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Striking Vipers Recap

Danny Parker enters a club and goes up to the bar, and makes contact with a woman standing at the bar next to him. They exchange greetings and Danny asks if the woman, Theo, is alone. He flirts with her and she lets him buy her a drink. Danny predicts what drink she wants, just as Karl and Daisy come over and Karl greets them. He introduces everyone and jokingly says that Danny and Theo hooked up just to get the biggest room in the apartment. Danny and Theo go out on the dance floor, and Theo admits that the role-playing got her hot. They dance and then go back to the apartment and have sex on the bathroom counter.

Later, Danny wakes up in bed. He hears Karl playing video games in the living room and joins his friend. Karl invites him to join despite the fact Danny has to work the next day, and Danny takes the controller and joins in. The next morning, Theo wakes up and hears Danny and Karl in the next room. Danny says that he has to go, but Karl insists and they choose their fighters, Roxette and Lance. Karl wins, and Theo comes out and complains that they woke her up. She tells them to turn down the volume and goes back to the bedroom.

11 Years Later

Danny is grilling for his birthday party at his expensive home, and Simon and Jemma come over and congratulate him. Jemma introduces Simon and then goes over to stop her son Maxwell from fighting, leaving Danny and Simon to make awkward conversation.

Karl parks on the street outside the house.

Theo and the other wives are making food, and their kids knock it over. Karl rings the doorbell and Theo answers it, and she hugs him and says that they haven't seen each other in a long time. He admits that he and Daisy aren't together anymore but they're better friends.

Danny is watching Jemma, and goes back to the grill when she notices. Karl comes out and greets Danny, and insists on hugging his old friend. He gives Danny his birthday present: a video game, Striking Vipers X. It needs a VR add-on to play, and Karl gave Danny one of them as well. Danny thanks him, and Karl asks if Maxwell is his. His friend explains that Maxwell is his son Tyler's friend from school.

The two men go in to get beers, and Danny admits that he hasn't been able to work since his knee blew out. He talks about how he's glad he isn't in the dating scene anymore, and Karl says that after he leaves he's meeting with a woman, Mariella. Theo comes in and Karl shows her the photo of Mariella, and she tells him that he's a lucky man.

That night after everyone leaves, Theo tucks Tyler in and Danny cleans up. She complains that Danny didn't tell her that Karl and Daisy broke up, and figures that they weren't good new together. Danny admits that he doesn't have time to talk, and Theo suggests that they have Karl over for dinner.

Karl goes out to dinner with Mariella and realizes that she doesn't get his references to Dennis Rodman because she's almost ten years younger than him.

In the bedroom, Theo tells Danny that it's her peak fertility if they want to try for another child. Danny passes, saying that he ate too much, and Theo goes to sleep.

Karl and Mariella go back to his apartment and have sex. She checks her phone, and Karl goes out to the living room. Danny is checking the video game, and gets an invitation from Karl to play Striking Vipers. Karl calls him and invites Danny to play against him. When Danny agrees, Karl talks him through hooking up the VR set. Karl picks Roxette and Danny picks Lance, and they enter the VR world of the game as their characters. Roxette/Karl appears and Danny realizes that he's "become" Lance. Danny's virtual knee is fine, and they begin fighting. The game emulates all physical sensation, and Roxette hits Lance repeatedly, finally kicking him back.

Lance's injuries "reset" as they go to round two, and Lance does better. They end up in a clinch and Roxette kisses Lance. Lance pulls away after a moment and wonders how he gets out of the game, and Karl exists first. Lance does the same and Danny comes out of his VR trance, and stares at himself in the mirror in shock. He goes to bed and Theo discovers that he's aroused.

The next day, Danny goes to work. That night, Theo takes a cab to a bar on business, and tells Danny that she doesn't know for sure when she'll be back.

At home, Karl plays virtual pinball.

Danny reads stories to Tyler. Once his son is asleep, Danny goes to play video games and Karl invites him to play Striking Vipers. They both plug in and agree that they can't play long, and that they were both drunk from the party. Their characters Roxette and Lance appear on a beach and approach each other, and then kiss and have sex.

Theo leaves a bar and calls for a driver. She sees a couple making out and they stare at each before the driver arrives.

After sex, Roxette and Lance get dressed. She wonders if they're gay now, and then dismisses it as a joke. Tyler kicks Maxwell out of his trance and complains that he's thirsty. Once Danny gets Tyler a drink and puts him to bed, he goes to bed and texts Karl, explaining why he left the game. Theo arrives and comes to bed, and Danny pretends to be asleep.

The next morning, Theo complains about a hangover. She explains that her period came on before she could have sex with Danny, and he assures her there'll be a next time.

That night, Danny plugs into the game once he makes sure that Theo is asleep. Roxette and Lance fight but quickly end up having sex,

Karl is increasingly distracted on his dates with Mariella.

Danny apologizes to Theo when he can't have sex, saying that he's tired

Karl and Danny continue meeting for virtual sex with their avatars.

Theo checks herself for signs of aging.

After one bout of sex, Roxette asks Lance what's up. He wonders what it feels like for her being in a woman's body, and Roxette says that it's crazy but somehow the same.

Later, Danny watches as Theo plays with Tyler in the backyard. She notices him staring.

When Danny is at work, Theo texts saying that she got a babysitter and reminds him that it's their wedding anniversary. Danny texts Karl to say that he can't meet him in VR that night.

That night, Theo waits at the restaurant bar. A man, Chester, sits down next to her and offers to buy her a drink. She refuses and makes it clear that she's waiting for someone, and Chester apologizes and leaves. Danny comes in and they sit down to eat. Once they're done, Theo tells Danny that sometimes he goes inside and leaves her on the outside. She asks him what's up, and notes that they haven't had sex in weeks. Danny insists that he wants to but he's been tired, and Theo wonders if something is going on. Her husband assures her that nothing is going on, and Theo wonders if it's her. Theo points out that he doesn't touch her anymore, and wonders if he wants her. She admits that her body isn't what it was before she had Tyler, and asks Danny if he's seeing someone. Danny insists that he isn't, and Theo breaks into tears and says that she wanted to go with Chester just to have some passion. She figures that something is going on and wants to know so she can deal with it, and Danny takes her hand and promises that nothing is going on.

Later at home, Danny makes love to Theo. He finally gives up and apologizes, claiming that he's distracted by work. She asks if she can finish herself off and Danny agrees. Later, Danny plays video games and gets an invitation from Karl to play Striking Vipers. Danny doesn't respond and puts the VR hookup away.

The next day at work, Danny gets a text from Karl asking where he's at. Danny finally calls him back saying that he can't do it anymore because it isn't fair to Theo. Karl insists that it's not real, but Danny tells him that they both know it's all right. He says that it has to be a clean break and hangs up.

Seven Months Later

Danny gets more into his life and family, and a pregnant Theo watches him play with Tyler.

At his apartment, Karl screams in frustration. He gets a text.

A week later, Theo gives Danny a gift certificate for his birthday and they kiss. She tells him that she invited Karl to dinner as a birthday surprise. , figuring that they didn't have time to talk at the barbeque. Karl arrives and they talk about old times over dinner. Theo admits that dessert is as crazy as it gets. She takes the dishes to the kitchen, and Danny angrily asks Karl why he came there. He figures Karl used Theo's invitation as an excuse and says that the whole thing is too strange. Karl says that it hasn't been the same thing, with computer characters or other players. Danny tells him to stop, but Karl insists that he couldn't get Danny out of his mind and figures that it was the best sex ever for both of them. Karl says Roxette will be waiting for him at midnight for one last time. Danny angrily shoves him away, and Theo comes in and asks what they were doing. Both men jokingly dismiss it as bullshit. Theo serves dessert and afterward, hugs Karl as he leaves. Karl wishes Danny a happy birthday and Theo tells them to hug. As he does, Karl whispers to Danny that he'll be waiting at midnight.

At midnight, Danny gets out of bed, gets the VR attachment, and enters the game. Lance and Roxette have sex, and afterward they kiss. Roxette tells Lance that she loves him, and Lance backs away. He wonders where their relationship goes, and Roxette tells him to say it because he's feeling it as well. Roxette insists that it doesn't have to end, and Lance tells her to meet him outside of the old club in 30 minutes before exiting the game.

Danny drives to the club parking lot and finds Karl waiting. He says that they're going to kiss and find out if they're feelings are real. Karl agrees and Danny works himself up to doing it. He tells Karl to start, and Karl finally does so. They don't feel anything and figure that it's the game. Danny figures that settles it and they hug. Karl says that it's different in the game, but Danny tells him to get it out of his head. They start fighting, and unis pull up and sound their siren.

Later, Theo drives to the police station with Tyler to pick Danny up. As they drive home, Tyler asks what they were fighting about. Danny doesn't say anything at first, and then starts to explain.

At Danny's next birthday barbeque, Danny brings the kids in for cake and smiles at Theo and their newborn.

Karl stands in his apartment, holding his cat.

After the party, Danny and Theo kiss. They exchange wedding rings and say that they'll want them back in the morning, Theo goes to the club and flirts with Chester, while Danny plays Striking Vipers with Karl and they have sex.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 9, 2019

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