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Devil Is as Devil Does Recap

A man crawls along a bridge.

As they lay in bed, Eve and Lucifer admit that what they did to Julian was exhilarating.

A gunman walks up to the crawling man and shoots him dead.

Eve wonders who they can punish next. Lucifer says that it's quite the rush, and she figures he works with the LAPD to find criminals to punish. Eve says that she wants in and Lucifer suggests that they do it together.

The next day at the hospital, Chloe and Dan question the paralyzed Julian in his bed. He admits that he killed Gary and Joan, and engaged in human trafficking. Julian swears that he fell down the hill. Dan talks to Chloe privately and figures that Lucifer broke Julian's back, and Chloe insists that Lucifer wouldn't do it. She points out that Dan has been after Lucifer since they first met him, and wonders if he's looking at it objectively after Charlotte's death. Dan wonders if Chloe is and walks out.

Remiel asks Amenadiel how he could have a child with a human, and Amenadiel says that he used to be just like her looking down on humans. He figures that he lost his powers so that he wouldn't be separate from humanity, and tells Remiel that he was wrong about angels staying separate from humanity. Amenadiel offers to show her.

Chloe arrives at the scene of the murdered man, and Ella explains that the killer shot him and then tossed him over the bridge. The detective wonders if Ella is okay, and Ella shrugs off the death. The dead man is Sam Sofrelli, a crook with a long record. Ella figures that he's a dealer and there's no specific evidence that it was a robbery. She notices that Lucifer isn't there, just as Lucifer and Eve pull up behind Chloe. Chloe says that she's worried that Eve is rubbing off on Lucifer in a bad way, just as Lucifer comes over with Eve and calls to Chloe. Eve says that she's there to learn from Chloe about how to catch criminals, and Chloe talks to Lucifer privately. She says that it's not going to work having Eve there, insisting that it's serious. Lucifer says that if Chloe doesn't want them there then they'll find the killer on their own, and Chloe gives in. Eve is listening and cheers, and Lucifer figures that it'll be fun.

Later at the station, Eve goes over the wanted posters looking for guilty-looking criminals to punish. Chloe gets a call but refuses to accept it, and tells Lucifer that it was nobody.

Dan complains to Ella about Eve coming along, and Ella says that Eve is sweet. Ella talks about how they might as well do whatever makes them happy because they could die any second, and says that they can't investigate Julian's story because he didn't file any charges. She points out that the house has probably been professionally cleaned since the incident, and Dan agrees. As Dan leaves, Chloe, Lucifer, and Ella visit Ella. She says that the killer pistol-whipped Sofrelli, leaving traces of gold in the wound. Chloe remembers a hitman, Greg "Pony Boy" Grabowski, who uses a golden pistol. Eve wants to go punish him, and Lucifer leads her out.

Maze tells Linda's unborn child how to fight and kill, and Linda stops her when she starts talking about her sexual excitement. She says that she has to go to work and tells Maze that she can't come with her. Maze insists that she has to protect Linda and her child, but Linda insists that she doesn't need protecting.

Dan goes through the garbage from Julian's house, and Ella interrupts him. He says that he paid off the cleaning crew and is looking for something to prove that someone was there. Ella offers to help, and Dan finds a cigarette that is Lucifer's brand and leaves.

Lucifer, Chloe, and Eve go to an outside gym and find Pony Boy. Chloe places him under arrest, and Pony Boy immediately agrees, saying that he'll wait for his lawyer. Eve wants Lucifer to torture Pony Boy, and Lucifer uses his power to bring out Pony Boy's desire. Pony Boy says that he wishes his boss had let him kill Sofrelli, and Eve is disappointed that he's innocent. Chloe asks who Pony Boy's boss is, and Pony Boy demands his lawyer. Eve and Lucifer start making out, and Chloe handcuffs the hitman.

At the station, Ella comes by Chloe's desk and Chloe says that someone paid Pony Boy through a shell company. Ella says that she thinks somebody broke Sofrelli's bones before they killed him, and Lucifer asks what it has to do with Julian. Chloe and Ella figure that Jacob wanted revenge himself and borrowed Pony Boy's gun to do it. Once Ella and Chloe leave, Lucifer tells Eve that he broke Julian's back and Jacob killed an innocent man, and Jacob needs to be punished.

Chloe, Lucifer, and Eve go to see Jacob and tell him that Sofrelli had the same spinal injury as Julian. Jacob admits that Julian is a bad person and that's why he excised him from the family. Chloe notes that one of Jacob's companies pays Pony Boy's bills, and Lucifer notes that Jacob constantly bailed Julian out of jail. Jacob tells them that maybe one of Julian's friends decided to make the killer pay, and Lucifer says that Julian told him that Jacob is even a worst person than he was. The businessman tells them that they need evidence, and Lucifer suggests that Chloe leave so he can punish Jacob. Chloe sees Lucifer loses his temper and bend a chair, and Eve tells Lucifer to do it. The detective tells Lucifer to leave, and after a moment he stops, tells Jacob that it isn't over, and goes.

At the station, the trio go over the case and Chloe points out that Jacob will double his legal defense now that Lucifer threatened him. Pony Boy has already posted bail, and Eve is disappointed that they don’t get to punish anyone. Chloe dismisses Eve and tells Lucifer that she thinks Eve is a bad influence on him. She notes that she also punishes people but there is a right way and wrong way to do it. Lucifer angrily says that it's his job to punish people and when he doesn't, bad things happen. He admits that he broke Julian's back and promises that he won't let Jacob get away with it. Chloe figures that Lucifer wanted her to leave because he knew punishing Jacob was wrong, and Lucifer says that it's clear Chloe can't handle who he is and walks out.

Dan goes to see Jacob and tells him that someone broke Julian's back and he knows who it was. He doesn't have enough prove to put the attacker in jail but he wants Jacob to finally give him a taste of the punishment he deserves. Dan tells Jacob's Lucifer's name.

Ella goes over the autopsy report with Chloe and says that one of Sofrelli's fingers were broken post-mortem when a ring was removed. Chloe isn't paying attention, and asks if there's such a thing as celestial judgment. She wonders why they should bother arresting criminals, and Ella explains that she was religious and when she used to believe, she thought that she was doing her part to uphold right and wrong. Now she believes they're all that people got and they have to hold criminals accountable because Heaven and Hell don't exist. Ella insists that the Devil doesn't exist, noting that he started out as an angel. She figures that someone can't be all good and then turn evil. Chloe focuses on the point that Lucifer used to be an angel and leaves.

Amenadiel shows Remiel a playground and says that both he and Linda realized how wonderful a child would be. Remiel only sees weakness, and warns Amenadiel that his child will be just as weak as a human. She tells her brother that she's already picked up the child's scent and is taking it to Heaven. She flies off, and Amenadiel sprouts his wings.

That night, Linda is walking home and hears someone. She hides, and Maze finds her. Maze says that she's protecting her and that she's never going to leave her side. Linda tells her to back off, and Maze wonders how she'll protect "their" baby. The therapist says that she needs some space, and Maze suggests that they get some coconut water.

Amenadiel smashes Remiel down into an abandoned mall, and she attacks him after first giving him the haft of her spear so that it's a fair fight. Amenadiel insists the child will be special because he's raised on Earth with his family. He finally knocks Remiel down and says that Earth has made him stronger, helps her up, and Remiel says that she'll reluctantly respect her wishes. However, she warns him that one day he may regret his decision before flying off.

At home, Chloe calls Linda and leaves a message for her to call back about what's going on with Lucifer. Trixie overhears her mother and asks what's wrong with Lucifer, and Chloe tells Trixie that Lucifer is going through something. Her daughter points out that when Chloe says that, it's when people need their friends the most. Chloe wonders if she's the friend that Lucifer needs and leaves.

At the penthouse, Lucifer discusses how to punish Jacob. Eve wants to get down to it, and figures that Lucifer is stalling because of Chloe. She thinks that Chloe is a bad influence on Lucifer, and wants Lucifer to be the best version of himself. Eve figures that Lucifer is holding himself back because of Chloe, and suggests that she's too involved with his life. Trixie arrives and Lucifer tells Eve who it is. Trixie runs around the penthouse touching everything, much to Eve's amusement. She says that she came there to see if Lucifer was okay, and Eve introduces herself.

Dan arrives at Chloe's house to pick up Trixie. Chloe says that they know who the killer is--Jacob--but they don’t have proof. Dan is surprised, and Chloe realizes that Trixie has slipped out and left a note saying that she's going to Lucifer.

Trixie questions Eve about her life while Lucifer looks on, bored. He goes to color-sort his suits, and Trixie asks Eve if the kind of friend Lucifer needs, and Eve says that she cares about him and hopes she's the friend he needs. Pony Boy and a second man, and Eve shields Trixie with her body. The hitman prepares to shoot them to eliminate any witnesses, and Lucifer grabs the second man and yanks him through an interior window. Eve gets Trixie out of the room, and Pony Boy shoots at Lucifer. The bullets have no effect, and Lucifer breaks Pony Boy's hand and takes his gun. Chloe, Dan, and a uni arrive, and Lucifer tells them that Trixie is safe. As they hug Trixie, Chloe realizes what Eve did.

Later, Chloe finds Lucifer on the balcony and he says that he would do anything to protect Trixie. Chloe says that she knows, and also knows what he plans to do to Lucifer. She admits that she wants to punish Jacob for what he would have had done to Trixie, but she wants to do it by the rules because she knows right from wrong and figures that Lucifer does because he's an angel. Lucifer wonders if he is an angel anymore, and says that he's never checked to see if his wings returned after he killed Pierce. Chloe tells him that he should look and maybe he'll be surprised at what he finds. Eve comes out and says that the police are done, and Chloe thanks Eve for protecting Trixie.

Once Lucifer and Eve are alone, Eve asks if they're going to get Jacob. Lucifer says that it's time for Jacob to get what he deserves but he'll do it on his own because it's important to him. As Lucifer goes, Eve says that she just wants Lucifer to be happy.

At the station, Chloe and Dan question Pony Boy, warning that they have him dead to rights. Pony Boy says that Julian was an idiot and owed Sofrelli money, so Julian gave him whatever he could including family heirlooms. Jacob still loved Julian, but Julian couldn't raise enough money and Dan figures that Jacob wanted the attacker crippled and then killed. Pony Boy says that it's too bad someone else broke Julian's back, and explains that Jacob found out Lucifer did it so they sent him to kill Lucifer. Chloe wonders who told Jacob that, and Dan remains silent while Pony Boy says that he doesn't know. The detective asks if family heirlooms included a ring.

At his office, Jacob confirms that his bodyguard hasn't heard from Pony Boy, and then says that it's time to leave LA for a while. Lucifer takes out the bodyguard and comes in, and says that it's time for Jacob to receive the punishment he deserves.

At the station, Chloe, Dan, and Ella go over photos of Jacob and spot the family ring. Chloe figures that if they can prove Sam had the ring before he died and Jacob has it now, it connects him to the murder. Dan finds a photo of Sam wearing the ring, taken the night before he was killed. Lucifer brings Jacob in and hands him over to a uni. Chloe comes over and Lucifer claims that he overheard Jacob saying he was going to leave town and arrested him as a concerned citizen so he can face the proper punishment. He admits that something recently made him realize that he might have gone too far, and hopes that it's not too late. As Lucifer goes, Chloe figures that he checked his wings. Lucifer admits that he did and she says that he did the right thing and it's never too late for that.

In Linda's house, Maze hides until Linda realizes that she's there. The demon insists that she's giving Linda her space, and Linda tells her that she's happy Auntie Maze is in her son's corner. She asks if Maze is in love with her, and Maze laughs and assures her that they're just friends. Linda suggests that Maze is looking for her own connection. Someone texts before Maze can respond.

Dan visits Ella in her lab and talks about how he feels lost. He asks if she wants to talk about it, and Ella doesn't. Dan doesn't want to talk about it, either, and wonders what to do. Ella tells him not to use drugs and alcohol because it didn't work for her, and they kiss.

Chloe goes to see Kinley and jail and tells him to stop putting in requests to see her. Kinley says that she's going to be sent to Rome shortly, and Chloe insists that Lucifer is a good man... and even an angel.

Linda goes to the penthouse in response to Lucifer's text, and finds him sitting in the shadows. He begs her to help him, saying that he doesn't want to be a monster. Linda wonders what's wrong, and Lucifer explains that he didn't check his wings until recently.

Kinley tells Chloe that the prophecy is about Lucifer's first love other than Chloe.

Lucifer says that his wings are bad.

Kinley figures that Chloe knows who Lucifer's first love is, and asks if she's in LA.

Lucifer says that he stopped himself from hurting Jacob and doesn't understand why his wings are still the way they are.

The priest tells Chloe that when the Devil finds his first love, evil shall be released.

Lucifer reveals his wings... which are demonic instead of angelic.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 2, 2019

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