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Who's da New King of Hell? Recap

At the penthouse, Lucifer checks his restored human appearance, goes down to Lux, gets up on the bar, and dances. He goes to the station and everyone dances. Lucifer sits on Chloe's desk and says that he's in a good mood since the world won't be destroyed. Chloe confirms that his demonic appearance is totally gone, and suggests that he take some time off. Lucifer says that it isn't necessary and Kinley is still on the loose, and Chloe tells him that the U.S. Marshals are on it and there are no cases. Disappointed, Lucifer tells her to call him if anything comes up.

At Linda's place, Eve is covering up the bloodstains with a rug when Maze asks her to let her in to get Kinley back to jail. When Eve doesn't, Maze breaks the door chain. Eve says that Kinley left after he attacked her. Maze starts to go get him, and Eve stops him. She says that she doesn't need Kinley because she's accepting that Lucifer doesn't have any feelings for her. As Maze goes, she says that she was on Eve's side.

Lucifer arrives at the hospital and Amenadiel shows Lucifer how to hold Charlie. As Lucifer goes into greet Linda, Amenadiel stops him to say that he's decided to take Charlie to Heaven. He figures that it will be painful for Linda, and Lucifer assumes that he's talking about circumcision. Lucifer goes into Linda's room and Amenadiel says goodbye. The nurse comes over to put an infant tracker on Charlie, takes the baby, and leaves.

Linda is touched that Lucifer brought her Sigmund Freud's personal journal to commemorate the end of his therapy. He says that he's cured now that he's forgiven himself, but Linda isn't so sure. Linda asks what Chloe thinks of it, and Lucifer figures that she's as pleased as he is. She warns Lucifer that it isn't as easy to forgive himself as he thinks, but Lucifer ignores her.

In his broadcast booth, Holla Bae presents his guest, MoNopolize, and they're announcing Holla's tour kickoff at the Mayan the next night. He opens the door and someone outside stabs him. Ella watches the video on a tablet in the booth, and Dan wonders where the body is. There are bloody footprints leading away from Holla's blood, and Dan figures that MoNopolize killed Holla. Chloe has no idea what they're talking about, and Ella says that MoNopolize accused Holla of killing his BFF, Fat Cannon. Lucifer bangs on the booth window and wonders why Chloe didn't call him out.

Outside, Chloe reminds Lucifer that she told him to take a break. Lucifer insists that everything is under control and his condition won't come back. Across the street, a leather-wearing Kinley and Holla watch, Holla holding a bloody knife.

Lucifer and Chloe drive to the home of MoNopolize's manager, Isaac. The Devil breaks the gate open and someone shoots at them. They take cover and Chloe yells out who they are, and MoNopolize and Isaac step out. Inside, MoNopolize says that he and Holla had conflicts but they were going to bury the hatchet and announce a joint record and tour. Isaac has MoNopolize say that Holla isn't dead and he saw him as he was going to the studio as well as a man in leathers with bloody hands. They got in a pizza delivery van and left together, and Chloe asks him to come to the station to verify what he's saying.

At the station, Ella tells Chloe and Lucifer that a Holla fan posted a photo of Holla after his "death" on social media. Ella figures that Holla is doing it as a publicity stunt, and Chloe spots Kinley in the background. She says that the case is closed and that Lucifer should go home, and Lucifer leaves.

That night, Chloe goes to Kinley's church and calls to Holla and Kinley. She hears someone and draws her gun, and finds Maze. Maze explains that she was tracking Kinley but the trail has gone cold. Chloe says that she's on a case, and explains that Holla was dead and then not dead. Maze figures she knows what's going on.

At Lux, "Kinley" greets Lucifer by name and hugs him. He says that they've missed Lucifer, and then kneels to "his king" and says that it's great to see him. Lucifer realizes that it's the demon Dromos, possessing Kinley's body. The demon Squee is there in Holla's body, and Dromos tells Lucifer that they're for him to help him get back to Hell.

Maze explains that there are two demons on the loose in LA, and one is in Kinley's body. Chloe figures that someone killed Kinley, and Maze warns that Lucifer will be pissed since he banned possession.

Dromos tells Lucifer that Kinley arrived in Hell, talking about the prophecy, and he needed help getting Lucifer back to Hell. The demon came to Earth to answer Lucifer's call, and Lucifer figures that Kinley is subverting the policy by convincing Lucifer to return to Hell. He says that he beat the prophecy on his own, and he'd never return to Hell. Dromos complains that Lucifer has never contacted the demons, and they need their king. Lucifer makes Dromos the King of Hell, but Dromos says that an angel has to be the king. Dromos describes that Hell has been bad since he left, and Lucifer says that Earth is far superior and he's become an uncle recently. Lucifer orders the demons back to Hell, and Dromos says that they might stay to torture a live one. Furious, Lucifer grabs him and orders him back to Hell, and Dromos agrees.

At home, Linda is holding Charlie. Amenadiel comes in playing arias of a humpback whale on his phone. He says that he's drawn a bath and offers to hold Charlie while Linda takes the bath. Linda declines and Amenadiel says that she'll have to put him down sometime. She starts to hand Charlie over and then considers feeding him again and changing his blanket. Linda admits that she's being clingy but she loves their son so much. She tells Amenadiel that they're going to give him a beautiful life, and Amenadiel agrees. Linda hands Charlie to his father and tells Amenadiel that she hired a night nurse, Kim, so they can both get some rest.

Maze and Chloe go to the penthouse and tell Lucifer that there are two demons in LA. He says that he already knows and has averted the crisis, and they're not very bright. Maze goes to get her knives in case they go astray, and Chloe wonders if they're wrong about the prophecy. She suggests that Lucifer leave LA and that she followed a lead on Kinley, and admits that she did it without Lucifer. Lucifer realizes that she was afraid Kinley would turn him back into a monster, and tells Chloe that maybe she should leave in case something triggers him. Chloe gets a call and tells Lucifer that they have to go to Linda's.

Maze arrives at Linda's after the police and finds Linda crying. Linda says that Charlie is gone.

At the station, Dan questions Kim by phone and discovers that someone in the family cancelled her job. Ella figures that Amenadiel has the baby and there's a reasonable explanation.

The next morning, Chloe and Lucifer question Linda, She figures that Amenadiel cancelled Kim's job and took Charlie for a ride when he got fussy. Lucifer tells Linda that Amenadiel has Charlie but took him to Heaven. Linda is shocked that Amenadiel took their baby from her, and Lucifer figures that Amenadiel is trying to keep Charlie safe. Amenadiel comes in and Linda screams at him, asking how could he. She tells Amenadiel to bring Charlie back from Heaven, and Amenadiel explains that he was going to but couldn't. He went for a walk to clear his head after giving Charlie to the night nurse. Chloe points out that Kim never arrived, and he confirms that he gave Charlie to someone other than Kim.

Ella and Dan call Chloe and say that they traced the call to the agency. The phone is registered to Lyla Clayborn and SWAT is heading to her apartment. Ella blurts out that everyone there is "praying" for Linda and Amenadiel, and then changes it to "pulling". Once she hangs up, Dan tells Ella that she's not alone. Ella says that she never used to feel alone because she had God, and she misses him. She doesn't think that she should base her faith on whether things are good, and that God is there to give them the strength to get through the bad. Touched, Dan hugs her as she breaks into tears.

Dan sends a photo of Lyla over, and Amenadiel confirms she was the "night nurse". Lucifer recognizes her from Lux the night before and realizes who has the baby.

At the church, Dromos holds Charlie while Squee kills a man. A demon possesses the corpse, while Dromos promises that Charlie will be the King of Hell.

Chloe and Lucifer return to the station, and Dan tells them that Lyla wasn't at her apartment. There is a pool of blood in the bedroom but no body. Lucifer talks to Chloe privately and they both figure Lyla was possessed. Chloe wonders if they should tell Dan and Ella the truth, but Lucifer figures they'll never believe them unless he shows them his devil face, and they won't recover from that immediately. Lucifer suggests that the demons are getting back at him for not returning to Hell, and says that they should go back to his penthouse where they'll have privacy to plan.

Eve goes to the church and says that she found him because she gave Dromos her phone to give hers, and he hasn't. Dromos says that he failed to get Lucifer to come back to Hell, and that there's been a change of plans. Squee says that they're ready for the Mayan, and Lyla brings out Charlie. Eve says that she didn't summon them to terrorize a baby, and Dromos yells at her to stop talking. He tells Eve that she's not their king and they don’t need Eve or Lucifer, and punches Eve unconscious.

At the penthouse, Lucifer discovers that the demons have torn up his place. His safe is open and the vial Kinley gave Chloe is gone. Lucifer figures that the demons are trying to replace him with another celestial: Charlie. Eve arrives and tells them that she broke Kinley out of Hell, killed him, and summoned Dromos into his body. She explains that she thought Dromos could convince Lucifer the prophecy was meaningless, but she didn't intend anyone to get hurt. Eve mentions Charlie, and Chloe wonders how she could be so selfish and naïve. The demons had left before Eve woke up, and Chloe figures that the demons are going to use the vial to perform the same ritual Kinley had planned. She says that Kinley mentioned a place that would be a place of worship but also a den of sin, and Eve remembers Squee talking about the Mayan. Lucifer tells Eve to stay at the penthouse before leaving with Chloe.

At the Mayan, Dromos puts Charlie on the altar and says that soon the baby will be used to the heat.

As they arrive at the Mayan, Lucifer warns Chloe that the demons are super-strong and don't feel pain. However, they are killable. He tells Chloe that she's not going inside, pointing out that she makes him vulnerable. Eve arrives and says that she's going in after apologizing for everything she's done. She admits that Lucifer isn't the perfect guy she's made him out to be, and she wanted the person she used to be when she was with him before. Eve tells them there's nothing Lucifer can do to stop her from going in, and Lucifer agrees. Amenadiel flies down with Maze and Lucifer says that they need all of the help they can get.

Once the bottle is the proper temperature, Dromos puts the vial's contents in the milk. Lucifer, Amenadiel, Maze, and Eve come in and Lucifer orders Dromos to stop. Dromos says that he doesn't take orders from Lucifer since he abdicated, and he will mold Charlie into what he wants. Amenadiel and Maze attack, and Dromos' demons fight them.

Lucifer reaches the altar and promises Dromos that he'll play. His lieutenants attack Lucifer, and Dromos says that Lucifer is getting soft. Eve wraps her dress around Dromos' head, and Lucifer fights the lieutenants. He takes them out, grabs Charlie, and tells Eve to run with the baby as Dromos attacks him.

Maze takes out her opponent and then kills a demon going after Eve, yelling at Eve to run.

Lucifer knocks down Dromos, who laughs.

Eve gets out to the alley and Lyla confronts her. Chloe shoots Lyla in the back repeatedly, but Lyla advances on her and yanks the gun out Chloe's hands. The detective beats her down with a guide rope post, and when Lyla grabs Chloe's leg, Eve stomps her high heel into the demon's eye. Chloe takes Charlie and the two of them leave.

Amenadiel and Maze arrive, and Lucifer tells Dromos to go home. The demon refuses, and as Lucifer prepares to cut his throat, Chloe comes in. She says that she wanted to make sure Lucifer was okay, and Lucifer tells her that he doesn't want her to see him as the Devil. Chloe insists that she's not afraid of Lucifer anymore, and she's been worried about losing him and he'd forget about Earth and her.

More demons arrive and a mob of them grab Chloe. Lucifer tries to hold onto her hand but they pull her away. He manifests in his full devil form and orders the demons to bow to their king, and even Dromos does so along with others. Lucifer orders the demons back to Hell and as the bodies collapse without the demons possessing them, Lucifer reverts to his human form. Chloe looks at Lucifer and smiles.

Amenadiel and Maze find Eve outside and a relieved Amenadiel takes his son from her. Eve apologizes, and Amenadiel walks away. Maze asks Eve if she's okay, saying that she doesn't care, and Eve tells her that she knows Maze cares about but she's been too blind to notice. The demon figures that there was something between them, and Eve assures her that there is a connection. Eve says that she's been acting with Lucifer the same way she has with Adam, and Maze tells her that she likes who she is and would never ask her to change. After saying that she needs to figure out who she is on her own, Eve kisses Maze and then walks away.

Ella puts her cross necklace back on.

Dan looks at a photo of Charlotte.

Amenadiel brings Charlie back to Linda. She admits that Charlie isn't safe on Earth and Amenadiel needs to take him. Amenadiel refuses, saying that no one will sacrifice themselves for Charlie like Linda and no one will protect him like they will.

At the penthouse, Chloe tells Lucifer that it's over. Lucifer tells her that it isn't, and the demons will continue to defy him and eventually come back to Earth for Charlie or Chloe. He says that he has to go back to Hell for eternity to keep the demons contained. Chloe tells Lucifer that he can't leave her, and apologizes for how she acted when she first saw his face. She begs him not to go and admits that she loves him. Lucifer tells Chloe that his first love was Chloe, not Eve, and always has been. They kiss and then Lucifer says goodbye and flies off with his angel wings.

Later in Hell, Lucifer sits alone on his throne.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 8, 2019

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