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Left Behind Recap

Rip, Len, Martin, and Jax take refuge in the hallways after Chronos attacks, and the men realize that Chronos is timejumping Waverider. They head for the bridge to stop him, and Rip tells Martin and Jax to escape in the jumpship. They reluctantly do so while Rip and Len storm the bridge and open fire on Chronos. As they shoot, Martin and Jax hear them and Martin says that they're not leaving their friends. Jax reminds him that their fusing could destroy Waverider, but Martin says that it's preferable to losing their friends.

Seconds later, Firestorm blasts his way onto the bridge and find Rip on the floor. Jax and Martin split apart, and Gideon reports that Chronos escaped in the jumpship with Len. Gideon warns that they have a more pressing matter than tracking the jumpship. Rip checks the controls and tells the others to strap themselves, and explains that Chronos sabotaged the navigational systems. Unless they can alter the ship's course, they will be trapped in the Temporal Zone forever. Rip reboots Gideon and warns that until she comes back on line, they're freefalling.

In 1958, Ray tells Kendra and Sara that their teammates will timejump back to just after they left. Ten minutes later, they realize that their teammates aren't coming back. Ray says that they should stay pat but Sara points out that the first rule of the League is to run when attacked, and Kendra agrees with her. Ray objects but Sara figures that Waverider isn't coming back.

Ten Hours Later

The trio goes back to Harmony Falls and Sara hotwires a car. She says that they can't stay there because Vandal is looking for them, and ray reluctantly joins them.

Ten Days Later

The trio gets an apartment in Hub City and Ray creates a time beacon so that Waverider can track them down.

Ten Weeks Later

After buying some furniture, Ray continues working on the beacon while Sara and Kendra play Life. Ray finally finishes the beacon and activates it, and it shorts out. Sara tells Ray that the beacon is a waste of time, because their friends are dead. She says that they should give up on being rescued, and tells Kendra and Ray that she has to find somewhere that she can belong. Sara says that at least they have each other and tells them to take care, and leaves.

Two Years Later

Ray is teaching a college class on physics. One of his students, Gates is there and his son William is home sick. Kendra comes in as Ray tells the students that midterms are coming up. Ray and Kendra then go to the park and celebrate their second anniversary. He gives Kendra the time beacon as a gift and suggests that they destroy it together. Ray admits that he never thought he could build a life with anyone but his dead wife Anna. They agree that they're glad that they're stranded there, and Ray starts to give Kendra an engagement ring when the beacon picks up a signal.

Waverider arrives back in 1960 and Gideon reports their location. The AI says that the temporal navigation system was compromised and returned them as close to 1958 as possible.

Ray puts the rings away before Kendra can see it, and Waverider lands nearby. Rip comes out and apologizes for running late. The couple boards the timeship and Rip warns that they can't go back to 1958 and alter their personal timeline. Ray points out that he and Kendra have a life in 1960, but Kendra says that they can finally be themselves again. Jax explains what happened and Rip asks where Sara is. Ray says that they went their separate ways and lost track of her, and Gideon scans the timeline for any reference to Sara. Kendra wonders why Chronos took Len instead of Rip and figures that he had a reason.

Len wakes up aboard the jumpship, handcuffed to a stanchion. Chronos has detected Waverider as a temporal anomaly in 1960 Hub City, and Len wonders what they're doing there.

On Waverider, Ray wants to go back to their apartment with his Atom suit. Kendra doesn't see the point in going back to get their old suit, and Martin offers to go with him. Ray abruptly tells Kendra that he'll get her things and goes, and Rip wonders where Sara ended up.

In the hidden city of Nanda Parbat, the League assassins are training. Ra's al Ghul and his young daughter Talia watch them. One assassin takes down her opponent but doesn't kill him. Sara removes her mask and Ra's says that the herbs and meditation are working to contain her blood rage. She tells her superior that she has had time to learn who she is and what she is meant to do. Ra's tells Talia to watch Sara closely and learn from her.

Len asks Chronos why the bounty hunter abducted him. Chronos removes his helmet to reveal that he's Mick. Len demands answers, reminding Mick that he betrayed the team to the time pirates.

In the forest, Len shoots at Mick and deliberately misses, and then clubs him unconscious.

Len insists that he was coming back for Mick, and Mick says that by the time the Time Masters found him, he had nearly lost his mind. They took Mick to the Vanishing Point and they spent lifetimes training him so he could fight by them. Mick explains that he was glad to hunt the team because of what they did to him.

Ray asks Kendra if he can talk with her, and she reluctantly agrees. He points out that they spent the last two years together, but as soon as she saw Waverider she acted like the years never happened. Kendra says that they were trying to adapt to an impossible situation, but she's excited to be herself again. Ray insists that he was happy with the life they were building, and it feels like their moving backwards. Kendra figures that Sara moved backwards in her life, and they realize that she joined the League of Assassins.

Kendra and Ray tell the others about their theory, and Rip has Gideon bring up the Shadow Record with the names of every League member. Sara is mentioned by her League name, joining the League in 1958. Rip figures that Sara needs their help because Ra's is a homicidal fanatic, and has Gideon set course for Nanda Parbat.

Mick says that he is going to take a trip back to Central City and kill Len's sister Lisa. He plans to kill her again and again, forcing Len to watch. The ship's AI reports that Waverider has landed at Nanda Parbat, and Mick sets a course there.

At Nanda Parbat, the team sneaks into the League headquarters. An assassin attacks them and Jax knocks him out. Rip goes in alone and finds Sara's bedchamber. When he whispers her name, she instinctively holds a knife to his throat. Rip says that everyone is there and she knocks him to the floor and calls for Ra's.

The others enter the fortress when Rip doesn't return. Ray offers to shrink down and search the place, and Kendra points out that he hasn't used it for two years and he scavenged it for parts for the beacon. Assassins surround them and Sara brings Rip in. She tells the assassins to guard them, and then takes the miniaturized Atom suit from Ray.

Once Sara is alone with the imprisoned team, she says that they shouldn't have come. She says that she's found peace with the League, and Ra's has ordered that all trespassers are to be executed. Once she leaves, Rip explains that Sara is suffering from time drift, having lost touch with her identity. Kendra realizes that her powers went dormant since they were stranded, and she didn't tell Ray for fear of telling him that she wasn't happy when he adjusted to their new life. She explains that she was starting to lose herself because of time drift, and tells Ray that they were meant for something greater than eating fondue with the neighbors. When she says that she wants to die for a greater purpose, Rip realizes that Ra's purpose is in live to make sure the League continues with its ancient traditions intact. He says that he's going to invoke one of the traditions and calls for the calls.

As Mick leaves, Len asks him what he thinks the Time Masters are going to do with him once he delivers the team. He says that they'll toss him aside once they're done with him, and Mick points out that Len did the same thing. Len says that what matters is Mick's next move, and figures that some piece of his old self is still there. Mick says that he's wrong and dons his helmet.

Ra's grants Rip's request for an audience, and Rip says that Sara is important to all of them. He agrees to honor Sara's wish, and then demands a trial by combat per League tradition. Ra's wonders how Rip knows about their traditions, and then chooses Sara as his champion. He tells Rip that he has the same option, and Ray volunteers. Rip refuses and offers Kendra, and she objects over Ray's objections.

Once Mick leaves, Len manages to drag himself along the railing until he gets to his cold gun. He then prepares to shoot himself free.

Rip tells the others that he hopes Kendra can remind Sara of her humanity. Sara and Kendra cross swords and Sara scores first blood.

Len manages to shoot his own hand, freezing it solid.

Sara and Kendra continue fighting, and Kendra manages to knock Sara down. Her opponent renews her attack and Kendra sprouts her wings and flies up with Sara. Sara stabs her in the side and prepares to finish off Kendra. Kendra insists that she's not an assassin: she's White Canary. After a moment, Sara lowers her sword.

Chronos shoots his way in, and Sara tells Ra's to free her friends. Rip tells Ra's that he can't defeat Chronos and the League will fall without their help, and Chronos knocks Sara down. Ra's frees the team and Sara tosses Ray his miniaturized suit as Jax and Martin merge.

Once Len's hand is frozen, he breaks it and screams in agony.

The team hit Chronos from all directions, and Atom finally knocks him down. Len arrives and tells them not kill him. Firestorm removes Chronos' helmet, revealing Mick. He goes for his gun and Sandra kicks him unconscious.

Later, Ra's tells Rip and the others that he has already figured out that they are from the future. Sara explains that she thought that they really belonged there. Ra's tells her that her soul is divided between her need to kill and her desire to show mercy, and releases her from his service. Sara thanks him and starts to go, and then tells Ra's to make sure his unborn daughter Nyssa to go the island of Lian Yu.

Aboard Waverider, an imprisoned Mick promises that he'll kill them all. Rip cuts off the loudspeaker and Len points out that he never said he killed Mick. He wonders if he should have killed Mick, and Rip says that if he had then they wouldn't have the opportunity to reform Mick. He points out that Mick was under the influence of the Time Masters when Chronos killed Aldus. Both Martin and Sara agree, and Sara needs to know that they can reach Mick for her own sakes. Len warns that Mick is a lost cause, but Rip says that there are miracles aboard the timeship.

In the medbay, Rip has Gideon regenerate Len's hand.

Kendra visits Ray in his room and points out that he didn't tell her that he was moving back in. Ray figures that she wanted some space, and hides the engagement ring. Kendra says that she fell in love with him despite the circumstances, and they agree that they don’t want to lose each other. She says that for the first time in centuries she got to decide who to fall in love with. Kendra assures Ray that he's the one she wants to be with, and asks him what he wants. They kiss and Ray carries Kendra to the bed.

Later, the couple goes to the bridge and Rip says that they're ready to leave for 2147, a few decades before Vandal conquered Earth. Rip has always known that Vandal could be located in 2147, but there's more peril there than he was willing to risk. However, now they have to stop Vandal then or die trying. The others agree and Gideon plots a course for Kasnia Conglomerate.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 23, 2019

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