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Ghost in the Fire Recap

Two Sagitari search the wilderness by skimmer and are attacked by Doomsday.

Val and Jax meet with the Resistance on Wegthor, and Val tells the members that Zod has stolen their better tomorrow and they're stealing it back. Everyone cheers his words.

In Kandor, Zod finds Lyta looking at a holographic projection of Seg. He puts a comforting hand on Lyta's shoulder.

On Colu, Seg wakes up first and finds himself chained to a tree back-to-back with Adam. Lobo tells Seg that he won't escape the chains, and Adam moans in him sleep. The bounty hunter comes over and wakes him up, and tosses away his Zeta-Beam device. He says that he's going to rip out Seg's intestines, and Seg tells him that he doesn't know who he is. Lobo irritably explains that he's the Main Man, Assassin to Royalty and Ultimate Bastiche. He insists that everyone knows who he is, and admits that they're not who he's after. Lobo plans to find Brainiac, and when his detector activated when Brainiac arrived there. Seg admits that he killed Brainiac and offers to take Lobo there, and Lobo reluctantly agrees.

Lyta gets a report that the two Sagitari were killed, and complains to Zod that they didn't know the risk. She says that their risks on Wegthor are unacceptable because they're ex-Rankless conscripts. Lyta suggests that she go up there and integrate the Rankless with the Sagitari and end the war. Zod admits that Lyta is right but says that he's keeping her in Kandor. He tells her that he needs her close and soon they will shatter the Resistance on Wegthor.

Jax and a group of Sagitari go to Wegthor via the Elevator, and the leader gives her an injection so she can breathe on the surface. The leader sends her to meet with the rebels.

As they go to Brainiac's body, Lobo says that Brainiac out his home city in a bottle and then destroyed the planet. He admits that he had already killed his race and had left for a vacation. When he came back, there was no planet. When Seg mentions that they'll go back to Krypton, Lobo hears it as "Craptown" and wonders what the rush is. Seg says that it's 19.3 light-years from Colu, and then admits to Adam that he doesn't know.

In the outlands, Jayna and Vidar talk about the legends of rebirth on Krypton, and the stories of Flamebird and Vohc.

Lyta spars with the Sagitari and instructs them in not mistaking passion for strength. She tells the students that they build Sagitari through discipline and training, building their resolve. She sees one man, Lor-Ran, who looks like Seg and chooses him to fight. He comes down and hits him when she invites him to choose a weapon. Lor-Ran gets up and they fight hand-to-hand, and Lyta soon pins him. When she hesitates, he breaks the lock briefly but Lyta pins him again and tells him to beg for mercy. He finally does and Lyta stares at him, imagining him as Seg.

Seg takes Lobo to Brainiac's body, and Lobo checks to make sure that Brainiac is dead. Seg whispers to Adam that Lobo isn't going to find Brainiac, and Lobo says that his sensor doesn’t register Brainiac even though his scanner did. He demands to know where Brainiac is, and Adam says that Seg knows. Lobo says that he has to gut one of them while the second one answers his question. He throws a chain sickle at the two men, and Seg telekinetically deflects it with a gesture. Lobo realizes that Brainiac is in Seg.

Jax tells Val that they need to draw the Sagitari underground to fight on their terms. They see Nyssa and she embraces them, and Nyssa explains that Zod sent her there to spy on them because he took Cor. She begs them for help getting Cor back. They don't believe her and Nyssa insists that Zod gave her no choice. She says that she has information that can help the cause, and explains that a solar flare is coming that will disrupt communications for two hours. Zod is planning on moving supplies across the southern perimeter. Nyssa tells them Lyta executed Daron and she was caught. Val offers his condolences, and Jax goes to check on Nyssa's claim. Before she goes, she tells a resistance member to keep an eye on Nyssa.

Lobo prepares to fight Seg, insisting that he is going to destroy Brainiac. When he goes for his gun, Seg knocks it out of his hand and telepathically tells Adam that he has telekinetic powers. Lobo knocks Seg back and easily ignores Adam's blow. Seg gets up and asks if that's all that Lobo has, and the two men fight. When Lobo gets the upper hand, Seg's eye briefly turn black and he knocks himself free. With Brainiac boosting him, Seg easily blocks Lobo's first flew blows. Lobo finally gets Seg in a stranglehold but Seg continues fighting.

Jax returns and tells Nyssa that her intel is correct. She says that they'll target the weakest part of Zod's supply chain. Nyssa insists that her plan will work, and says that she would have had Jax watched if their positions were reversed. Jax asks if Nyssa found what she was looking for in Bokos, and Nyssa says that she didn't and never will. The older woman advises Nyssa to rest and eat.

Lobo continues beating Seg and demands that Brainiac show himself. When he doesn't, Lobo takes out a knife and prepares to gut Seg. Adam grabs his blaster and fires a bolt through Lobo's stomach, apparently killing him. Lobo's wound heals, and Seg calculated when Lobo will be back to full health. Seg tells him to shut up and they run.

Jayna and Vidar head through the Outlands, discovering that they've adapted to the atmosphere. She apologizes for how she treated him before, and admits that she did the same to Lyta and Lyta abandoned her. Jayna refuses to perpetuate the cycle.

Lyta dismisses the Sagitari, and asks Lor-Ran to stay behind. She admits that he impressed her earlier, and that she knew someone from the district that Lor-Ran was born in. He starts to kiss her, but Lyta backs away and says that Lor-Ran isn't the person she knew and slaps him. When Lor-Ran asks what he did, Lyta beats him unconscious.

As they head off, Adam asks what is going on with Seg and Brainiac. Seg yells at him that he doesn't know what is going on, and says that he can't remember anything. Seg clutches briefly at his head in pain, and then tells Adam that he doesn't know if he can hold Brainiac off much longer. Concentrating, Seg says that they have 2.37 hours and Adam tells him that they have to find the Zeta-Beam device that Lobo threw away. Lobo yells behind them and they run.

Zod asks Lyta what happened to Lor-Ran, and Lyta says that he reminded him of someone that can't be replaced or built over, just like the city of Kandor. Zod brings Cor in and says that the child of Seg is the future. He says that Seg's legacy lives on in him, in Cor, and in Lyta. Zod tells Lyta that if she wants to heal the pain then she has to let go of the past and embrace the future, and build a new future for Seg.

Jayna and Vidar arrive near Kandor, and Jayna tells Vidar that she has to go on her alone. The vision of her dead brother disappears and Jayna continues on to an Outlands bar. The bouncer recognizes her and says that Sagitari- scum aren't welcome there. Jayne insists that she's not Jayna and punches the man unconscious. One man at a table observes her but says nothing.

Nyssa contacts Zod late and says that she passed on the information but they're still suspicious. Zod tells her to find the Codex and bring it to him. Nyssa quickly signs off and returns to her cot.

Jayna drinks and watches as several Sagitari come in. He says that they're looking for a traitorous Sagitari. The bouncer nods at Jayna, and the Sagitari commander Preus recognizes her. She kills him and then the other Sagitari except one. As he prepares to shoot her, the man who watched her earlier kills him... and Jayna realizes that it's Dev.

Adam gets the device and prepares to activate it. Seg says that he can't do it, and Adam realizes that his eyes are mostly black. His friend tells him that he can't go back to Krypton because they can't risk Brainiac getting there. He tells Adam that Adam has to kill him, and makes him promise as his eyes turn blacker.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 20, 2019

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