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Super Bad Boyfriend Recap

Lucifer puts a hooded Dr. Chan Ahn down in a chair in his penthouse, and removes the hood. The Devil points out that Ahn has been avoiding him and says that he needs a medical consultation. Lucifer asks him to reshape the "moles" on his back, and shows Ahn a drawing he made of his wings. He explains that they keep growing back when he cuts them off, and asks Ahn to pretty then up. Ahn suggests Botox, and Lucifer angrily says that he needs the doctor fix them because they're disgusting.

Amenadiel comes in and Lucifer orders Ahn out. He notices a cut on Amenadiel's head and Amenadiel explains that he fought Remiel and they fought. Amenadiel says that his child will be raised on Earth, and asks Lucifer to be the godfather. The angel says that he still doesn’t know how to be a father, and Lucifer advises him to ask a human how they raise a child. He then tells Amenadiel that the biggest favor he can do Amenadiel and the child is to stay as far away as possible.

The next day at a high school, the team investigate the death of a teacher. Dan approaches Ella and they awkwardly talk about how they got together earlier. They both say that they shouldn't do it again and Dan awkwardly manages to leave.

Outside, Chloe is remembering what Kinley told her. Lucifer arrives and asks if everything is okay, and she insists that things are fine. Ella acts awkward around Chloe, and she and Dan explain that the victim was Sandra Baez. Lucifer figures that what is happening is his fault, and Ella finally says that someone ambushed Sandra as she was getting dressed after her morning jog. Sandra was an advisor to the Youth Academy of American Enterpreneurs, and the students in the group were the last people to see Sandra alive.

Chloe talks to Lucifer privately and says that Kinley told her about the prophecy. Lucifer says that it's wonderful news even though it's bad, figuring that's why he's changing. Chloe wonders if demons would be running around, and Lucifer says that it will never happen if he stops the prophecy. All he needs to do is break up with Eve.

Later at Lux, Lucifer tells Eve about the prophecy and she figures that he loves her because he believes the prophecy is true. Lucifer figures that they should focus on the "evil being released" part and thinks that they should break up. Eve refuses, figuring that Lucifer is scared. She says that she will never give up on him because she loves him.

Later, Lucifer and Chloe talk to Lexy Shaw, who is in the YAAE club. Lexy says that she didn't notice anything unusual about Sandra and she gave advice on colleges and relationships. Lucifer asks what advice Sandra would have given someone about how to breakup with their partner, and Lexy says that she doesn't know. She doesn't know of anyone who would have wanted to hurt Sandra except possibly Caleb Mayfield, and says that he was "troubled".

The partners talk to Caleb, who says that he didn't talk much with Sandra. Lucifer asks him how he planned to break up with YAEA, and Caleb recognizes Lucifer by reputation. He suggests that they talk to Nate Benedict, who says that he and Sandra argued because she was sleeping with Nate's father. Sandra was standing in the way so that Nate's parents couldn't get back together after they separated. He admits that he was mad but not mad enough to kill Sandra, and he was at his girlfriend Lexy's place when Sandra was murdered. Lucifer asks Nate what was the final nail in his parents' marriage, and Nate says that things got bad after they went to couple's therapy.

Amenadiel goes to Lux and asks a patron if he has any children. The man figures that his ex sent Amenadiel to collect child support and walks off. The next man Amenadiel talks to figures that Amenadiel is hitting on him and flirts back, and then he asks a Gogo girl. Her response is less than helpful. Caleb comes in and asks Amenadiel if Lucifer is there. Once Amenadiel tells him that Lucifer isn't there, Caleb explains that he needs a favor. The angel offers to help, saying that Lucifer is his brother, and the teenager says that a dealer, Tahir, asked him to deal drugs at school. The dealer threatened to beat Caleb up if he didn't do it, and Caleb hoped that Lucifer would buy the dealer off. Amenadiel warns that it wouldn't solve the problem, and Caleb wonders what he should do.

At the station, Ella tells Chloe that Sandra's autopsy report come in. She very emphatically says that she doesn't want Dan involved, and says that Sandra has two unusually shaped contusions on her skull and the murder weapon was a golf club. Once Chloe leaves to get a warrant, someone calls her about the Tiernan case.

Maze talks to a woman who dressed up to mirror her, and says that usually she goes for the sex but has decided to make a connection. Her double immediately agrees but Maze figures that she's too clingy.

Lucifer and Eve meet with Linda in therapy and Linda isn't convinced that couple's therapy is the best way to help them grow closer. Eve and Linda are happy to meet each other, and Lucifer says that they have a perfect relationship. However, he wants to get Linda's perspective on their relationship. Linda figures that it isn't going to end well. Lucifer describes their relationship and says that they're impulsive, and Linda says that she senses a hidden trepidation on Lucifer's part. She figures that Lucifer is repeating his pattern of denial, and Eve second-guesses her. Lucifer tries to talk about the prophecy, and Eve figures that he's deflecting. They agree that Lucifer needs to face his issues head-on.

Amenadiel has Caleb take him to Tahir and Caleb explains that Tahir offered him a way to make extra cash and wouldn't take "no" for an answer. The angel talks to Tahir and says that Caleb won't be selling drugs for Tahir. One of Tahir's gang members grabs Amenadiel's shoulder, and Amenadiel twists his fingers until he drops to the ground. He then tosses the backpack of drugs to Tahir, and Tahir says that Caleb needs to pay him back for his expenses. Amenadiel offers to pay it, and Tahir says that he needs collateral and asks about Amenadiel's necklace. The angel says that it's a gift from his father and priceless, but Tahir doesn't care and Amenadiel hangs it over. He promises that he'll come back for it. Tahir tells Caleb that anything blows back on him, he'll take it out on Caleb.

Lucifer and Chloe talk to Nate's father, Jeffrey, who denies killing Sandra. He admits that they were having an affair but broke it off a week ago when Jeffrey went to couple's therapy with his ex Emma. They didn't tell Nate because they didn't want to distract him, and Jeffrey boasts about how Nate got into Harvard the same as Lexy. Lucifer asks why they broke up in the first place, and Jeff admits that he was a cliché bad husband.

That night at the penthouse, Eve comes in and finds Lucifer playing fantasy football with some new friends. Lucifer blows her off and crushes a beer can on his head, and then sits around in his underwear, smokes, and eats Cheesy Puffs while watching The Dukes of Hazzard. In Lux, Eve finds Lucifer kissing another woman.. Back at the penthouse, Lucifer plays video games while Eve tries to clean up the place. Eve joins him and beats him, then sits down and watches TV with him. When Lucifer finds the girl in Lux that he was kissing early, he discovers that Eve is kissing her.

Lucifer returns to his penthouse and finds Eve with his fantasy football buddies. Chloe calls and tells Lucifer that they know who the killer is, and Lucifer should come to the precinct. Lucifer quickly excuses himself.

Amenadiel and Caleb get ice cream and walk down the street, and Caleb says that he doesn't fit in with the rich white crowd at school. He asks Amenadiel why he's helping him, and Amenadiel tells him that he has a son on the way and he's worried if he'll be a good father. Caleb says that he's cool with it, just as two unis pull up and arrest Caleb. They shove him to the ground and when Amenadiel tries to call the station, one of the unis aims his gun at him. Dan arrives and tells the unis to stand down, saying that Amenadiel is his friend.

Later at the station, Dan tells Amenadiel that they found the murder weapon in Caleb's locker. The police figure that Sandra found out that Caleb was selling drugs, and he killed her. Amenadiel insists that Caleb isn't a killer, and Dan says that Caleb look guilty because of the evidence against him rather than the color of his skin. The angel wonders why the officers wouldn't listen to him, and Dan says that he's filing an excessive violence complaint again them. Amenadiel wonder if that will do any good, and Dan admits that probably nothing will happen. Ella comes out and asks to talk to Dan privately. They go to the evidence room and she says that someone told the due diligence detectives that a cop might have told Jacob that Lucifer broke Julian's back. Ella worries that someone might have it out for Lucifer, and Dan kisses her. She shoves him away and says that they have to be on the same page, and Dan tells Ella that it won't happen again. Dan dismisses Ella's concerns and she leaves.

Amenadiel visits Caleb in his cell and says that his parents are flying back from vacation and they'll get Caleb a good lawyer. He insists that he doesn't believe Caleb is the killer and the truth will come out, but Caleb says that Amenadiel is living in a fantasy world. Caleb insists that his life is over and Amenadiel should leave, but Amenadiel asks him to have faith in him and Caleb agrees.

Maze meets up at Lux with a man, Peter, who figures that Maze made up all the murderous exploits she posted about. He says that it wouldn't work out because they're both alphas and leaves. As Maze sighs in exasperation, Eve comes over looking for Lucifer and asks if Maze is okay. Maze says that she's had 22 bad dates and wonders if she's the problem. Eve assures her that she's awesome and invites Maze to practice having a date with her. Maze immediately asks if she wants to have sex, and Eve suggests that she wait a few sentences before going there. The demon finds it hard to open up about her life, and Eve says that it isn't a problem. Maze's date shows up, but Maze blows him off and suggests to Eve that they keep going.

At the station, Chloe asks Lucifer how things are going with Eve. He says that he's tried to be a bad boyfriend, and Chloe tells him that his plan failed because it's not who he is, and he wonders who how she knows. Amenadiel comes in and tells Chloe that Caleb is innocent, and Chloe admits that things don't add up. One of the kids that Caleb sold drugs to is also a kid who had access to the golf closet. None of them match, but Lexy is on one list and Nate is on the other.

Chloe has Lexy brought in, and she claims that Nate killed Sandra because he blamed her for breaking up his parents. In the next room, Nate and Jeffrey are watching and Nate says that Lexy is lying. Chloe joins them and Nate explains that Lexy got them drugs so they could study to get into Harvard together. Sandra was the test administrator, and Lucifer realized that Lexy stole the test. Lexy made Nate do it and Sandra found out, and Sandra threatened to tell the cops if Nate didn't come clean. When Nate told Lexy, she freaked, made Nate steal Caleb's club, and then used it to kill Sandra. Nate admits that he covered it up, and offers to provide Lexy's bloody clothes. He says that he didn't care about Harvard and Lexy wanted him to go.

Caleb is released and Amenadiel says that he paid off Tahir and got his necklace back. He suggests that Caleb repay his favor with a game of one-on-one. Caleb tells Amenadiel that he has nothing to worry about being a dad.

Eve and Maze laugh and talk about movies, and Maze wonders how Eve knew Lucifer was the one. The human says that with Lucifer she feels like she can be herself, but recently it feels like he's pulling away from her. Maze assures her that Lucifer will come around eventually because Eve is too awesome not to. Dan is at the bar watching them and drinking heavily. When Maze comes over to get their drinks, Dan tells her that it looks like she's making the moves on Lucifer's girl. Maze points out that he's drunk, and Dan says that he played Ella and assholes like them have to stick together. The demon insists that she isn't interested in Eve, and Dan says that she won't care if he takes a shot. Maze tells him to back off, and Dan says that he'll tell Eve how Maze feels about him. The demon chokes Dan, who tells her to give him more. Maze realizes that he wants her to hurt him to punish himself, and tells the bouncer to get Dan out.

Lucifer returns to the penthouse and finds Eve on the balcony. As he starts to talk, Eve tells him that a friend helped her realize that she's awesome and she deserves to be treated well. Lucifer agrees and says that Eve is a light in the darkness. He apologizes for the way he's treated her recently, and says that he wants to break up with her. Lucifer tells her that neither one of them should have to change for the other, and she deserves to be with someone that wants what she wants. Eve tells him that she wants to be with him, and Lucifer angrily says that he doesn't like who he is with her. Chloe calls and asks where Amenadiel is, as Eve walks off.

Amenadiel arrives at the crime scene where Caleb is laying dead. Lucifer and Chloe arrive, and Chloe promises that they will find the shooter. Once she leaves, Amenadiel tells Lucifer that he knows who did it and Lucifer offers to drive. They drive to the apartment where Tahir has his base and Amenadiel beats Caleb while Lucifer holds the gangers off. Amenadiel finally stops and walks away. Lucifer joins him, and Amenadiel says that humans have lost themselves and Earth is no place to raise his son. He walks away on his own.

Later, Lucifer goes to Lux and Chloe joins him. She asks how Lucifer is doing, and he tells her that he broke up with Eve. Lucifer says that she was in love with person he used to be, and Chloe tells him that he's become a better man. He says that Eve sees him differently than Chloe does and that's what makes Chloe special, but he doesn't like how that makes him feel, either.

Amenadiel goes to the morgue and looks at Caleb's body. Crying, Amenadiel puts his necklace on Caleb and looks up at Heaven.

Lucifer meets with Linda and says that every bad thing that has happened is God's fault... and then admits that it's a lie he's been telling to himself. The truth is much harder to face: he brought it on himself. Linda says that it's progress, but Lucifer tells her that the truth is he's doing it to himself because he hates himself.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 2, 2019

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