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Light-Years from Home Recap

Zod announces that six months ago, they came together to build a Krypton unrecognizable in his perfection.

Adam is going through the streets and sees Zod's presentation saying that perfection lies within their grasp. Zod says that they are ready to claim their place among the stars as rulers of the galaxy. He insists that they will crush the anarchists' treacherous actions, and praises Seg as his father who gave his life for them. Adam ducks into the crowd as Sagitari come after him, and Jax grabs him and pulls him into the shadows. Once the Sagitari pass on, Jax drugs him unconscious.

Later, Adam wakes up on a bunk. Mama Zed steps out and greets Adam. Val and Nyssa also come out, Nyssa holding Cor, holding her and Seg's son. Adam realizes that Val is really there, and Val explains that he's no back from the Phantom Zone. Adam says that he went back to the future and discovered that Zod conquered Earth and Brainiac shrank his home city and added it to his collection. Val and Nyssa figure that Seg may still be alive.

In the Phantom Zone, Seg sees Zod strangling Lyta. They can't see or hear Seg, and he sees another glimpse of the future where a bearded version of himself is holding Lyta as she dies. The other Seg asks someone to help him.

Val explains that Zod destroyed his projector and seized the Fortress so he can't rebuild it. Adam admits that he doesn't have a plan, and Nyssa says that they have one: Wegthor. Wegthor is one of the three moons orbiting home, and the one with a colony that is the heart of the rebellion. Zod freed the Rankless and conquer3ed the other city-states, and who disappeared anyone who opposed him. The time has come for them to bring their allies together. Wegthor is a mining colony and Zod is using its resources to build a conquering fleet. Adam has seen the worlds that Zod is conquering by wiping them out and terraforming them to match Krypton.

Lyta "adjust" a rebel, Raika, and asks her where Doomsday is. Raika insists that she doesn't know where Doomsday is, and he slaughter most of them when he broke free. The rebels not conscripted into the Sagitari were never seen again. Lyta believes her and then asks where Jayna is. Raika insists that she doesn't know anything, and the technician confirms that Raika is telling the truth. He suggests full somatic reconditioning, and Lyta apologizes to Raika about the pain involved in the next step. She promises that Raika will survive and be a different person, and the technician begins as Lyta walks away.

Zod is overseeing the fleet construction, and Lyta tells him that she found out something. She complains that they should be bringing the Wegthor conflict to a close, but Zod says that they must get off the planet. They need Doomsday to secure the enemy capitulation, and Lyta says that the rebels are in Kandor and she has a mission proposal to bring them out of hiding and capture them. Zod reminds her that they were her allies once, and Lyta says that's how she will know her plan will work.

Seg sees Val in the Zone. "Val" says that he's a projection of Seg's mind, and all around him are wormholes connecting all of time and space. Seg needs the Sunstone to open the correct wormhole, and Val tells him to pierce the veil. Wielding the Sunstone, Seg jabs it into the wormhole and "Val" tells him to keep working. "Seg" turns into Brainiac and congratu8lates Seg, and the wormhole opens.

Seg wakes up in a forest on a distant planet. Brainiac is nearby and says that they're on his homeworld, Colu. The conqueror admits that he needed the Sunstone and took the form of Val to ensure Seg's unwitting cooperation. Seg asks about his vision of Zod killing Lyta, and Brainiac tells him that it had nothing to do with him. Brainiac immobilizes Seg with a gesture when Seg moves to attack him, and tells Seg that he must be preserved. He releases Seg and walks away, and Seg follows him.

Val tells Adam that there's an orbital tether so people can get from Krypton to Wegthor. Adam thinks that Seg is their best chance of defeating Zod, and Val warns that there is no way of reaching Seg without his projector. The human says that he doesn't need the projector to find Seg, and Val warns that if he teleports into the Phantom Zone then his atoms will be teleported across the universe. Adam refuses to give up and says that Seg showed him how powerful hope can be. Val admits that he doesn't know if Seg is in the Zone, and Adam tells him that he'll worry about the risk.

Brainiac tells Seg to pace himself because he requires his assistance. He explains that Colu was once a worldwide technological marvel, and then Brainiac's progenitors fused their consciousness with artificial intelligence... creating Brainiac. Brainiac diffused his intelligence throughout the universe, destroying his race. He wants Seg to work with him until they have restored enough Coluan technology to repair the damage to Brainiac and return Seg to Krypton. Seg considers and then says that they should just get to it, and admits that he's being foolish before attacking Brainiac.

Jax goes after Nyssa and asks how she knows the new lead is legitimate. Nyssa insists that it's legitimate, but Jax warns that it could be a trap. Despite that, Nyssa insists that she has to pursue it because she won't get another chance. She admits that she doesn't know who she is, and Jax says that Nyssa is a true friend and mother. They hear someone approaching and hide. It's Mama Zed, who tells Nyssa that they have to hurry and she'll look after the baby. Nyssa thanks Jax and assures her that she'll be back, and leaves with Mama Zed.

Nyssa finds her father Daron in the tunnels and puts a gun to his head, and explains that she received a tip that he was there. She says that Jax told her how he grew up in the filth and then remade himself by binding with his wife and using her name to get power. Nyssa wonders why he didn't tell her that she's a clone, and Daron tells her that she was the better parts of her mother. Daron apologizes for the pain he caused her, and Nyssa demands answers about what happened the night her mother died. She wonders who she was before she was reborn as a clone, and Lyta and the Sagitari arrive and Lyta shoots Daron dead.

Mama Zed returns to the base and tells Val, Jax, and Adam that she had no choice. Sagitari shoot her and open fire on the others, who take cover. Adam grabs his Zeta Beam device, and tells Jax to get out while he covers her. She grabs the Codex and leaves with Val, and a Sagitari shoots a gun out of Adam's hands. As they shoot to kill him, he activates the Zeta Beam device and teleports away.

Nyssa realizes that Lyta used Cor as bait to lure her out and capture her. Lyta says that she and Zod are securing Krypton's future, and Lyta insists that the good in Seg is the same as the good in Zod. They meet with Zod and find him holding Cor. The Sagitari hold Nyssa, and Zod says that he needs something from her before he can give her his son. It is time for the resistance to end and he needs Nyssa to convince Val. Zod states that he will raise Cor as his own if Nyssa won't cooperate with him. He tells her to get some rest and reconsider in the morning, and the Sagitari drag her away.

Val and Jax hide in the city and Jax figures that it's too late for Nyssa. They meet with other Resistance members and duck out of sight.

As Lyta passes the reprogrammed Raika, Raika nods to her and smiles.

Adam arrives on Colu and sees Seg standing nearby. He goes over to him and finds Seg standing over Brainiac's body, a club in his hand. Seg wonders who Adam survived, and Adam explains that he teleported away. The Kryptonian hugs Adam in greeting and then asks why Adam came back for him when he thought they won. Adam tells him that Earth as he knew it is gone and he figures Seg is the only one who can make it right. He explains that Zod has taken control of Krypton and Val is leading a rebellion against Zod, Adam assures Seg that Cor is fine, and explains that the Zeta device is only good for teleporting one person. He discovers that the magnetic fields are messing with the device's function, and suggests that they get to higher ground.

An animal howls in the distance and Seg runs after it. Adam goes after him and they find an alien bounty hunter. He shoots Adam when he tries to talk to him, and then blasts Seg unconscious as well. The hunter says that his name is Lobo and wonders why they're there, and then realizes that he should have asked them before he stunned them. Lobo chains their legs and drags them away.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 13, 2019

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