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Selina Kyle Recap

At Wayne Manor, Bruce holds his hand above a candle flame and then slowly lowers it. Alfred comes in and asks what he's doing, and examines his hand. He angrily calls Bruce a stupid little boy and then hugs him and says that it will be all right.

In the streets, Selina is examining a necklace she stole when a van pulls up to three homeless teenagers warming themselves over a barrel fire. A van pulls over and the people inside introduce themselves as Patti and Doug, and explain that they're with the Mayor's outreach program. They offer sandwiches and candy, and all the teenagers go over except Selina. Patti drugs two of them—Zeb and Smoke--from behind with a long pin, and the third one, Macky, manages to run off after Patti only partially injects him. When a homeless man tries to intervene, Doug shoots him dead and then goes after the third teenager. They struggle in front of a posh restaurant and Doug ends up throwing Macky through the front window.

The next day, Jim and Harvey get the call on the shooting. Jim confirms that the dead man was a former soldier. Selina watches from the overpass as Harvey comes over. He figures that it's another dead bum and isn't impressed by the dead man's military service. A local patrolman, Bo, comes over and explains that he wasn't there because he was dealing with a junkie kid falling through a restaurant window. Jim point that Bo is a first responder and that the kid might be related to the victim, and Bo takes offense. Harvey intervenes and they spill his coffee.

At the station, Marky tells Jim and Harvey what happened. He says that street kids have been disappearing for weeks and the GCPD haven't heard because they don't care. Harvey doesn't buy his story and figures that he killed the old man, Soldier, and threatens to beat Marky unless he tells the truth. Marky tells them to talk to Selina. Jim takes Harvey aside and points out that beating teenagers is illegal, and Harvey reminds him that he recently put a man in the river. The young lieutenant insists that he's going to do what's right and they shove each other. When they bump into a detective and he objects, Harvey punches him and walks off.

On the highway, Oswald tries to hitch a ride and a driver pulls away from him a couple of times until he and his passenger finally let Oswald in. As they drive, Oswald thanks the two frat boys students and they offer him a beer. He says that foolish arrogance led him astray and he plans to come back stronger than ever. The passenger points out that Oswald looks like a penguin when he walks, and Oswald breaks the bottle and stabs the frat boy in the throat.

Harvey goes to Essen and objects to Jim stopping him from beating suspects. Essen reminds Jim that he's supposed to be with the program, and Jim moves on to the abductions. Harvey doesn't see the point of anyone abducting homeless kids that no one wants. Nygma, lurking at the door, comes in and reports that the drug in Macky's system was ATP, a fast-acting knockout drug used at the old Arkham Asylum. Essen dismisses the coroner and tells the detectives to get to work and make sure that the press doesn't learn about it. Harvey points out that Arkham has been closed for years and suggests that they talk to Fish since it happened on her turf. However, he wonders if she's still mad at them.

Carmine visits Fish's restaurant and asks to talk to Fish. She agrees and he tells her that he talked to Oswald before he died, and that he said the death of the Waynes would bring trouble to the mobs in Gotham. Fish disagrees, but Carmine says that he had an understanding with them. Now that the Wayne enterprise is in flux, the Maroni family plans to start making moves. He knows from Oswald that Fish considers him old and soft, and plans to take him out. Fish insists that she has deep love and respect for him, and Carmine seemingly dismisses Oswald's report as the babbling of a condemned man. The don asks how business has been doing and which person in the club is her lover. She says that she keeps a boy around for exercise but she doesn't have a lover. Carmine calls over the waiter, Lazlo, and tells him to be good to Fish. Carmine's men then drag Lazlo away and start beating him. Carmine asks for Fish's hand, thanks her for her honesty, and gently kisses it. Once he leaves, Fish screams at everyone to get out.

Renee and Crispus meet with Oswald's mother, Gertrut Kapelput. She talks about how her son is gone but is always busy in the nightclub business. When they have a moment alone, Renee admits that she takes the disappearance of their snitch personal. When Gertrud comes back, she figures that a woman has Oswald in her clutches.

Once the club is cleared, Butch warns Fish that it's too early to make a move on Carmine. She agrees and says that she needs more money and more territory. However, she swears on her mother's grave that she's going to kill Carmine with her bare hands and her teeth. Her only regret is that she didn't make Oswald suffer enough.

Oswald drives the truck to a farm and asks the owner to rent the trailer. He immediately pays and asks for the key, and the farmer sends him over.

Zeb and Smoke wake up in a room with several other teenagers. There's a pit in the center of the room and the others figure that they're dead.

Jim and Harvey come to see Fish and she assures them that she's not mad at them anymore. The lieutenant gets down to business and Fish is surprised that he killed Oswald. She says that she regrets the fact that Jim is a sinner, and he asks about Doug and Patti. Fish says that there's a new buyer that will take anyone young and healthy. Nobody knows who it is why they want them, and Fish empha that no one wants to know.

That night, Jim describes the case to Barbara She complains about how the system is corrupt and Jim says that she has no idea. His fiancée wonders if he's telling her the whole truth and points out that he's been different for the last couple of weeks. Jim dismisses it as nothing and Barbara suggests that someone could call the press with an anonymous tip. He refuses and Barbara goes over and calls the newsroom, and tells them to talk to Macky. Jim tells her to hang up and insists that what he tells her is confidential. She wonders what the point is if she doesn't but reluctantly agrees not to do it again.

The next day, Essen shows Jim and Harvey the headlines about the abductions. Harvey and Jim both swear that they didn't call it in, and Jim says that only three companies carry ATP. They're going to lean on all three and see which one gives up some information. Once Essen leaves, Harvey congratulate his partner on how well he lied, and Jim says that he didn't. He then calls the judge to get warrants for the three pharmaceutical companies.

That night, Patti and Doug visit Morry Quillan, the owner of one of the pharmaceutical suppliers. He's unhappy about the heat coming down and Doug says that they're going to relieve him of the merchandise: the children he's storing for them. Morry demands an extra $5,000 and Patti warns that the Dollmaker needs the children immediately. However, they don't have the money on hand. When Morry doesn't yield, Patti jabs his bodyguard with her needle. Before she can go after Morry, she spots Jim and Harvey arriving on the security camera.

Harvey finally works out that Barbara called the press, and tells Jim to keep her under control. They go inside and Patti runs up, pretending to be the clerk. She calls to Morry, who pretends that everything is fine because Doug is secretly holding a gun on him. He denies stocking ATP, and Patti turns off the lights while Doug opens fire. The detectives take cover and shoot back, and the two abductors make it to their van and drive away. Meanwhile, Morry tells his mechanic to get rid of the kids and hose down the room. As the mechanic leaves, Jim comes back in. He follows the mechanic in and shoots him as he prepares to kill the kids, and the mechanic falls into the pit.

The next day, Mayor Jim shows up at the station for a press conference. He assures the rescued children that they'll take care of them and vows to bring in other homeless teenagers to protect them by handing them over to Juvenile Services. Afterward, Mayor Jim and Essen share a toast in her office. The mayor tells Jim that they'll be getting the cute kids into foster homes and the others to a youth corrections facility. Jim objects and Mayor Jim tells him that half the petty crime in the city is caused by homeless children. The lieutenant points out that it's still prison without a trial, and the mayor thanks him for his input.

Later, Alfred comes to the station to talk with Jim. He asks Jim to visit him the next day, saying that Bruce respects him, and leaves.

At the manor, Bruce is sketching an outline of the city with a brooding set of eyes overlooking it.

The homeless teens are herded on the busses. Selina asks to talk to Jim and refuses to give her name, but the corrections office ignores her. Once Selina is on the bus, she opens a locket showing a woman. The boy next to her is crying and Selina assures him that juvie isn't so bad. Patti and Doug come aboard, dressed as corrections officers, and Selina tries to get out the back. Patti draws her gun and orders her to sit down, and they drive off.

Once they get word of the abduction, Mayor Jim complains to Essen about the bad PR from losing a bus of children. She admits that Patti and Doug may have been responsible, and assures the mayor that they're working on the case. Meanwhile in the cells, Harvey is beating Morry for information and Jim is happy to let him. Morry finally says that there was a logo on the side of their truck, of a blue plate and a silver fork

Patti and Doug drive the children to a shipping company and get them off the bus. They realize that they're one short and Patti searches the bus one row at a time. Selina is hiding in the back and manages to slip off behind her. Back outside, Patti figures that it's a miscount and they figure that the Dollmaker will be proud of them.

Jim and Harvey don't get a match on the logo that Morry has described. As Essen reports that no one has found the bus, Jim realizes that the log is a trident and a globe.

At Trident Intercontinental Shipping, Patti and Doug lock the kids up in a cargo container. A guard staggers out, clutching his eyes, and says that a girl scratched him. Patti realizes that the guard's eyes are scratched out and shoots him dead. They search the shipping company for Selina, who manages to stay one step ahead of them... until she drops her locket. Patti prepares to shoot her, but Jim arrives and knocks her out. Selina refuses to give her name, saying that it's none of his business, and Harvey rounds up Doug.

Later, Jim goes to the manor and Alfred explains that Bruce has been having nightmares and is cutting himself. The butler says that Thomas Wayne gave him very strict orders on how to raise Bruce if they died, and to let Bruce choose his own course. Bruce slips in and says that Alfred wants Jim to talk some sense to him. He insists that he's fine, but Jim suggests that he talk to someone about it. He says that it helped when he talked to a psychiatrist about the things he saw in the war, but the boy doesn't believe him. Bruce says that he's testing himself and offers some money to take care of the missing children. Jim says that what they need is someone to care about them, like Bruce has Alfred. However, the boy offers some clothing.

At the station, the GCPD prepares to send the majority of the children upstate. When Selina objects, the detective points out that she has no parents or guardians. Selina insists that she's alive someplace, and asks to see Jim. When the detective refuses, she threatens to scream rape and the man gives in.

In his trailer, Oswald puts up clippings of the Waynes and Fish on the ceiling and stares at them. His phone rings and he takes the calls. It's the mother of the second frat boy, and Oswald promises her that he'll kill him if he doesn't get the ransom. The mother figures that it's a prank and refuses to pay $10,000. Once she hangs up, Oswald tells his prisoner that it's disappointing.

Jim comes over and realizes that she's Macky's friend. Impressed, he admits that Selina is a survivor, and she asks if he can get her out of there if she has something he wants. Selina figures that Jim is an honest cop and knows that he's been seeing Bruce. He says that he could get her out and Selina tells him that she saw the Waynes' killer.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 26, 2019

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