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Inescapable Recap

Lights come on, revealing Jemma laying on the floor of a chamber. She wakes up and sees Fitz waking up nearby. They hug each other and they tell each other that they've been searching for each other. Altarah appears and says that they have to answer the question of where they are. She introduces herself and explains that her homeworld was destroyed. Altarah says that she is going to use time travel to save her world, and if Fitz cooperates then they will have no need to hold him. When Fitz says that it's not possible, Altarah points out that Jemma says otherwise and they will provide any equipment he can imagine or remember. Jemma asks if all of their memories will be shared, pointing out that it's intrusive, and Altarah warns that the only way to escape is madness or to find a solution.

Altarah disappears, and Fitz tells Jemma that he's realized that the universe can't stop them after all that they've survived just to be together. He figures their love is stronger than any curse, and they both say that they're unstoppable together. Fitz asks Jemma to marry him, and she immediately agrees. After they kiss, Jemma tells Fitz that she doesn't care if they ever escape.

Fitz summons tea and Jemma talks about all of the planets they went to looking for Fitz. He asks her how about she got back from the future, and the monolith appears when Fitz thinks of it. Jemma tells him not to ruin the moment, and Jemma turns into a child and says that she doesn't want to tell him and he can't make her. She hides beneath a table, and when Fitz looks beneath it he finds a tunnel leading away. Fitz climbs down the tunnel and finds himself in Jemma's childhood bedroom. She's hiding beneath the bedcovers, and Fitz figures that their minds are the prison.

In the real world, Fitz and Jemma lay unconscious strapped to a device. Enoch warns Altarah that the process could kill them, but she wants to see what they can do.

Fitz tells Young Jemma not to be afraid, and she says that she's observing from a distance. She tells Fitz that she's going to be a biologist, and she works out problems in her head. Jemma says that she locks up her dreams in her music box, and asks Fitz to read her a book. When Fitz refuses, Jemma yells for her father, claiming Fitz is going to abduct her, until he gives in. It's a story about a boy and his imaginary friend lost in the stars, and Fitz discovers that it's about him. He realizes that it's a bad book and drops it, and says that they should leave.

Fitz takes Young Jemma through the bedroom door and they find themselves back in the chamber. Altarah is there and tells Fitz that he's avoiding the task at hand. She tells Young Jemma to figure her way out, and Young Jemma runs over to a workbench. Altarah tells Fitz that if Jemma has reverted than perhaps the answers lie in her past. Fitz warns that messing with their minds is dangerous, and Altarah tells Fitz to focus his mind and disappears.

Enoch warns Altarah that using the cerebral fusion machine is dangerous and unethical, and that humans have emotional problems. Malachi notes that Enoch seems to have emotional problems of his own, but Enoch insists that they have to be at their best.

Fitz sees Young Jemma hiding something behind her back. She finally realizes that it's MNT, a precursor to TNT. She admits that her mental supplies are limited, and Fitz reminds her that she said that time travel was possible. When he says that they're supposed to be unstoppable, Fitz gets an idea and suggests that he mentalize AIDA. Jemma returns to her adult self and objects. Fitz asks what she's afraid of.

Mack appears and says that they brought him home. Jemma begs not to see the memory, and Mack says that if Jemma isn't ready to see "him" then they understand. Mack leaves through a door, and Jemma asks Fitz to let her explain force. He ignores her and goes into the lab, and finds himself at the Lighthouse. The others are there, and Mack says that Jemma has reservations. A body bag lies on the table, and Fitz goes over to it. Jemma tells him that no one knew what to say to her and she didn't know how to tell Fitz. Inside the bag is Fitz's body.

Fitz closes the bag and asks how it's possible. Jemma explains that Fitz died to break the time loop, and Mack took Fitz's death. He was also the one who helped her retrofit the Zephyr for the search. Daisy gives Jemma Fitz's ring, and Fitz realizes that he made the proposal to her before. Fitz wonders if there's more death than his, and Coulson comes in and says that he had to see Fitz. Jemma tells Fitz that Coulson was sick for a long time and hid it from them, and Fitz says that it's too much and walks out. Coulson figures that Fitz is out there somewhere and tells Jemma to get to work.

Jemma walks out and finds Daisy and YoYo talking about how Coulson is pushing himself too hard and will break. She goes through a door and finds herself at the S.H.I.E.L.D. academy in Fitz's dorm room for a study session. He thanks her for coming over and asks her to act like a sounding board. Jemma complains that all she's good for is bouncing his ideas back at him, and Fitz tries to clarify. He admits that he hasn't slept, and tries to work out whose memories they're in. Fitz says that he remembers it as the night he became comfortable with her, and Jemma says it's when she wondered if he was mad. He wonders if the Chronicoms are feeling the same sense of loss that he's feeling. Jemma warns him that he might crack under pressure, and he had a mental break when he got back into their past, and now "Leopold" is coming: the Fitz from the Framework.

Leopold comes down the hallway with guards, and Fitz and Jemma hear them. They run out and Leopold has his men open fire. Fitz and Jemma run back into the room, and it turns into Young Jemma's bedroom. Jemma panics, muttering to herself that everything will be okay. The music box shakes by itself and then lands on the floor, opens, and plays. A figure emerges from it: a straitjacketed Jemma that lunges at Fitz with a bone knife. He manages to fight her off, and Jemma hits her with a pillow and tells her to get into the music box.

The monster-Jemma comes at them, and Jemma and Fitz duck into the closet. She says that her father told her to push her issues into a little box and put them away. The creature comes through the door, and Jemma and Fitz find themselves back in the Lighthouse. Fitz figures that their troubles can all be traced back to one thing.

A younger Jemma and Fitz find themselves in Coulson's office. He says that everyone talks about them as one person, Fitz-simmons. Coulson reviews their records, including a bio-fuel experiment that blew up. As a result he's recommended them for his field team. Jemma thanks him for the opportunity, and Fitz says that they'd like to discuss it first between each other. Coulson agrees but says that they're the ones most changed by being out in the field changing lives.

Fitz remembers Jemma saying that there's nothing to be afraid of. The creature attacks him and throws him back into the control room. Jemma runs to find him, and discovers that it's Leopold luring her in. His soldiers grab her and strap her into a machine. He insists that AIDA was a worthy partner, so he's going to take what few interesting crumbs of memory she has and hollow her out.

Fitz runs through the Lighthouse but the Jemma-creature finds and grabs him, lifting him into the air. She says that he causes pain and it's her turn.

Enoch warns Altarah that Fitz and Jemma could end up brain-dead, and she should pull them out because it's the right thing to do. Altarah has her hunters grab him and says that Enoch had the choice of working with them or be dismantled.

Leopold offers Jemma something to prefer on and she refuses. She says that he's just part of Fitz's pain to be controlled, and he tells her that he'll take the Jemma-creature last. Leopold starts draining Jemma's memories.

The Jemma-Creature chains Fitz up and prepares to dissect him. She rams a knife into his stomach and starts cutting.

Jemma screams in pain, and Leopold tells her that she and Fitz share the same mind. She insists that they have each other and they're not doing it alone.

Fitz says that he's not doing it alone. The Jemma-Creature cuts out his heart, shows it to him, and walks away. Fitz and Jemma realize that they have their friends, and Mack arrives and shoots the Jemma-Creature. Daisy enters the lab and takes out Leopold and his guards, frees Jemma, and tells her to go while she deals with the soldiers.

Mack frees Fitz, who realizes that he's unharmed. The Jemma-Creature attacks him and he yells at Fitz to run.

Jemma and Fitz run out and find themselves in a containment pod. Leopold and the Jemma-Creature arrive at the doors and then back off. They argue about who inflicted pain on each other, and Jemma tells Fitz that she never knew pain until she met Fitz.

Fitz and Jemma continue arguing about how Jemma slept with the astronaut, and Fitz turned into a Nazi dictator. He says that they both like to pretend that they're helping people and she thinks that she's saving herself, and Jemma says that he saved her when they were trapped in the ocean. The ocean starts flooding the pod.

Leopold tells the Jemma-Creature not to think about getting in his way.

Fitz and Jemma finally yell at each other that they love the other, and wonder why they're yelling. The flooding stops, and Fitz figures that they'll have to face their dark selves and possibly die trying. They join hands, say that they're unstoppable together, and go out... to find Leopold and the Jemma-Creature having sex.

Jemma and Fitz reappear back in the chamber, and Jemma says that she can give Fitz herself now and forever. Fitz takes it and says the universe couldn't keep him from her. As they kiss, Altarah, appears and asks if they're ready to get back to work. Fitz tells her that time travel is a nasty business. Jemma says that they'll be together even in the mind prison. Altarah emits a high-pitched noise and collapses.

Fitz and Jemma wake up in the real world and discover that Enoch shot Altarah and the hunters. He tells them that he's taken bold action, and teleports them away. As they disappear, Jemma tells Fitz that he's a grandfather.

Daisy tells Mack that Jemma and Fitz are locked up by the Chronicoms. Mack figures that they can survive anything, and that they've already escaped. He tells Daisy that the creatures that attacked the Chronicom homeworld are on Earth getting ready to do the same thing.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 22, 2019

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