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O, Ye of Little Faith, Father Recap

Kinley enters Lucifer's penthouse and apologizes for the intrusion, and says that he's an investigator for the Vatican. He says that he knows the divine is real and Lucifer is not evil. Lucifer wonders why Kinley is there, and the priest says that Chloe believes that Lucifer is the Devil and she came to Rome to tell the Vatican about Lucifer. Satisfied, Lucifer says that it's a good thing that Chloe is talking about how her issues and dismisses Kinley, and the priest says that Chloe was looking for a way to send the Devil back to Hell. He warns that whatever Chloe went through shook her badly, and tells Lucifer that he needs to be careful.

At the station, Chloe finds a hungover Ella getting coffee. Ella says that she drank heavily on Sunday and skipped church, and explains that she and God are on a "break". Chloe tells her that she recently got clarity on a similar issue and that's why she's so cheerful. Dan is on the phone and yells at the person, telling them to stop calling. Chloe asks if everything is okay and her ex insists that it's fine but refuses to answer his phone when it rings. She answers it and hears a growling noise, and Dan shows her a flyer with his phone number and a Chewbacca Voice Contest announcement. He complains that Lucifer has been putting them up all over the precinct and is sick of people making excuses for Lucifer. Dan tells Chloe that Lucifer is a bad guy, and Chloe says that he's trying to be better.

That night at Lux, Lucifer finds Amenadiel at the bar. Amenadiel tells him that Linda is pregnant and figures that it's his. Lucifer wonders how it's possible, and suggests that when Amenadiel lost his wings he became more human than he realized. The angel insists that he's happy to be on Earth and going to be a father, but he has no idea what to do. Lucifer points out that he couldn't do worse than their Father, because he was never there.

The next day, Lucifer meets with Chloe. She notes that he didn't respond to her text about rescheduling their date, and suggests that he shouldn't drink so much. Lucifer tells her that he can't get drunk and just enjoys the taste, but Chloe figures that he should show people that he can change. He ignores her, takes a drink from his flask, and goes into the apartment. The CSIs are there, including Ella, who reports that the victim is a rocket scientist, Susan Ochoa. She was stabbed in the back, and there are two glasses and no signs of forced entry. Ella talks about how people get their victims to drop their guards and then attack them.

Chloe and Lucifer talk to the victim's friend, Oscar Rivas, who says that everyone liked Susan. Oscar says that they were in a gang Los Xs together, and he helped drug addicts like Susan get clean. He makes them promise that they'll find the person responsible and punish them, and Lucifer cheerfully does so. Once Oscar leaves, Lucifer tells Chloe that he doesn't care what people think about him and she can talk to anyone she wants about his being the Devil. He asks if she's told anyone about him and Chloe claims that she didn't.

Linda meets with a patient, Sally, who complains about her 3-year-old daughter Brooklyn. Sally says that all children are sociopaths. Lucifer interrupts to say that it's time for his session and tells Sally not to burden Linda with her "petty concerns" because Linda is pregnant. Once Lucifer shoos Sally out, he offers congratulations to Linda and she says that she'd rather not discuss it at work. He asks what to do since he caught Chloe in a lie, accusing her of betraying him. Lucifer admits that he hasn't talked to Chloe about it, figuring she'd lie to him again. Linda tells him to proceed cautiously and feel her out a bit.

At the station, Ella goes over the case with Dan. He says that he finds the situation pathetic because Susan turned her life around and then got shot for no reason at all. Ella tells him that she misses Charlotte and offers to be there for him, but Dan doesn't want to hear anything about God and Heaven. The CSI admits that she's not sure if she believes in it either anymore and Dan points out that she's still wearing her cross necklace. Ella removes it and they focus on the case. Flowers found at the crime scene are rare and one of the few flower shops with them sold a bouquet on the night of the murder. The receipts show the buyer was Anders Brody, the owner of the aerospace firm where Susan worked. Dan goes to tell Chloe and Ella walks away, leaving her cross behind.

Lucifer and Chloe go to a "save the cove regatta" that Anders is holding, and Lucifer suggests that Anders is compensating for feeling guilty. Chloe admits that Lucifer and Anders are both rich and notorious, and suggests that he donate money to charity. Anders is busy fishing garbage out of the water, but Lucifer isn't convinced of his innocence. He pointedly tells Chloe that sometimes betrayal comes from those they expect least, and goes over to confront Anders. Lucifer accuses him of killing Susan, and Anders tells them that he doesn't know Susan. Chloe tells him that they know about the flowers and Anders tries to run. Lucifer grabs him, wraps a rope around his neck, and threatens to kill him. Anders admits that he betrayed Susan but it's not what they think. Lucifer releases him and thanks him for his honesty, and Anders refuses to say anything more without his lawyers present.

Maze meets with Linda and asks for details on birthing. Linda would rather not, saying that the birth is many months away. She says that she has a client coming, but Maze points out that she's on her lunch hour. Linda tells her to leave and the demon goes.

At the station, Lucifer tells Chloe that it must have been a relief to Anders to confess. Chloe points out that they need a specific confession, and Lucifer invites her to brainstorm a list of betrayals. Ella calls to say that Anders isn't the killer, and the real killer struck again while Anders was in custody. The new victim is David Ramirez, also with a knife in his back. David was also a member of Los Xs but dropped out four years ago, got his mechanic certification, and has been clean ever since. Chloe figures that someone from their past is killing them, and Dan warns that they can't talk to the gang members without airtight warrants. Chloe tells Dan that she'll talk to a judge, and warns that they can't do anything until then. She wonders where Lucifer is.

Lucifer grabs Anders as he's released and asks him about his betrayal of Susan. He uses his power to ask Anders what he desired, and Anders says that he wanted forgiveness. Anders learned that the was a former drug addict and demoted her, but then went through her file and learned that she was a model employee passing every drug test. He went to her apartment to apologize but found her body, says that he was wrong, and hugs a surprised Lucifer. Chloe comes over and sees them, and Lucifer tells Anders that he's free to go. Once they're alone, Chloe comments on Lucifer hugging a suspect, and then says that their night is free so they should meet up for something better than a drink.

Amenadiel visits Linda and says that he wants to be there for her. He has books about raising babies, and Linda tells him that it's too soon. Linda thanks him for the gesture but didn't want to pressure him into helping out. She tells Amenadiel that he doesn't need to worry about her, and claims that she has paperwork to do.

At the station, Maze is asking Trixie about being a baby. Dan comes in and Maze explains that the knives are for the baby. Once Dan sends Trixie on her way, he tells Maze that he feels powerless because of the case because they have to wait for a judge. Maze offers him a knife and says that they don't have to wait.

Lucifer goes to Kinley's church and tells the priest that he's wrong about Chloe. Kinley asks if Lucifer has noticed Chloe carrying a vial, saying that he got word that she plans to use it to banish the Devil. A priest has a ceremony to banish the Devil to Hell and gave it to Chloe, or so Kinley claims. Kinley describes how someone gives the Devil a sedative and it might involve poison. He insists that he's serious and tells Lucifer to be careful. Lucifer thanks him for his concern and leaves, and Bishop Hoffman steps out of the shadows. Kinley tells him that the prophecy and soon everything will come together.

Chloe takes Lucifer to what she warns is painful for him, but figures that ultimately it will be a good thing. She asks for his forgiveness and leads him on.

Dan goes to Lox Xs' HQ, and he tells them that Susan and David were murdered, and he needs to talk to the man in charge. When they don't answer, Dan punches one of them. The leader walks out and Dan asks him about the murders. The man refuses and Dan says that there's going to be a problem. The leader figures that he's nuts and tells one of his men to shoot Dan. Maze drops down and the two of them take on the bangers. They knock them out and Maze draws her machete on the leader. More bangers come into the room.

Chloe tells Lucifer that they're volunteering at the soup kitchen, and Lucifer wonders what she wants to change about him. He points out that she's been acting strange, and says that he's been lying to her. Lucifer demands that she show him the contents of her purse, and he finds the vial and asks what it is. Chloe claims that it's nothing, and Lucifer suggests that he drink it. She yells at him to stop, and Lucifer tells her that he knows all about her meeting with Kinley. Dan calls and says that he knows where the killer is, and he's about to skip town.

As they drive away, Dan sends Chloe a picture of the killer: Oscar. He doesn't say how he got the information from Los Xs, and Lucifer figures that Oscar killed both of his former clients, stabbing them in the back. They arrive at the house where Oscar is, and Lucifer kicks down the door, storms in, and bars it shut behind him before Chloe can come in. Lucifer finds Oscar sitting in an empty room, reading a Bible. Oscar says that he did what needed to be done, and Lucifer slams him against the wall. The councilor says that he would happily betray them again, and invites Lucifer to kill him. He tells Lucifer that he thought they could change but they were stealing again and were trash, so he killed them. Oscar says that Lucifer should show them who he really is, and Lucifer releases him. He wonders why Oscar wants him to punish him, and Chloe comes in gun drawn and orders Oscar to surrender. Oscar says that he failed, begs God's forgiveness, and throws himself on a broken chair to kill himself.

Dan and Maze walk away, and Dan says that it felt good to let loose. He thanks her for helping him out, and he can't wait to do it again. Maze says that she's glad to have the "old" Dan back because the new one was a buzz kill, and says that "Darker Dan" will get him a lot further.

The CSIs secure the crime scene, and Ella tells Chloe that she hasn't found out who owns the house yet. Chloe asks Lucifer if he's okay, and he figures that something strange was happening there. He explains that Oscar wanted him to show his true face, and Oscar said "us". Lucifer breaks a nearby mirror, revealing that it's two-way and there's a room beyond. Ella finds a receipt showing that the Catholic Church owns the house, and Chloe figures that Kinley arranged the whole thing to show someone what Lucifer really is. She tells Lucifer that he needs to trust her, warning that he's in real danger, and Lucifer asks who he's in danger from and walks off.

At the church, Hoffman asks Kinley what happened. Kinley dismisses it as a setback, but Hoffman realizes that Kinley orchestrated the whole thing. The priest insists that the church needs to see what Lucifer really is, and he set it up for Lucifer to punish Oscar. Chloe comes in and says that Lucifer is better than Kinley gives him credit for, and says that she's determined Kinley worked at the same parish in El Salvador as Oscar. Kinley says that Oscar sacrificed himself to show the church Lucifer's true face, and Chloe realizes that it's his private crusade. The priest says that the church doesn't believe, but the two of them can convince them. Chloe arrests him for conspiracy to commit murder, and says that she'll find the evidence to put away. Hoffman tells her that he'll testify and says that Kinley is sick.

The next day, Linda goes to a doctor. Amenadiel finds her there and says that he wants to be there for her and the baby. He takes out a ring and proposes to her, and Linda refuses. She explains that what he's doing is amazing and heroic, but what he's doing is for the wrong reasons. Linda explains that she just needs someone to hold her hand and tell her that everything is going to be okay, and Amenadiel does so.

That night at the penthouse, Chloe visits Lucifer and says that she arrested Kinley. Lucifer says that he cares that Chloe was trying to hurt him, and Chloe explains that she had to get away after she saw his devil face. Somehow she ended up in Rome and Kinley found her, and she confided in him. Chloe admits that she lied to Lucifer and briefly tried to send Lucifer back to Hell, and yells that she's terrified of him. All the stories say that he's the embodiment of evil, and she doesn't know how to deal with that. Chloe tells Lucifer that she came back and really saw Lucifer, and realized that he's not the man from the stories. Lucifer wonders if he is, and if he can change. He puts on his devil's face and asks Chloe if she can accept him like that, and Chloe tells him that she wants to and will try. She admits that she doesn't know if she can, and Lucifer reverts to human and says that he has his answer. Crying, Chloe walks out.

Hoffman comes to see Kinley in jail and tells him that he's there to take his confession. Kinley insists that he has nothing to confess and that he's trying to stop the prophecy. "When the Devil walks the earth and finds his first love, evil shall be released." Hoffman tells him that he's been excommunicated, and Kinley says that at least he's pushed Chloe and Lucifer apart and that may stop the prophecy. His superior asks him why he thinks that Chloe is Lucifer's first love, says that he'll be praying for him, and leaves.

A woman in a white dress enters Lux, goes to the bar, smiles at all the drink options, and orders an appletini. She savors the taste and smiles.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 1, 2019

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