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Night of the Hawk Recap

Outside the town of Harmony Falls, Oregon, in 1958, two pairs of teenagers prepare to drag race: Tommy Fuller and his girlfriend Betty Seaver, and Davis and Billy. They take off and the tire of Billy's car blows out. The car crashes, and Betty is knocked unconscious. Tommy sees a glowing blue rock nearby and figures that it's a comet. Vandal steps out and says that he was drawn to it as well. He admits that the teenagers' presence was unexpected, but figures that it was destiny.

Waverider lands in1958 and Rip warns that the effects of time travel increase with the length of the jaunt. They wonder why Vandal is in the small town, and Rip finds a newspaper article about a serial killer. He figures that Vandal is responsible, but they figure it's small-time for Vandal. Kendra wonders how Rip plans to find him, and Rip says that there must be a common link between the victims.

Ray and Kendra go to the home of the piano teacher that was first clear. The realtor shows Kendra and Ray the home, and they pose as husband and wife. The realtor is shocked to learn that they're married, and suggests that she has a home in another more accepting town for them. Kendra assures her that they're fine with Harmony Falls.

The second victim, Dr. Matt Miller, was killed at the town's asylum. Martin applies for Miler's job with Sara as his nurse/assistant. The head doctor, Hannah, assures Martin that she looks like she'll fit right in.

Rip has Jax look into the disappearance of three teenagers a week before the murders began. As for Len, he and Rip go to the police station and meet with Bud Ellison, posing as FBI agents. Bud insists that there are some unexplained accidents, and Len demands to see the case files. The sheriff quickly caves and once he leaves, Len insists that Rip isn’t his partner. He points out that Mick was the only person he trusted, and they all know how that turned out.

Martin, Jax, and Sara go to the local diner and Martin revels in the town's idyllic feel. Jax and Sara point out that it was only perfect for straight white men. They notice Betty sitting by herself. According to the newspaper article, she was with the three missing teenagers before they disappeared. Martin and Sara head back to the asylum and Jax approaches Betty. The other teenagers stare at them, and Jax offers Betty a French fry in a shake. Two jocks come over and tell Betty that she doesn't hang out with a loser, and Jax invites them to fight. The counterman shakes his head, and the jocks warn Jax that it isn't over before leaving. Betty asks Jax if he wants to hang out the next night, and he agrees.

Kendra and Ray finish moving in and Ray invites Kendra to dance. As they do, Ray reminds her that they're pretending to be married, and suggests that they have fun while they can.

At the asylum, Sara complains that they're wasting time. Martin asks Sara to get him the files on violent patience, and she reluctantly agrees. Hannah starts flirting with another nurse, Lindsay Carlisle, and Sara rams a drawer into his back. He goes to clean up, and Lindsay thanks Sara for her help. She says that most of the doctors are looking for a good time and the nurses agree because they want to get married. Sara asks for a tour and Lindsay agrees. As they go, Sara gives Martin the files and tells him to get her coffee.

Lindsay shows Sara around and points out Hall H, the restricted ward for Knox's violent patients. There's a photo of Knox on the wall, and Sara realizes that it's vandal.

Kendra answers the door and finds a couple there to welcome them. It's Gail Knox... and her husband Curtis Knox. Kendra realizes that it's Vandal.

A man has a flat and is changing it when his hat blows off. A feather falls out of the sky, and a feathered creature flies down and tears the man to shreds, and then flies off.

Vandal wonders if he and Kendra have met before, and she hastily says that she hasn't. Ray comes over and also stares at Vandal, and Vandal invites them to their party. Once the couple leaves, Ray and Kendra return to Waverider. Kendra figures that since Vandal thinks she doesn't remember him, he won't try to kill her to take her powers. Rip and Len have reviewed the files but found nothing. Jax points out that Len made Mick disappear, and then asks if they're all going to forget their teammate. Sara says that they need to stay focused on the mission, and Rip tells Kendra and Ray to attend the party and keep an eye on Vandal. Meanwhile, Martin and Sara will find out what Vandal is up to in Hall H.

Later at the hospital, Sara is going through Vandal's the files when Lindsay comes in. She assumes that Sara is looking for alcohol and offers to show her where Hannah keeps his.

Kendra and Ray arrive at the party and one of the guests assumes that Kendra is a maid. The couple quickly corrects her, and Vandal comes over to greet them. Once he goes to make drinks, Kendra tells Ray to check the back rooms. Ray worries about leaving Kendra with Vandal, and she figures that she'll be fine.

Sara and Lindsay drink, and Sara talks about some of her traveling experiences. She finally asks Lindsay if she has a girlfriend, and Lindsay refuses to discuss it. Sara assures her that she's good at keeping secrets, and Lindsay admits that she did kiss a girl once. She warns that "lesbian" is not a good word around Harmony Falls, and Sara points out that she's not from around there. Martin comes in to get Sara, and once they're alone she says that she was liberating Lindsay. He points out that Lindsay will be stuck in the 1950s after they leave, but Sara isn't convinced. An alarm goes off and guards run by.

Vandal approaches Kendra and says that Ray doesn't seem like her type. He says that he feels like he knows Kendra, and asks her if she believes in past lives.

Ray checks the back rooms and finds a locked metal door.

Vandal asks if Kendra believes in fate. As they discuss free will, the phone rings and Vandal answers it. He says that he's on his way and tells Kendra that one of his patients need attention. He goes to the hospital and talks to the patient, Tommy. Vandal points out that he's let Tommy and his cohorts the occasional freedom to run free and feed their thirst. Tommy and the other two teenagers--all turned into bird creatures--snarl at him as Vandal kneels to check the orderly that they killed.

Ray and Kendra return to Waverider and tell Rip that they plan to break into Vandal's locked basement room. Jax comes upfshake
, dressed for his date, and explains what he's doing. Rip warns that Betty is a white girl in an unenlightened town, and Jax agrees to be careful.

Back at home, Kendra watches Vandal's home through binoculars. Atom breaks in using his shrinking powers, and checks the room. He finds a wooden case and examines it, just as Vandal pulls up outside. Kendra spots him and warns Atom, who has found the Amon Dagger in the case. Vandal enters the room just as Atom shrinks out of sight.

At the asylum, Sara talks with Lindsay about being alone in an insane asylum. Lindsay admits that she gets lonely, and says that Hall H does scare her. She tries not to think about what is going on there, and Sara asks what she does think about. Lindsay kisses Sara, who after a moment backs away and says that she has to get to work.

Jax and Betty park on a road, and she abruptly kisses him. She backs away and Jax says that he thought girls from 1958 moved a little bit slower. Betty picks up on his comment, and Jax suggests that they get to know each other a little better. He asks about what the boys said about Tommy going AWOL, and Betty explains about how Tommy's car crashed. The two jocks arrive and drag Jax and Betty out, and one of them starts beating Jax. As he fights back, the transformed Tommy sweeps down and attacks the boy holding Betty. Jax tries to start the car, and Tommy calls Betty's name. He flies up to the roof and rips through the top, scratching Betty's throat. Jax brakes, knocking Tommy off, and then drives for Waverider.

A police car pulls up behind them and Jax reluctantly pulls over. He gets out and tells Bud that he needs to get Betty to a hospital. Bud sees the bleeding Betty and orders Jax to put his hands on the car, and knocks him out when he refuses. The sheriff then rags Jax back to his car.

A few minutes later, Len and Rip have Gideon trace Jax's bio signal and find Betty. They take her to Waverider and have Gideon work on her. Martin arrives and confirms that the wounds aren't consistent with a knife. Gideon suggests that talons were used, and Betty mutters that Tommy attacked her and is a bird monster. The AI checks Betty's blood and finds traces of silicate minerals, and Rip asks Betty if tommy came into contact with a meteor. She tells Rip about the car crash, and they realize that the meteor was made of Nth metal. It mutated Tommy and his friends.

When Ray and Kendra arrive at the timeship, Martin explains that the same type of meteorite that gave her, Carter, and Vandal their powers 4,000 years ago also mutated Tommy. Len wonders if there's a way to reverse the process, and Martin admits that he might be able to create such a process. Rip sends him to work out the cure, and Ray shows them the Amon Dagger. The Time Master says that they have to both find Jax and attack Vandal. Kendra says that Vandal has always wanted her, so she can use that to get close to him. Ray worries that Vandal will kill her, and Kendra says that she can take care of herself.

Sara checks on Martin, who is analyzing Betty for traces of the Nth metal to create a cure. He figures that when they go back to the asylum, Sara will see Lindsay again. Martin warns that rushing Lindsay into the freewheeling sexual mores of that time is a bad idea, and Sara admits that she freaked out. She hasn't had much in the way of feelings since she came back to life, and was terrified when Lindsay kissed her.

Bud wakes Jax up, and Jax realizes that he's strapped to a chair at the asylum. Vandal comes in and prepares a syringe. He extracts some of the Nth metal from the meteorite and injects it into Jax. He writhes in agony as his eyes turn black.

Later, Vandal chains Jax up after Jax mutates into a bird creature. As the immortal admires his work, Bud comes in and says that there's a visitor. Kendra is waiting in his office and has the Amon Dagger hidden in her purse. He sets her purse aside and offers to take her coat.

Ray is in the lobby posing as a patient, and listening to Kendra over her radio. Sara is there and advises him to trust Kendra a little bit more, and has Rip--disguised as an orderly--take Ray to his room. Once they go, Sara looks over at Lindsay and hastily looks away when Lindsay looks back at her.

Len and Martin break into the asylum basement, and Martin warns that he's lost his psychic connection with Jax.

Kendra talks about psychoanalysis and Vandal offers to interpret her dreams. She says that she's dreamed of the two of them together, and she tries to remove the Dagger from her purse. Vandal kisses her, and then puts the Dagger to her throat. He's well aware of what she was up to.

Rip and Ray make their way through the halls, and Bud finds them. He draws his gun and prepares to take them in.

Vandal doesn't believe Kendra when she says that she came alone, and releases his test subjects.

Tommy and his friends attack Len and Martin, and Len freezes them.

Kendra hears the bird creatures screeching, and Vandal explains that he set out to build an army as powerful as Kendra. She breaks free and attacks Vandal.

The transformed Jax approaches Martin, who tries to get through to him. He advances on the professor, and Len aims his gun and tells Jax not to make him shoot. Jax slashes Len, and he shoots a pipe and escapes in the confusion.

One of the bird creatures attacks Bud in the hallway, and Rip stuns it with his gun. He sends Ray to fid Kendra while he deals with the creatures.

The hospital staff panics as one of the creatures goes on a rampage. It advances on Lindsay, and Sara beats it unconscious. She tells Lindsay that shell explain later and runs off.

Vandal knocks down Kendra and prepares to go her, and Ray runs in and shoots Vandal, knocking him back out the window.

Jax finds Len and Martin again. Sara knocks him out and says that it's time to go. Len and Martin take Jax to Waverider and Martin injects Jax with the antidote that Gideon has created. When Martin thanks Len, Len dismisses his appreciation. The professor says that what he did was heroic no matter what Len claims. Jax reverts to normal as they watch.

Sara finds Lindsay, who confirms that Martin's antidote is working on Tommy and the others. The nurse admits that she may never get back to normal, and Sara kisses her. Lindsay realizes that Sara has to go, and Sara says that one day she might be back.

Jax brings Betty a new car and she wishes he didn't have to go. He says that neither one of them belong in Harmony Falls, and asks her to promise that she'll leave. Tommy arrives and Betty hugs him. Jax says that the world is changing fast and leaves.

Kendra approaches Ray as he packs up. She apologizes for thinking she could kill Vandal by herself, and Ray says that he forgot why they were there. He assures Kendra that she'll kill Vandal one day, and figures that she needs a partner rather than a husband. Kendra agrees and then kisses him.

Jax goes to Waverider's bridge and finds Len alone. He apologizes to Len, saying that he knows that he's no monster. Len doesn't want to hear it, but Jax says that he understands that Len was protecting them against Mick... and that makes him a part of the team. Martin and Rip arrive, and Len points out that they're still waiting for Sara, Ray, and Kendra. Chronos opens fire on the ship, and breaches the hull. He comes in and opens fire, and Rip and Len return fire. Jax wants to merge with Martin, but Martin warns that the transformation could destroy the ship. Rip orders a retreat to the jump ship.

Ray, Sara, and Kendra approach Waverider... and watch as it lifts off without them.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 23, 2019

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