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Save Lucifer Recap

Realtor Beth Murphy shows a client around a house that she's selling her, and the client Lucy asks if Moira and Megan are Beth's older twin sisters, and Beth opens the garage door to reveal Moira standing over her murdered sister with a hammer in her hands.

At the station, Chloe asks how Lucifer is doing. He says that he had a breakthrough with Linda and has realized that he hates himself. Lucifer insists that he's had an epiphany and his problems should go away. Chloe wants to talk about it more later but says that they have a new case. As Chloe goes to get her keys, Ella comes in and notices that Lucifer has red scales on the back of his hand. Lucifer insists that it's impossible, and Ella goes to get some creams for it.

Eve is at Linda and Maze's house, crying. Maze gets weapons to punish Lucifer for what he did to Eve, and Eve tells her that she can't hurt Lucifer because she loves him and wants him back. The demon says that she can and that Lucifer is an idiot for not realizing how lucky he was. Eve wonders how she gets him back, and Maze suggests that Lucifer wants what he can't have. Breaking into tears, Eve figures that she can't do that unless Maze helps her. Maze says that demons used to be able to possess humans when they just died, but then Lucifer forbade it even though it was "fun". She suggests that they'll do it the old way: Eve will get her shit together and then they'll rub in Lucifer's face how much Eve doesn't need him.

Chloe and Lucifer arrive at the house and Lucifer quickly puts on a pair of evidence gloves to cover up the scales. The detective notes it and says that he doesn't have to be someone he's not when he's around him. Ella does a "hammer time" pun since Megan was killed with a hammer, and Chloe recognizes her as one half of the Murphy twins, and that they're local celebrities because of their twin shtick. Moira escaped and there's a BOLO out on her, and Beth has said that there's no bad blood between the twins. Ella notices that Lucifer is wearing gloves and asks about his scales, and Chloe picks up on it.

Before Lucifer can respond, Maze and Eve pull up on Maze's motorcycle and Maze says that now she and Eve are partners. Chloe points out that there's no bounty on Moira yet. Lucifer talks to Eve privately and says that there's no need to make a scene at his work. Eve insists that she isn't and that their breakup is the best thing that ever happened to her because she's having fun with Maze. Lucifer unenthusiastically says that it's wonderful news, and Maze leads Eve off. On the motorcycle, Maze tells Eve that she did good. Lucifer ignores Eve and asks Chloe to talk to him inside.

Inside the house, Lucifer tells Chloe that his epiphany may have backfired on him and shows her his hand... which is now fully demonic like his devil face. Chloe says that they'll figure it out but Lucifer warns that it's spreading.

Lucifer goes to see Linda and blames her for her epiphany. He shows her his hand, and Linda has early contractions. Once she recovers, Linda suggests that some part of Lucifer is reacting subconsciously to the revelation and he needs to dig deeper, figuring out why he hates himself.

At the station, Lucifer tells Dan that he hates himself and asks the detective to suggest why he might. Dan is glad to list reasons, and finally says that Lucifer is the reason Charlotte is dead. Lucifer insists that Charlotte's death wasn't his fault and walks off.

Chloe asks Ella and Lucifer where they think Moira might go, and Ella suggests that she would keep running. Lucifer figures that Moira hated herself to kill a sister with her face, and suggests that Moira might have the answers to his problem so they need to find her. Dan comes in and says that Moira's first call after the murder was to her accountant to get money to skip town.

Eve tries out sexy poses for Maze and the accountant, Willy, who they've captured. Maze assures Eve that Chloe and Lucifer got the same phone records they did and will soon be there. She suggests that Eve date someone else, and Eve figures that will make Lucifer jealous. Maze tells her that she deserves better, and as Lucifer and Chloe arrive Eve kisses Maze. When they come in, Willy motions for attention and Chloe unties him. Eve tells Maze that her plan worked and that being with Maze makes Lucifer jealous.

Lucifer tells Willy to focus and asks why Moira hated herself. Willy says that she didn't hate herself and that Moira called him to accuse him of killing Megan. She hung up on him after the accusation, and Willy says that Moira might be at one of many properties that she owns. Meanwhile, Eve apologizes to Lucifer for kissing Maze, and he dismisses it as "fun". She says that her and Maze are together, and Lucifer tells her that all he cares is that she's happy but wonders if she truly is.

Chloe figures that Moira is innocent or she wouldn't have called Willy to accuse him of killing Megan. Willy notes that Megan took over the company finances a few months ago, and then two days ago she dropped off a thumb drive with a copy of her financial records while appearing upset. Chloe notes new scales on Lucifer's neck and quickly covers them with a scarf. Lucifer takes the hint, and Willy comes back saying that the thumb drive is missing.

Amenadiel and Linda pick out names for the baby, and Amenadiel prefers Heavenly names. Linda would rather go mainstream, and notes that their baby won't be living in Heaven.

At the station, Lucifer returns from replacing the scarf. Eve is at Chloe's desk, dressed as Chloe, and Lucifer wonders if Eve has murdered Chloe. The woman explains that Chloe is interrogating Moira and Eve goes back to "work" looking for criminals. In the interrogation room, Lucifer asks Moira if killing Megan made her self-hatred going away. Moira insists that she didn't kill Megan. Two days ago, Moira got a notice of an overdraft on their corporate account. She called Megan, who handles the financial side, and Megan told her it wasn't a big deal. Moira went to the house the previous day and found Megan dead, and instinctively picked up the hammer. She ran because she looked guilty and set out to find the real killer. Megan figures that Moira's husband Arnold might have been up to something. Chloe notices that Lucifer's eyes have turned red and shoves a file in his face to cover them. She leads him out before Moira can get a clear look.

Dan goes to his car in the parking garage and finds Maze in the back. He apologizes for snapping at her at Lux, and realizes that Maze and Eve are together. Maze asks why he thinks that, and Dan says that Maze was looking at her without thinking of stabbing her. Dan advises Maze not to wait because they could lose what time they have. When Maze says that she already tried, Dan tells her to attempt a grand gesture.

Lucifer returns to the station wearing sunglasses, and finds Chloe finishing a meeting with Arnold and his lawyer. Arnold denied everything and the search warrant for his house turned up nothing, and the autopsy report shows Megan died thirty minutes before Beth and Lucy saw Moira standing over the body. Arnold has no alibi, and Chloe suggests that maybe he was stealing from the company and killed Megan when she found out and confronted him. Chloe sees Eve at her desk and Eve says that she knows how to catch the killer. She suggests that whoever stole the thumb drive was covering their tracks so there's something on the drive. Chloe picks up on her idea, suggesting that they claim Willy made a copy and stage a sting. They'll have Moira claim she's selling off the company to Lucifer and she presents the fake thumb drive at Lux, and then the killer will try to steal the drive. Chloe thanks Eve and leaves, and Lucifer hesitantly congratulates Eve.

That night, Chloe goes to the penthouse and finds the lights out. She tells Lucifer that the party has stared downstairs, and Lucifer says that he's not going. He's transformed even further, but figures that he has to accept the truth is coming true. Lucifer wonders what kind of monster he'll be when evil is done releasing, and Chloe tells him that she's having Kinley released to their holding cell before his transfer to Rome so they can question him about the prophecy. Chloe tells Lucifer that it's best to keep him distracted, and offers him a devil costume for the masquerade party.

The masked partners go downstairs, Lucifer wearing a full-face devil mask, and he thanks Lucifer. Chloe goes to check on Moira, and Eve approaches Lucifer and says that they make a good team. She asks when she should move her stuff back in, saying that now she can give Lucifer what he needs. Lucifer shows her his current face and says that the prophecy is coming true, and asks Eve why she doesn't hate him. He tells her that he hurt and used her, stringing her along to keep her with him. Eve says that she loves him, and Lucifer tells her that he shouldn't, puts the mask back on, and walks away.

Maze gets up on stage and sings, first saying that it's a grand gesture for a special girl. Eve and Lucifer watch along with everyone else, Maze finishes her song and everyone applauds, and Eve comes over and tells Maze that it was beautiful and she received the message: to get Lucifer back with a grand gesture.

At the police lab, Dan approaches Ella and she says that she knows he told Jacob about Lucifer. Dan admits that she's right and suggests that she turn him in because he deserves it. Ella tells him that she isn't and that she scrubbed his cruiser location from the database. He wonders why Ella is going to help him, saying that everyone lets him get away with bullshit. Ella figures that he's in pain and now is the time to get some help, and Dan walks out.

At Lux, Chloe tells Lucifer that Moira got a call from Arnold. He's not coming so they figure Arnold isn't the killer. Lucifer lifts up his mask and Chloe warns him that his face has gone full devil. He pulls the mask down and Officer Cacuzza calls Chloe to tell her that Kinley escaped when the transport van overturned. Chloe tells Lucifer.

Maze and Eve take Kinley to Linda's home and he thanks them for helping him escape. Eve explains that Lucifer is worried about the prophecy and that it's holding him back, and she wants Kinley to convince Lucifer the prophecy isn't true. She introduces herself and Kinley realizes that Eve is Lucifer's first love. Kinley refuses to help, saying that now that he knows Eve exists he's convinced the prophecy is real.

Chloe tells Lucifer that they should go to the scene of the escape and find any clues to Kinley's location. People come up to Lucifer expressing their desires, and Chloe realizes that Lucifer's power is affecting everyone. They push through the crowd, and a masked woman expresses her desire for the thumb drive. Chloe grabs her and takes her along with them as they take the elevator up to the penthouse. The detective removes the woman's mask and discovers that it's Beth. Chloe asks why she desired the thumb drive, and Beth admits that she didn't want anyone to know what she did.

Dan meets with Linda and talks about how he's been angry with Lucifer since Charlotte's death. He admits that it wasn't Lucifer's fault and feels that it was his. Dan explains that he's been trying to punish himself, and Linda figures that it doesn't ease the pain. She tells him that it's a long road to dealing with a loss but it's a good beginning, and then asks him to take her to the hospital because her water broke.

Linda texts Maze that the baby is coming, and Eve asks her to "convince" Kinley that he's wrong about the prophecy. Maze figures that Kinley is a fanatic and nothing will change his mind. Eve wonders if she should take Lucifer out of LA to stop the prophecy, and Maze yells at her that Lucifer doesn't love her and Eve needs to accept that. She leaves to be with Linda.

Beth tells Lucifer and Chloe that she always screwed up and Moira never believed in her, but Megan knew she could do better. She asked to help with the finances and Megan kept it secret. When Beth embezzled money and lost it on an investment, Megan found out and agreed with Moira. Beth lost it and beat her sister to death, and she couldn't bring herself to tell the truth. Lucifer stands on the balcony listening as Beth says that maybe Moira was right and she does ruin everything she touches. He says that Moira was right and Beth should have stayed away from everyone she cares about.

Maze arrives at the hospital and joins Linda and Amenadiel in the delivery room. She holds Linda hands and watches with Amenadiel as Linda gives birth.

The police take Beth away, and Lucifer tells Chloe that it's too late to find Kinley. He's in full demon form, unable to retract his wings.

Maze stands out in the hallway as Linda holds her newborn. Amenadiel suggests that they call him "Charlie" after "Charlotte", and Linda agrees. Amenadiel takes his son and Linda dozes off. The angel says that they'll love his son in the Silver City and they'll be safe there forever.

Eve figures that all she needs to do is get Lucifer out of LA. Kinley suggests that he might have a way to help her by suggesting they go to Hell together and she rule at his side. He figures that Lucifer might need a reason to go back, and explains that if they go to Hell together then it will prevent the prophecy. Kinley says that she should remind Lucifer of his adoring subjects awaiting his return, and Eve gets an idea. She remembers what Maze said earlier about possession and demons entering the bodies of the recently dead, unfastens Kinley's bindings, and Kinley grabs her. He strangles her, figuring that will stop the prophecy, and Eve grabs one of Maze's hidden knives. She stabs Kinley in the neck and tells him to deliver the message when he gets to Hell, telling the demons to come to Earth and get their king. Dying, Kinley wonders why she thinks he would help, and Eve says that it's just a hunch as the priest dies.

Lucifer says that he hates that he ruins anything he touches, particularly Chloe. Chloe tells him that she's okay with what he really is and is still there, and it's about Lucifer. She refuses to let him use her as an excuse to avoid dealing with his condition, and figures that Lucifer blames himself for humanity's sins. Chloe tells him to stop taking responsibility for things beyond his control and forgive himself. Lucifer says that she can't because he doesn't know how to. He turns to face Chloe and says that he wants to, and turns back to human. Chloe tells him that he just took the first step and Lucifer laughs, saying that they did it and evil won't be released after all.

Kinley's corpse opens its eyes.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 8, 2019

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