucifer showed his devil face. Kinley interrupts her and introduces himself, and says that he heard she might need some help with research. When Chloe mentions that she's seen the Devil, Kinley tells her that he works with a division of the Church devoted to exorcisms. They have been aware of Lucifer for seven years and Kinley figures that Chloe knows as well. The priest tells Chloe that he's there to help, and tells her that there's something she can do.

Chloe remembers Kinley telling her that where Lucifer goes, death and destruction follow. Ella shows Chloe an egg and says that it's her backyard chicken's first egg. She explains that she's exploring new hobbies now that she has Sundays free, and Chloe says that there's something she needs to do that she's been procrastinating on. She gets a call about a case and Ella stares at the message in shock and then insists on going with Chloe.

At his penthouse, Amenadiel visits Lucifer, who is surprised to see him on Earth. Amenadiel says that he's decided that his life is on Earth, and Lucifer asks him on what suit to wear. The angel figures that something is wrong because Lucifer is questioning his own taste, and Lucifer insists that things are fine between him and Chloe. Amenadiel realizes that they kissed, and Lucifer wonders if Chloe wants to ignore their "moment" or not. His brother tells him to get out there and take a chance, and says that humans are amazing and he wasted time looking down on humans when they have so much to offer. Amenadiel advises Lucifer to ask Chloe out on a date.

As they go to the crime scene, Lucifer compliments Chloe on her new scent. She says that it's mosquito repellant, and they arrive on the set of The Cabin where Ella is taking photos of the body. Ella talks about how she binged the 27 seasons of The Cabin, and says that the victim, Melinda, was a school teacher and a fan favorite. She explains that the body was found in the set lagoon, drowned, but there are signs of a struggle and a contusion on her head. The executive producer, Maury Novak, comes over and says that the cameras didn't capture the murder. Chloe tells him that the show is on hold because it's a crime scene, and Ella tells Maury that she needs to use all of his unused footage. Once she leaves with Maury, Chloe asks if Lucifer has plans that night. He asks if she wants to go out with her, and Chloe agrees.

Kinley gives Chloe a vial, and she insists that he can't ask her to do it. He tells her that Lucifer must go back to Hell and she's the only one who can send him back.

Later at the station, Chloe finds Dan packing his things to switch desks. She realizes that Dan is moving as far away from Lucifer as possible, and Chloe tells him that what happened to Charlotte isn't Lucifer's fault. Dan says that after everything Lucifer kept from them about Pierce, he wonders what other secrets Lucifer has.

Kinley shows Chloe a book with evidence of Lucifer's other visits with humanity, including the Chicago Fire and Nazi Germany. Chloe insists that it isn't the man she knows, There's a clipping on Pierce's murder, and Chloe insists that Lucifer was protecting her. Kinley points out that Lucifer caused the situation and manipulated people into committing the other murders. The priest insists that Lucifer isn't supposed to be on Earth and she knows that Lucifer is dangerous. He puts the vial down in front of Chloe and she hesitantly picks it up.

At the station, Ella explains to Chloe and Lucifer that she found the totem on Melinda that protects a contestant from elimination if they find it. She says that another contestant, Judd, found the totem and figures that Melinda stole the totem so Judd killed her to get it back. Lucifer is busy planning his date with Chloe, and Ella says that Judd is the "villain" and threatened Melinda. Chloe immediately figures that he's the killer and takes Lucifer with him to arrest Judd.

On the set, Chloe confronts Judd and says that he's the killer. Lucifer explains their suspicions, and Judd admits that he hated Melinda but didn't know she stole the totem. Chloe is ready to arrest him, but Lucifer suggests that they get some proof that he's the killer. The cameraman, Tiko, is nearby changing a battery and Chloe tells him that it's an active murder investigation. When Tiko says that he talked to the police chief and confirmed that the show is going to continue, Chloe snaps at him to back off.

Judd tells Chloe and Lucifer that the "asshole act" is for the camera and to win because the villain usually wins. He says that he was sleeping in the cabin and the other contestants will vouch for him. Judd tells them that all of the contestants hated Melinda because she was the competition, and Judd heard she had some secret alliance going on. He warns them that no one is what they seem, and Chloe figures that they need to talk to everyone.

Maze invites Linda to her new house and says that she doesn't feel welcome at her old apartment because Chloe thinks she'll hurt Trixie. Linda is busy warming up for their "training" and says that Chloe just needs time to adjust. She figures that Linda is freaking out because Charlotte attacked her, and Linda claims that's not the reason. Maze suggests that they take a break and pours herself a drink, and Linda collapses unconscious.

Chloe talks to the contestants, who say that they would never kill. Lucifer asks about their romantic relationships, but they all claim that everyone had secrets and Melinda wasn't involved with everyone... at first. Once they leave, Lucifer notes that everyone hides something. Chloe notes that history has painted an evil picture of Lucifer, and he assures her that he wouldn't eat children. She asks about Pierce and whether Lucifer keeps track of his kills, and Lucifer says that Pierce was the first human he killed and he wanted to die. Chloe wonders if he enjoyed ruing Hell, and Lucifer tells her that he was forced to rule it. She dismisses her thoughts as stereotypes.

When Linda wakes up, Maze gives her a glass of gin and explains that Linda passed out. Linda insists that she feels fine Maze checks to see if Linda has bleeding eyes, and Linda points out that the book Maze is consulting is from the 14th century. The demon insists that Linda see a doctor and isn't leaving her side until she does.

At the station, Lucifer shows Ella a dress that he bought for Chloe when they go to the opera in San Francisco. However, he worries that if the date doesn't go well then Chloe might leave again, and suspects that she's hiding something. Ella assures him that Chloe will love the dress.

At her desk, Chloe studies the vial. She then goes into the lab and tells Lucifer that she's preoccupied with the case and it's best if they put a hold on the date. Lucifer agrees and once Chloe leaves, Ella sympathetically hugs Lucifer. He figures that once they solve the case, they can go on with their date.

That night, Chloe meets with Kinley and tells him that she postponed the case because she didn't want her work getting in the way of administering the substance in the vial. Kinley wonders if she's having second thoughts and stalling, and she admits that she's finding everything Kinley has said about Lucifer is true. She asks if Kinley has ever met Lucifer, and Kinley says that he hasn't. The priest figures that Lucifer is kind and charming to her, and says that it's all an act. He warns that Lucifer will do anything his victim wants to get them to do what he wants, because he's only interested in himself. Chloe says that Lucifer always tells the truth, and Kinley suggests that's the biggest lie of all.

The next day, Chloe watches Lucifer. Ella notices and figures that she's watching Lucifer. Lucifer comes over with coffee, and talks about how he wants to solve the case as soon as possible so they can go on their date. He wonders if Chloe is using the case to back out, and Chloe says that she's even marked it on her calendar. Ella gives them the report on Melinda's stomach, which shows that she had eaten Hungarian rum balls. She says that she'll check with the show to see if they were a reward.

Amenadiel comes in and suggests that they go on a "male bonding experience". Dan passes, saying that he overtime, and agrees to take a raincheck Amenadiel goes to the park and kicks a soccer ball that some kids are playing with, and kicks it over the horizon. He approaches a woman who is writing on her laptop, and she nervously walks away. Amenadiel comes to a legless homeless woman begging on the street, and when he stops to help her she runs off. He tells a Spanish man on a bus bench if he's made the right decision to stay since he doesn't have a purpose or a task. The man has no idea what Amenadiel is saying.

That night, Chloe and Lucifer meet with Maury and discover he has the rum balls. Chloe says that they know Melinda ate a few of Maury's "balls". Maury admits that he gave Melinda a couple of the balls but he didn't kill her, and the show's ratings have been lower. He planned to help Melinda win in the most entertaining way possible. However, Maury insists that he wouldn't have killed her. Lucifer tells him to confess so he can go on his date, and Chloe pulls him away and figures that he only cares about himself. Offended, Lucifer says if that's what she thinks then he'll give her some space.

Once Lucifer leaves, Maury tells Chloe that he knows who was having an affair with Melinda. He shows the detective secret footage of Melinda kissing another contestant, Kylie, and admits that the secret filming was illegal. They check the live feed of the "axing ceremony" but discover that Kylie isn't there. Chloe spots her breaking open the gas line on the Cabin, and they spot Lucifer going inside. Kylie tosses a lighter into the Cabin and Chloe screams in horror as the Cabin explodes. Lucifer walks out, unharmed, and Chloe wonders how he's doing it.

Chloe runs to Lucifer and stares at him in shock. Kylie arrives and says that she didn't know anyone was in the Cabin. She explains that she needed it all to be over and she almost did it again, and Chloe asks what she means.

The next day, Kylie says that she didn't think Melinda would go for her. She was straight and sweet, and Kylie saw her coming out of Maury's bungalow and figured Melinda was having an affair with him. Melinda denied to Kylie, but Kylie was sure Melinda was hiding something. Kylie got upset and pushed Melinda into the lagoon, and Melinda hit her head and drowned. The contestant insists that it was accidental and she loved Melinda.

Lucifer figures that the case is closed and tells Chloe that he doesn't want to push her into something she doesn't want to do. Chloe says that she does and offers to meet him that night at Lux.

At her office, Linda gets a call from Dr. Fuhrman, who examined her. He gives her the news of what he discovered and a shocked Linda insists that it's not possible.

Chloe arrives at Lucifer's penthouse wearing baggy clothes, and finds Lucifer setting up a table for them to eat. He says that he's made some adjustments since the last time, and offers her favorite foods. As they sit down and Lucifer pours wine, he tells Chloe that he's glad there are no secrets between them. Lucifer assures Chloe that he'll be glad to answer any of her questions, and promises that he'll always be honest with her. He goes to turn on a playlist of 90s music, and Chloe tries to pour the substance from the vial into Lucifer's wineglass. Her hand shakes and she knocks the glass over, and Lucifer comes in and tries to clean up the glass.

Lucifer cuts his hand on the shards, and Chloe asks him how he walked away from a fiery explosion without a scratch but he's bleeding from a cut. She points out all the times that Lucifer was injured in her presence, and wonders if he was trying to make her care about him more. Lucifer finally explains that Chloe makes him vulnerable when he's close to her. Ella texts for Chloe to call her, and says that Melinda was hit in the head by something with a right angle. Chloe figures that Kylie isn't the killing and tells Lucifer that she should do it on her own for now.

Chloe goes to the workshop and presents Tiko with a search warrant to check his footage. As she checks the camera, she confirms that Tiko has been working on all 27 seasons of the show. Chloe finds blood on the camera battery, and Tiko picks up the axe from the axing ceremony and tells her not to go for her gun. Lucifer is watching from the bushes and slips in.

The detective figures that Tiko had her alliance with him, and Tiko says that Melinda was going to win because of him and they'd split the money. Then Melinda bailed on him for Kylie, and after they fought Tiko asked her if they were back on. The cameraman says that he watched the contestants for years winning money while he worked 24/7. Lucifer leaps in the way as Tiko throws the axe, and the tool pins him to a support beam. Chloe shoots Tiko in the leg, and the security guards arrive to take Tiko away. Chloe realizes that the axe just missed and pinned Lucifer's jacket to the beam, pulls out the axe, and realizes that if she pushed the axe into his chest then it would kill him. He admits that he jumped in front of it anyway and would do it again. Chloe apologizes to him.

Amenadiel goes to a bar and drinks alone. A drunken woman tries to hit on him, and Linda arrives. She says that she's pregnant, and Amenadiel puts his hand on her shoulder and smiles.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 1, 2019

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