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Progeny Recap

Rip checks on Mick in his cell, and Mick insists that he doesn't take orders from Rip. The Time Hunter says that he came to ask for Mick's help, and then apologizes for failing him. He admits that brought Mick along under false pretenses. When Mick's true nature revealed itself, Rip asked Len to deal with him. He says that Mick's quarrel should be with him, and Mick assures him that he wants to kill both of them. Gideon interrupts to announce that they've arrived in 2147, and Rip has the AI set course for the Kasnian Conglomerate.

Jax and Sara put on uniforms to match the local setting, and Rip explains that in two years, Vandal will attend a meeting of the Conglomerate's shareholders. In 20 years, Vandal uses Kasnia as a foothold to take over the world. Rip plans to find out how Vandal did it and stop him. They leave with Martin, ray, and Len, and Rip explains that in five years a ruthless dictator, Peg Degaton, releases the Armageddon Virus and kills most of the population. Autonomous Atom suits fly up and gun down a civilian. Rip explains that Per's father Tor uses the security troops to maintain order, and Ray wants to check the suits to see how they're programmed.

Rip, Sara, and Len go to the building where the shareholder meeting is. Rip uses a pair of contact lenses to get past the scanner, and the guard says that only he's allowed. Inside, the board discusses the world outside of Conglomerate walls, and Tor says that they can't cause chaos. Vandal warns that the world's population is unsustainable and they must thin the herd. Tor insists that his decision will stand and leaves, and Rip follows Vandal out. Per approaches Vandal and asks how the meeting is, and Vandal tells his student that Tor doesn't have what it takes to run a country. As Vandal leaves the boy off, Rip overhears them discussing Per's studies.

Back at Waverider, Rip tells the others that Vandal is Per's tutor. In five years, Tor dies and Per unleashes the Armageddon Virus. It decimates the world's population and leaves it ripe for conquest. Vandal then kills Per and takes his power for himself. Rip wants to stop Vandal's rise to power by depriving him of Per, and Len says that they kill Per themselves. Martin points out that they're discussing murdering a child, and Rip explains that in the future, Per is considered a tyrant on the level of Hitler. Len points out that if they don't kill Per then Vandal will, and Martin points out that they will kill Per in cold blood just like Vandal killed Rip's son. Ray sides with Martin, and Rip suggests that they remove Per from the timeline as an alternative. While Len kidnaps Per, Ray and Martin will sabotage the robot army. Sara doesn't see the point, but Rip points out that the same technology leads to Vandal's rise to power. She gives in and joins the kidnapping team.

As the others go, Ray notices Kendra looking concerned. He figures that she can sense Vandal, and Kendra tells Ray not to worry about her.

Once he leaves, Kendra remembers living with Carter in the 1950s. Carter realizes that something is wrong, and Kendra finally says that she senses Vandal and they should go. She warns that Vandal won't stop until Vandal catches them, just as their son Aldus comes out. Kendra assures Carter and Aldus that she loves them both.

Len sets up in on a street and Sara sets up a sniper's post on a rooftop. Gideon has given them Per's route to his next class. Len dons a pair of targeting glasses and spots Per coming, surrounded by a squad of bodyguards. Sara aims and fires, taking out a bodyguard. Rip joins the formation, wearing a similar uniform. Len then shoots the lead bodyguards. When Per takes cover, Rip knocks out the bodyguard protecting the boy.

Ray, Jax, and Martin go to the factory that is manufacturing the robot enforcement officers. Dr. Brice shows them around and explains how crime rates have dropped since the program began, and Ray points out that their tech utilizes dwarf-star material. Brice says that her distant relative founded the company and points out a bust of the founder... who looks just like Ray.

Back on Waverider, Ray worries about how his robots will be used to conquer the world. Ray wonders how he can be someone's ancestor when he wasn't involved with anyone before he left 2016. Jax suggests that Felicity may have ghosted him because she knew she was pregnant, and Ray figures that when he left 2016, he set off the chain of events that led to the robots' creation. As Ray walks off, Kendra finds him and points out that he doesn't look fine. He says that he needs an energy bar and quickly walks off.

Kendra makes up fake ID papers for her and Carter, and wonders how they'll tell Aldus that they change their identities and move on every few years. She wonders if they're selfish for trying to raise a child when Vandal will come after them. Carter insists that their love is immortal and they kiss.

Sara and Rip watch the sleeping Per, and Gideon monitors his dreams. Rip has the AI check the timeline, and it says that they did nothing. The Time Hunter tells the rest of the team, and warns that they can't easily alter history. Len wants to kill Per and Rip agrees, pointing out that the boy will kill billions when he becomes an adult. Jax suggests that they talk to Per, and Sara agrees based on her own experience.

Later, Sara visits Mick and tells them about their decision concerning Per. She says that no one thinks Mick can change, and Mick reminds her that Len marooned her. Sara points out that she and Len almost died, and Len was thinking about his friendship with Mick. She says that Mick should know that Len is Mick's loyal friend, but Mick isn't impressed. As she goes, Mick points out that killing a kid isn't very heroic.

Tor summons Vandal to the conference room and says that everyone in the Conglomerate has submitted biosamples can be tracked. They have no samples of Rip, Len, and Sara. Vandal recognizes them from the surveillance footage and says that he can get Per back. He's sure that they didn't kill Per because they're weak.

In the Wavrider medbay, Rip prepares to kill the sleeping Per. He takes a knife... and cuts the tranquilizer feed.

The Waverider jump ship taking off, and Gideon confirms that Rip is piloting it. They discover that Rip turned off his transponder, and Sara figures that Rip doesn't want them stopping him from killing Per. Ray insists that Rip isn't a murderer, but Martin figures that Rip is saving his son by killing Per.

Rip tells Per that he'll soon be home.

Kendra sits in her quarters and remembers her past.

Carter and Kendra prepare to leave, and Kendra tells Aldus that they're going on a trip. Aldus realizes that Vandal has found them and asks why he's chasing them. The couple tells their son the full story about how they became reincarnated lovers thousands of years ago.

Ray comes in and Kendra tells him that she's been having memory and feeling flashes of Carter. She says that it feels like she's cheating on Carter with Ray, and asks Ray what's wrong. Ray explains that he has a child in 2016, and his descendant has created the robots that Vandal will use to conquer the world. He didn't tell Kendra because he didn't want her to think less of him, and they wonder what it means for them.

Sara checks with Len in the cargo bay and says that he should talk with Mick. He insists that he doesn't have any feelings about Mick, and Sara points out that it didn't seem that way when they were dying during the pirate attack. She figures that Len marooning Mick is still weighing on his conscience and tells him to deal with it.

Rip lands the jump ship at a neutral site by a lake. He explains that Jonas always wanted to swim, but never learned because he was killed. Rip draws his gun and prepares to shoot Per, and Per says that he's not going to kill him. He says that Rip is like Tor, weak, and Vandal has taught him what a killer looks like... and Rip is no killer. After a moment, Rip lowers his gun and warns that Vandal will eventually betray Per. He tells Per to be the man that Tor wants him to be, not the man Vandal is shaping him to be. Rip then turns and goes back to the jump ship.

Kendra senses Vandal approaching, just as Gideon announces that Tor's forces have surrounded the ship. They fire on the cloaked ship, revealing it, and Gideon says that the robots have already disabled its weapon systems. The team flies out and attacks the assault force, while Tor and Vandal watch. Atom tries to draw off the robots, but one of them shoots him and brings him down. Hawkgirl goes to him, and Atom warns that the robots are too fast. Firestorm holds off the robots while Atom and Hawkgirl take out their command center. They fly to the nearby building and Atom knocks out the technician in charge. Brice comes in and demands to know where Atom got his suit. She insists that the robots are designed to bring peace, and Ray unmasks and says that he designed them. He explains that he's Brice's ancestor, and Brice says that the bust is of Sidney Palmer, Ray's brother. Ray realizes that Sidney went to work for Felicity after he left in 2016, and let the defense industry pervert the technology. Kendra asks Brice for her help disabling the robot, figuring that she'll do what's right if she's a Palmer.

The robots shut down but Vandal takes Sara hostage. He offers to exchange her for Rip. Rip arrives with Per and offers to trade the boy for Sara. Per tells Tor not to do it, and Vandal agrees. Tor takes the knife from Vandal and orders his men to lower their weapons. After a moment, Rip shoves Vandal forward and Sara rejoins her teammates.

Later, Len visits Mick and points out that they both have reasons to want each other dead. He offers to open the cell door and they fight. If Mick kills him, he takes the jump ship and leaves the team alone. If Mick dies, he figures that it's better than being locked up. When Mick agrees, Len opens the cell door.

Kendra visits Ray and asks him not to give up on the two of them. He points out that she and Carter and spent lifetimes together falling in love, and wonders why they will be any different. Kendra assures Ray that Carter is her past and Ray is his future, and kisses him.

Per approaches Vandal and says that he wants to resume his study. Vandal starts telling him about Oedipus Rex, and how his father tried to kill him. Eventually Oedipus became the king, and Vandal hands Per a dagger.

Gideon informs Rip that they guaranteed Per's rise to power. The Armageddon virus was unleashed in several days rather than five years.

Per kills his father and then elects Vandal as his proxy. Vandal meets with the board and reopens the discussion concerning the use of the Armageddon Virus.

Rip wonders if he did the right thing.

Mick and Len slug it out, and Mick finally drops him. Len reminds him of their deal, and Mick says that he doesn't know what he wants. Whether he stays or leaves, he's dead. They meet with the others and Mick explains that since he failed, the Time Masters will send mechanized Hunters to erase the team from the face of history. His only advice to the team is run.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 23, 2019

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