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Expire Erect Recap

Lucifer bleeds from the side, takes a drink, spits out blood, and watches Eve and Ella kiss. Chloe stares at a sub sandwich and says that it's the answer.

36 Hours Earlier

Lucifer lights a cigarette and sits down at the piano in his penthouse, and Eve comes out wearing Eve lingerie. She calls Lucifer her boyfriend, surprising Lucifer, but then she kisses Lucifer again and invites him into the bedroom.

Later, Lucifer tells Linda what happens and that they only had sex twice. Linda suggests that Eve using the word "boyfriend" might have given him pause, and asks if it's serious. Lucifer insists that he's just helping out a friend, and figures that Eve should know he's not into serious relationships. Linda points out that he was willing to have one with Chloe, and suggests that he's shutting down to anything new until he can deal with his feelings. She wonders if he got proper closure with Chloe.

Chloe arrives at the driveway of murdered car collector Derek Lee, and finds Ella admiring his car. She has confirmed it wasn't a robbery and figures the murder was personal. Ella asks if Chloe has talked to Lucifer, and Chloe says that he was with another woman and is giving him some time. The CSI tells Chloe to talk to Lucifer if he misses him, and Chloe focuses on the case. The neighbors say that they heard someone yelling "How much was the car?" Dan comes over and tells Chloe that Derek was a collector of vintage cars and got anonymous text from the owner saying he was going to kill Derek before he picked up the car. Derek was going to take possession of the car at the Malibu Motor Enthusiasts meeting. Ella has heard of the MME and tells Chloe and Dan that they'll stall anyone who serves a warrant. The only way to get in is to have a vintage car, and Chloe knows someone who can help them.

At the penthouse, Eve brushes her teeth with Lucifer's toothbrush and talks about moving in. She goes to take a shower and Lucifer removes his pants to join her just as Chloe arrives. Lucifer puts his pants on and Chloe says that she needs his help on a case they're working on. She mentions "closure" on their cases, and Eve calls Lucifer into the shower. Chloe figures that her idea was a bad one and starts to leave, but Lucifer offers to go with her and close the case.

Lucifer and Chloe drive to the MME in an Aston Martin rather than Lucifer's Corvette, and he says that he wants the case to be special. He enjoys the "nostalgia" of Chloe droning on about the case, and Chloe figures that if they find the Tucker 48 car then they'll find the killer. Lucifer immediately finds the car and the owner, Kevin, He loudly says that Kevin is wanted by the police, and Kevin runs. Lucifer doesn't want to miss the part of the case where they miss the suspect, grabs a tire mounted on the wall, throws it, and knocks Kevin out. He goes over and tells Chloe that it's their final case, much to her surprise. Chloe suggests that they talk about it later, and questions Kevin. Kevin admits that hated Derek but wouldn't kill him, and Lucifer asks what Kevin truly desires. He says that he wants to tell the truth because he doesn't want to go to prison for murder, and that he ran because he thought they were there about the kit cars he sells to unwitting buyers. Kevin tells them that he was going to "kill" Derek's reputation, and he has an alibi for the time of Derek's murder. He suggests that they talk to a "scary dude" that Derek has been hanging out, who drove a '92 Geo Metro. As a uni takes Kevin away, Lucifer gets a text from Eve and ignores it, suggesting they go after the scary dude.

Amenadiel arrives at the penthouse and Eve greets him. He wonders if she hurt Lucifer, explaining that he killed Cain. Eve says that she met Charlotte when she left Heaven, and she figures Cain had what was coming to him after he killed Abel. She explains that she slipped into her old body, and Amenadiel warns that she might not be let back into Heaven. Eve figures that if she gets sent to Hell then her and Lucifer can party there.

At the station, Lucifer tells all of the officers goodbye and provides free hamburgers. Ella and Chloe watch, and Chloe figures that Lucifer is working through his issue and things will get back to normal. When Chloe says that Lucifer is only with one woman, Ella figures that it's serious and Chloe figures that Eve doesn't know Lucifer like she does. Lucifer comes in and they go over all the photos of Geo Metro owners. One of them, Sid Kluge, has a criminal record and lives near a dispensary that Lucifer loves. Lucifer says that he'll miss them working together once the case is over and leaves.

Maze comes in with a criminal and Dan notices. She invites him to come with her to go after the man's brother, and Dan says that he doesn't get his kicks out of beating people up. Maze tells him to let her know the next time he feels like beating someone and goes.

Chloe and Lucifer go to Kluge's house and Chloe says that it doesn't have to be their last case. Lucifer says that they shouldn't drag it out, even though he doesn't know what "closure" means but is doing it because Linda suggested it. They find Kluge's body around the side.

Later at the station, Lucifer and Chloe go over the crime scene photos and Chloe figures that there must be a connection between Kluge and Derek. Ella comes in and says that she has a photo showing Derek, Kluge, and one of the neighbors--Marco Franklin--together. They all served in the explosives ordinance division in Iraq, and Marco was released two days ago after serving a nine-year sentence for bank robbery. He had two accomplices who were never identified, and Chloe figures that Derek and Kluge double-crossed Marco and he was looking for closure. Lucifer and Chloe both agree that it doesn't feel like closure and there's more to do. Ella has plenty of evidence confirming that Marco is the killer, and Dan is heading to Marco's address with some unis to arrest. She goes to change so they can go dancing and celebrate. Lucifer figures that it's best for everyone if he leaves, and says that it was a great last case and a great partnership.

That night at Lux, Ella is at the bar and overhears someone address Eve by name. When Ella introduces herself, Eve hugs her and says that Lucifer told her how amazing Ella is. They congratulate each other on their dance moves and admit that they're both pretty cool. Eve has some Molly that a "friend" gave her, and Ella agrees to have some with her.

Lucifer returns to the penthouse and finds Amenadiel there. Amenadiel warns that Eve is dangerous, and Lucifer says that he won't corrupt her again. The angel figures that Eve came there for the old Lucifer, and doesn't want Eve to turn Lucifer back into the Devil that he was. Lucifer admits that he doesn't know whether he wants to be with Eve, and still doesn't know even though they closed the case.

Amenadiel and Lucifer go down to Lux and Lucifer spots Chloe there. She points out that they still have a case because Marco left his place, and Lucifer figures that explains his lack of closure. As Lucifer goes to get his jacket, Ella comes over high on Molly, rubs her cheek against Chloe's jacket, and introduces Chloe to Eve. When Ella goes get orange juice, Eve says that she can see why Lucifer likes working with them. Chloe realizes that Eve is the Biblical Eve and knows who Lucifer really is.

Lucifer joins them and Chloe says that Eve must be his first girlfriend. Before Lucifer can respond, Marco comes in wielding a gun and when Lucifer tries to intervene, Marco shoots him in the side. Chloe and Eve get Lucifer into a chair, and Marco says that there's a bomb in the building and if anyone rushes him or tries to leave, he'll set it off. Marco has Chloe give up her phone and gun, and he has a woman collect everyone else's phones. Chloe tells Eve to stay with Lucifer while Ella admires Eve's hair.

Chloe tells Marco that they know he killed his former partners, and warns that if he hurts anyone else then it will make things worse. Marco tells Chloe that he needs her help to find his wife, who changed her name and moved away while he was in prison. He wants a chance to look her in the eye and tell her that he's sorry, and tells Chloe to find her and then he'll think about letting everyone go.

Marco gives Chloe a phone, and she calls Dan and explains the situation. He tells SWAT captain not to go in unless he says so, and has an idea of how they can tell Chloe wear the breach point is as Maze arrives. Once the captain leaves, Dan tells Maze the situation and asks her to find the wife, Leona Franklin. Maze goes to find the man who helped Leona disappear, and tells Dan that she has to think like a criminal the way that she does.

Chloe apologizes to Lucifer to getting him into the situation, and he says that he needed closure. Eve joins them with cloths from the bar, and gives Lucifer a drink. Chloe confirms that Eve doesn't have any superpowers, and Eve says that they have Chloe and Lucifer has told her that Chloe is the most resourceful person he's ever known. Chloe figures that she'll find the bomb and Ella can defuse it. Ella is still drugged up, and Chloe tells Lucifer that his job is to sober up Ella and he takes out a packet of cocaine.

Maze tracks down the fake ID coder and describes how she wanted to torture her. Dan suggests that the woman is afraid of losing her anonymity, so Maze threatens to tell people what she really is. One man slips out the back, and Maze tells the coder that she was just trying to flush out the real suspect, Sergei. Dan tackles Sergei as he runs, and Maze joins them. Dan demands to know where Leona is.

Chloe tells Eve that Lucifer will pull through, and Eve says that she can't lose him after they've found each other again. The detective asks if Lucifer's devil face scares her, and Eve doesn't understand why it would. Eve explains that Lucifer was the first person who asked her what she really wanted. Marco glances up at the balcony and Chloe notices.

A cocaine-high Ella describes to Lucifer how she will defuse the bomb, and Lucifer says that Chloe will never accept him for who he is. Ella says that they're the best team ever and care about each other, and they both agree that closure doesn't mean anything. Chloe comes over and says that she thinks that she knows where the bomb is.

Dan and Maze track down Leona, who says that she doesn't want to get involved. She refuses to talk to Marco, and Maze irritably asks Dan if he's ready to do it her way. Dan tells Leona that there the lives of people he loves are at stake and he couldn't handle losing someone else, and asks Leona to help them.

A girl arrives with the food Marco ordered, and he finds that it's not what he ordered: green onions and ranch dressing. Chloe figures that Dan did it deliberately, and Ella starts panicking. Ella says that she's looking for a connection since she lost God, and Eve kisses her. Lucifer bleeds from the side, takes a drink, spits out blood, and watches the two women kiss. Chloe stares at a sub sandwich and says that it's the answer. It's a southwestern sandwich, so Chloe figures that Dan is telling they're going to breach from the southwest.

Outside, Dan has Leona call Marco. Leona figures that she needs to go inside and tells Dan that's how they save the people he can't lose.

Chloe figures the breach will happen in ten minutes so they need to defuse the bomb. Leona comes in, and Eve and Ella sneak over to the bomb. Marco goes to Leona, who says that she's made a lot of mistakes and he didn't deserve what happened. Leona hugs him and then stabs him in the chest, and takes the gun and the detonator. Chloe comes over and Leona aims the gun at her, saying that she can't take any chances.

Leona herds the hostages into a corner, and Lucifer crawls over to Marco and gloats about the fact that they're both dying.

Ella and Eve find the bomb and Eve advises Ella to hurry up.

Leona tells Chloe that she masterminded the bank robbery, and Marco wanted the police to find her so he could take out his partner. She drives the knife into Marco's chest with her foot, and Chloe figures that Leona will go out and apologize and then the bomb will detonate and everyone will blame Marco.

Ella prays to God for a sign.

Leona says that she's worked too hard rebuilding her life to go to jail. Chloe tries to convince her she doesn't know the blast radius, and maneuvers Leona into the southwest corner. She ducks for cover as SWAT breaches the wall, and the blast knocks Leona down. Leona drops the detonator, but grabs it before Chloe can. Chloe leaps to cover Lucifer, and Leona hits the button... and nothing happens because Ella has defused the bomb. Eve looks down and sees Chloe protectively covering Lucifer. Lucifer points out that Chloe threw herself onto him to protect him, and then passes out.

Later, Eve tends to Lucifer in the ambulance and Chloe joins them. He says that he's doing better and Eve gives them a moment alone. Chloe says that she understands how he's feeling, and Lucifer tells her that he understands how she's feeling and he's gotten closure. He asks her not to bring a murderer to their next case, and Chloe is touched. As the EMTs take Lucifer away, he says that he's realized he's where he's supposed to be.

Dan tells Maze that he should have realized what Leona intended to do. Maze says that he should have let her go in and dismisses Leona as an amateur. She tells him that he has to think like a criminal and walks away. Ella says that Dan shouldn't beat himself up, and she asked God for a sign and realized that she wasn't going to get one because she had to count on herself because God doesn't exist. Dan realizes that she's on drugs and leads her away.

Later, Chloe calls Amenadiel to her place and he asks how she is. She didn't know anyone else to talk to, and explains that her world is celestial and immortals. Chloe asks if Eve is secretly evil or a supernatural threat to the world, and Amenadiel says that she isn't. They both admit that they like Eve and Chloe figures she might be good for Lucifer. Amenadiel hopes that's the case and tells her that her father is proud of her for caring about others. She realizes that Amenadiel has talked to her father and thanks him.

The next day at the penthouse, Eve tells Lucifer that she's glad he's going back to work. Lucifer says that he's her boyfriend and they kiss. Eve wonders if they're doing it, and Lucifer cuts himself with a bar knife. He says that he's only vulnerable when Chloe is around, and Eve realizes that Chloe isn't around.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 2, 2019

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