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Filleted to Rest Recap

Liv and Ravi arrive a restaurant, Le Dome, and Ravi recalls bringing Peyton there. Ravi says that he checked the police database for Beanpole Bob but found nothing. Clive tells them that head chef Eleanor Hickmott was suffocated with plastic wrap around her head while she was at the desk. Ravi figures that someone wanted her "to go". Eleanor's hands and arms were free when she died, but there were no signs of a struggle. Restaurant owner Saul Manero comes in and demands for leads on his missing brains. Clive says that they're focused on the murders, and Saul says that everyone hated Eleanor because she was an unrelenting perfectionist.

As Saul goes to get the personnel files, Liv asks Clive if he ever came across Beanpole Bob in vice, so that they can find reverse-engineer the tainted Utopium and create a zombie cure. Clive doesn't remember Bob. Saul figures that Liv is going to eat Eleanor's brain and gives her Eleanor's remoulade. He wants Liv to give her the recipe for it once she eats Eleanor's brain and the recipe comes to her. When he came back, he saw Justin talking to the intruders. Major doesn't believe him, but Peters says that Justin ordered an inspection and that's why the soldiers weren't at their post.

Ravi Skypes with the CDC and Saxon that they're no longer going to partner to him because he lied to the CDC about the Freylich cure. Ravi notes that the kids with Freylich will be hunted, but Saxon logs off. Charlie says that she'll try to get Ravi a list of Freylich subjects and sympathizes with Ravi, and says that she had family issues with her mother. Ravi offers to help and Charlie says that there's something he can do.

Later, Ravi tells Clive that Eleanor didn't fight back because she was knocked out and then wrapped up. He can't identify the murder weapon. Liv is eating the remoulade and telling them to write down the recipe.

That night, a sniper takes out two FG guards at lockdown. Armed men pull up and go inside, and toss a grenade into the FG breakroom. One of the guards outside hears the explosion and comes in as gunfire breaks out.

Major meets with Sloane Mills and makes her to make a plea to her father General Mills not to nuke the city. Sloane says that she and her father aren't on open terms, but Major notes that the General will be coming to Seattle with a contingent. A soldier reports that they've had a report from lockdown about a break-in and then the line went dead.

Another FG soldier finds his comrades dead and goes inside. He hears gunfire and hesitantly moves in, and the intruders shoot at him. He runs off before they can hit him.

The next day, Major and Hobbs arrive to check out the lockdown. Hobbs reported that the intrusion was well-planned and they took eight loyalists from the freezer, including Lambert. Peters is missing and Major figures that he was the intruders' inside source. Hobbs calls another missing solder, Justin, and they find him wounded in a hallway.

Clive is coordinating his detectives from his new position as chief lieutenant. Michelle comes in and tells Clive that she's filling in for Clive. Clive quickly gives her a case on a stabber and has her take a statement from a Zamboni driver who saw a murder at a hockey rink. Once the others leave, Michelle asks Clive if he's going to be weird about her working under him. Clive insists that it isn't weird and Michelle leaves.

Liv and Clive question a man, Jerry Halloway, who took a dishwasher job at Le Dome even though he was previously a line cook. Jerry says that he wanted to work his way up at Le Dome. A uni, Jenkins, brings in coffee in response to Liv's complaints. Clive returns to the questioning and notes that Jerry is usually the last person to leave Le Dome. Jerry says that Eleanor was alive but fighting with Herbert Cassel, the head waiter. He couldn't tell what they were arguing about, but figures that it was about the stolen brains, which go for $650 a kilo.

Ravi comes into the morgue and finds Collier's sister Lyla kissing a man, Silvio. Lyla explains that she's Charlie's twin, and says that Charlie gave her Ravi's phone number and she met with Silvio who she met up at the morgue rather than somewhere alone. She wants to see a dead body, and Ravi tells her that Charlie has been trying to track Lyla down for months. Despite that, Ravi shows Lyla and Silvio a corpse and suggests that they video chat. He calls Charlie, who is happy to see Lyla. Charlie brings up their mother's missing ring, but Lyla doesn't want to talk about it and leaves with Silvio. The CDC doctor explains that Lyla needs her to be the bad sister, and that she tried to take the blame but her mother has Alzheimer's and she wanted to tell Lyla.\

Clive and Liv bring in Herbert, who says that he found Eleanor. He explains that the usual routine is that he leaves and Jerry closes up. Clive says that Jerry hear Herbert and Eleanor arguing, and figures that Herbert isn't being upfront. The head waiter admits that he thoughts the details would make him look guilty, and says that the brain chef, Jake, hated Eleanor. After Herbert mentions pork loin, Liv figures that the loin was the murder weapon. Herbert says that it was served and they had one order sent back, and it's the first time a customer found a hair in their meal.

Liv and Clive go to Le Dome to question Jake, and Clive steps away to take a call. Liv criticizes a bus boy about his placement of spoons on the table. Clive comes back and tells Liv that a player at the ice rink hit Michelle with a puck and she's in the hospital.

Clive goes to the hospital to check on Michelle. Michelle says that the baby is fine and admits that she's embarrassed. He says that Michelle put Clive down as her baby's father and her "in case of emergency". Michelle says that the odds are against Clive being the father and it's probably another man, Shane. However, she put down Clive because he's there while Shane isn't and he's the man women want as the father of their children.

Outside, Liv gets coffee from a machine. Her mother Eva comes over and Liv admits that she didn't think Eva would be working that later. She points out that Eva hasn't returned her calls and letters for months. Eva talks to her privately and says that Liv abandoned her brother Evan. Liv points out that would have turned him into a zombie and that wasn't normal at the time. She admits that she might do it differently but is done apologizing, and saw Arthur Goren at the hospital. Liv says that she and Evan both figured out that Arthur was her father. Eva denies it and says that Liv's father was a junkie who was out of the picture by the time she was born. When he was sober he was a lovely man, but Eva wouldn't let him see Liv until she was sure he had changed. He hadn't, and Eva last saw him begging for change. Liv asks what his name was, and Eva tells her that it's Martin Robert. She advises Eva not to look for him because he'll only disappoint her. As Eva goes, Liv asks her to tell Evan that she misses him and Eva says that he isn't interested.

Later at the Renegade base, Liv tries to coordinate operations and the kids are running around. Liv finally has enough and tells them to keep it down. Stan says that they can't go outside and get stir-crazy, and Liv figures that she needs off Eleanor's brain.

The next day, Clive is questioning Jake when Liv comes in. Jake was the head chef at Le Dome before he became a zombie and was fired. Liv isn't sympathetic, and Clive asks Jake about the stolen brains. He points out that there are three zombies employed at Le Dome and the other two have airtight alibis. Jake admits that they use frozen smuggled brains, and Clive figures that the pork loin would have been in the freezer when Eleanor discovered the brains were stolen. As Jake says that he won't talk to them without a lawyer, Liv has a flash of an employee smuggling brains out of the freezer by shrink-wrapping them around the torso. She goes through the files and identifies the employee as Darren Caulley, and figures that he's the killer.

Major meets with Justin and asks what drew more of the soldiers away from their posts. Justin figures that they were bored, and shows Major where he was in lockdown when he was grazed. He doesn't know who the intruders were but figures that they're Dead Enders. Major wonders why they would pull frozen soldiers out of the deep freeze. Justin insists that Peters is a good guy but lousy soldier, but couldn't have planned an operation.

Honcho is watching a newscast about attacks on terrorists. Riley says that they're taking her outside the wall to show her the ropes, and watches a rebroadcast of Dolly and Peyton discussing the human-zombie situation. Honcho says that they know what's coming and they want their side to win. He finishes defrosting Lambert with a hair dryer.

Major returns home and Liv calls him to tell him what Eva says. She invites him out for dinner and Major agrees. Once Major hangs up, Peters calls to Major from the shadows and says that they'll kill him if Major doesn't help him. The soldier tells Major that Justin is the traitor. He explains that he left his post to get a snack and when he came back, the rest of the squad was dead.

Charlie is in her office when Lyla calls and says that Ravi has been texting her to get in touch with Charlie. The two sisters bond and they agree to keep in touch via Ravi's computer. Once Lyla hangs up, Ravi asks how Charlie will react when she meets Lyla in person.

Liv arrives as the hospital and Clive tells her that they tried to bring in Darren for questioning. He ran and a bus hit him. Darren's apartment is full of stolen electronics so they have him to rights. They question Darren in his hospital bed, and he insists that he's a people person rather than a murderer. He has an alibi for the time of Eleanor's death: he was stealing electronics from a big box store. Darren suggests that it was one of the zombies, and Eleanor caught one of them eating brains. He has no problem with Clive checking his alibi.

Major brings in Peter, claiming that he ran into a flamethrower when he tried to escape. Justin offers to keep an eye on him and Major agrees.

Liv waits at Le Dome and the waiter tells her that the yoga instructor brain that she ordered is gone. He runs down a list of alternate brains, including a statistician, but then says that they were stolen. Liv gets an idea and tells him that she just solved a murder, and leaves.

Later, Clive brings in Jerry and confirms that he's a zombie. Jerry says that he doesn't like lining up for brains and it's safer to pose for humans. Liv figures that Eleanor knew Jerry was a zombie. Clive confirms that Jerry knows about sailing, and Liv notes that a stolen yacht captain's brain was stolen. Jerry doesn't know the math of the brain weights, and Liv figures that he was on statistician brains. The suspect says that Eleanor caught him stealing brains and was going to fire him and out him to his parents. Jerry panicked, hit her with the pork loin, and smothered her with the cling wrap. Clive places him under arrest for murder.

As Ames and Justin guard Peters, Justin asks Thames to go to the commissary to get some food. Once Ames leaves, Justin enters Peters' cell... unaware that Major and Hobbs are secretly watching on surveillance camera. Justin whispers to Peters that he picked the wrong team and smothers him with a pillow, but Major arrives and puts a gun to Justin's head. As the soldiers take Justin away, Justin says that Major took it too far, sacrificing zombies for humans. He insists that there is no middle ground and it's time to pick sides. Major tells Justin that he trusted him, and Justin grabs a gun and takes a soldier hostage. He says that Major is soft, and Major shoots him in head and tells his soldiers to clean it up.

Liv watches Clive take Jerry away, and understands that parents can screw them up.

On the street, Honcho's men grab Sloane and her boyfriend.

Stan prepares to take Riley outside of the wall.

Liv makes food for the kids. She figures that she's not a mom to the kids. Major comes in and joins them for diner, and eats the food that Liv cooked on Eleanor's brain. He offers a toast to her and the others join in.

Lambert tells Honcho that Major killed Justin on the shot, and admits that he's not the weakling he described. Honcho figures that regardless, there's nothing Major can do to stop them. A buzzer goes off and Honcho goes up to answer it. It's Liv, who says that she's his daughter.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 14, 2019

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