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Rise of the Villains: The Son of Gotham Recap

A woman runs down the street until the mugger following her shoves her down, takes her purse, and draws a gun. As he prepares to shoot her, someone grabs the mugger and yanks him into the shadows.

At home, Jim puts on his uniform and then attends the funeral of Officer Katherine Parks along with the rest of the force. Jim and Barnes are among those carrying the coffin. Later, Jim visits Theo in prison and asks him if he knows Parks. When Theo says he doesn't, Jim promises that he'll be at the hearing the next day to watch them put him away.

Jim returns home and Leslie is waiting up for him. He talks about Parks ' brief career and how he got her killed because he didn't kill Flamingo. Leslie says that he had to choose between upholding the law and becoming a murder, but Jim figures that Parks' family doesn't see it that way. He admits that he visited Theo in prison but didn't hurt him, and Leslie assures him that they'll put Theo away. Jim figures that Theo has something up his sleeve, but Leslie tells him that it's over. When she tries to get him into bed, Jim refuses.

The mugger wakes up and finds a group of monks holding him up. Creel tells him that the time of reckoning is at hand, and the blood of the nine will wash away the sin. He then cuts the mugger's throat and promises that Gotham will be cleansed.

The next day at school, Bruce and Selina stand outside. Selina warns that it won't work and Silver or Theo will see through Bruce. He admits that it's possible, but he has to find out who killed his parents. Selina tells him that the best liars tell the truth, and then slips away as Silver arrives.

At the station, Jim has Alvarez call the morgue to see if Gertrude's body has turned up. Alvarez insists that he has his own cases, but Jim ignores him. Harvey is trying to trace the religious symbol they found in Theo's penthouse, and Jim says that he saw Theo. Barnes limps in and hands Jim a case on the dead mugger, whose body turned up on the docks. Jim wants to stay on Theo, figuring that they're missing something, but Barnes puts him back into the rotation. The captain says that Parks deserved better and goes into his office. Harvey gets word that the symbol belongs to the Order of St. Dumas, and they used to have an abbey downtown. Theo tried to buy it a week ago, and the new owner said no. Jim glances over at Barnes' office and then tells Harvey that they're checking it out.

At the massage parlor occupying the abbey's address, Creel and his monks go in and draw their knives.

At the school, Bruce talks to Silver outside and offers to pay for Theo's legal defense in return for the name of his parents' murderer. Silver wonders if Bruce believes that Theo is guilty, and Bruce says that he doesn't care. He warns that if he doesn't find out who is responsible then they will kill him. Selina secretly listens from above as Bruce says that he'll know the name is real if Silver brings it to him. He leans over and whispers something in Silver's ear, and she asks if he means it. Bruce then kisses her, and Silver says that she'll talk to her uncle. Once she leaves, Selina calls down to remind Bruce that he still has to get the name, and he says that he will. Two men are watching Bruce from a van and one of them, The Knife, tells the other to wait.

Jim and Harvey go to the massage parlor and the women run out, screaming. The officers go in, guns drawn, and find the owner dead on the floor. A monk attacks Jim, who manages to stab with his own knife. The monk calmly pulls the knife out and goes outside. Jim catches up to him and orders him to drop the knife. The man does so and says that the day of reckoning is at hand, and then lets a truck on the street run him over.

At the station, Jim tells Barnes what happened and that the monks are part of the Order of St. Dumas. They believe in purification by blood and pain, and were big in Gotham until they disappeared a hundred years ago. Barnes tells Jim to give what he has to Alvarez, and reminds him that he already told him to look into the dead mugger. Jim says that the mugger's victim reported that a monk grabbed her attacker, and figures that there's some kind of ritual involved. He wants to find a monk and get him to talk, and insists that whatever they're doing is going down that day. Barnes agrees but tells Jim to go to the hearing to hear James' testimony, and tells him to stop whatever is going on.

After school, Silver calls Bruce and tells him that Theo agreed to his deal. She asks him to meet her after school. Bruce goes to the street, and The Knife's van pulls up. His partner opens the door, revealing that they have Silver, and the Knife tells Bruce to get in or they'll kill the girl. After a moment, Bruce gets in and they drive off.

Jim and Harvey go to the morgue, and Leslie reports that the dead monk cut himself repeatedly. Two more career hoods have turned up dead, their throats cut. There are two more left to fulfill the prophecy of the nine. Leslie wonders how the monks are transporting the bodies, and Jim figures that they're using the sewers. Jim and Harvey enter the tunnels near where the monk took the mugger. They head toward where the mugger was found, unaware that a monk is watching them.

At the office, Edward is dealing with Oswald over the phone when Leslie comes over. She wants him to do a toxicology analysis, and asks if he was talking to Kristen. Edward abruptly says that he was talking to his plumber, and she left town with Dougherty. Oswald calls again and Edward ignores it, and then breaks into tears. He tells Leslie that he's trying to focus on the job, and Leslie assures him that she's there for him. Once she leaves, Edward answers the phone and Oswald asks where the spicy mustard is, and then hangs up.

The Knife locks Bruce and Silver up, and slaps Bruce when he advises the man to let them go. The man says that they're outside the city, and says that they know Theo has been looking into the Waynes' deaths. The Knife wants to know what Theo told Bruce, and slaps him when Bruce denies knowing anything. He says that he's going to take one of them into the back and will start cutting off their fingers, and promises that they'll talk. When neither one says anything, The Knife starts to haul Bruce away. Bruce begs Silver to talk, and she says that Theo didn't tell her anything. She was supposed to keep Bruce busy until that evening, and then Theo would be free and he'd convince Bruce to sell his shares of Wayne Enterprises. The Knife doesn't believe her and drags Bruce into the next room.

Jim and Harvey continue following the tunnels and hear someone screaming up ahead. They run forward and find the monks' shrine. Another criminal is dead on the altar, his throat cut and symbols drawn on his forehead. A monk attacks them and Harvey struggles with the man. He finally knocks him out and Jim wants to call an ambulance. Harvey says that they have to question him now, but Jim points out that torture won't work on a monk trained not to feel pain. As Harvey goes up to get a signal to call an ambulance, the monk mutters about the day of reckoning.

The Knife comes out cleaning his bloody knife and tells Silver that Bruce didn't know anything. He tells Silver that only she can save Bruce. Silver insists that Theo told her nothing, and The Knife says it'll be easier to hurt her. Dropping the tears, Silver says that Theo will have him gutted if he touches her. She orders The Knife to let her go, and he figures that she was hiding something. He prepares to cut off her fingers, and Silver says that Theo told her that the killer's name is M. Malone, when Theo first found out. Satisfied, The Knife asks if they're good.

Bruce and Selina come in and Bruce says that they're good. Silver asks what's happening, and Selina tells her that they tricked her. Bruce pays The Knife and thanks him for his help, and The Knife leaves with his men. The boy tells Silver that he trusted her, but Selina broke into Silver's apartment and found the file on him. He thanks Silver for her help, and Silver insists that the name isn't real. Selina points out that Silver only gave up the name when she was threatened with torture, not when Bruce was. Silver starts to go for her, and Selina draws a knife and invites her to try. The girl admits that Bruce is right about Theo, and he'll kill her when he finds out what she told him. Bruce reminds Silver that she pretended to be her friend, and says goodbye. Silver says that she believed everything Bruce said, and he says that was the point. She says that abandoning her isn't him, and Bruce says that she's wrong.

Jim blindfolds the monk and tends to his wounds. He pretends to be another monk and assures the wounded man that the police who attacked him are dead. Jim recites the vow and the monk says that all that remains is the son. He asks for a blessing, and Jim cuts his hand with a knife and trails the blood on the monk's forehead. The monk promises that the Son of Gotham will die and the city is cleansed. An officer comes in and the monk realizes that he's been tricked. Jim puts him under arrest and goes to see Barnes.

Tabitha is digging up a stone in the fireplace of her brother's penthouse when Alfred comes in calling for Bruce. Tabitha disarms him with her whip, and Alfred figures that Bruce is with Silver. The woman tells him to leave, and admits that Theo wouldn't care if Alfred killed her. Alfred turns to go and Tabitha whips him, but he catches the lash on his arm and yanks her over. They fight and Tabitha draws her knife. He kicks her away and she says that she doesn't know where Bruce is, and stabs Alfred in the side. Alfred knocks her out and leaves. As he takes the elevator down, Tabitha opens the roof hatch and Alfred shoots at her. He gets outside and jumps onto a garbage truck, just as Tabitha runs out and throws a knife into his shoulder. Alfred passes out, collapsing into the garbage, as the truck pulls away.

At the courthouse, Judge Trumball calls the hearing to order. Dent calls James to the stand while Jim arrives and tells Barnes that they captured one of the monks and they're after the Son of Gotham. Meanwhile, James says that Theo didn't kidnap him. He claims that Oswald held him prisoner and told him what to say because he hates Theo. Jim yells that James is lying, and Theo's lawyer asks for Trumball to dismiss the charges. James repeats his testimony that Oswald tortured him and made him lie. Trumball has no choice but to dismiss the case. Theo asks to say a few words, and says that he harbors no ill will to Jim or the GCPD, and asks Jim if they can move forward together to fix Gotham. Jim punches him and screams that he'll get him. Two policemen drag Jim out and then taser him unconscious.

That night, Bruce and Selina return to the manor and discover that Alfred is gone. Bruce thanks Selina for her help recruiting The Knife, and she asks what Bruce is going to do now. He admits that he hasn't considered what to do about finding Malone, and Selina asks what Bruce whispered to Silver earlier. Bruce says that he told Silver that he trusted her with her life, and was tied to her in a way that he couldn't explain or change. He looks at Selina and reminds her of what she said earlier: that the best liars tell the truth. Bruce says that it was true, just not about Silver. Selina hastily says that she's going to steal one of Bruce's cars. As she goes, Selina tells Bruce not to change too much.

Edward calls Oswald and admits that he kept Kristen's glasses. He tells Oswald to get rid of them because Leslie is getting suspicious. As Oswald picks them up, his bodyguard Gabe knocks at the door. He warns Oswald that Theo has been released, and Oswald demands to know where he is.

Jim's abductors chain him up and slap him awake. Theo is there and explains that the cops are siding with him. He explains that the Order of St. Dumas has protected the Galavans, whose real name is Dumas. Theo's family built Gotham but was driven out, and Theo says that he will cleanse the tainted ground. He tells Jim that belief gives strength, and not all of the victims are random. Theo tells Jim that he couldn't have done it without him and starts to leave, but then tells his men to cut Jim loose. Jim charges at him, and Theo easily takes him down. He tells his men to kill Jim and make it slow, and the two officers move in.

Later, Bruce is in the study when he hears footsteps at the door. Theo comes in.

As the policemen beat Jim, Oswald and Gabe arrive and shoot them. Oswald explains that Gabe had people following Theo, and demands to know where he is. Jim passes out and Oswald slaps him.

Theo draws a knife and tells Bruce that he wants his life.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 24, 2015

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