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All About Eve Recap

Chloe and Dan go to an airport hangar and Chloe tells Dan that she and Lucifer aren't working together anymore. She insists that she's fine and Dan says that Pablo Silva, a hotshot jewelry designer, just got back from Italy. He was strangled by hand, and they found a few pistachio shells on the body. There were drugs on the plane, and Ella notices that Lucifer isn't there. Chloe says that he won't be working with them anymore, and she and Dan talk to Toby Golden, the co-owner of Golden-Silva Jewelers. Pablo was transporting an original piece to the $3 million necklace Pablo was transporting, and he finished it in Dubai. The necklace is missing, and Toby and his assistant were preparing for an investors' meeting and he got a voice mail. Toby plays the voice mail, which has Pablo saying that he messed up and ended up promising some dangerous men that he'd give them the necklace, the Desert Mirage, but it's gone. Men speak in the background in Arabic, Toby says that he had no idea Pablo was in trouble, and a lot of their business associates speak Arabic. Dan has heard of Turkish Pete, who eats pistachios and works for an Arabic crime concierge, Bashir Al-Fassad.

Once Dan leaves to make some calls, Ella asks Chloe what happened with Lucifer. Chloe admits that she and Lucifer had a bad fight and they have some serious issues that can't be resolved. She figures that Lucifer is fine handling it.

At Lux, Lucifer wanders through the crowd in his bathrobe and gets some bottles from the bar. The bartender directs Lucifer's attention to the woman on the dance floor, and Lucifer recognizes her. He goes over to her He calls her Eve, and she says that it's been a long time. Lucifer takes her to the penthouse and she says that he looks better than ever. He wonders how she's back on Earth, and Eve says that she found a way out of Heaven, caught a plane, and came to LA. Adam is still in Heaven, and Eve admits that she has always felt like something is missing for her in Heaven. She explains that she had an arranged existence but figures that Adam never loved the real her. Lucifer sympathizes, saying that it hurts not being accepted for what they are, and Eve says that Paradise got a little too predictable. She met all the new souls that arrived, learned about Earth, and realized that what she truly desires can only be found on Earth: excitement, thrills, and fun. Eve says that she also came to LA to see her ex. Lucifer offers to find her a place to stay: at the Waldorf, rather than with him.

As they leave Lux, Eve complains that Lucifer isn't fun and he says that she caught him at a bad moment. A car is apparently waiting for Eve, and when she gets in she thanks Lucifer for everything. The driver, Kid George, draws a gun on Lucifer and demands the necklace from Eve. She stares at him in shock, and Kid George shoots Lucifer in the face. Eve gets out and goes to Lucifer, and Kid George drives away. Lucifer recovers and tells Eve that he's okay, and demands an explanation from her.

Back in the penthouse, Eve says that she has no idea who the driver was. She figures the necklace is Pablo's, who gave her a ride over in his jet. Eve remembers the name of the man Pablo made the necklace for--Bashir--and Lucifer knows the man. She says that she doesn't have the necklace, and Lucifer figures that they'd better visit Bashir and sort things out.

The next day, Linda meets with her doctor, Bette Crain, Amenadiel and Maze look on, When Crain tries to put on ultrasound gel, Maze grabs the doctor's wrist and confirms the gel isn't poisoned. Crain confirms that Linda is having a boy, and Amenadiel looks for signs of wings. Linda dismisses his comment to Crain and asks Amenadiel what he means.

Chloe and Dan go to Bashir's manor and Chloe says that it's nice to be law-abiding police detectives. Bashir offers them drinks, and Kid George and Turkish Pete are nearby. Chloe asks about Pablo, and Bashir denies knowing him. Kid George blurts out that Pablo was alive when they left him, and hesitantly says that they last saw him a long time ago. Dan accuses Turkish Pete of being at the hangar, and Chloe says that she wanted him there because he's not like Lucifer. Bashir hears her and says that he loves Lucifer, and asks where he is. Chloe says that he's home sick and remembers that Bashir owes Lucifer a favor and says that Lucifer told her she could collect it. She asks for the truth, and Bashir admits that he connects Pablo with the things he desired. His debt was forgiven in return for the Mirage, but Pablo lost it before he could turn it over. Bashir admits that they roughed Pablo up and left him alive, and Turkish Pete says that they were at a grocery store at the time of the murder. Pablo sent a video from the plane saying that the necklace was in hands of one of the women with him: the other one is Eve.

Lucifer and Eve arrive at Bashir's manor and Eve wonders if Lucifer is going to break Bashir's arm. He sees Chloe and Dan, and quickly hides yanking Eve with him. Lucifer tells Eve that he wants to avoid Chloe. Once they leave, they go to the pool and Bashir greets them. He says why Chloe was there, and Eve tells Lucifer that she didn't now Pablo was dead. Lucifer and Kid George recognize each other, and Bashir angrily tells Pablo to shoot people without his permission. Kid George says that he was trying to get the necklace back, and Bashir recognizes Eve from the video. He tells Lucifer that Chloe collected on the debt, and Lucifer offers to pay him for the Mirage. Bashir refuses, saying the necklace was for his wife, while Eve picks up on the Bashir saying that Chloe was Lucifer's partner. She talks about being mentioned in the Bible, and Lucifer dismisses her comments as metaphors. Lucifer proposes that Bashir and his men don't harm Eve and he recovers the Mirage.

Amenadiel takes Linda home and contemplates having a son. Linda figures her home isn't prepared for a flying baby, and Amenadiel says that angels come into being fully-formed and an angel baby is a first. She's not excited as the prospect and says that there's no way he can figure things will be fine when they have no idea what to expect.

Back at the penthouse, Lucifer tries to get information from Eve on the Mirage. She wonders why he's so motivated to find the necklace and figures that it has to do with Chloe. Lucifer denies it, and Eve says that the other woman--Odessa--might have taken the necklace and kept saying she had a friend named Dalton. Recognizing the name, Lucifer figures that it's the name of a bar and heads there with Eve in tow.

At the station, Ella analyzes the video and gets facial recognition hits on Odeesa. She's a con artist who goes with men to their place and then cleans them out. One of the places she hangs out at is Daltons, and Dan and Chloe set out to canvass them.

That night, Lucifer and Eve find Odessa as she hits on a man, and he leaves for a drink. Eve says that they're there for the necklace. Odessa calls over the security guard she's paid to protect her, and Lucifer takes on the man and then another guard who shoves Eve to the floor. Lucifer takes on more customers who jump in while Eve watches and applauds, and then clubs a man over the head with a bottle. A waitress knocks the man out when he turns on Eve, and a full-fledged bar fight breaks out. Chloe arrives and one customer manages to drive a pool cue through Lucifer's shoulder. She asks why Lucifer is there, and he pulls out the pool cue and walks off without answering her. Eve watches them from behind the bar. Dan grabs Odessa and brings her over to Chloe.

Eve catches up to Lucifer outside and figures that he and Chloe were more than work partners. He tells her that it's over and Eve wonders why the pool cue hurt him. Lucifer says that he'll explain later and they need to come up with a new plan to find the Mirage.

At the station, Chloe and Dan question Odessa. She says that she's never seen Lucifer before and denies that she had anything to do with Pablo's murder. Odessa explains that she took the Mirage for an independent broker who hired her, and offers to give up his location in return for immunity. They agree and Odessa says that there's a black market jewelry auction the next night and they'll resell the necklace there. The detectives figure that the broker killed Pablo to double the value of his last work.

When Chloe returns home\,Maze confronts her. She says that they've been avoiding each other, and points out that Chloe has been plotting against Lucifer and keeping Maze away from Trixie. Chloe asks her to try and understand that she knows Heaven and Hell truly exist. Maze says that Chloe is weak and can't handle it, and maybe she should move out. She tells her that Linda knows and handled it much better than Chloe.

Chloe goes to Linda's place and asks if she knew the whole time. Linda admits that she's known for quite some time, and they talks about Lucifer's devil face. She says that none of it is easy and says that she's having Amenadiel's baby, and then admits that she's freaking out. Chloe assures her that she can handle it if anyone can, and wonders why Linda didn't run. Linda figures that a lot of good comes with it, and she got a best friend out of it as well as the most fascinating patient in the world. She admits that she's looking forward to being a mom, and asks Chloe about Lucifer. Chloe says that it's complicated, and Linda asks her if she wants Lucifer in her life or not.

The next day, Eve goes to the station and tells Chloe that she might be able to help. Eve says that she's not a local, and doesn't know much about Pablo. She sees how someone could be drawn to Chloe and she seems a little sad, and assures her that there's someone for everyone. Chloe leaves and talks to Ella, and realizes that she has two coffee mugs. One of them has whiskey in it, and Chloe figures that it's Lucifer's. She realizes that Ella told them about their plans for the auction.

That night at the auction, Lucifer and Eve arrive. Lucifer wants to grab the necklace before Chloe arrives. Eve spots it in a display case, and Lucifer tells her to distract the guard while he grabs it. A man takes the necklace from the case to put it on a model, and Lucifer tells Eve to wait there. He then goes backstage and the model, Katrina, is immediately smitten with him. Lucifer comes out a few minutes later with the necklace, grabs two glasses of champagne, shares a toast with Eve, and heads for the door. Chloe is there undercover as a waitress and Lucifer says that Eve is his date and they're leaving. The detective says that she needs the necklace to flush out Pablo's killer, and Lucifer tells her that he doesn't care. Chloe figures that he does despite their issues and asks for their help, and Lucifer agrees to hand it over.

The auction begins with the Mirage, and Eve comes out wearing the necklace. Lucifer bids and keeps bidding, and he finally bids $10 million from an opening offer of $1 million. The auctioneer quickly closes the bidding and Chloe smiles at him in satisfaction. A guard takes Lucifer and Chloe to the owner: Turkish Pete. Chloe realizes that Turkish Pete hired Odessa to steal the Mirage. However, she tells Lucifer that Pete's alibi checks out. Pete tells them that Toby often bailed Pablo out, despite the fact that Toby told Chloe he didn't know about his partner's problems.

Eve is backstage admiring the necklace on her when Toby aims a gun at her head.

Chloe arrests Pete and calls in the police to shut down the auction for good. Lucifer figures that Toby is the killer while saying that he still doesn't care, and Chloe tells him that she doesn't need his help. Toby takes the necklace from Eve, and she yells to Lucifer for help. When Lucifer and Chloe arrive, Toby grabs Eve as a hostage and says that he's ruined without the necklace and he sunk the entire budget into it. Chloe tells him that she knows how he feels, always being the reasonable one taking care of a partner and cleaning up his messes. Toby says that he went to the hangar after he got the voice mail, discovered the Mirage was gone, and killed Pablo when he lost his temper.

Lucifer tells Eve to do the thing she always wanted to do. She hits Toby in the groin and Lucifer knocks the owner to the ground. Chloe arrests Toby as Dan arrives, and Dan refuses to give Lucifer the necklace since it's stolen evidence. Lucifer tells Chloe that they need the necklace, but Chloe says that there's nothing she can do.

Linda finishes angel-proofing her home, and Amenadiel assures her that they got it. Maze comes in with her bag and explains that she's ending Chloe's misery and going somewhere where she's wanted. Linda and Amenadiel is hesitated, but Maze says that "Auntie Maze" is there to help with the baby... whether they want her or not. The psychiatrist gratefully accepts.

At the station, Chloe has Ella sign the paperwork on the case. Ella admits that she shouldn't have told Lucifer about the auction, and Chloe says that she's just thinking about things. Chloe admits that she misses Lucifer and would rather have him in her life than not. Ella tells her that she knows what she needs to do and Chloe leaves.

At Lux, Lucifer complains to Eve that they were cheated out of the Mirage. She suggests that they break into the station and steal it back, and Lucifer admits that it sounds like fun. Eve says that she had a nice time with him and figures that they should celebrate, and goes to get some champagne. Lucifer finds the necklace in her purse and Eve says that she grabbed it when it fell out of Toby's pocket during the struggle. She didn't tell Lucifer because she didn't want the fun to end, and he wonders what else she's hiding from him. Eve says that everything she told him is true except one thing: she came to Earth to be with Lucifer, like old time. She tells Lucifer that the two of them together was the best time of her life. Lucifer says that she's made a mistake and Eve figures that it's because of his insecurity since she rejected him. She figures that Chloe doesn't accept Lucifer for who he is, and that she's not Chloe. Eve asks Lucifer to show her who he really is, and he summons his devil face. She assures him that he's amazing and kisses Lucifer. Chloe comes in and sees them together.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 1, 2019

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